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Anyone know of any documentaries about super depressing dead end lives that people live?

I tried looking up drug addiction stuff, but most of those people had more fulfilling lives than me so it wasn't really interesting.

I want something that will make my life look good by comparison.


try forums for recovering addicts


No, like I said, drug addicts usually fuck succubi every other night and actually have quite fulfilling lives usually. Especially anyone posting on a recovering addict forum would be likely to be living a good life.


try genos samuel's chris chan documentaries
or/and the video diary of ricardo lopez best known as the bjork stalker but ultimately the original fag before chan boards even existed


My 600-lb life


Second this one. Just avoid the episodes where they feature females.


Comparing your life with other people's life will only spread envy, Schadenfreude and vanity. There will always be people whose lifes look better or worse than yours. This makes people either miserable or act in a harmful way towards others. Comparison and competition is the root of all evil. Yet it's the most natural thing to do in a society and nobody is free from it. Which is why you have transcend social concepts of value. Read Rousseau. Of course it can be comfy looking at some documentation of sick or imprisoned people, but what it does for me mostly is remind me of the indifference of the world and the impotence of compassion.


watch "my 600 lb life"

Sure, they're usually married, but would you rather live like that and have a roastoid wipe your ass with a rag every day?



Schadenfreude only satisfies me when it happens to normgroids. Watching people who've had hard lives suffer just isn't satisfying.


What about people with disabilities? Will that quench your thirst?


Has anyone seen that webm of an obese man getting a stewardess to wipe is ass with a rag on a flight?


dark dayz (2001)
it was a doc movie that someone posted on old wizardchan

it is about new york homeless who live in the abandonned subway tracks of NY. very interesting for seeing how they got themselves arranged with homelessness and that not all of them are perma-stoned crack heads


I liked Sean episodes him dying and nobody visiting him after his mother died made it so much real than any of the other wannabes


Part 2


He looks huggable and squeezy :)


This hit me very hard. Sean had no one. He lost his mom, his other family didn't give a shit about him, and the closest thing he had to a friend was that doctor. He was worse off than probably any of us here. But up until his last moments he was still trying to survive. I will remember him when I feel like giving up.


what do you mean he kept gaining hundreds of pounds in a couple of months everytime he was not trapped in the hospital and treated her mom like shit


I watch docu's about dark stuff and occasionally it's music related

I suggest you watch Black metal veins by lucifer valentine or dead hands dig deep both depressing
Children of darkness is another depressing docu about disabled and mentally retarded kids

If you want some E celebrity stuff that's available on youtube watch the "down the rabbit hole series" in particular the one about wings of redemption



sounds retarded


>treated her mom like shit
Because she enabled him; succubi are enablers.


legendary anti weeb documntary is great example



Googled it and saw the news story but I don't see an actual video of it happening.


Is this normalfag propaganda against weebs like me? fuck off with that shit.


>Go to a monoculture borderline ethnostate
>Surprised when they don't like your britishism
>Try to advocate for change to their culture
>Surprised when they want to preserve their culture



you havent even watched it have you? you seriously think that overworking in japan is okay? thats what the documentary is about


Not a documentary but try My Own Private Idaho


File: 1605036056124.jpg (162.39 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 8958488.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Chris Chan is living a better life than I am. He gets an excuse for being a manchild that does nothing but watch comfy cartoons and play video games. Everyone on the internet is obsessed with him and calls him a "legend" for getting trolled by a few 13 yr olds in the late 2000s, and now he can just sit on his ass and collect welfare + donations from idiots.


Chris chan is a trannygger.


He's not going be enjoying it forever. When his parents die he wont have anyone to take care of him and will soon be forced out of his house and be homeless on the street.

Personally I think Chris chan should have died in that housefire, that would have been an appropriate end to his saga, he now knows hes a useless retard and just plays along (also he cut his dick or something)


Can't wait.




They live better than me in a much better country too,I would change places immediately.


Interesting thing about this video is it's actually a real propaganda video by an organization with ties to the Nihon Kyōsan-tō, or Japanese Communist Party. The channel only has videos featuring the Zenroren unions, so it's likely a propaganda channel. The videos are not fake news though, but it is propaganda. I thought that was interesting at least.


I watched this one a while back. It's about this complete psychopath that got away with some dark shit before finally being arrested because someone threatened to kill him for what he did.
Eventually ripped his own arm opened with his teeth while sitting in jail.


well TIL. Second is euro funded but yeah as you say its still truth even if its pushed by less favorable people


Not all propaganda is false. Usually they lie by omission.


Chris already takes care of himself, his dad has been dead since 2011 and his mother is in her 80s and can barely get out of bed these days


Can kind of relate to this. I've been living at an extended stay hotel for almost like 2 years now.


absolutely this
though they can have hidden content crammed in it and do the usual normie "woe is me" exaggeration


this kinda stuff just makes me want to die more


Unfortunately it's about a that, but still fascinating because this can be happening to many wizzies, is "Mommy dead and dearest" about gypsy rose Blanchard, who's mom pretended she was sick and abused her and hid her from society




How is he not in a home?


Recovering addicts who got clean often manage to go on and live good happy lives


Lol at the Kaiji poster around 8:29


>Anyone know of any documentaries about super depressing dead end lives that people live? I want something that will make my life look good by comparison.

Look up serial killer documentaries and empathize with the victims. It makes your life seem good by comparison.


but everyone feels sorry for the victims and no one feels sorry for op

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