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Everything is too difficult to deal with. IRL the pace/social expectations/etc. are too much so I don't last. I got an independent contractor thing for transcription, but it was the worst because the audio is really really bad and they expect you get it perfect even if it's just a bunch of muffled things. Like it feels any excuse to screw you out of money when the rate is peanuts already.

I applied for some assistance and basically having any money in your bank account above $100 in the past month disqualifies you. Fucking nightmare.

It just feels like everything is working against me so LDAR becomes the only option, but LDAR makes me too lethargic to kill myself. I guess I'll end up on the streets at some point and I can just die of heatstroke/starvation/etc.




Well, you're probably right that they're trying to screw you out of the money. Accept it as a fact of life for such low-paying jobs, do your best and see how much you get. Don't get too emotional when they screw you over.

Just my advice. Also, in better-paying jobs, they wouldn't be so inclined to screw you over. So maybe somehow try to get them, I know it's hard.


You won't die of starvation. Stop the LARP


Shitty nutrition, diseases from other hobos, getting beat up, weather, etc. are more likely to do me in yeah. People throw around LARP way too much because it is very likely someone will die if they become homeless or at least end up with serious health issues.


I'm 36 and I've just been going from shitty pt job to shitty pt job since 18. Whatever pays me enough to keep buying weed, I don't care.


Live in the middle of nowhere and grow your own food.


it's literally impossible to pull off an operation like that without money


Yeah, this. My biggest regret is not getting diagnosed as autistic or anything that would have qualified me for SSI. I let the internet pacify me too much so I stopped doing outbursts and tantrums when I became fully absorbed by it at ages 8-10. I should have kept acting out.


i wish i wasn’t retarded


The Demiurge did it to torture you.


but i want to be retarded checkmate monad


It's doesn't work like that


Yeah, I mean I can't hold down a job and don't get SSI so I'd rather be on SSI than not for the same reason. It's the worst thing to delude yourself for years with having intellectual interests but being too dysfunctional to do basic tasks the people who just spend their time on normalfag stuff like smartphones and tiktok can do easily.


I can't even keep a shitty minimum wage job when I rarely am lucky enough to actually land one, I know how you feel. My brain shuts down and I get stuck in my own head under pressure and I can't keep afloat long enough to learn how to adjust before I get canned. Last job I was let go on the first week because they made me do something I was supposed to be trained for and I couldn't do it in time and broke down in a back room. It was a basic position at a store in a mall and all the co-workers were teenagers. Social services in my area barely exist unless you are basically a vegetable or have already worked for a period of time you don't get any assistance.


Yeah, this is fucking brutal especially when you're around a bunch of younger people who are palling around. I was working at a store preparing the groceries for delivery and I stood out as a creepy older person who kept screwing up.

I have gotten like some very low temp assistance(200 dollars) and it's only available for nine months.

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