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The last suicide general has hit the bump limit. Previous thread >>222891
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i can’t find legit suicide tips and it frustrates me a lot


Have you tried "lost all hope . com"?


they keep insisting i should live on


Well, the ones that know how to do it right aren't here anymore, but there's everything you can think of on the deep web. Unfortunately I don't know about the specific sites for that intent, but if you dig enough you can find it. Have you tried/thought about it?


is 50 litres good neough? thats all I can find. Please can somebody give me some advice (or can you guys tell me other more active forums that isnt sanctionedsuicide)


Why do you need "tips"? Just analyze and re-analyze and re-re-analyze the web of logic surrounding every single method you have access to while being especially paranoid during the mental simulations, and go with the one that is most applicable to your circumstances. That is of course if you genuinely want to die, and not be given excuses to validate your weakness of will or use fantasies of suicide as escapism.


OK, so here's my latest suicide plan:
>Wait till it's winter
>Go to a nearby forest
>Drink SN
>freeze to death if anything goes wrong (e.g. if I partially puke it out)
Seems pretty much foolproof to me. Thoughts?


What temperature is enough to freeze?


I just checked the availability of SN in my counrty. I found a website where you can order 1 kg of NaNO2 for for about 10€. They need and ID card number for completing the order. Is SN really that cheap and easy to acquire?


Damn, costed me 30€ for 150g from russia, i got cucked grrrr


Why do these people act like there aren't a handful of reliable methods already available?
They anger me and i would happily slay them myself for this fake ignorance
A fake suicider attentionposter vigilante, if you will


i tried my brain is too retarded. i don’t understand any of those i don’t think they’re telling what to really wanna know.


no im retarded i dont think theyre telling what you really wanna know also why are you all even here why am any of us are even alive even bother making a thread about suicide if ask me i wouldn’t know im retarded


im not asking for attention im just retarded million of reasons to get angry at wizchan everyone is your enemy im retarded


im retarded


now your all trying not to kill me wizchan 2020


u don’t wanna kill yourself but i do everyone is against me on it normgroids everywhere i knew it was all huge big larp i knew it


Blame the Demiurge.


Ah demiurgeposter, you are back after a long slumber


i successful summon him


You do that by smearing shit all over your walls?


Calm down man. Everything's going to be O.K.


why is no one answering :C


There was /suicide board on 8ch.net, but it doesen't exist anymore, it has killed itself.


Ok so I dont know about nitrogen, how about SN, I only found one website and it only sells to companies, not people. If any britbongs here know of a place that sells SN to people (not just companies/colleges/labs) tell me


Is 98% pure helium good enough to "go to sleep" with? or does it have to be 100%

(also do I have to use that weird flowmeter with those party balloon stuff or nah?)


I wouldn't risk it. Just get nitrogen or argon.


File: 1600398908743.jpg (39 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 298659-e4c644c0-b0ef-11e4-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm against suicide by cop for moral and practical reasons, but sometimes it sounds like a nice way to go.
>Courtney Topic was 22 years old. She worked as a teacher’s aide. Her mother says she was “a loving, caring, honest, genuine, gentle soul” who was “beautiful, intelligent, sweet, quirky, creative, [and] quick-witted”.

Someone reported Courtney walking around with a kitchen knife. She was described as “zombie-like” by an observer, talking out loud to no one in particular. Cell phone video of the incident shows Courtney as non-hostile in all respects other than holding the large knife; she was also holding a soda and sipping on it.

Police arrived, lights flashing and sirens blaring, yelling at Courtney to drop the knife. Courtney did not respond to their commands. She managed to say, “Leave me alone,” but quickly became more and more overwhelmed.

Police used a Taser and pepper spray on Courtney. The Taser misfired; the pepper spray hit. Disoriented, she dropped her cup and stumbled away, in the direction of the road and toward a policeman with his gun raised. The man fired a single shot into her chest.
She died at the scene, only 41 seconds after police first arrived.
A witness noted, “There were four or five officers basically running towards her and she was trying to run away and the copper just shot her in the stomach. She was surrounded by all four corners so the only way out was to run towards a cop anyway, it would have been a hard situation.”

Courtney’s mother believes she might have been having a first episode of schizophrenia at the time, impairing her ability to react to her surroundings even more than her autism alone would have.


if I shove a couple of portable BBQ's inside a tent and turn them on, would the CO kill me? I heard a news story of some family taking a portable bbq with them for warmth and they went unconscious + their daughter died


File: 1600468132355.jpeg (35.42 KB, 600x256, 75:32, shotgun chokes.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Would it be a bad idea to try to kill yourself with a shotgun that has a fixed choke barrel? If I use a slug, I don't want to the slug to get fucked up before entering my skull.


File: 1600488111876.jpg (10.1 KB, 300x229, 300:229, shuaiby.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you shoot yourself with a shotgun, is it better to shoot yourself in the mouth or do it the Shuaiby way?


Is this a running gag?

>The choke modifies the spread pattern of the shot in-flight; irrelevant if you're shooting yourself point blank. All options are lethal at just a few inches from your brain stem


<Is this a running gag?
No brother, every wizard in existence is just dying to know how an arrow should be designed with specifications down to the 0.01mm and the precise chemical reactions needed to create a myriad of lethal poisons, so he may the coat the arrow in them and launch it into the sky and have it enter through his skull and leave through his balls while the poisons turn him into toxic sludge within a heartbeat for an estimated 491.36% ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED death! Though you must take it into account that he does not have access to wood, so the arrow will have to be made of spit, duct tape and mandarin peels.


File: 1600494668542.jpg (317.69 KB, 400x569, 400:569, PM-P60t.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is it true that police check internet history? This prospect is terrifying.


That was not the average shotgun but a very expensive one


I'm a richfag and can afford it. Is it worth getting or should I go with a cheaper one?


Why wouldn't you go all out? It's like a prisoner's last meal.


Psych warded again.. So done with this bs.


File: 1600536721619.jpg (524.7 KB, 1603x1193, 1603:1193, Tokitou.Muichirou happy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

am I the only one here whose main suicide feel is because i have a rough,vulgar face and not a pretty face?
I dont even want to attract succucbi with it i just want to look a pretty youth when I see in the mirror


I'm not suicidal right now but I would really love to pull this off. You are giving me the inspiration I needed. Imagine a wizard would do this on cam. It would be spectacular. If there was a book about the most creative forms of suicide this could right at the top ten. When I'm old enough in a few decades I'll try to remember this. I mean, I t gas to be done.


yeah, you're the only one that dumb here
get rid of mirrors - problem solved


File: 1600538480460.png (108.47 KB, 581x615, 581:615, ChinaBoysAndGirls.png) ImgOps iqdb

>i just want to look a pretty youth when I see in the mirror
Don't lie to yourself, you want that psychic powers.


Opposite case for me. Face is not pretty but it looks young, innocent, boring and like from a soyboy I guess for a lack of a better description in english words. I want my face to look like as if I would have lived for decades on a lonely island as a emerit who is at fresh air all day fighting for his survival, killing bears and interacting with nature to build his house and have a warm place. I want the face of someone who went through real struggle like war and conflict and death, not the bullshit struggle my life consisted of like mental and psychological agony, anxiety and all the other bullshit first world problems.


that actually is all there is, just already made into one pic. these are usually 6 slides


May I suggest a regimen of fasting ,cold showers and calisthenics?


What is this?


Not him, but how long to fast and what to eat after?


At point blank it literally wont make a difference, except maybe how easy it is to hold/pull the trigger. If you're that worried you can open up the shell and add more gunpowder to give the slug (don't use shot) even more kinetic energy, but it's really not necessary.


File: 1600592803985.png (100.5 KB, 593x475, 593:475, China's Super Psychics.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's confirmation of mahou shoujo concept, basically if you are not 14 years old succubus anymore you should kill yourself.


>first menstruation at 15
Sounds like a medical problem, probably dead at 20.

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