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not letting them get to you edition

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Go Tony!!


Sorry if any Wizard has had their life fucked up by it but coronavirus was by far the best thing to happen to me in the past 6 years. The concept of a long break from work, even if it was working from home was just unthinkable. To actually have it is pure fucking heaven. Of course the slave masters are trying to get us all back (despite the fact that the infection rate in my country is higher than ever, evidence means nothing to normies, it's all just a trend), no good thing can last forever.

Jesus I fucking hate, hate, hate work with every fibre of my being. I honestly can't believe this is what people do. Probably going to have to leave this godawful office job as I'm dumb as a brick now and the company has moved to a terrible software package which I don't understand. I want the dream nighttime CCTV watcher job but that's probably a pipe dream. Just anything which doesn't require effort, I'm so fucking lazy. Anybody who has ever said "money won't buy happiness" needs a fucking shotgun implant.


File: 1596898493113.png (19.25 KB, 300x250, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Going to go volunteer somewhere soon in the hope it can help me be more functional but every job I've had has made me much worse, hoping the progress on my mental health has made it more bearable but I doubt it.


I was supposed to start my vacation next monday, but my boss send me a very lenghty message to my personal phone about how it's very important to finish something to get a big contract so I must postpone my vacation and do it. I think I can do it in 1 or 2 days I'll claim it took me a whole week fuck this fucking shit job I'll hand in my resignation after this vacation


>I'll hand in my resignation after this vacation

I've seen a few wizzies out there quitting for the past couple of months. Your jobs must be pretty awful to come to that point because mine is shitty but I'm just scared shitless of losing my income. With this pandemic shit if I'm let go now I'm basically completely fucked. I wouldn't be homeless because of mom and dad but they're getting in there in years now and it's best not to rely on them forever. I have seen a bunch of people let go here which made me go into full saving mode, I'm eating peas and canned ham for most days of the week just to save a little bit more money.

I admire you guys quitting but I do hope you're all very fucking smart and have a backup plan before doing it. Best of luck to all quitting wizzies out there, I hope you find greener pastures.



There's no way they'd let me do that. You can't really do anything but stand while waiting for customers. It makes sense since customers come frequently since the store's really big. Still, standing is absolute hell.

The job would be a lot better if I didn't have to stand and torture myself for 8 hours with only a 30 minute lunch or, if under 6 hours, a 10 minute break.


It absolutely enrages me whenever I think about how these days working full time on an average wage isn't even enough to afford a slightly decent life. It's because succubi working have made it so you now need two incomes to afford to live somewhere instead of one and it's just rage inducing.

I just want to be able to work part time and enjoy an easy, low expenses life, not have to live with my parents but no, I work fucking full time and still can't afford to live alone because if I did, after spending money on food I'd be fucking broke.

Life is a fucking joke.


Average burgerland salary is like $5k a month, you could easily make a living for half of that.


Well I'm not a burger and don't even earn half of that, not even close.


File: 1596999606006.png (595.11 KB, 644x644, 1:1, 1596951105185.png) ImgOps iqdb

>he fell for independent living meme like a normie


Fortunately(?) I live with my parents so I don't have any big expense and was able to save money. I suspect my parents don't want me here, we don't get along but I'll try to hold on as long as possible.
I also invested some money into chainlink which is going up really fast. With this I should be able to live by myself for a while in case I'm kicked out.


He didn't. He wants to, but he can't. Are you implying living alone is a meme? My parents are assholes, my life would be improved if I lived away from them.


File: 1597007768917.gif (1000.82 KB, 500x280, 25:14, this pleases uvogin.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>TFW living the independent meme


Have to find another work to stay away from home and save enough money to get the fuck outta here. I cant handle any more of my father rants and my mother whinny voice fighting with each other.
Feel sick and tired every waking day of doing nothing of value for myself. I don't want buy more stupid thing, I don't want go to new places, I don't want meet new people, I don't want get whipped by a boss for the rest of my life.
I just want dissapear to a place without sound.


File: 1597015838785.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.67 KB, 492x1039, 492:1039, 20200507_151735.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So my boss is 50 shades of retarded. One of the bitchy succubi I work with was caught on her phone as customers were coming into the store and she was caught by my boss and told to put it in the backroom and she straight up refused and said that she'd walk out, to which my manager did fuckall about it. Like he didn't tell her "ok bye" or anything of the sort. Bitch always gets her way, and in case she doesn't she cries to upper management and they give her what she wants.

Fucking hell…


Gotta hand it to succubi, they always know exactly how to manipulate and worm their way out of anything.


Many would take death over seperation from phone and social media


Facts, and she's not the only one. There's 2 other succubi who does the EXACT SAME FUCKING THING and they get away with it. In doing that they absolutely fuck over me & the other guys in the store and their respective lives. They're heartless as all hell and it pisses me the fuck off. What's worse? The boss, and the boss' boss lets it all happen.

Fact. She would rather lose her main source of income than put her goddamn phone away. Though to be fair I wouldn't be surprised if she had a secret onlyfans that none of us coworkers know about.


>Though to be fair I wouldn't be surprised if she had a secret onlyfans that none of us coworkers know about.
I'm starting to think 30% if not more of succubi have some shit like that. I heard my nieces talking about how they should start one, and they're fucking 14. It's vile. What's worse is that men fall for it every time and pay for it.


File: 1597020233562.gif (999.67 KB, 450x234, 25:13, 1512948852819.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>I heard my nieces talking about how they should start one, and they're fucking 14.
>talking about starting an onlyfans
>while being fucking 14


People bringup sexual shit while talking to family? Almost as weird as onlyfans, or 14 year olds knowing about it


There any civil servant here? I can't imagine myself working for some boss will always complain and demanda that I work more and harder. I would rather die than live for work.


But srsly how much do you waste in a month just for food? a 50% of da salary?

I tell you I can take like 16 days just with water and honey. almost 10 if working


Normie men are fucking pathetic, they are absolute doormats around sucucbi it's enraging. If that bitch was a man she'd have been fired on the spot, but no, the white knight instinct was activated and the boss did absolutely nothing. Fucking pathetic.


Onlyfans is just fucking bizarre. I cannot for the life of me figure out why the FUCK any man would pay for porn, something which is so easily free and has been for decades now in this year. Do these fucking pathetic vermin think that some succubus is going to care about them because they saw their name on a fucking donation? If I could put a bullet in the head of any "man" who's ever given to an onlyfans I'd do so without hesitation.


afaik there's also men in onlyfans if any of you is ripped or a twink you could break out from wageslavery


yeah but what if a crazy gay guy decides to rape me, how do i protect virginity then?


I have a decently "cushy" office job right now but I think if I have to work another full 5 day work week I will fucking kill myself for real. Any suggestions on what to look for for parttime stuff because my dipshit boss doesnt really budge on stuff like this


Ive also heard my cousins who are younger than that talking about simping
you know, suckers idolizing mediocre pussy
but its ok, because all the big ecelebs + twitter has normalized it as well as having an onlyfans so its totally socially acceptable for little kids to be talking like this


Well like I said they didn’t tell me directly. They told me sister and I overheard her talking about it to my mother.


yesterday my mom grabbed my buttcheeks with both her hands because she was feeling playful and told me that I have to do more exercise. Because she is my mom and a female I knew there was nothing I could say to make her understand that what she did was wrong. She would have just laughed like always.


god dayam


try "dont touch me you vile bitch"


It's usually wise not to burn bridges when dealing with family members but I agree that wiz's mom needs to be aware she crossed a fews lines. wtf


I've told her many times in the past not to make comments about my body and also not to touch me, but I guess she just can't help it. She can be so disrespectful and act like it's not big deal, I remember last year she made comments about my testicles saying how since I'm all grown up my balls must have grown in size too, I stopped her and said "do you think it will be right for a father to make comments about the sexual organs of his daughter?", she said that it will be wrong of course, but when I told her that it's the same in this case, she disagreed with me. It's become standard behavior at this point and I don't think she will ever change.


Cases like these it's probably just best to react impulsively by slapping her hands away. She needs to know you recoil if something like that happens.
It stopped for me once my mother learnt she's in my elbow range when she reaches for my butt.


Is onlyfans social media for whores and simps?


Parents kicking me out which means every single fucking penny I earn will now have to be spent on renting some shitty one room apartment in a terrible part of town and food. Genuinely hope they die.


> slapping her hands away

she came from behind while I was filling a glass of water to drink, I couldn't see her.







Essentially OnlyFans is a place for whores to post pictures and videos of themselves naked for simps to buy at a monthly rate.


Facts. My current boss has been absolutely emasculated in front of God and everybody multiple times thanks to these 3 succubi and the 2 other guys with me have been on the receiving end of serious shafting on scheduling days off n' shit. Our boss is a serious pussy, and the worst part is…his higher ups A L L O W that shit.


They have to, lest they be sued for by these succubi for sexism or some bullshit.


Once again, shitty government favors the succubi.


I really fucking hate the fact that succubi work. People complain about immigrants, and obviously like most sane people I recognise that completely open borders is retarded but it's really succubi working that's the problem. That's what's driven down real wages so fucking much, so that now you need two people working to afford a slightly decent house instead of one. They are comically stupid, but worse than that they're completely irrational, and the second they notice you're not a normie they'll be at your throat like a fucking vulture. A succubus would pick an incompetent Chad employee a million times over an efficient wizard. But of course nothing will change this bullshit, thanks to the fucking white knight instinct which RULES the lives of normie men.


File: 1597075167141.jpg (40.57 KB, 750x422, 375:211, Weight-of-True-Guilt-item-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Only regaining power could make the wiz to lie in a position where the neglective men are somehow chastised and the succubi frustrated at their grievous intent.


File: 1597075221206.jpg (95.03 KB, 1100x853, 1100:853, 57473375375.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

blame the boomers


I want corona to wipe them off the earth so badly.



First of all, he is part of the problem himself, since he does not LEAVE AT ONCE!



Booomer genocide TODAY


If you lurked /pol/, asking about the hidden government, their plans, the protocols and stuff you'd sure know


Why so? just say ok and enjoy the fact she is nagging you in a srs way.

Never bite the hand that feeds thy


>going to /pol/ for answers or any kind of intelligent discussion

top kek lmao


Where can i work that there are no succubi and i will not be in danger of death or Chad bullying?


Any manual/actually difficult job to avoid succubi, dunno about Chads though. Probably be less likely to get bullied if there's no succubi for them to show off to.


boomers were a net benefit for the economy until 2011.
That is when the first of them starting to retire. Ever since it was only going downwards. Everybody knows that there is no fix to this problem for at least 30 years and given the shitty situation on the planet right now, I don't see another baby boom happening in this century.

won't happen because the boomers in senate and the house will just put everyone 2 years into quarantine to save themselves from being infected and died. Doesn't matter if everyone else goes broke and homeless.

It is all about group dynamics. I worked in a factory and the neighboring team had a group of 5 or 6 females and 2 males. Eventually that place transformed into high school 2.0, they fired all succubi except 1, hired 2 new guys and it worked again.
Find a type of work where there is only 1 succubus per team. Those are the circumstances where they will adapt to the majority male team instead of doing high school shit.


File: 1597098378671.jpg (72.3 KB, 578x650, 289:325, 994536aa9adfcbf90db889ee73….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

your mom wants to get rid of your magic, wiz


File: 1597108870616.png (478.03 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1596607358328.png) ImgOps iqdb

every day I want to kill myself in real life. I want NEETdom back. I will literally die


>What if I slapped your ass? Or some random succubus's ass?


How would she do this exactly?



Does anyone else really fucking hate their parents? It should be fucking illegal to raise a wizard and then force them to work or kick them out of the house. I'd give anything for both my parents to drop dead so I could inherit their undeserved wealth. I'd throw a one person party afterwards and just neet it up for a good few years, getting drunk daily before offing myself. I feel the same way about boomers as Hitler did about jews.


File: 1597150311043.jpg (29.57 KB, 480x483, 160:161, 66j2w9plq9g51.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Applicating for jobs is such a fucking chore. Not only I do something which some HR bitch probably gets paid for under the table (giving her data for her database she can sell to chinks) for free. I have to dance around and pretend I want to be fucked in the ass. Why don't I have the balls to kill myself?


Yup, applying for jobs is a job in itself. I think it works well to put in the mood for what's to come. The bright side is when you get a job you go from a job that doesn't pay to one that does. But yeah, it's awful.



We really are just fucking SLAVES aren't we? That's literally what we are, modern day fucking SLAVES. We spend the VAST majority of our fucking waking hours doing this shit. I hate hate hate hate HATE it, it's fucking unbearable, i'd HALVE my lifetime for this, no, fuck, I'd take SIX MONTHS of life left if it meant I didn't have to fucking work. This shit is UNBEARABLE. Humans are the dumbest fucking creatures in the history of the universe, WHY do we have to sit in a fucking office or worse, stand in a warehouse doing BORING FUCKING TASKS until we're TOO OLD TO EVEN ENJOY LIFE LOL.

There's SO MUCH shit out there, and this is from the perspective of a reclusive wizard. I'm not fucking talking about shit like travelling or meeting new people like normies would, I literally just mean fucking games to play or films to watch, fuck, junk food to eat and yet I can't do ANY of it because the world we live in has dictated it necessary for us to work insane hours to BARELY EVEN BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO LIVE. The value of wages is INFURIATING. Just fucking eating costs an INSANE amount, I have to spend a small fortune to rent a pathetic fucking room where I can't even play music loud enough to enjoy or do SHIT because some other poor bastard lives 2 metres away. All our money going to some fucking russian jew who hasn't even stepped foot inside the building in 3 years.

Fuck, even buying some booze to drown your sorrows is a massive fucking pain as it costs 5x what it should, have to have those nice taxes so single mothers can live and spread their shit genetics in the form of their fucked up nightmare kids.

Fuck everything.


That word sums it up perfectly, a chore. A really fucking long, boring, complicated CHORE.

I fucking hate all the prancy "oooh i'd LOVE to work here because" bullshit. It's exhausting. I am a fucking moron, literally wouldn't be able to pass a middle school mathematics or science exam but it took me a couple of hours to learn how to do the tasks required for my bullshit office job.

It still amazes me that you even need to fucking apply for work. It's like bitch seriously, I need to prove that I'm ready to suffer for this company? Is that not enough? I have to fucking WANT to do it?

Work should just be some kind of government supplied thing where you go down to the "work centre" for a few hours, do some tasks and get paid a sufficient amount for it. All this proving you're an ideal slave for some company which is never going to give a fuck about you drives me fucking crazy. We have gone so, so fucking backwards.


File: 1597151932711.jpg (47.87 KB, 629x788, 629:788, 3ieikxhgq7g51.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Worse, eunuch slaves. Heads should have started to roll a long time ago.


Holy fuck that image. I would never have guessed it would be that bad. You're right, we should've had a fucking revolution long, long ago. It'll absolutely never happen though, certainly not in the USA or UK. USA has absolutely no chance whatsoever, the population is COMICALLY stupid. Literally a nation of brainwashed, bootlicking dumb fucking goyim who'd die to please their zionist masters.


File: 1597158887469.jpg (503.37 KB, 807x1249, 807:1249, 397d2d22f540cc61797246e0f1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just started working at pizza hut again, I used to like 6 years ago. I've worked at 4 different pizza huts and at every single one, essentially all of my coworkers are either obnoxious succubi or effeminate homosexuals, its the most bizarre phenomenon. I fucking hate it. I drive delivery which is comfy and I get to be alone, but on days where business is slow I spend all fucking day having to listen to their inane loud shrill chatter about social media and other such horse shit while they play horrible pop/nigger music over their iPhone speakers for 8 hours straight.



fight intellectual property, refuse usury and incite others to refuse at any cost, despise any entertainment that is rented, promote piracy, improve media towards piracy, despise the show bussiness world (soccer, singers, theaters, etc), despies useless workers (psychologists, hairdressers, restaurants, etc), and live somewhere with a potable water fountain nearby or better, with lots of snow to be smelted and reused.

Investigate about free-energy and bunker set up. About simple dynamos.

Set a union if you can, instead of wageslave chain, promote others to set unions and critizice wagselavers publicly or anonymously.

>that was just my poor beggining


>buying booze

So, making those ones responsible of wife-beatings and car accidents richer, aren't you?

May you find release of zat


Anyone who says wizards can't be wageslaves is a moron, the wageslave threads are always by far the most popular ones on /dep/ and probably the entire board.


my coworker used to listen to a radio and talk loudly on the phone every single hour so I always brought with me a pair of headphones to listen to audibooks, interviews, and music albums or sometimes just put them on in order to not hear him.


whats the solution


It's simple. That guy is the ban evading pol retard that is desperate for attention. The only solution is to ignore his posts and report when you see it.


What about that post is remotely /pol/?? Are you one of those work loving bootlicking wageslaves?


or maybe his landlord is just a russian jew


Honestly the only thing about my job thats really unbareable is that its 5 days a week
dont get me wrong I hate almost all aspects of my job, but thats really the shit thats pushing me over the edge lately. Theres no real reason why I need to be here 5 days a week. Really just looking for any out so I can either quit or get reduced days and hours


If solutions were found people would be trying them. It's such a shitty situation exactly because the best we can do is complain about it or try to pretend it's not as bad as it is. It's pathetic. It's a pathetic state of being.


Would working for the police be fine?


>either have an office job or a partner
>job forces you to be confrontational
>coworkers are the most massive normalfags in existence
I mean you could, but I don't see why you would. I guess a desk job or being parking enforcement would be ok though.


If a wizard(30 year old virgin) killed other wizards, would you still consider him a wizard?


>I despise groids so utterly I cover all skin and bandage my head as well as wear sunglasses
no way, there is no way you go outside dressed like a mummy, stop larping


You are literally the enforcer of normalfaggotry
Yes, this would be perfect for you


File: 1597238100424.png (245.62 KB, 1022x664, 511:332, 1596256439934.png) ImgOps iqdb

more like $2k. And god help you if you are paying for rent and health insurance out of pocket. Inflation and cost of living are sky rocketing here. Why don't you think business are outsourcing so much to third world countries? At least an education there is cheaper.


well its better to be accused of being a racist than pedo like you would be in teaching at school.


The succubi I work with are the same way. During slow days at work they’ll be on their phones browsing shittok, or be talking loud shrill bullshit about God knows what. It’s an annoyance and if I could, I would put my earbuds in & I would be listening to my own goddamn music…alas.


Ruining normalfaggots days doesn't sound like a bad thing at all. Not to mention if they start to cause a fuss and get in your face and impede you, you have an excuse to arrest them and ruin their day further.


Such cope, your job is to enforce order, your time will be split into writing up reports on keeping the normalfaggot code in place, hassling the homeless, unemployed and mentally ill.
ACAB, Rise Up!!


We get dealt a shit hand by life usually, I don't understand how you can escape life of wageslavery any other way but death.
People that say that are probably larping as wizards or were blessed to live in a country where they can get by on NEET/unemployment and it goes to their head.


Depends on the country, but are you ready to deal with the worst tier of normalfags that walk this earth?


Cops are the scum of the earth. If you're a cop you're literally volunteering to be a pawn who enforces laws made by normalfags. No cop can be a wizard.


cop is like any job where there's office politics but it's turned up 1000x

chris dorner went nuts because of it


I only work part-time, but my body is constantly tired.

I can sleep 12 hours, but my body still feels tired. I can sleep for 12 hours, then 6 hours later, I need to sleep.


Drink some whiskey an hour before you go to bed.


I'm assuming it really depends on the location where you work. Working in a cop in some major metro area with high crime rates & gun violence sounds like it would be a lot more dangerous & stressful, then just being a sheriff in some podunck middle-of-nowhere hick town where the most you have to deal with is the occasional redneck drunk and vandal teenagers.


Learn to brew your own drink, wiz. Palatable hard cider and a couple other drinks can be made very easily with a bottle from the store and the right yeast. You can make less tasty but stronger drink if you add sugar before fermenting, or even freeze distill to ~35% if you have a freezer.


Tomorrow I'll learn if I will get the position I applied for and go away for 4 months.
Little to no internet, unknown number of airports and people that have been on airports in-between, so the risk of catching covid is high and turning back will be complicated. I am probably being over-dramatic, but I am sort of seeing this as my final gamble.
If I pull it off I'll nearly double my savings and get my "career" back on track, possibly with long term employment and a slightly healthier rhytm of life and a more 'productive' mindset.
If I don't I'll rot or die.


>literal twitter meme
Please refrain from posting such things. Hope it turns out well for you.


Sorry, misclicked what I wanted to send because I'm entering panic mode, I saved it off of /v/ from one of the "weeb avatar = opinion disregarded" posts.


What career are you working towards long term?


i haven't worked since oct 2019. I got the 600/wk stims back in march and now its cut off to 146/wk. I live with my parents and don't pay for anything so it just all goes into my pocket. I've got some gold, silver, chainlink, and hopefully get some gains off that. I honestly can't work full time, so I'm down to buy a trailer home and just work pt time doing some really easy, low stress job for the rest of my life. Work is such a horror.


Transport, preferably shorter contracts, less stressful, closer to home, but with Corona around I don't think it's possible unless I switch in the future to a surveyor, agent or something.
I'd give it all away in a heartbeat for UBI/NEETbux, but there's no such thing here, and if there is, it's well below what's needed to survive a month.


My mother used to slap mine and my brothers ass too. Last time I visited my parents and she mentioned my appearance
>you are too skinny, lift your shirt
I raised my index finger halfway, used my serious face and told her to stop being a pain in my ass every time I visit. Usually when I express this I do it in a more annoyed way so I decided this time to be angry instead. She was visibly shaken and maybe even a bit scared i am not sure but I will visit again in a month, I doubt there was any learning effect.


File: 1597543070403.jpg (6.92 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1595094478155.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So work is getting Covidbucks from the government to redistribute to its employees. Rather, employees who never got another form of Covidbucks from the government. I'm essentially getting a month's salary for working through the pandemic, for free.

It's about time, but free money is free money.


It's all so tiring.
Work full of bitching people that hate your guts, family so toxic you have to weigh your words like in a court.
Not even religion helps, it's not like I made some great sacrifice and chose a shitty life, so there's always "more" I could do.
There's no happy place, especially if you notice that your comfort zone makes you miserable.


I don't want to work tomorrow. Get me out please


File: 1597626869317.jpg (2.92 KB, 125x125, 1:1, 1549791037878s.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How many of you work in security?


File: 1597628636746.jpg (2.86 MB, 3096x4128, 3:4, rgrr.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



nice. I work for securitas. what type of account do you have?


I watch cameras and an alarm panel at a datacenter.

I don't do much and it's one of the easiest jobs I've had. Hard to stay away.



nice. I work at the largest bridgestone tire factory. It sucks, smell and very dirty. How much are you getting an hour? I'm getting $13


File: 1597634309672.jpg (415.42 KB, 640x704, 10:11, IMG_1131 (Edited).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I recently got off the streets (homeless for a while)

I'm a high functioning autist/ADHD with chronic insomnia - what would be the best (and most instantaneous/easiest interview process - will pick anyone off the spot) min job for somebody as braindead as I am? I'm trying to return to the workplace. My past job history includes entry level IT (Data entry and helpdesk positions.)

Also to note; I don't drive/own a car. Making this shit 100x more difficult. Thankfully I live in a walkable/close quartered town with decent public transit, if that makes things any better.



Forgot to add; I'm considering finding some janitorial positions around. If anyone else has any ideas/recs on finding/getting jobs or good positions - or even side gigs - go for it.





Now now, how can you expect to be an upstanding citizen with a mouth like a sailor??



ok, fuck you then you mentally ill faggot. Not ask for help if you're not willing to disclose your location.


Why even work when you'll always feel out of place among the normies anyway? It's so tiresome.



>Implying I'm doing it to fulfill a social void.

I'm just in for the money - rebuilding my savings and credit. Productivity/work also is fulfilling and makes me feel less useless.


Well obviously I don't want to be at work but I need a certain amount of money to be alive, and that's just how it is. If they came out tomorrow with a universal basic income or something like that I might never leave the house again.


It helps to have an end goal. If you're just going through the motions, having a groundhog moment every day, yea it'll get tiresome fairly quick. But then again consider the fact that as a wizard, you'll likely have way lower living expenses then some typical normie with a family who he has to take care off. You don't need to take care of some lazy succubus or make sure your kids are fed and clothed. You're a lot more free then the typical normie.

So maybe you don't NEED to work that boring 5-day a week, 40hr office job when you could get by just fine on a part-time, lesser hour job. Yea I agree, most 5-day jobs suck ass, so it'll help you to have long-term goals. Maybe you want to save up a certain amount of money, after which you can just quit and NEET for a long while, doing what you want to do.

That's what I did, I found I have a certain amount of satisfaction knowing that I've saved up quite a lot of money from my years of wageslavery and have it invested. I'm also frugal and know that I can get by on small amount of money, due to being single and not having to take care of anyone but myself. I can quit my boring job anytime and just NEET for a while. I can move somewhere half across the country if I choose and just try to start a new life. I have no one tying or holding me down in one place. That's the freedom that being a wizard gives you. Knowing that, makes my wageslaving a lot more bearable.


I'm a body that goes to work
until one day it doesn't work anymore.


>Implying I'm doing it to fulfill a social void.
Fucking this, nothing irritates me more when I'm bitching about working and some 17 year old replies saying shit like "hurr y u work den??" like I actually fucking want to.


File: 1597779816069.png (1.69 MB, 1764x1355, 1764:1355, 1597348827049.png) ImgOps iqdb


I'd be cheaper for them to buy rice/pasta than spend the money on gas to get there.
There's so much parking space too why can't they park and line outside. I'll never understand car culture.


>I'll never understand car culture.
Me neither, it's just bizarre. It's really an american thing, in Europe most able bodied people will walk distances less than a mile. In America you'd get weird looks if you mentioned doing that.

Amerifats truly are strange. Not talking about wizards but just your average American is genuinely weird. My grandparents were walking in America once when they were younger and a cop stopped them and asked what they were doing/where they were going, they told him they were going for a walk and he looked at them suspiciously. What the fuck is that? I've even heard stories from people on here saying they were out walking and someone in a car drove past and shouted "get a car asshole!" or some similar bullshit.

The people in that photo are utter retards. But what's worse is that in a supposedly first world country people are going hungry, while their employers are making millions. Still when I think about the fact that half the people in those cars are probably utter retards who think their "hard work" will pay off it makes me feel less angry.


first day of a new job today i'm so nervous what any tips? need to leave soon


What’s the job?


Make sure to wash your underwear and asshole, the coworkers won't appreciate the smell like you do


>Why even work


I'm surprised how often some people here can't figure it out something so basic. It just shows how sheltered some users here are and I envy them very much.


does anyone here work in a hospital? I'm going for an interview at one next tuesday, I don't know what to expect


>It just shows how sheltered some users here are and I envy them very much.
Yeah. I'd burn all of my work certificates and everything if UBI was a thing here, but it's not, and neither is disability/neetbux.


Depends. what kinda job exactly?


I worked security for one for a week. They have a nice atmosphere.


pharmacy technician


Sounds like a good job.


I was a wageslave before, and I felt miserable then. But now that I am unemployed, I have to say, I feel even worse. I can reach the rock bottom when I'm not working hard and have no time to think, I miss my job and I've never thought I could say this someday.


You're insane unless the reason you feel worse is because you've no source of income anymore


>go to work
>be miserable all day at work
>be NEET
>be miserable all day as NEET
There's really no winning.


Sort yourself off.


What does that mean?


How long have you been unemployed? Recovery from work life and adjustment to a life free from schedule can take quite a while. But it's an adjustment that will happen eventually no matter what. As long as your living conditions are decent, you'll be fine. From the way you feel however, I would assume they aren't.


File: 1597983866425.jpg (17.92 KB, 320x444, 80:111, save.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The best you could do is try to find a high paying job and learn some skills, trade or fall for the college meme if you can. You have no other choice but to wageslave to survive or neet and rot. Welcome to Life Pal.


How exactly is NEET and rot bad? Sounds like the dream to me. And yes, I say that as someone who went through the work slave hell, saved some money and is now running dry to a point where the streets are not far off. NEETing it up and chilling would be the ideal for me, but if I don't earn money soon I'll have to off myself, I'm not capable of surviving homeless, I am too much mentally impaired.


I sort of get what he's talking about.
There's a certain kind of peace knowing you're a slave and that you have things to do and places to be compared to being left alone and only worrying about resources running out.


Neeting sounds like a luxury but when you neet too much and you have nothing to do, you will probably go insane eventually. Kudos to you trying to achieve the neet dream but all good things always come to a end eventually.


>go insane
I'll go insane if I *don't* start neeting and rotting eventually.


I'd rather be miserable as a neet any day of the week. If it weren't for the income I get I'd never work a day in my life again.


Or you can wageslave to survive AND rot.


File: 1598056525278.png (700.56 KB, 604x604, 1:1, Screenshot_2020-07-13 1594….png) ImgOps iqdb

> because you've no source of income anymore
Not only that… well, I still live with my parants, so I won't starve, but I wanna mouve out and now I see myself stock here.
The thing is with no job I sudenly see mysef after 3 days without a shower (cause now, since I don't have any responsability, I don't have a good enough reason to shower or brush my teeth), at 4 o'clock in the morning and can't go to sleep cause my brain is making me guilt of doing nothing all day long. I have no disciplina, I surrender to distractions and that makes me feel a piece of shit. I have my parents here, but I'm not totally dependent of 'em, I only rely on them for food and the celing, but that's not all I need, you know. And the worst par is: now I'm free 24/7 so all the problems I have on my mind are expanded and intensified.


I live in a miserable country (I'm not putting all the blame on the place, but you know what I mean), that means that most, if not all, of the skills that I'm not to lazy to focous on or tha I don't learn because of procrastinating are useless if you're not specialized already. But yeah, I won't give up. I'm still trying, maybe they will be really usefull down the road.

I, for one, had my first job at the age o 13, maybe that's the reason I can't see myself not working.

Yeah, that and the feeling of "at least I was doing something, now I'm useless a dead weight". Boredom is killing me.


Sorry about the typos.


Oh look. It's Sunday again. The same FUCKING routine waits me tomorrow morning, the same fucking slow crawl to oblivion. How many times must we relive this day? The answer is EVERY FUCKING DAY UNTIL YOU'RE TOO OLD TO EVEN ENJOY LIFE LOL. I can't fucking believe this is what our lives consist of. I still can't believe it. I'm still waiting for the committee of life to approach me at work, tap my shoulder, burst into laughter and finally admit it's all a joke and I'm free to go home. That we don't REALLY have to live like this. I can't fucking believe this is life. I can't fucking believe this is it. Fuck everything.


But wiz, you don't have to. You choose to keep going. Death, amongst a good half-dozen other options, is always available. Is your life really worth living as it is?


He has to choose death as much as he has to choose to keep going.


tldr: I feel you, man.

I actually came here right now on a sunday night to write something similar, but your words have already expressed what I feel, and for that I thank you. This loop is so tiring I don't even have the strenght to express myself or put thoughts into words, I've just become a silent robot now. It's so tiring…and I still have so many decades ahead of me. Hell I'm not even 30 yet. It really is unbelievable. Every sunday my life resets to monday, it's like playing the same video every day. and even if i do something different on one day or the other, i know that on the next day i'll return to the grind. enough with my rambling now, ill go back to dreading the week in silence



Is this copypasta wizzie? Might be my schizophrenia but I swear I wrote these exact words in a wageslave thead about 5 years ago (2014-15)


You wrote the original? It's brilliant, i saved it. I have a screenshot of it somewhere and yes i think it's from 2014. Sorry youre still stuck in the wageslave hell and sorry for not crediting you, I just posted it because it's one of the best posts on wageslavery I've ever read. It sums up the awful, never ending repeating nature of it perfectly. I think about it all the time at work, especially the committee if life thing and being unable to believe that THIS is life.

Do you still find wageslavery as unbearable as you did back then? 6 years later for me and it's only gotten worse.



Thanks for responding. No problem, don't get me wrong I don't give a fuck about credits or anything like that, I was just confused for a minute, I haven't been on wizchan regularly for 1-2 years until recently. Honestly it made me nostalgic to see this more than anything (your post, and this whole thread)… lurking and posting in these threads kept me sane when I came back from work in those days, it's all so absurd and hilarious and fucking crushing at the same time. Such is life. I'm glad you found the post useful, didn't even know anyone paid attention to what I posted.

>Do you still find wageslavery as unbearable as you did back then?

I managed to leave wageslavery 3 years ago. Had a psychotic breakdown and quit on the spot lol. Went on disability… NEET since 2016 but it can't last forever. I'll be wageslaving again by 2021. We've all heard this a million times before but it's true… when you're a wageslave, you dream about being a NEET all day (I felt jealous as fuck almost to the point of anger at wizchan NEETs)… then if you actually get to NEETdom, inevitably it becomes as depressing as the alternative, in its own unique way. Disability is just another form of slavery, except instead of being cucked by a corporate suit faggot it's by the fucking government lol. They can take away the bux any time they feel like for arbitrary reasons (at least in my country), every day blurs together so years feel like they pass in months, the depression deepens every moment… isn't it fucked these words apply to wageslavery as much as NEETdom? It all feels like a trap in the end. My bux come to an end next year, so the wagey saga will continue (if anyone will even employ me anymore).

That day I walked out of the job was so euphoric though. I dreamed about it from the first time I started. I worked there for 3 years (same time as NEET now) - gradually becoming more detached from reality each Groundhog Day. One day a manager asked me to do some bullshit task for him, and I just quietly snapped. No outburst, no dramatic speech. I just said "No." in my head, switched the computer off, put my coat on and walked the fuck out. Walking away from that building felt like an action hero walking away from an explosion. But the euphoria was short-lived, because at the end of the day, the problem (personally) isn't even really wageslavery - the problem is life and living itself, so besides suicide, there's nothing much to do about it. It took """living the dream"" to fully confirm this. It is what it is.

Thanks for replying, and remembering those days, and apologies for my faggy blog entry here. I haven't spoken/written my thoughts really in a few years, even online, it's all pent up now.

There's some hope the COVID shit might slowly make universal basic income a reality - 1 year ago it was laughed at, but now Trumpbux (basically UBI) is a thing, and with the economy tanking it could be reluctantly accepted (Germany is running a new UBI experiment right now actually). If there's any hope to be found in this wagehell shit right now, that seems to be it anyway. Take it easy wizzie.



Also apologies for accidentally NEETposting in this thread, it's bad etiquette really. Solidarity with all wizwagies, I will be joining you again soon. sage


>Also apologies for accidentally NEETposting in this thread
Eh not really. I think most people who post here have also been in and out of waging/NEETing like you.


If the choice lies between the depression of wageslaving and that of neeting, if we must choose our poison, pick our devil, i prefer the depression of neeting


File: 1598239209982.gif (2 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 1597450510132.gif) ImgOps iqdb

once you get neetbux most parents problems goes away, seeing recent posts about how people here hate their neet lifestyle is demiurgic


Yes they are unevolved wizlets with a brain still yearning to be a dominated slave


I've been working remotely from home for my organization ever since the pandemic started. It's great, working from home is the ultimate wizzie job if you can'obtain it. No forced interaction with coworkers save for the impersonal instant messaging apps, no being stuck in public transportation twice a day, more time to do whatever you like during the day since you don't waste time on a commute. Really hope this whole thing lasts as long as possible.


I'm surprised they dont make you do voice and video chat



Do you guys get trumpbux regularly?


File: 1598290062529.jpg (296.05 KB, 390x390, 1:1, JPEG_20200723_104442.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

After searching for what feels like forever, I've finally managed to secure a first job. Data entry job. I think I'll enjoy it more than anything else I could have gotten.
Should I be relieved or devastated? Don't know.

What do you guys typically bring for lunch? It's retarded, but it's one of the few things I'm worried about that everybody here could speak to.


Anything I can eat without making use of cutlery. Good luck wiz.


On suitable weather I leave for a walk instead of eating and others think I ate out. Otherwise it's either pasta or chicken.


I bring a sandwich and some pretzels. Easy enough to make the sandwich in the morning. Depending on if you have a microwave and a relatively isolated kitchen, leftovers are a good idea too. My workplace is luckily very small. There’s only about 4 people including myself.


I've always thought you could make a living doing those online transcription gigs that usually pay peanuts if you learned to use a stenography machine


When I worked as a security guard I usually brought a bag of bagels and ate them as I got hungry.


Looks like a Gameboy Advance SP for cripples
Wizkids won't get this joke and are frantically googling


GBA sp isn't that old.


Neither are wizkids. GTA SP was released in Feb 2003, there's definitely 17 year olds browsing this forum now. Scary thought.

The thought of a wizard watching guard and eating bagels is a nice image to me. Thanks for sharing.


I found my GBA sp the other month and i seem to remember it still had a charge.


afaik stenographs don't directly transcribe speech to text, to be able to keep up with live speech they have an intermediate step, they have to translate what they typed into the real text later


Agreed, these threads have also kept my head right for the past 6 years of wageslavery. Don't worry about NEETposting or anything as another wiz wrote most of us have alternated between the two. I also had a psychotic episode recently, I was in hospital and then on sick leave for about 2 months in total, rather than being worried about my health I was just delighted I could have that time off work. It truly is sad what wageslavery pushes us to. Imagine if our society was sane. The fact that I was happy to be sick just because the life I'm forced to live when healthy is so damn boring is quite horrifying when you think about it.

Sorry you don't enjoy life normally, I admit I find it pretty boring too, but I do find NEEThood to be far better than wageslavery. I think that could be because I've been a wageslave for quite a long time though without any break. I'm also hoping covid might lead to something good, SOME way of permanently reducing the amount we work but I think it's a pipe dream. Hell the short small amount of freedom it led to this year was an absolute godsend to me. It was an absolute gift from the heavens, I had no idea why all the normies were panicking about it, to me it was just such a blessing to actually be able to work from home and not have to sit in that fucking office just to tick the arbitrary "wageslave has been here from 9-5:30" box, regardless of whether I even needed to be there for that amount of time.

In fact, the more I think about it the more I realise how much I love these threads. It's the only place on the entire internet where I've found other people who feel the EXACT same way about work as me. There are a lot of left wing forums where people will talk about issues like the amount of money the rich have compared to the poor, the massive amounts of tax avoided by huge corporations, the pathetic value of wages in 2020 and I agree that these are all important topics, but I haven't found anywhere where the users will just discuss how much they absolutely despise the monotony of the work week. I find that truly bizarre, I know normie brains are completely different to ours but surely no sane person can be okay with this hell.

It was mid 2014 when I first started browsing these threads. My parents are quite well off, they aren't truly bad people or anything but I really think it's just straight up cruel to make someone work when they quite easily could've just let me stay at home rent free. I have wasted the supposed "prime" of my life, my healthiest years going to a damn office and sitting at a desk doing the most unimaginably boring data entry bullshit. Good to hear back from you, I hope you somehow find some way not to go back to wageslavery and you manage to get some relief from the depression.


Just finished my second day of training for a part time job, and I already feel soulless. How can people endure this shit for their whole lives? Jesus, the future is dark.


What kinda job?
I started listening to audiobooks/podcast with a wireless earbud in one ear and it helps pass the time a lot


File: 1598318456666.png (537.68 KB, 692x677, 692:677, 1595304534716.png) ImgOps iqdb

Call center attendant. I was neeting for a while so my mom obligated me to get this job on the basis that "this will make you more mature". I will not be a allowed to browse the internet and I will have to deal with angry groids so it's over for me.


File: 1598320615745.jpg (29.04 KB, 437x501, 437:501, 0Penev16uvsQiSJ0W7n4hX08b-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have assburgers and I was dragged by my old man to the family work as a teenager. I was told that unless I worked I'd be a pathetic loser failure, and that any other low lying job outside of this one like retail was me giving up.

So I went through the motions for years miserable. Hating every second, I spent nights crying and looking at the train tracks. I suffer from hypersensitivity and the loud noises at the job were driving me insane, but every time I tried to leave I was lectured for hours about how I'm just trying to give up and be a loser.

I finally gave in and started NEETing, and became happier for a while. And then I finally got a new job in a different field. And it was unreal, I would walk into work and not be yelled at, everyone was polite and affable…I'm really upset I wasted so long being so miserable.


File: 1598328256024.jpg (20.38 KB, 626x354, 313:177, 1472865420184.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How the fuck do I get a job? I'm 30 with no job experience and I've been applying literally everywhere for 4 months straight and only got 1 interview. Why is this so difficult? How does anyone have a job if it's this hard?


Exagerrate on your resumé, outright lie if you have to. Don't use it to apply to anything you can't handle though, use it to get a foot in the door with some actual experience. Normalfags lie all the time or use their connections to get jobs.


Because they're functional people who just moved naturally into these things. They built connections, had endless energy to do extra stuff, and so on in terms of the more competitive positions. Often family or knowing someone is how people get the shit jobs too or just being willing to hire anyone who might be reliable. I got really "lucky" and had a job but I couldn't handle it as I kept screwing up and annoyed the other people.


What kind of jobs are you applying for?

Generally, low skill jobs get a lot of applications, so chances are that you will either get lost in the pile or get called to an interview with 20 other people. There's also no real way to set yourself apart because the relevant "skills" needed are extremely basic. How do you pick someone out of a 100 applications to stack shelves? The best shelf stacker? At that point they just pick at random or really arbitrary conditions like "personality".

I recommend gaining marketable skills and/or focusing on jobs that other people stay away from because it's inconvenient, like a night shift janitor.


Normal people work from their whole lives ever since they were teenagers. Even an employment gap of a year raises eyebrows and should be explained somehow.


Corona is really not a good moment to find a job.


I don't want to discourage you wizzie, but you picked a bad time right now to look for jobs. A lot of businesses have been shut down or laid off their staff due to the pandemic, so you might have slim pickings when trawling job sites and even then you'll have a lot of desperate applicants applying for anything. And the businesses that are still hiring are probably swamped with applications and can choose to be picky in hiring people.

My advice would just to look for places in your area that are still hiring and try there. You can look into places like supermarkets, which I know still need to stay open and are hiring people during this time. Some places are paying extra in addition to your regular pay because a lot of supermarket workers quit during the pandemic, and they're always short-staffed. Depending on what they make you do at the store, you could be just stacking shelves all day or working in a specialized meat/veggie counter and just focusing on one single task. A lot of times you can even listen to music/podcasts while you work, as long as you get the job done and places that stay open 24/7 often have nighttime shifts which could be preferable to you if you don't like dealing with people.

There's also security jobs which seem plentiful, at least in my vicinity because a lot of businesses need some one to watch their premises while they're shutdown. Depending on where you live, getting an security guard job can be as simple as taking a single day class at some security training agency, paying all the relevant fees for the application/fingerprints, and then sending that to your local state licensing office. Then once you get your guard card, you can pretty much apply to any security job. As long as you don't have any issues like major felonies on your record, and don't appear to abuse drugs to the hiring person, you should be hired without a problem. Security can be a very comfy wiz-tier job depending on where you work.

Also I think remote work is going to be big after this, as people are transitioning to the new reality. A lot of jobs which support that, like IT help desk will need workers. You could try to study for a few IT certs like CompTIA advertises on their website and try to get an entry level help-desk support job.


When is it a good time then?? When i'm starving on the street??


The "economy" whatever it is, was at its peak the past years.
There's currently a lot of people unemployed and hiring has slowed down. This means more competition for less jobs. It's not impossible but it could take you months to get a job. Apply to every place you can if you are desperate.


I was/am in the exact same boat. On my first day of work I was ALREADY bored, stressed and miserable. You'd think with everything being new you'd have to get used to the new surroundings/work you have to do but nope. I was ALREADY fucking bored once I stared working.

It never changes or gets better. 6 years in.


>Even an employment gap of a year raises eyebrows and should be explained somehow.

This drives me fucking insane, not even for personal reasons as sadly I've never been able to get a long break from working. Why are normies such fucking VERMIN? Why is it such a big fucking crime just to not work for a god damn year?


Cause it shows you were either “lazy” or unwanted by an employer. And of course no one will hire you if you aren’t the peak go getter groid.


Work got me constantly thinking about suicide. Even if I do quit I doubt I'll be able to find a job nearly as good in terms of wages. Not that this job is necessarily worth it. Also
>browsing through job applications on indeed
>min wage job requires you to send a 1 minute video clip with your application
fuck this world


This shit isnt ending any time soon. People will always need jobs.
>Also I think remote work is going to be big after this
Not with the boomers still around


imagine working Monday through Friday last week with Saturday and Sunday off, and then working Monday through Friday this week with only Saturday off. It sucks man.


>Promised 2 extra days off last week
>retard boss makes me come in on one of the days anyway
It even ended up being a total bullshit day where I worked maybe 1-3 hours out of the 7 I was there. Absolute fucking psychopath of a boss


Anyone ever worked as a lighting technician? I need a new job


File: 1598490387181.jpg (31.42 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Brown-Rice-and-Beans-640[1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So what's your excuse for not only eating rice and beans, not smoking, drinking alcohol, etc. to save a little extra money to throw into the stock market and retire a decade early? A lot of people here seem to be voluntarily making choices to stay a wagecuck forever.


>why aren't you living like even more of a dog in the vain hope of the stock market making you money?
I know you've come here just to bait, and I'm gonna take it.


I just don't understand why normals are all excited and happy when they find a new job as if they were starting a new adventure or something,they post these facebook updates smiling and writing shit like "At my new job I love it xD teehee" I don't understand what kind of self-respecting human would be grateful and happy for the oportunity to slave away more than half of your life for schlomo and friends,how is this supposed to be a good thing?

I understand that people need a job to survive,but why someone would be happy about it? like it was something good? I just don't get it at all,for me there's not a single good thing about working.


Usually they're at least getting a pay raise.


File: 1598501854092.jpg (385.49 KB, 2536x2505, 2536:2505, 75412987243108.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This is something my brain just can't grasp too. Groids get excited about whatever boring shit is thrown at them, meanwhile I can't even find joy in things I like. What's going on here? Are they just pretending to be happy in order to compete with other groids? Am I just too spoiled and arrogant and therefore can't get excited about mundane things? Is this just a difference in brain chemistry or are groids a demiurge's trick to mock me?
And tomorrow I have to work, who cares about this inquiry?


>vain hope
this is why you're poor


File: 1598506662762.jpg (343.26 KB, 700x700, 1:1, sminem.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I cant believe I lasted 8 months in a customer support job. Not unscathed tho, I hate human interaction more than ever now.
And fuck QAs, their job seems to be to make sure you don't get a little bit of enjoyment for your job.

Well,aren't you gonna tell me what stock/coin to invest in? That's usually how these kind of posts go.

You gotta understand groids actually enjoy meeting new people and face new experiences and that's usually what a new job usually brings.
Also what >>227315 holds somewhat true and they are happy about the raise/flexibility.


>Well,aren't you gonna tell me what stock/coin to invest in? That's usually how these kind of posts go.
S&P500? Why would you invest in a single stock? That's how you go broke.


> Is this just a difference in brain chemistry or are groids a demiurge's trick to mock me?
It's actually both, you'll find more info on my brain chemistry thread here >>>/wiz/167228


Is anyone else getting drunk during the day when working from home?

Without the pressure of normies looking over your shoulder and having to pretend to be hard at work, I find myself daydrinking more and more often.


What job are you working fro home doing??
I now wish i put the effort in to get a groidjob since they would now let me work from home without argument, but now i will have a harder time getting a job…


I still can't believe that you actually need to have a job. It seems like a complete failure of humanity, the fact that we haven't automated our lives and just live this hellish, ridiculous boring existence. I am fucking sick of the proud slaves who embrace this shit, who actually enjoy their jobs and the office politics bullshit because they're so fucking boring that they need "structure" and are afraid of being alone with their thoughts. We work more than medieval peasants did, FAR more. What the FUCK


> We work more than medieval peasants did, FAR more.
I find that hard to believe.


>Plowing and harvesting were backbreaking toil, but the peasant enjoyed anywhere from eight weeks to half the year off.
>household labour that had to be performed. Yarn had to be spun, cloth to be weaved. Cooking was over open fires: and that firewood had to be collected. Bread baked and so on and on.


this, I recommend wizvestors look into index funds & ETFs instead if you want to do any sort of stock market investing. Investing all your money into a single stock is a fools errand and keeps all your eggs in one basket.


That article claims that we in fact do not work more than medieval peasantry.


don't bother apparently people look at any sort of investing like they look at buying bitcoin


File: 1598561452691.png (180.54 KB, 706x726, 353:363, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I want a middle class job. I can't work unskilled labor, the pay in my country means that I won't even be able to afford a pc. What are some skills to help get a middle class income? I am already learning a second language and too inattentive for programming.


What a shame that your national currency is worthless.


911 responder? Not sure what the job market is like in Canada but I can imagine it’s similar to the US.


I am not Canadian. For context I am a third worlder. Highly specialized government jobs like 911 responder don't exist. The skills I am thinking is of is either something a private business would want or something you can start a business with but I have no experience with either of those things. I am just wondering if the people here with office experience would know. Would self-studying economics give me good business sense?


Ah I see, the link in your screenshot lead me to think you were in Canada. As for the rest of your post, no economics would not help you. Businesses are more social entities than they are fiscal. Assuming English is not your native tongue, that in itself already gives you a leg up. Experience in office tools like excel is standard but still a good thing to put on a resume. Social skills are usually something people put on there but judging by where we are you likely are severely deficient in that department. If you’ve had any previous work experience, and I mean any at all, list that too. It’s hard to develop skills independently of work that are applicable. If you see any free courses online or in real life, I would take them especially if they give you a certificate. Again it doesn’t matter what the certificate is for, just having it is what they want to see.


I havent been to work in 2 days and noone has contacted me. Im never going back there again.


Construction worker by any chance?


Nah. Office job


I have none of those
Like, none, at all. 0


>wake up every day at 5:56 a.m.
>get in shower
>leave house at 6:35 a.m.
>get to work by 7
>basically nothing to do
>walk around production floor all day
>half-hour lunch I read in my car even in the 100 degrees to avoid normies
>go home do hobbies and games
>everything feels rushed and I've dropped most of my hobbies
>feel less and less creativity
>dark circles under my eyes from sleeping 5.5 hours a night
>hate my job, hate being around fucking normgroids all day
>literally hope the place burns down
>start hoping I get cancer so I can quit
>saved a bunch of money living with parents but I am scared to quit again
>life literally feels less real that it did when I started working 9 months ago, probably from lack of sleep
>work isn't even hard, a monkey could do this
>phone broke so I can't even look at dumb shit
>used to go to the bathroom for 15 minutes every hour and no one even spoke to me about it
>absolutely hate my life
>40 more years of this then I die
Explain why having children is moral when this is the end result? You should kill your children or have them kill themselves at age 25 or so.


Hopefully human history will reach a turning point sometime in the 2020s.


Programming for a large company. But everyone I work with was on holidays this last month so I've done pretty much nothing.


>basically nothing to do
>walk around production floor all day
Don't know about you but that sounds bliss. That sounds like what I used to do in school when I was sixteen, except you get paid to do nothing. If you really have some sort of creative drive, why not brainstorm while you're walking around aimlessly? Whenever I have an idea I always walk around (sometimes too much and never get stuff done)


Tax cattle loosh farm. You exist so big corps and the gov can get more money from you and so the reptilians can slurp up a certain kind of cosmic energy generated from being unhappy.


That's the most sensible explanation to the shitty state of this world.
But does it mean that by laughing or being happy we hurt those entities?


No. Despair tastes the sweetest, but all emotions provide nourishment. The only ways to spite the shadow princes is to kill yourself, or suppress and eventually abandon all emotion to become a creature of pure logic. There are many more, but you'd know them instinctually if you were capable of utilizing them.


how many years do you actually have to work if you spend as little as possible? like not moving out and not having a car
you'll have to pay food and the bills yourself after your parents die but it's not going to happen immediately, you may also get some money in the inheritance
you could also rent you parents house and live homeless with enough money for food and other things, or sell it and rent a place until you run out of money then kill yourself

you need to work:
15~ years to buy a house
?~ years to pay bills
?~ years to buy food
5~ years to buy cars
?~ years to buy gas for the cars
?~ years to pay car maintenance and reparations

just with not buying a house and cars through your life you could half the amount of working years in your life, or turn that work into part time instead of full time


Surprised the buddhists did not talk about this directly, since their whole system is based of freeing themselves from the chains of soul imprisonment


There are almost as many views on this as there are practicioners / marked / branded / gifted / cursed / sorcerers / etc. Buddhists are typically of the mind that merely acknowledging the existence of a thing gives it power, and thus denying it's existence even if it's blatantly staring you in the eye is the most powerful ward one could ever need to protect himself for the time it takes to weaken the soulbind sufficiently for permanent translation to be carried out. Or so it seems, the texts are heavily tainted by the hands of insane and fanatical blunts who will never see beyond the mundane.


Why do people always argue against the fact that renunciation from the material world is at the heart of every single religion?


As I said, some simply cannot see beyond the mundane realm, their so-called "reality". I don't know why that is. For example, if you were able to make yourself hear voices, the overwhelming majority of humans would call say you're mentally ill, not that you managed to create a microscopic breach between the realms and listen in, and there's no way to convice them otherwise. You're sick, take your pills, if you refuse we'll lock you up and force-feed them to you, etc. Slaves who cannot, or refuse to, imagine anything different being possible. Their modes of thought, their actions, everything about them is fundamentally built upon being slaves. Perhaps that's why their religions devolve into hierarchies of slaves and masters, those who hear their god(s) and those who listen to the hearer.


File: 1598643318753.png (378.41 KB, 700x900, 7:9, Joon Yorigami1.png) ImgOps iqdb

A lot less then the typical normie for sure. If you're a financially savvy wizard, which isn't a hard trait by itself to pick up, you can establish yourself in a very comfortable financial position if you're smart with your money, understand how to budget, and learn to save a portion from every paycheck. Not to mention your living expenses will generally be a lot lower as a single wizzie who doesn't need much compared to the typical married norman stuck with kids. It's a lot easier for you to reach financial freedom then for them. Plus not to mention you have all the freedom & flexibility to move on from a boring job you hate. Don't like your boss or your job? Just quit and look for something else, you're not obligated to stay there, you have no ties to anyone or need to work somewhere for the family benefits. The typical normie can't do that so easily, they're always looking over their shoulder and calculating what's best for their family, not them.

I've mentioned it before, wizzies should really invest some time and effort into learning how index funds & ETFs operate, get into the habit of saving money from every paycheck, learn how to invest a portion into these financial vehicles, understand how to keep a budget to track your money and stick with it, avoid lifestyle inflation traps if you get a better paying job, etc. If you stick to these simple principles, you can retire much earlier from the wageslaving world and enjoy a life of peace & comfort pursuing whatever hobbies you want. Or at the very minimum, you'll be able to create a strong financial cushion for yourself where you won't be slaving away from paycheck-to-paycheck and can choose to take time off from work and just NEET for a while if you really need a break.


I applied to one job over the past 2-3 days. Everything I see on job listing sites like indeed and monster look like shit, but I guess I'm being too picky. Warehouse job it is I guess


>If you really have some sort of creative drive, why not brainstorm while you're walking around aimlessly?
They gave me a notebook in which I write down ideas and such. But working there has killed my creative spirit. I used to work on D&D characters and dungeons at my old job but I can't do that anymore. The noise from the machines just constantly tires me an the lack of sleep is killer as well.

Maybe I am just getting old and my imagination is dying naturally.

Dunno. I have 30k saved and wanted to buy a tiny home for like 70k so I could work parttime but that seems like a pipedream because normfucks insist everyone live in large houses with 3+ people.

makes sense


Good post. Theologian Joachim of Flore has similar views on this topic


File: 1598666627805.jpg (48.36 KB, 800x462, 400:231, 672967573254.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Being surrounded by females for hours is the thing I hate the most about my job.
They're stupid, their voices are annoying. Their mannerisms infuriate me, they always try to be "cute" and "polite" even tough they look like garbage. Yes, all females look like garbage, deformed animals that can barely walk with those obnoxious narrow shoulders.
I am going insane and some day I will put a bullet through a small female skull for no reason whatsoever


Having fun yet wiz? Don't worry the adventure has only begun :))


File: 1598715129734.jpg (35.93 KB, 479x555, 479:555, 7cca0f793a3a118ee19ccfde9f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Not having to deal with females for the most part is probably why I don't hate them. The only succubus I have to deal with is my social worker. Who is admittedly somewhat annoying but thankfully she's taking a two week vacation.

and Wait, how did you write females without it filtering to succubi?


A coworker complained that his girlfriend is making more money than him, and she's has a better job than him. Do normals really have that thin of an ego?


Well to be fair society and succubi see it as unmanly and emasculating if a man makes less than a succubus. If he is incapable of providing for her without her not needing to work too much than he is a failure as a man.


the groid world is a dog eats dog world, if he's complaining is because he knows he's about to be replaced by a wealthier man


Well, I'm glad I'm a nonplayer in this game. It sounds tiresome.


Got denied job at the hospital, pretty sure it's cause I'm male and quiet while everyone else working there is your typical female. Shoulda known when they said they wanted someone who would fit in with them it was a waste of time for me to even do the interview, I should have just walked out and not even wasted my time. Me trying to get a job at a hospital is akin to some small female trying to get a job in manual labor, the pieces just don't fit, won't ever fit, females don't want to work around some weird dude, it's a girls' club and I'm never invited.


Y'know…I've been thinking…I don't want to go to work next week.


Kill yourself or quit. only 2 options


Might do both, although not in that order


I've been thinking I really don't want to go back as well. Even though its part time I feel like I'm wasting so much time and energy there on other things I could be doing. The thought of finishing there to focus on working out and other stuff is tempting. I feel like I've worked long enough now that if I go back to NEETing I won't live in filth again and waste all of my time doing nothing and sleeping in, like I did when I was long term unemployed.

I have no energy after work or on my days off to do anything more then sleep and relax, the time I'm at work seems to drag forever but my days off and weekends seem to fly by and go to waste because I have terrible time management and self discipline.

I can't stand any of my coworkers anymore but the job is menial enough that its boring and mind numbing to just work on my own and not talk to anybody. I can see that they obviously think I'm weird and resent me by now and are starting to show me blatant disrespect. I feel like working with other people is insufferable if you have no social life or friends, its like they become your whole world.

I'm sick of nearly everything I do there and can't stand the thought of the inside of that store or being in any part of it. The break room may be the most depressing place there, why do they always make break rooms in retail miserable and dingy?

I would love to be able to just work from home and do all of my social interaction with others in my own free time. I hate being stuck around people all day who I'm forced to be with, they are all rotten and negative and can't just be professional and mind their own god damn business. I'm so sick of toxic faggots death staring me when I'm just trying to mind my own business and work.


>. Even though its part time I feel like I'm wasting so much time and energy there on other things I could be doing.
*time and energy I could be using for doing other things


yes they do, and we are supposed to be the pathetic ones. I can't stand them, and now 4chan is full of them talking about things like this every day


try meditation


It seems pathetic. Being sad because your partner makes more than you, I mean. Not really sure HOW it would offend or degrade someone. I figured normals had less fragile egos than us wizards, but I guess not.

4chan is getting worse than it ever has been. I'm fine with the occasional normal hitting it up, but now it's mostly high school or college kids complaining about their social life or blacks/trans/whatever.

I'll digress. This isn't on topic. I have one more day of freedom.


File: 1598861096434.jpg (162.13 KB, 640x960, 2:3, RdnmXq6OBHtSZHcvaixmgy3LnP….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


It is pretty funny that consultants and managers spend so much time wondering why wageslaves don't feel more engaged in their work.



Do you think automatization in the hiring process will make it easier for wizards to get hired? At face value it seems less human contact in the process is a good thing.


I doubt it. The problem with these things is that they're all machine learning mechanisms nowadays, and those things don't work in the way that would help wizards. The bot won't be a simple script that follows a set of instructions to only allow people in if they can answer X Y and Z technical questions (we could have had those 25 years ago, if employers actually wanted them), it's a free entity with a goal to maximize employer happiness and it will figure out itself over time the best way to do that.
Since employers generally don't like wizards, the bot will learn how to recognize people who will fit badly in the social environment of the workplace and start filtering you out somehow.


opposite but since its always biased against succubi niggers etc for obvious reasons (real data doesnt lie) they will never be used to avoid legal problems


no response from any of the places I applied to last week. just please fucking let me be free from this garbage job and let me hop onto a mildly less garbage job


today is my last day of vacation, tomorrow i'll be handing in my resignation by email since i'm currently working from home


File: 1598981598494.jpg (24.18 KB, 200x282, 100:141, 8000.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Badass. Goodluck man.


I dont think i can force myself to do it today


Yes you can, enjoy your day, don't watch the clock too much!


No matter how much money I make I cannot shake the deep loathing I have for being compelled to grind away at something I don't give a shit about and being around people. I want to put up some money to go live in a little town and buy some land; I want to grow fruits and vegetables and keep a flock of animals to keep myself fed. I just want to chill for the rest of life.


How did it go? Must feel amazing.


God I wish I was frugal. I'm a complete slave to junk food and soda and I've always been terrible with budgeting.


>literally hope the place burns down
One of my earliest memories of wageslavery was dreaming that a plane would fly into the office. I remember someone on Wizardchan had posted the exact same thought.

I really would dream about it too, every day when I'd turn the corner before seeing the office I'd hope it'd just be up in flames. If I ever saw the office like that, I wouldn't worry for a second whether people were okay, literally my first and only thought would be FUCK YES, A BREAK. Wageslavery is against nature.


The most annoying thing about succubi working is that the advent of them meant their were so many new workers that the value of wages went to absolute dog shit.


Time to start keeping a budget and sticking to it. Once you see how much expenses come out from your wallet in forms of junk food, you'll want to cut down. There's a lot of free budgeting software out there that you can use. A lot of times, it's as simple as exporting your banks transaction history into these programs, then categorizing it, and you'll be able to see your weekly/monthly breakdowns by your expenses, etc. I was never a good budgeter myself, and could never stick to doing a regular paper-pen one, but it changed my financial habits for the better once I started using these programs, since it pretty much allows me to track every dollar easily. I recommend something like YNAB if you're paranoid and don't want to have your data stored on the cloud and you can download/torrent it. And there's several online-only budgeting sites that work well too, and even Google Sheets has budgeting templates. Once you get into the habit of tracking where your money goes, you'd be surprised at how well you can start cutting down unnecessary expenses from your life and saving more money.


I wanted to send an email at the last minute, but got nervous and did it a few minutes after my working hours were over. I was pretty scared at first thinking maybe it was a bad decision because finding a job is god awful but did it in the end.
I shut down my phone because I didn't want to get any calls.
I microwaved some popcorn and 1/4 of the kernels popped. I tried to cook the others on a pan and spilled all of them over the floor.
I went back to my room and got a small adrenaline rush that lasted a few minutes.



Agreed. Well, it really depends on the job I would say. My old job was catering / food service and I got to sit alone most of the time and do shit on my phone or work on some hobbies or read. I hated serving normies but most of them were nice and it was a novelty place so they were excited. The owners were boomers who quit their jobs to do a business which was fucking retarded but whatever. I miss working there it was really nice. But I only got 9 an hour there and I get 15 an hour now.


just to say this, im not a female, im a male with a functioning peener

as working a shitty job being dumped work loads and being treated like a fucking kid all because of my autistic emotions and short stature

there is an predator at work, a married older man, everyone knows he is gay and has eyes on me
im disgusted at him and im disgusted at everyone else who encourages at stalking me at work
im going to fucking leave this shit job either by the end of this year or early next year fuck this shit


Thanks for sharing man. Enjoy your NEET days. I guess it can get anticlimactic, but i like there's always the option of leaving. Don't worry about it, everything is a bad decision when it comes to life. Keep working like a slave is the worst of them.


he is like everyone of us a victim of the food industry. The put all that sugar salt and fat into their food to make us addicted of it. These are the things our bodies crave for most and the companies abuse it by all measures to get us hooked to their trash.

Budgeting is one thing but what he also needs to do is to plan in advance when he wants to eat what meal and when he will cook it and buy the ingredients for it. Most people just go for convenience of fast food because they feel hungry right now and want to get rid of that feeling quick. So they just get whatever is quick and tasty.

If you plan your meals in advance, you can also save money on groceries by buying things that have reduced prices. And the other advantage being you always have different things to eat because there is always something different on sale. Look at the best before dates at your local supermarket. If a pack of fish or meat has an exipiration tomorrow, you can get it for half the price sometimes if nobody else buys it before you.


>4chan is getting worse than it ever has been. I'm fine with the occasional normal hitting it up, but now it's mostly high school or college kids complaining about their social life or blacks/trans/whatever.
its 100% normie. They all talk about their wives and their families and their lay counts and high paying careers, all the fucking time.
"Normie" has had a purely political meaning on 4chan now since the last election


so I ended up going back and I'm glad. I don't regret it all. Makes me realise how important persistance is. I'm not saying it didn't suck, I'm bored of it more then ever and my days and monotonous empty tasks are absolutely dragging out, but I still think we're all better off not quitting. You may not even get the chance to regret it (at least not yet) because if you don't go back and keep working you won't realise its the right decision.


Well I have about $6k saved but no idea how to go further, and no energy left to do educate myself. It's too risky, too.


File: 1599423672540.webm (2.45 MB, 640x360, 16:9, broken heart.webm) ImgOps iqdb

even if wageslave status is one giantic grind that never ends
you can take solace in the fact that somone needs you out there. you have purpose. and while on work you usually have no time to think about negativistic things.

for the neets of us, there is only dread until death


Soon I'll have to find new job and only jobs around are factory ones with alternate shifts.

How bad are those?


factory work has its benefits
you can often work night shifts or on weekends and earn extra bucks because norps don't want to work at that time.
However, the problem is many manufacturing jobs require you to be fast. fast and good. if you cannot keep their pace, they will get rid of you and find another guy.

But if you find something that suits you well, you can get a comfy daily routine. Quality control would be something like this. Look at produced units and test if they fulfill the quality standards


Varies quite a bit. I had a factory job where I had to lift 60 pound racks of hot dogs all day, right next to me was a line of fat succubi who just leisurely watched cans pass by on conveyer belts and threw away damaged ones.



Imagine believing the stock market meme perpetuated by a new wave of apps and YouTube creators. Hope the crash doesn't hurt you too bad Wiz


>you can take solace in the fact that somone needs you out there. you have purpose
Not sure if it's just me but I honestly couldn't care less about this. I've always been happier as a NEET as a wageslave, the fact that someone benefits from my labour means absolutely nothing to me. I would take personal comfort and being a drain on society ANY day, what's the point in trying to help a society which has never done anything for me.


now this is a good point


>50 shades of retarded
You sound like a roastie


We're just talking monkeys, there is no purpose.

Separately to that, society is a fucking mess, contributing to it may not even be a good thing. I can easily be moral to drag it down by sucking as much from it as you can


File: 1599648030786.gif (1.45 MB, 320x212, 80:53, bxTCt1.gif) ImgOps iqdb

week 2 at my new cubicle IT office job, they gave me this big pile of technical documentation to read through which looks like ancient gibberish, but for now the others leave me alone at least, so I am sitting full of anxiety, staring at the screen and hoping that nobody talks to me or find out that I have no fucking clue about anything IT related, although sooner or later it would come out anyway.

I am honestly wondering how the heck people still hire me, I've been getting neetbux longer than I have worked in my live, I only graduated that technical highschool 10 years ago because being at home was worse, teachers made cheating too easy, and I had absolutely no ambition to do work or anything else. Your average mom is nowadays better at handling computerstuff than me, at my previous jobs I had luck in that they didn't really expect much out of me at first(until they let me go, precisley because I had no clue) I am too stupid for IT stuff, but what can I do

If I hadn't accepted the job they would have cut my neetbux, and I don't want to go back to washing dishes either, so I am biting through the first month, hoping to find a less stressful job not in fulltime


>I am honestly wondering how the heck people still hire me
computer related jobs are one of the few job categories in the usa that still has more demand for workers than there are educated workers to work. it's not by a big margin though. employers have no choice but to do the old timey "give him a week and then we'll see if he's able to learn the ropes" thing instead of sorting through hundreds of applications and picking the most qualified before actually meeting anyone.

just ask questions when you have them and and least pretend like you're trying hard to do the hard stuff. if it's a cushy job, let them know you're willing to learn, so they might keep you on out of desperation but only feed you the easy tasks.


Been there, wiz. Good luck.


Thank you guys, I will see how it works out in the next weeks


File: 1599667177553.jpg (9.96 KB, 176x166, 88:83, i never.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I live with my parents so i dont have any spending(actually they give me 2000 UOC(units of currency) a month.
a friend promised to help me find job once lockdown is over,i would make around 8000 to 10 000 units of currenct a month.
is it worth it spending TIME(life)for money?
my only interest of purchase is travelling but since i cant do it by myself its hard to even consider it


Can UOC be converted to good boy points?


Actually GBP (Good boy points).


makes me think how would you name wizard's cryptocurrency, but not wizcoin


why cant you travel by yourself?'


I just want to buy manga with my own money and not-have to do all the chores and pay rent

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