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How did it go? Or maybe you were a bully yourself, though I doubt it.

Getting bullied destroyed my life. I’d definitely rather be a wizard with a spine than some sexhaving bullying victim.


File: 1598448361023.jpeg (14.88 KB, 199x159, 199:159, E5891852-564A-42ED-83D4-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I did once actually. I was a fat kid in middle school (well I’m still fat but that’s beside the point) and had one of those “friends” who’s really more of a jerk that hangs around you. He would always do this thing they called “scooping” where they basically flip your man tit. It irritated the fuck out of me and I hated it cause it made me feel even fatter. One day I’d had enough and basically got him in a chokehold and made him swear he wouldn’t do it again. He was a short kid and I was taller and heavier, so I was able to really pin him down. He never scooped me again, but I got suspended for a week. Oddly enough our relationship didn’t change. Never saw him after middle school.


No i never did
Not a day passes that i wish i would have 'taken action' (in minecraft of course)
Instead, i am long forgotten by them, but the horrors still haunt my at night
How is this life fair?


You can’t change the past, but you can kinda make up for it by standing up for yourself now, if you have what it takes ofc

I pushed against every submissive instinct in my body and got in three confrontations this year, felt good


File: 1598451650343.gif (803.3 KB, 205x255, 41:51, D32AEE6D-6EC8-48C0-9E38-1C….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>You can’t change the past
I wish, that I could turn back time
Cos now the guilt is all mine
Can't live without the trust from those you love
I know, we can't forget the past
You can't forget love and pride
Because of that it's killing me inside


I know that type of friend all too well.
Losers being friends never works, cuz you’re both settling for each other. The lesser loser will take out the bullying he gets on his friend while sucking up to everyone else


File: 1598462849589.jpg (87.56 KB, 600x891, 200:297, 1593673407535.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I needed this, thank you


No. All bullies are idiots.


Yes I did the bullying. In primary school I was friends with this ethnic kid and we got along so well with each other. But I always seemed to look down on him and my mum constantly compared me to him thinking it would motivate me to do better in studies as he was an equal to me in term of academic abilities. My memories are a bit hazy on how it started, but I remember he called used to call me fat which aggravated me to such an extent I would punch him. This continued for a few years and we both got called in to the principles office on a weekly basis for fighting and annoying each other. But it gets worse. Me being fat contributed to my standing in the class of 25-30 and so I was top 4 popular in the class. So I rallied my classmates into bullying the kid and would make up derogatory rhymes and songs that my classmates would also sing along to. I vividly remember the teacher bringing half of the class into the assembly hall to talk about him being bullied (I suspect he told his mum, he did so this on other occasions). This didn't stop me however as the fighting continued. After primary school we moved to different secondary school where I reformed my narcissistic ways as I was not on top of the social heighracy anymore. He actually made friends with the people who joined in to bully him and last I heard is semi popular. I would apologise if I ever met him but realistically he would pretend like nothing ever happened or my inferiority complex would not allow for me acknowledge my wrong doing to him. But it's funny how things ended up, he turned out to be a normie and I ended up on this board




File: 1598597094555.jpg (169.23 KB, 1264x1047, 1264:1047, h83.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

>Losers being friends
That actually describes my friendships in school perfectly. In middle school before I transferred, I was friends with a tall indian dude that reeked of onions and catpiss. Similarly to >>227274, he also picked on me for being awkward and fat, and I made fun of him for being a muhammad worshiping terrorist (not that he cared, he was pretty racist and always talked about niggers acting like fools in the convenience store his dad ran). There was this one acne ridden otaku succubus that liked ranma and inuyasha that was super into me always asking me to go to animu club with her, and that indian bastard told me not to talk to her because "it would ruin my image", and my dumbass listened to him and I treated her like shit when she went in for a hug or even talked to me. Made a sock fb and looked her up recently and she's dating some mulatto that wears sunglasses indoors now. She still has an ugly looking face except she wears lots of makeup and mascara now, so I didnt miss out too bad at least. But despite that, me and him were both best bros, so much so that everyone said we were gay for each other which probably explains why he started ditching me to talk to some chubby puerto rican dickhead that shared a bus with him. I was pretty lonely and eventually I transferred; funnily enough he called me pissed as fuck asking why I was leaving. I was pretty miserable and thought about him for the longest time, and tried his number but it went straight to voice mail. It wasn't until eighth grade I talked to this foreign exchange student from Africa that spoke perfect english and he was an awkward but funny guy when he was around me. Sometimes we would cut the last class we had and just walk around the building until the bell rang. After that I moved on to high school in a new area, and I never got his number. Despite what some wizzies here might say, even after having two friends I was still a socially retarded fuck and my condition only worsened as I went into high school. Two years in I dropped out and I haven't made a single relationship with another human since then. I will say though, I'm glad I dont have any friends. Normal friends outside of school just sounds like too much work to me. But I'll always regret not getting to say goodbye.


There was a 20 year old junkie and an 18 year old nigger in my class when I moved schools because of my anhedonia and depression, the first day of class this 20 year old idiot took my pen after I had lent it to him, and when I asked him back he said "it's mine now". It bothered me more to see that I will have to share class with such an immature inconsiderate idiot than the fact that he stole my pen. This nigger and his friends had the habit of spitting in the classroom, came to school high and late, and talked about sex and sports a lot. I gradually started to despised those motherfuckers more and more to the point where I wanted to kill them. One time the nigger who took my pen saw me reading a book and came to my seat to ask "are you into books?" with a dumb smile but I always ignored these retards so I did not say anything to them, and instead just gave them a look of contempt which they did not seem to catch. There was also another nigger who liked to show his penis to other guys and I remember clearly that he cut off his pubes in class because he was going to see his girlfriend that day after school. They were loud, annoying, and stupid. They also had these haircuts, and piercings and some tattoos. They were much older and had repeated a year twice and behaved in the most disgusting manner possible.
They did not bully me because I did not allow it. I had a classmate who almost went crazy and said he was going to strangle this junkie if he ever bothered him. He went all read in his face when he said it, because he feel embarrassed by what this junkie idiot had said about him. One time this junkie changed seats to try to bother me and I fucking lost it and stood up and to tell him that I was gonna kick his ass right there if he did not leave. He wasn't fazed by me or my words and tried to scare me at first saying things like "you kid are so stupid, you don't what you're up against. Go sit down" but when he saw that I was serious and about to hit him and that I wasn't paying attention to the teacher and the rest of the class who had stopped to look at us, he apologized and said that he was just kidding and that he wanted to be my friend that we were pals and he wanted me in his group, etc.
Nothing changed after that though, he kept being the most obnoxious retard in class with his nigger friends. Months later one of his nigger friends started to talk about Jehova and other stupid shit he had been brainwashed with but for the way he acted it was clear that he was the same.

Last year I changed schools again, and as the new kid, these niggers, literal niggers wanted to bully me. The second week a nigger threw a chewing gum to my hair when I was talking to the economics teacher and right there I stopped and began to insult him, right in front of the class, the nigger acted surprised and in his fear apologized to me "yeah man I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you don't have to take it like that, I'm sorry". When I saw his reaction I looked at him in the eyes and then at the class and began to laugh at him as loud as I could, and the rest of the class laughed with me because of my reaction at the nigger shitting in his pants and apologizing. Then I learnt from the succubi that this was an obnoxious nigger who liked to play pranks. One of his friends who were niggers too who did weed, among them some dealers, laughed at him for acting like a coward, and even mimicked his whole reaction when I was insulting him, and asked him if he really feared me because he couldn't believe it. Then when the economics class was over two of these niggers approached me in recess and tried to threaten me saying that they will not let that pass and other retarded things, of course, reasoning with them was pointless. Should I have explained that the nigger had threw gum in my hair, and all I did was berate this 18 year old nigger, and that they would have done the same in my situation? No, because they were niggers and friends of this prankster brainless nigger who had repeated years. These idiots were older than me but behaved like kids.

Then there was this other nigger who had skipped school for months and only started to assist around mid year. This was a really tall muscular nigger that looked like an athlete, he had fades, groomed his eyebrows, wear an earring, all that thing niggers are fond of, went to clubs, etc. and even flirted with the teacher and every other succubus.
Now the textbook nigger was friend with the group of pothead niggers in my class that once tried to ganged up against me to threaten me, and they told him about that time I confronted and made fun of their prankster nigger friend. From then on, this nigger who was actually friendly, tried to always scare me. He even said one time that he will kill me or something. Thanks TrueWiz nothing happened to me. Except for the stress, constant fear, anxiety, that I had to live with because being around this niggers on a daily basis meant that I had to keep my guard up at all times.
They did bully my wizfriend who was fat and kind of slow and really passive. That always made me mad because he did not defend himself and I wasn't going to stand up for him if. Fuck them and fuck school and fuck my parents and everyone who supports this disgraceful system. Give me back my childhood and adolescent years back so I can fill them with good memories. Anything is better than being around nigger classmates and normalfags and having to wake up everyday to be at school for hours of madness and pointless regurgitation of information that isn't of use except in that shameful environment they call school. Fuck everything, because this is really be a normalfag or get shit on in every possible way world.


I'd love to go back in time and just beat the shit out of them and save myself. That would be beautiful.


all niggers are like that,that's why most normal people can't stand niggers.


>tfw just sat in the stalls at lunch and avoided all interaction in general


Thanks, this was beautifully crafted
Do you have anymore stories?
Please, i could read them all day


Don't be sad for what could have been
Be glad for the times you had :))


I did, to someone who was harassing my brother. Once, I roughed him up after he tried beating my brother up when we were trying to walk home from school. Another time, I hit him with a tennis racket (sp) because he wouldn't fuck off when we were playing tennis.

Funny thing is, the idiot and his brothers were harassing my brother and I for ages in school. Never did a thing. After the tennis racket incident, the guy's dad phoned ours to say he would sue for damages. Dad told him to fuck off, because his kids were harassing my brother and I for ages and it was deserved. Nothing really happened after, and the family moved a couple years after. Haven't seen them in over 15 years. Thank fuck.

I wish I had the balls to protect myself against my other bullies.


Once in highschool my first spanish teacher got wind that I never took spanish before, so threw me into the lowest grade spanish class. It was one of those language classes where you got a partner that you stuck with for the whole semester. My teacher even wished me good luck when he told me who my partner was. This guy would not leave me alone a constantly bugged me, disrespected the teacher, and would not pay attention in class. I don't mind helping out stupid people learn, but I can't stand people who are so willfully ignorant. I asked to get transferred out of that class so I wouldn't have to put up with him for an entire semester.

The same thing happened one time when I went on a field trip. This guy kept trying to secretly steal shit from my baggage storage area and then brag how he was such an awesome thief and how soft a white boy I was.


I never stood up for my younger bro, even when someone from my own class got into a fight with him

Unlike me he fought back and made his bullies cry more than once, even beat up the wanabee thug in his class


Depends. If he has a career, go on his Faceberg, find out his username, learn as much as you can about him, make a Reddit account and spend some time posting to build up some karma, talk about his interests if you can, make it as relevant to his real life. Then post a lot of vaguely racist or sexist or transphobic stuff, then make a minor slip here and there so it's easy to doxx him. If he has a career of any sort this will likely fuck it up. Never actually done it but I considered it once.


This is actually a pretty smart tactic. Someone should remake that old list of "life ruin tactics" people used on 711chan


It works well but you should be very sure that you want to do it before you do it. Think about it this way: I got bullied in 6th and 7th grade by this guy because I acted like a robot in school (actually spoke in a robot voice and shit) and now this guy apologized to me later. Pretty sure he's a B-grade comedian now with an actual career. Should I try to fuck him over? Well no because I don't feel anger toward him. Even in high school, those people actually fucked over my life somewhat with their actions. Yet they were completely different people. The stream of consciousness changed one tick at a time until you cannot even be responsible for what you did then, unless it was actual murder. I am tempted but would not actually do it even though I can find out info about this guy enough to do what I described. But it's like prosecuting a human for a crime he didn't commit. He is not the same person. It just feels petty. Get revenge in the moment, or don't at all, in which case time is the only difference, which makes the whole thing even weirder to think about.


I'm always sceptical of people who post stories about getting "revenge" on a bully and then being left alone afterward. You see them reasonably often, but I feel like they're mostly just fantasies.
Bullies tend to work in groups, where it's not possible to get "revenge" because you can't win against six kids by yourself. And the bullies who do work alone are always big hulking asshole problem kids who could snap some skinny little wizlet in half with one arm.
The other aspect of this is that it's hard to believe the bullying would actually stop. I feel like the opposite would happen, it's gonna escalate because now the bully fucking hates you for hurting/embarrassing him, rather than just having fun at your expense. You're gonna get whacked in the head with a rock or swirlied in a toilet with a dump in it, not left alone.


Bullies are insecure and mentally fragile people. If you sufficiently fuck them up they will break.


No, they're not. Most of them are sociopaths/psychopaths.


>succubus was super into me
>She still has an ugly looking face except she wears lots of makeup and mascara now, so I didnt miss out too bad at least.

Wizchan in current year.


It doesn't even surprise me anymore.


>I pushed against every submissive instinct in my body and got in three confrontations this year, felt good

How do you do this without being a spastic? Like without going full spaghetti and sounding faggy and retarded or going too far and getting arrested/killed?


Why do you think short kids or unpopular kids are often targeted? It's cause they know they need easy prey. Real sadistic fucks don't need weak ones, and in fact would enjoy breaking someone who's confident more.


I can confirm, I recall my bullies took pride in fact that they could bully an older kid.
But that is all "normal", if you can call it that, it is bearable, to some extent. But what I cannot forgive, - is the neglect on purpose and bullying that came from the teachers, adults that were the parents of those bullies.

I agree that I was not perfect, but in NO WAY anyone deserves being treated this way.
I remember wildly how I could not even sit 45 minutes of class, without being mocked or hit constantly every couple of minutes. And the teacher saw all this…and, of course, ignored.
Pretty sure they wouldn't ignore if I'd do something very stupid. I was seriously considering knifing one of my bullies at one point, just to end it.

Wasn't intended to whine here, sorry about that. Guess the main lesson you get from that, is that people are dicks


By having a plan of what to say beforehand. If it’s an unexpected fight you just take your chances, better a sperg than a pussy.

My last fight I repeated and shouted the same nonsensical phrase with the occasional stutter or mix up, still got the guy to kinda back off



File: 1602441849929.jpg (64.22 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 1274675_t800.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think about it allot but it would end with me in jail which doesn't solve much, moving on is lame advice but it might be the best advice
There are days that i don't believe this and feel like releasing my wrath just to make a point to state that i got them back, that in this indifferent universe sometimes we need to enforce our own sense of justice

To prove nobody is omnipotent even though predators think they truely are, i could do this but like i said it's a high price to pay


I was the bully.

I used to make fun of others mistakes when they did and for being seeing as "others".

With "others" I mean something like this: there was a dude in middle school who talked and acted really weird and you could see he had some mental deficit and things like that. So I though it was fun to pick on him and slap on him on the head (I thought at the time he had a really huge head for being a 11yo kid).

Another one was in elementary school where I knew this other kid started to dance and since where I come from dancing is seen as "feminine" a.k.a gay then I thought this would have been a good thing to make fun of.

Another one was still in elementary school when there was this dude who just transferred from another school and for some reason I didn't like it and started to torture him telling him he wasn't meant to be here and shit like that.

Of course one way or another they always retaliated and things culminated in high school when the whole class except a few basically started to pick on me instead.
One year later I discovered I liked computers, internet and video games so I said fuck real life and off we go to the virtual one.

I know this isn't really inherent to the OP but I felt like sharing this blog post anyway.


Bullies suck. They deserve the bottom most tier in Dante's Inferno.


in middle school this one kenyan kid would always make fun of my last name and ethnicity and made me feel embarrassed.

I remember thinking I had no way to get back at him, because he was fast, muscular and had no sense of shame.

I ended up doing a bit of digging to find out what makes him hurt the most and found out that he had a little brother with a very generic arabic name that had that "phlegm" accent.
Spent one whole reccess ripping into him about being a terorist and he got so pissed at me that he looked like he was about to kill me and had tears rolling down. After that we both actually bonded a bit. To the point where we would buy each other food and found out he had a really bad life at home. His parents would literally leave the country and leave him and his 2 brothers alone. No idea how they got around CPS.. . We went separate highschools and sadly I remember seeing him last 7 years ago and he was hanging out with the wrong crowd.


Bullies are essentially narcissists. The best way to defeat a narcissist is not to take revenge, because a narcissist feeds off of seeing you angry. To defeat a narcissist/bully is to ignore them because they are extremely insecure. You're own self confidence is damaging to their fragile egos.

Moot point since we're all 18+ here, but if you're in grade school, then beating a bully into a bloody pulp is the way to go. Due to the fact that we live in a civilized society, blowing a narcissistic scumbag's brains out is unfortunately not a very desirable option because of the ramifications of life in jail. Theoretically speaking, if we lived in a perfect world, then this would be the best option.


this guy get's it


Defeated a gang all by myself using only my intelligence and logic. At the end I think they realized they had no chance since the start so all their effort was for nothing. Pure bliss.


In school I was kind of a bully, or rather, I somehow got into a group of friends whom we teased others neverendingly. It only got physical once. Even then I felt guilty about it but now it racks my mind. We all thought it was funny at the time, I can look back on it and smile but I'm not sure if thats me smiling about still having friends at that point or the teasing jokes itself. We were just as mean to each other as we were to other people but I guess that doesn't make up for the suffering I've caused.


My high school bully was Josh Devine, the ex-drummer of One Direction. He's got legions of fans and millions of dollars. I'm a basement dwelling loser. I couldn't take revenge if I tried.


who writes shit like this just lol


It's so bizarre it's believable.


There really is no coming back from being bullied by some boy band twink.


Mine was a mix of neurotypical and white trash (who may be neurotypical but who were the victims of bad circumstances). This is wild


fuck niggers
keep up the good fight, wizbro


Bullshit, once a bully always a bully. Stop spreading lies.


Niggers aren't human, they should be kept as pets, but most pets are quite cool actually, so yeah we should ship them back to africa.


>Niggers aren't human
Science says otherwise.


oh you mean the doctors and scientists who said that smoking cigarettes is healthy until just 40 years ago? the same doctors and scientists who don't even know what headaches are, can't explain what even is advil and can't explain why it helps headaches? the same doctors and scientists who put microplastics into your food and water (but then won't use plastic themselves for fear of their safety?)
oh, they say niggers are human? wow they are a reliable source and i really trust them


I take it you had never visited the doctors then.


And if you had stfu.


>appeal to authority
And church says god is real.
Niggers hehave like rabid animals most of time.


the same doctors and scientists who are no longer allowed to research the female brain because of liberal politics? the same doctors and scientists who murder 30+ patients from medical malpractice and negligence and still keep their job? the same doctors and scientists who didn't even identify mercury poisoning until 1990? the same doctors and scientists who create and distribute antidepressants that instantly kill 1% of patients for unknown reasons, and cause psychosis in another 7%?

oh wow, they said niggers are human now? omg i totally believe them


Not science, but politics by using science as proxy.


Have you ever visited a doctor? Or you had never and never will?


the doctors who look up your symptoms on google right in front of you while you're in the office? ah i trust them when they say niggers are human


Stop avoiding the question. Have you ever visited a doctor?


You know, the ones who defend blacks tend to ignore science not using it.


ah the doctors who molested and raped Adam Lanza more than 30 times as a child?


Yeah, as expected, you were just whining.


the doctors that can have you strapped to a hospital bed with 1 unrecorded sentence and no one can challenge it–not for months anyway, lots of innocent people get trapped into mental health and prison bureaucracy for years with the only reason being complete heresy.
"this man is dangerous" oh, well, whoops, time to get strapped to a hospital bed. no witnesses and no cameras, but the out of touch psycho that makes so much money you cant even imagine it said so
you can appeal the decision in maybe a month, fuck you.

oh those guys are the ones who said niggers are humans? wow that's really great.


It's ok wizzie, I have already rested my case. You can take it easy now. And remember to take the meds your doctors gave you.


"niggers good, rapist murdering doctors said so"
wow awesome case my man




No, but I thought about fucking with her car, like putting shit in the gas tank.

Obviously I never went through with it because she lives over 150 miles away from me and I need to put in effort to find out where she lives.


not sure if this counts but when I were around 15 or so the succubi in school would tease me and ask very private/sexual questions because I would blush very hard and just want to sink trough the chair and dissapear. Sometimes they'd even do physical shit. I really don't see why some people would enjoy this, it was in public and really fucking embarrasing. One time I were just sitting in the back of the class and I had been feeling more down than usual that day so when she asks another humiliating question (think about porn that time) I fucking snap and panic like a total autist and stab her with my pen as hard as I can. Didn't really mean it, didnt think it would hurt her as much as she did but she bled a whole lot and I were in a lot of trouble for a few days. They didn't even ask why I did it but the teachers knew I were autistic (never told anyone but I think students knew too) so I didn't really get any serious lasting reprocussions. The teasing continued but at a lower rate (less touching) until graduating that school so at least it did something.


My bully killed himself in his 1st year (2nd semester) of college. When I found out I was so happy that I was fist pumping. Now that I think about it over a decade later, I probably feel slightly bad for the dude. Doesn't mean I like him though or we could have ever been friends. But if it wasn't him it could have just as easily been someone else. I had a couple of bullies. I did hate at the time all the people at highschool feeling bad about his suicide. Now it's so far behind me and I'm such a different person than I was in highschool that it's hard to emotionally invest myself into it. One theory is that depression is anger turned inward - and maybe he couldn't find an outlet for all the anger he was feeling. Or maybe he was just failing out because of drug use. But most people that abuse drugs (including myself, over a decade of drug addiction but now sober) are doing it to escape some emotion they're feeling.

I've distanced myself from all the hate I used to feel from my bullies. They all are bullying for a psychological reason. And once you realize that they're bullying because of some shitty psychological reason, you can either feel superior or sorry for them and not have to worry about hating them anymore. Not worth the mental energy years later. Hope you all have gotten over your bullying as well if you haven't yet.


I had a bully in HS that played a lot of sports, and apparently he got some injury and was in the hospital. I was fucking thrilled. But he ended up only staying a week. Strangely enough, around that time I was stabbed and hospitalized. When I came back to school, no one but my math tutor even gave a fuck, and then my tutor just said "I'm glad your doing better" then gave me a load of work to do. Meanwhile the bully got chicks signing his cast.

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