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not getting paid enough for this shit edition

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How do you guys do it? How do you have the strength to wageslave day in day out? How are you not insane? How have you not blown your head off with a shotgun or hung yourself?


I've only ever worked part time. My mom is basically screaming at me now to get a full time job and I'm never doing that.


take your creativity pills wagies


Seriously how the fuck is working for more than 4-5 hours a day even a thing? Do people enjoy being slaves with no lives of their own? It blows my fucking mind how people can subject themselves to this their whole lives.


I'm sure you realize there are people out there who actually feel very comfortable with work life. They have friends at the office, they enjoy the work and actually prefer it over being at home. I've seen this up close. My dad always celebrated his birthdays with his friends from work. It's not they don't have lives, they built their lives around their careers.

Now if you're the type of person who is only working because you don't want to starve and be homeless and can't wait to go back home away from it all, it's difficult to understand that but believe me, some people love to work and love to be in a working environment. Those people can as easily judge you from wanting to be home alone and will say that contrary to them, it's you who don't have a life. I sure heard that one before.


>4-5 hours a day
now imagine doing three times that some ironworks in the beginnings of the industrial revolution


How is being a slave better than just chilling out and having a good time? Normalfags ruined everything. It's because of these good goy slaves that society is like this. We could have had 4-5 hour workdays and comfy lives but nooooooooo. Some faggots just had to slave away more than that and made it so that everyone else has to aswell in order to compete with them. I just wanna suck off a shotgun. This world is another universe's hell.


I still can't believe that's even possible in the first place.


Humans have been evolving to work non stop. It's like asking how is playing games or browsing the internet better than staring at the wall. You're the minority and just have to suck it.


some people even enjoy work despite disregarding their home lives which boggles my mind. they have good jobs as managers but have messy unclean houses, late bills, etc. happy and competent at work but incompetent at home. can't even imagine it.


We evolved to be spear chuckers and berry pickers, not slaves sitting in a cubicle.


picking berries or cracking nuts all day is not far away from office slaving


File: 1599754717854.jpg (11.24 KB, 210x295, 42:59, you know why.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I make less than 250 dollars a month working 44 hours a week. That's the Brazilian minimum wage


what do you do?


Shopkeeper. Good thing is I'm the only worker and I only see my boss when I leave


I always get the feeling that my co-workers, supervisors, and clients are always conspiring to get me fired.


wow that's brutal, if you care to answer, do you know whats the average for stuff like a warm meal in a restautant, rent for a small apartment, for electronics stuff?


Is this enough to survive over there?


>How are you not insane

i go a little crazier ever day


You get used to it disturbingly fast. Suffer in the exact same way every day for a couple of months and it doesn't even register as suffering any more, you're just mindlessly going through the motions of your day.


I'm alone at work like 90% of the time. Not having to deal with other people for very long helps. My job is very easy, too.

If I were smart, I'd invest what I saved, so I don't have to wageslave


That never happened to me, each day got worse and worse until i said no more.
I don't know how you wagies were able to turn off your brain without Karen bosses always harassing you and making life miserable


File: 1599870456986.jpg (74.07 KB, 512x341, 512:341, zapwizzie.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is Electrician a wizardly job?


>Being able to control electricity
Very wizardy


no, you have to communicate with others and deal with the politics if youre in the normie regular electricican line of the job unless its a highly skilled/dangerous type of linemen or data


There is no wizardly job, because all jobs require interaction with groids at some point as well as requiring one to leave his lair. Don't forget having to shover, brush teeth, shave, wash clothes, can't go out in clothes with holes, must watch your attitude and vocabulary, and worst of all - slaving away for the benefit of some repugnant breeder fuck. Most unwizardly behaviour.


Yeah, this is the case. Best case scenario would be like some sort of security monitor job where you're just looking at screens all day or just standing outside at night with good lighting.

With professional jobs, it's a whole another level in terms of conforming because you have to look more presentable, talk right, etc. I used to get a lot of shit for my soft skills. Had to deal with a lot of passive aggressive shit from normie interviewers who expected some super bubbly person. It's just people can tell something is really off if you can't fake it properly.

I tried transcription as it's work from home, but it seems like they intentionally dock as much as possible and give the shittiest audio ever.

I've been told about trades several times, but it just seems like a good way to injure myself. It's bizarre how normalfag counselors think if you don't do superwell in college, you'll magically be good with your hands.


How am i going to be communicating with others when i need to fix wires and shit? It needs silence and concentration


12h/5days a week here. It's okay less time spent on eating, drugs, videogames and what not. Makes weekends much more rewarding.


How do you get jobs?


It's probably the same as programming where you could only work with concentration and silence but they force you to do 'pair programming'. This filters the wizard.


also less time to spend on reading, self-teaching, creative hobbies, physical activities etc.


Why would they try and add extra steps in just to filter me out? That angers and enrages me
Don't be retarded you imbecile. How does anyone do anything?


Because they want to work with people they find to be likable rather than some asocial person. I learned this the hard way.


This is a nightmare for actually asocial people. Basically normalfags just somehow naturally maneuveur into wageslaving and have experience throughout high school/college and then they do the trade school or uni and get apprenticeships or internships by fitting in enough socially. I was flying kind of blind on this stuff because my family was shit and I didn't realize it was virtually expected for you to have experience before graduating anything post-secondary and there's no way I could have done it.


Had to work 9 hours today on less than 3 hours of sleep because my neighbor's dog decided he wanted to bark for 5 hours straight starting at 1:30am again. When I was younger it was a lot easier for me to work on little sleep, but these days it's absolute torture and makes work 10 times as stressful.

Now I have to force myself to stay up another 5 hours because if I go to sleep now I'll fuck up my sleep schedule. One of the most difficult parts of wageslaving that nobody talks about is having to maintain a steady sleep schedule. One thing can fuck it all up.


>Because they want to work with people they find to be likable rather than some asocial person. I learned this the hard way.
So what do i do about this? They are literally gatekeeping my survival needs and that makes me feel shooty inside


Fuck a sleep schedule, my natural patterns go from 11pm-5am to 6am-6pm every two weeks.
If the world doesn't like it they can eat my farts.


I may be just over-exhausted but time goes so fast past couple of months, even at work. It used to be a prolonged suffering without end in sight, and now before I know it it's time to go.


The industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.


go back


You have to either learn to "fake it" or you're stuck with jobs that will hire anyone like gas station attendant(if you're lucky).


File: 1600097400150.gif (24.55 KB, 81x90, 9:10, chanm.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I'm from Europe and i really hope we get a new lockdown. The last one was pretty fucking great. Working from home must return!


Unkie Ted, is that you?


I can't fake it though, i don't know why. When they ask me what i did on my weekend i tell them and then they get freaked out. If they ask me why i don't have a relationship i tell them then they get freaked out and i get fired.
It's the same thing again and again until i snap.


i heccin loved the lockdown, it should be forever


living in the USA and watching the normies suffer is beyond catharsis. Live like me for awhile, see how long you last without killing yourself.


The narcissistic succubus b*** from the office got today a huge value gift card (I didn't contribute anything, wouldn't do it even at point blank). When it was my birthday they got me nothing.
Fuck this shit. I work so much for this company and try to do good. But she does nothing but talk loudly and laugh in the office and somehow that's better in this f*** up world.


who cares, you go there to work and get money and leave, its better to just ignore everyone, do your work and hope to get laid off so you get unemployment, fuck people and fuck co-workers.


succubi are seen as more valuable than men in the workplace. Welcome to the 21st century.


Do they really suffer? They stopped caring about restrictions after initial couple of weeks. Some countries got welfare. If they care about face masks, they're more of a fashion element, which they're happy to consoom. Remote work is good for everyone, not just us.


Today was my first day doing food delivery on a electronic bike in a big and overcrowded with cars european city, it's hard and dead end but i can't find anything else and my situation is getting critical. Didn't do any cycling in over 15 years and never in trafic so i almost ate the pavement 4 times and it was terrifying at first because i didn't had any freaking balance and the e-bike was way too fast for me in the beginning. I also slept no more than 3 hours because of the pre-first day stress so i was feeling like absolute garbage the whole day, i was asking myself what the fuck i brought on myself. Didn't had any bike phone mount so founding my way was hell too. I'm lucky i learned to drive a car just before it (my driver's license is the only thing i achieved in 26 years) otherwise i would have just given up because of the trafic. When you think of it there is only 3 or 4 rules to aknowledge and most people could get it on the go but i know i'm too dumb/neurotic for that kind of adaptivity. I'm back home now and i feel weirded out by the fact that i spent the whole day outside seeing so many things and doing all these kilometers on a bike because i'm a career NEET afraid of the world. This is my only prospect in life now and it sucks but i still have the hope that i somehow turn it into a somewhat comfy routine, the schedule is very flexible and i must do it only a minimum of 2 days a week so if it gets tough i can avoid the burnout by working less.


sounds really good once you get over the initial shock


File: 1600300663785.jpg (99.04 KB, 747x455, 747:455, 12312345.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

just had a shitty day with retarded customers screaming at me. I swear I would ran a truck over those faggots if I could, I'm so angry right now


What job?


call center attendant of a uber-like car app. God the customers are always either really stupid or really arrogant.
some faggot today was like:
>ooh shut down my ride right now!!
>"okay sir I just shut your ride down"
>"I can't do this"
>"just call a new car in your app"


> i must do it only a minimum of 2 days a week

How is that? you have that minimum hours alloted to you or you're in some kind of "get a job" scheme for NEET's that requires you to work that much?


Any other wagefucks sleeping 5 or 6 hours a night? Been doing that for around 9 months now and reality feels so much less real, I have a headache and my whole body hurts. I feel no emotion, I haven't gotten a boner in weeks and haven't jacked off in a month. I guess that's a good thing but I wish I felt less dead inside. I never have time for anything anymore it feels like. By the time I feel recovered from work I have like 4 hours befor bed.


This is actually what I struggle with as well. I somehow got a teaching job at a university, currently I am doing 1.5hrs a day, 3 days a week and getting paid far too much for the job. However the most difficult thing was having to present myself as a teacher to other adults and hiding my lack of social skills…. I'd been a neet for maybe a bit over a year so it was super difficult. My first class ever, they all laughed at me and bullied me (including my coteacher who was assigned to me and was meant to help me). Anyways, another day, I had anxiety all night and couldn't sleep so I went to class fatigued, tired and foggy brained. It made interactions worse since I get inflamed when I'm sleep deprived so I just had a constant angry looking face so the students who didn't hate me were now afraid of me. I thought I could cope with a mere 1.5hrs of work in a day but even that is proving to be a challenge. Can't wait to see what happens when my full schedule comes out (when the freshmens start)!


Sleep deprivation completely ruins your quality of life and health. You need to fix it


College students can be the worst, especially if they are American. Are you in the US? Do you have a doctorate or a masters? Would you recommend grad school to anyone? I've just got a BA and all I've been able to get is tutoring work.


File: 1600433875132.jpg (100.39 KB, 572x900, 143:225, Sorc.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My Mages, my Warlocks, my Wizards, My Sorcerors..it's weekend. Enjoy it and keep your thoughts to a global lockdown. We are almost there.


File: 1600436417350.jpg (47.73 KB, 450x600, 3:4, ee7z3zdfufn51.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1600445388694.jpg (24.62 KB, 450x444, 75:74, Overworked.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Was doing the "telework"/telecommuting thing for a while…but apparently, the chad boomer boss thought we were slacking off too much when we did this (no actual evidence, as far as I'm concerned I was actually more productive from home)
So I've been back at work for months now, all the other boomer bosses are letting their people work from home but mine has me coming in and do insufferable shit all day and I'm getting less than 30k/year still with almost no chance of getting anything higher than that, complete pigeon hole situation
and I think I'm going to die and I feel powerless in my life not that I ever had any but it somehow feels worse and worse every day I don't know how much longer I can hold on to my sanity or if this will eventually cause an aneurysm


Article makes sense, although I was never formally employed a day of my life and the only work I did is domestic type like splitting logs for my grandma's fireplace, so what do I know.


i fucking wish florida is opening and no one here cares about the covid 19 anymore. LOCKDOWN WAS PEACE well except still living with my parents.


Yeah I'm trying to think of how to get fired or find a 9-5


>coworker yoyos between talking my ear off about capeshit (and how SJWs are killing it) and PS4 games (mainly capeshit video games), or barely talking to me
He's in his "barely talking" mood. Which is good, as I don't want him to talk at me for a half hour or longer about shit I don't care about


Got extremely drunk 20 hours ago and started puking for a couple hours.

Still feel sick.



It's true. Fuck I need a work from home job. I know I could do whatever they wanted in 4 hours and be done. I'd work for 30k or 40k too who cares. I considered medical billing but apparently it's hard to set up a HIPAA compliant office so fuck that.


File: 1600594425029.jpg (270.82 KB, 750x906, 125:151, 1546834043886.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Funny that I can't complain about wagecucking because I can't even get a job. God dammit, cocksucking economy.


File: 1600594750057.jpg (141.6 KB, 1222x844, 611:422, nintchdbpict000348854716-e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

zuckercel hapa maker


Hey, careful, you can really hurt some wagies here.


This man is not human


why do we keep going on day after day?


Enjoying this beervirus w.f.h. set up while it lasts. Once I get called back into the office I'll put in my two week's notice and fuck off to glorious nippon with my savings.


How long have you guys been browsing the wageslave general? 6 years for me. Nothing ever changes.


File: 1600658960841.jpg (171.12 KB, 550x366, 275:183, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Because we do, just like how animals eat, poop and reproduce. they are so innocent and mindless that's its comfy. Oh I wish I was so ignorant.


Work sets you free.


That sounds oddly familiar


File: 1600675218719.jpg (220.26 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, auschwitz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This week I'll be going to an interview for a 25h/week position, would get a bit more than half of my fulltime position, still more than neetbux and no more fulltime stress, hoping it works out


Ever since remote work thanks to covid, I'm starting to find wageying satisfactory and lowkey enjoyable. The key factors for that are no human interaction after 8:30 and saving most of the salary for a yet unspecified goal.


File: 1600705683999.jpg (62.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, abandon_all_hope__ye_who_e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

3rd world economy.
Country`s Unemployment rate 13,7 - 15,4%
Found work at post-office for ~180 dollars per month(0.7 dollars/hour).
Need to sit 10+ hours a day on one spot taking and releasing packages to halfwited peasants.
Future prospects: 40 dollars raise, hemorrhage, mental/physical exhaustion, spinal defects.
Pros: Early death.
Would u go for it?


File: 1600705932354.jpg (52.38 KB, 387x499, 387:499, cor.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This witch is accelerating, kinda weird that this is even happening. I'll bet some Wagie Wizard did an Epic Spell Ritual to summon this Corona entity.


Love working part time knowing this shit only gets worse, and still not making enough money to survive.


My future work plans look to be dreary. I'm stuck needing to work in my current shitty toxic job for another fucking year. Another year of hard physical labor and mental gymnastics. I will come out even more insane and with actual PTSD. I hope that my plan goes well. I just can't believe that I'm going to have to work another year. My gut feels so wrong but I need income. I was hoping to at least half a year. Not another year. This really sucks. This really fucking sucks.


>shitty toxic job
Damn sis did a racist ass honkey call you a bad name? Is your boss homophobic? Spill the tea


what's your plan?


Publicly racist? Nah. I wouldn't care enough anyways. And who tf are you?


>the tea
go back to crystal, lady


do you even sarcasm, wizkid


this. my dad has worked almost 40 years as a lawyer spending 12hrs a day commuting and working and he comes home and sits silently staring at his phone while my stepmom seethes. he has NO life outside of his job. its like he's just waiting to die


>he has NO life outside of his job
Wow, that's kind of sad. I mean what's even the point of slaving away at some stressful job if your home life is a mess and you don't even have any hobbies to take up in your free time? You're literally just living & existing on this planet to work.


what do you guys do with your limited time when you work

specifically the free time you get between 2 work days


what do you think? sit around and recuperate, aka do nothing


i want to do the same but cant find work, i hate my neet life i watch like 8 movies one day without getting out of bed and the next day i set on imageboards and so on always the same, when i work i get some money,i come home and maybe watch a movie or 2 and watch imageboards so pretty much the same, but i have money for beers and nice food, but i have to say i worked many years of my life had some years without but just neeting feels like one day i just will say fuck it all and dont even get out of my bed anymore just watching movies all day, that just doesnt works


i mean he has to work money dont grow on trees your stepmom is a bit unrealistic asf and he probably doesnt wanna spend time with her.


I got chewed out by someone in a different department because I have someone from that department what they asked for. What a time to be alive


is truck driving a good job? anyone have any experience? i've heard you can make a lot, but haven't looked into it really.




It's stressful because at any moment, you could crash and kill someone or generally get stuck in a tight space in the city somewhere or your truck can randomly decide to break down.


That's short haul, long haul is a more relaxed experience from what I've heard. Too bad it's on its way out with automation.


Automation is a good thing. Do not believe the "automation will create a useless class" nonsense.


Not anytime soon though. Let's be realistic, at the earliest trucks will start having automation in 5 years, but there's a difference from having having automation and self-driving. It will be another 10 years before it's legal to have a vehicle without a human in it. All automation does it make the job easier.


>get a phone interview
>lady interviewing is extremely accusative about my work gap
>won't drop it and sounds genuinely upset at me for some reason
>just drop the call
Best part is this place was raided by ICE and was found to have tons of undocumented and illegal workers but I guess I'm more suspicious than them.


In my country I get about the equivalent of $1,275 a month because I have legit agoraphobia and I don't pay rent because I live with my parents. I don't deserve this, stay strong wageslaves.


>cleaner walked past my workstation, looked in and laughed

Not sure what was so funny. All I was doing was working


Maybe she thought you were an undercover cop.


File: 1601040864368.gif (1.42 MB, 498x266, 249:133, fuckwork.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Having a succubus supervisor is the worst. I hate it when she sicks the boss on me when i disagree about work methods. I really hope i get fired, don't wanna do this anymore.


like a male supervisor wouldn't do it, yeah right


Go away succubus.


She uses her charms and is very manipulative. I would love an asshole male supervisor where logic usually wins out with a male boss. BUT the bitch just smiles, gets close and BAM..i'm in trouble. Fuck that whore.


File: 1601043674375.jpeg (27.29 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1600531305.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

typical succ shit. i bet she loves emasculating those lower on the hierarchy.


Are you meanwhile applying for a different place? Don't lose a day.


You are destroying your brain and liver. YOu won't die quickly that way


Probably gonna need to look for work soon, as my UI runs out around next spring.
I had a temporary office job that was soul crushing and I'd rather not go back into retail.

What are some fields with an environment suited to introverts that allow you to work with your hands?
I only have a high school diploma, so I know that limits me. Forestry seems like a nice field, but it requires 4+ years of education on top of prior experience. Also I know that market is filled with vets who usually get first pick at anything they apply for.

If all else fails, I'll probably try overnights at retail. Hopefully it's laid back enough and not full of crackheads.


Look into semi-skilled trade work like doing cable/internet installations for some ISP. Usually a lot of times you'll be working by yourself, driving some company van around and just going to different customers setting up their equipment/routers, etc. From what I've seen, it doesn't really require any extensive trade skills to get in on an entry-level position.
Or if your city/area has a large extensive metro/bus infrastructure in place, you could try to look for openings there. A lot of that infrastructure needs basic grunt labor, people who'll maintain the railway tracks/fix equipment/clean the train cars/etc. My city has a pretty big metro system and they always need a lot of workers just to clean out the cars at the end of the line to make them presentable for the next commuters. Most of the times you'll be working outdoors, doing physical labor alongside a crew and not in some office, and rarely have to interact with the passengers. It's a good fit for some people.


i have a male supervisor like that
it gets old fast
he is right but he humiliates me publicly and even in private
he also makes me do demeaning things if i fuck up too much like clean his office (clearly not my job)
you may think it's better, but it's not


I've never worked before, I'm starting Uni for English and History this year, should I drop out and start looking for work? I fucking despise everything I'm doing, I don't want to write essays/do assignments, I want to die, I want something where I don't have to think, I've thought about trades but you have to get someone to take you on, I'm being pressured into this and I feel like absolute shit


Please give me some advice guys, I'm really scared, I'm an addict and scared I'll get to the campus in January, spend all my money on drugs/alcohol, and even if I get the degree it won't help me do anything


>English and History

Why? Even if you graduate, the degrees are literally useless. Hopefully you're not paying any tuition or taking any debt because you're better of just burning that money. If you're into those subjects, just get a library card.

You have time to get clean before January. Maybe try applying for part-time jobs in your area and establish a routine.


Thanks for replying, I am getting a loan out to pay for it, but it's relatively cheap apparently because of the country the uni is in. I'm scared, I guess I should probably get a driver's license before I drop out so I can drive to wherever the jobs are because I live in a small town, I don't know. I'm losing my mind. I just want peace.


well this thread is to talk about work maybe you could make a new one
working is not better than studying
why did you pick that major if you dont like it?


going into debt -> drop out, not worth
not going into debt -> stay in, work is probably worse

if you do stay in, i would say try to at least do well and not drop out because of grades, but you need to just make a firm decision without regrets or you'll have a hard time doing that


>Even if you graduate, the degrees are literally useless.

Wrong. There are many jobs that require you to have a Bachelor's and oftentimes the employer could give a shit if it's in business or English. I majored in English and minored in history and while I do believe that, more often than not, so-called higher education is primarily the grooming of the next generation of white-collar slaves, it can be worth getting degree. I tutor and make 25 USD an hour, 25 hours a week. Would you rather help a kid with his homework or do hard, dead-end labor for a humble yet livable wage? Trust me, a lot of people here will be working miserable, dead-end jobs into their 60's.

Don't sabotage yourself with doubts. Perhaps start out small and commit to only a semester just to see how it goes. Live at home so you're not tempted to drink and get high. School can be like prison in that both of them give you time and structure. The assignments may be ridiculous busywork but use this as an opportunity to accrue some discipline and a sense of achievement.


Also, where do you intend to study? And why English? You should know that you will probably be looking at jobs in teaching, clerical work, or random/ nearly minimum wage. As I said earlier, I majored in English and I don't think it was a mistake. If I were you, I'd find a community college. Most English departments in the US (and probably elsewhere) are primarily concerned with brainwashing students into left wing zealots. Whatever you do, ask yourself if you're only going into college because you don't want to grow up.

I appreciate what >>229280 is saying. Colleges are primarily interested in expanding their power base, stopping their power base from shrinking and churning out product (i.e. you). And I'll say this too: expect a lot of bullshit, especially with the recent shift to online learning. Just don't throw the baby out with the bathwater; get in, get your degree (and decent grades) and get out.


This but make sure you can actually pay for it. Don't get loans. And make sure you're actually going to finish the course, so pick a very easy one if you're lazy. I graduated in Spanish because I already know the language so I could pretty much do nothing and still get decent grades. If you know you won't be able to put effort into it for whatever reason pick a course effort won't be needed from you.


I'd say take 2 courses that you know that will be easy and then take 1 or two that know you'll like and that will challenge you. Use RateMyProfessor.com (not perfect)and ask around about what the class or prof. will be like. The professor makes or breaks the course. Also, don't look for friends. And yes, try not to take out a loan if you don't have too.

Yes, get a job and do school; you will be too busy to think about drugs or how miserable you are if you're comfortably packed.

Any other English majors here?


Can someone describe to me what taking a class is like in university? Is it the same as high school? Do you have to do group assignments and such?


All the material is a lot more compressed. You never have time to fully absorb all the information, and you basically have to do all the learning yourself. Imagine taking an AP class in high school, but instead of it spanning an entire school year, the class only lasts for a semester and you only meet 2-3 times a week, yet you still have to learn the same amount. That's basically what every college class is like.


Yeah that's pretty much what I expected, but I was more asking about the social aspect. I don't really care about the work itself.


Depends on the university. In my case, everything was much larger scale. Some classes, we had ~250 people in one large auditorium, down to 30 people when we had to work with a TA. The professors knew you only by a number and everything had to go through some kind of bureaucratic procedure and you had to wait in line for everything. First two years, I had to wait in line after each semester to get every professor's signature to verify that I was indeed in the class, but they changed it later because even the professors got tired of that shit. Still had to wait in line to get my grade written in after every exam into the student book thing.

I dropped out in my third year because I was skipping every class and felt half-dead from the bureaucracy. I regret not dropping out sooner since the time I've spent has brought me nothing but crappy memories and killed my interest in computer science. Work is just so much more preferable, since you sign-out at the end of the day and you can stop thinking about it. Meanwhile, I still get stress dreams of taking exams at school to this day.


Your experience sounds ideal to me. I would be too scared to go back to school at 27 because of social interaction stuff. I wonder if you can get full degrees online nowadays.


File: 1601309572091.jpg (65.05 KB, 561x800, 561:800, bb.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've heard through the grapevine that the firm i'm working in might shutdown in 4-5 months. I felt such relief. I hope we get another lockdown before it happens.


my job has too many female supervisiors god damn it i just found a job and now i gotta quit because of this sexiest ass workplace I DONT WANNA WORK AROUND MAJORITY succubi!


I had a similar situation and didn't care since I was getting paid anyway.

The guy was soon getting crazy for not knowing how to piss me off.


my workplace is all female too and i really like it, i feel like it would be worse to work around all guys to be honest, but i haven't had the opportunity of trying it


Depends on their age group. I assume middle-aged married succubi are much more polite and sweet, compared to teenagers and young adults that are in heat and can't stop thinking about cock.


it's different in each country, university, major…
in my case i graduated cs had to take 5~ courses each semester and each had at least 3-6 group assignmnets most of the time it had to be done in pairs
these group assignments could take a lot of time sometimes you could complete them in an evening and other times you had to spend the whole weekend on them
90% of the time the format was being forced to attend a reduced class sitting with your pair in front of a computer and working on the assignment 1-2 hours after the professor had explained the objective then complete it at home it was very rare to be able to finish it during the alloted time
most exams were piss easy you could easily pass studying 4 to 8 hours the day before
almost all classes were useless but there was no mandatory attendance here so you could skip or enter/leave at any moment
the first year classes were packed with hundreds of people the second year the amount halved third and fourth courses had 30~ to 70~ students
i remember the intro for one of the courses was look at your side one of you will fail only 50% of the students pass this course

on the good side:
outside group assignments you didn't have to talk to anyone
low amount of hours in class compared to middle/high school it was around 5 hours per day and if you planned your schedule correctly you only had class 4 days a week
exam period took 2 or 3 weeks for only 5~ exams so you end up having 3~ months of vacation in the summer and 2~ months in the winter not even counting national holidays completly ridiculous compared to the 20ish days plus national holidays i get as a wagie

>I wonder if you can get full degrees online nowadays.
there are now full online universities in my country so you can probably do it too


I feel like such a retard. I should have quit and gotten on unemployment back in march. I'd have twice as much money and I wouldn't be worrying about my car falling apart. If we don't get hazard pay then for wage slaves this entire year will have been for nothing.


File: 1601370453398.png (1.59 MB, 1536x864, 16:9, 55527150_p6.png) ImgOps iqdb

I am still unemployed since the start of march, and think that it will only get harder to find a job as time passes and more and more people quit. Not sure honestly, if you're not working in an office environment then I'd also consider quitting, who knows how far this pandemic will go.


Maybe. I've worked in a female and male environment. With young females and middle aged ones. Middle aged ones were as bad if not worse than the young ones towards a younger outcast.


Only fake it if you are capable of imitating them and you're 100% comfortable with it. Otherwise it will not be believable. So basically be a manipulative sociopath. Honestly fuck trying to fake it. I feel much prouder and better of myself when I'm not faking it I hate faking. You will be seen as intimidating if you go your own way.


Listen to me.

Come closer…




File: 1601423710113.gif (23.18 KB, 500x379, 500:379, courage dance.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I basically slept through my undergrad, at least once I switched majors. Though many here talk about how impossible it was for them to complete assignments and go to class, so it likely won't be easy for you. If it's any consolation, I found it at least much more bearable than high school.

Also if you're that concerned, then this guy >>229403 has the right idea.


File: 1601432051582.jpg (23.03 KB, 283x302, 283:302, ri3847174.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

After over 6 years of NEETdom, I finally overcame my autism and social anxiety and got a job: warehouse slavery for 70 hours per week. I start tomorrow.


>After over 6 years of NEETdom
>warehouse slavery for 70 hours per week
you're not gonna last a month lmao


>70 hours
I think literal slaves have it better than that, Jesus dude do you live in China?


Do you know anything about literal slaves?


Yes. After being sold by their own kin in Afrika at a cheap rate they also got a free trip to America after the natives were terrorized, raped, genocided and displaced. Once they were there after being whipped a few times they screeched "racism" because the white man did not share his wealth with the afrikans from all the death and destruction. But I agree with you, wageslaving 70 hours a week is still slightly better than being a literal slave.


So, how did it go?


he'll drop dead afer working 14 hours in a warehouse


do you guys have a bunch of gossiping where you work? I started working my first job ever in my life and people are constantly gossiping, they act nice to someone and then as soon as the person leaves they talk nasty about them and stuff, even our manager talks bad about people in the same manner, it really makes me sick, these people have no morals, I can't even imagine the nasty things they say about me when I'm not there, I'll never look at their friendly smile and hear their friendly voice again without remembering the horrible things they really have to say


It was my third day today excluding the trial day 2 weeks ago and it did got better because the first two days were catastrophic, a horrendous shitshow because i wasn't prepared at all. Fell of the bike 2 times in one day, but today it was really smooth driving. This job also exposes one to normies a lot and i already had 3 unfortunate encounters with scumbags, makes me feel like Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver to see these animals as i drive across the city, especially all the gipsys or african/north africans immigrants. I was even attacked by a large group of them, some 15 year old who threw things at me so i lashed out and insulted them. Oddly enough i didn't take this too much to hearth but i feel like it requires willpower. I wish i lived in Iceland or something, the level of civility here hit the bottom and it feels stressful.

No, it's just gig economy shit. I have some liberty in my schedule and can (or must) decide of my workdays 1 week in advance. Took only 15 hours for the next week because i need to calm down already.


File: 1601570670824.png (441.07 KB, 476x456, 119:114, whatiexpectedwhatigot.png) ImgOps iqdb

About to switch jobs.
The pay is a little better, I will have weekends offs and will be able to work from home while the pandemic still on.
Everything seems fine and here I am thinking how fate will twist it to make me regret it.


I don't feel the same since i'm working it's such a weird feeling, like i was a beast-robot or something. The motivation to do anything else just isn't there anymore, i just work and sleep.


File: 1601614089235.jpg (19.16 KB, 405x405, 1:1, 1510158842120.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just woke up from my 2.5h long slumber during night shift and saw a few unanswered calls + a mailbox full of people asking where I am


I feel asleep without setting my alarm and I missed a round.

I woke up with my supervisor calling me why I didn't go on a round and I just said I forgot. She asked if I fell asleep and I said "No", that was it.

Deny you ever fell asleep.


Yeah that happened quite a bit at one of my previous office jobs. It was almost always succubi too.

Hell my parents do it quite a bit and they're actually decent people.


I really hope you manage ok with it anon, 70 hour weeks is a lot especially for an ex-neet


i think he already killed himself dude…….


Are you applying for other workplace, meanwhile? Move, always move… never adapt to exhaustion


how do you quit a job? do you just not show up and send a text you're done? do you give 2 weeks notice? what are the pros and cons? i have only had 1 job so far.


main reason i'm asking is because if i wanted to switch jobs in theory i would want to find one before i leave my current job, but then i couldn't really give any notice either, so i have no idea.



If you're leaving for a new job, give a two week notice and ask your supervisor if you can use him as a reference on your resume.

If you're just quitting a new job you don't like, just don't show up.

It's hard for people with gaps in their resumes to get hired, so you either need references or you can just make shit up.


you say that you need to give notice, but what if you give notice and then you just don't get a job within the next 2 weeks?


Tried to apply to make some government account (Canada) and all it asked is my name and birthdate and it said the information doesn't match our records. The account is very important right now to create, what the fuck am I supposed to do?


if you didn't start working until you were really old like late 20s, but since then you don't have a break in employment history, are people going to still bring that up years later?


Yes but it becomes less and less relevant the more years you been working without break.


do you know of any good excuses for this?


Is working retail as horrible as everyone says? I'm a NEET with no skills or anything worth a cent so is either that or kill myself some day when I get kicked out.


Rubber earplugs. You got 80-90% noise reduction, enough to hear the alarm clock. It's the only way I can sleep longer with my succubus coworker blasting raeggaton in the room next to me from 5 am every morning (to be fair, I blast loud rock/metal music late at night too).


My most sex-obsessed succubi co-workers are aged 34 and 42. They talk about sex like 70% of time.


I don't know how it is where you live but I usually say something like I was having a situation at home that wasn't letting me able to work but now is resolved.
Recruitment people usually won't inquiry more unless of course they are looking for an excuse to turn you down.

The problem comes of having to deal with people and their stupid shit all day for a meager pay. Also not being able to sit for a whole shift fucking sucks.
Working on a department store on Christmas season is a particular kind of hell and really makes you see how superficial holidays are.


> talk about sex like 70% of the time

How in the fuck do you listen to that? I would rather eat glass. That is obscene. What total sluts


I don't hang out with them often, they're at a different area of the company.


I get so jealous of normies that complain about their desk/cubicle job I'd kill for a comfy job like that
is there a step by step instruction guide on how to get a job like that


think you gotta go to school first idk


You need connections. Those jobs produce 0 value, the only purpose they have is to fill the empty lives of normalfags. The one criteria employers use is whether they think you're a social plus or not. Stuff like work or academic accomplishments are just status symbols.


>work overnights in a grocery store for over 3 years
>work by myself up until covid
>suddenly have to work with others.
>first with the entire staff from March through June or so
>get through it
>they hire another guy to work nights to cover the floor work I'm not responsible for
>he's completely quiet, even more than me
>like he doesn't reply when I day hi whe I first see him when our shift starts

Definitely not complaining, as it's about as peaceful as working alone.


>just got a job at the grocery store
>coworker is some turbonormie who's been there for 3 whole years
>he says hello to me all the time but I ignore him
Why can't normals just leave me alone? Stop saying hi to me.


Typical 4chan behavior in the quoted post. I've literally interacted with him three times - when another coworker introduced us, when I handed him a note our boss gave me to give him, and when we walked past one another in the breakroom.


>>like he doesn't reply when I day hi whe I first see him when our shift starts
pretty cool to see people like this getting jobs

gives me hope, thanks for sharin


You ready to deal with social drama and work politics? Aight have a good one.


It's pretty refreshing to be honest. It's a little jarring, because most of the other coworkers won't shut up. I love working in peace.


>being out in nature with your clan hunting and gathering to not starve is just like sitting on your ass and punching away at a keyboard to enrich a faceless owner


File: 1602178200743.jpg (45.35 KB, 640x359, 640:359, cor.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Lockdown is coming in Europe…can't wait!!!


How can normies cope with unemployment? They can't.


File: 1602320076540.png (1.52 MB, 1000x1500, 2:3, KarlMarxJobInterview.png) ImgOps iqdb

Marx has a job interview


Failed the Cisco CCNA today.



Holy shit, i'm studying for Cisco aswell, is it really that hard? I'm in CC and I have to take a routing exam cert and a network cert exam, I feel like i'm gonna fail cause it's too much work and craming.


Yeah it's pretty tough. I scored 787 which is only slightly off the 825 pass mark. I'll try again in about a month or so. Pretty bummed that I have to spend another $300 though.

You really need to know your stuff, especially regarding commands and interpreting outputs


GOT this one coworker who wont SHUT THE FUCK UP and just do his fucking job already just bruh just shut up and move those fucking carts people too lazy to return to the STORE!!! STOP TALKING ABOUT BEING A GOD DAMN FURRY AND DO YOUR JOB ASSHOLE!!


Whoawhoawhoa, hol'up. Tell us more about this.


Yeah you need to spill the beans. One of my co-workers goes on about capeshit and post grunge, and another goes on about Marxism/communism. That guy sounds like a welcome change from that, despite apparently being a degenerate


>my immediate boss leaves me an "ay Wiz, don't let *other department* take our shit, because we have little for ourselves"
>Person from that department comes for something
>We have none.
>Show her the note
>She is pissed, and phones the store management about it
>She bitches about my manager when we are on break

I just want to do my job, not get chewed out for doing so. This is so tiring


I got my CCNA 15 years ago, but I foolishly let it expire because I wasn't working with any Cisco equipment at the time and didn't want to spend money to recertify. I'm sure I had also all but forgotten things like the command syntax and would have had to put in time to relearn it.

Now I wonder if I should get Cisco Certified again. I recall the tests weren't exactly easy, particularly given the time limit, but they weren't terrible. I'd imagine they test you on IPv6 now though, which sucks because I'm a bit rusty on that honestly; not much call for it in my business as of yet.


> They talk about sex like 70% of time.
Be thankful if all they do is talk about it. At one of my previous jobs , people were caught fucking in the office.


File: 1602382084292.jpg (50.05 KB, 798x767, 798:767, g6g4l3d5wqo51.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My sleep is so inconsistent that I can't go to sleep at the same time everyday and wake up at the same time everyday.

If I go to sleep when I'm suppose to, I either wake up early feeling still tired and unable to go back to sleep or sleep until the alarm clock and feel tired from being woken up.

This has led me to fall asleep almost everyday at work (I work as a security guard) and I'm afraid I'm going to get caught sleeping and then I'll be jobless and homeless.

I'm scared wizzies.


try melatonin




Finally expanded my dog sitting business enough that I could hire someone to deal with turbonormie clients. Such a relief.


or better yet go the fuck outside


Nice. Just remember, employees are not your friends. They'll walk all over you if you let them.


That makes me wish I'm a NEET.


Funny how people here spend all day complaining about how shitty their bosses are, and then when a "boss" posts here it's "employee's are shit and you need to treat them that way". I doubt you even notice the hypocrisy.


we have a wizbosses on the wageslave thread now? Cool!!!!!


Got harrassed today. Confronted the person. Think I made my mark. Waiting for jobs to be posted sucks. Stuck with a bunch of high school bullies in their mid life crisis years.


how do you confront someone?


File: 1602524654810.jpg (29.88 KB, 260x291, 260:291, 260px-D.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

lol i'm a mess i call in sick or make excuses all the time and i only work a few days
It's gotten to the point that i just wander around the whole day instead of working

My parents have mixing hours so on the days they are home and i need to "work" i instead just take public transport and wander around the city like a bum instead of working
It's become a real issue just imagine walking around the whole fuckin day, i walk in the woods allot and when i come home i clean my clothes to wash of the dirt and stuff

I'm always paranoid of coming across people that know my parents like neighbors that see me walking around when they know i should be at work
This one time i didn't go to work and was walking around the forest, suddenly i get calls on my phone it's my parents "fuck me" i get home and they were absolutely enraged
apparently some guy that works with my dad saw me walking around and he called my dad informing him that i wasn't at work. it was awful

I try to avoid public places but i'm a fuckin idiot and in a small town people quickly catch on and get in on others people's buisness, that's why i take transit and go to big cities nobody gives a fuck in the big cities


How are you not fired yet?


i used to call in sick once every 2 weeks and i thought that was bad

one time i did it for like 10 days in a row and just pretended i had a really bad flu


because it's a job assigned to me by social workers, i don't actually get payed.
they're not going to be pleased. they always ask questions and i'm sure they think of me as a lazy leech

They need to work every single day and i just walk in willy nilly when i feel like it, i'm sure they're not happy about it


I effectively quit my job in March and have been egging them on about returning so I could collect EI due to corona virus.


I work because I need money to live. I have this nagging fear that I will lose my job. I'm not a bad worker and never call in, but the fear is still there. I don't have any safety nets besides the little money I have saved. A couple years ago, before I got this job, I had no job for almost a year and my brother would cover my part of the rent but not for food. That was the only time I went days without food and honestly it wasn't so bad. What was bad was the thought of never getting a job and knowing this my brother's grace wasn't infinite. I applied to dozens of places constantly. I got a few interviews where I was so nervous that I failed the interviews. I got lucky with the job I did end up getting.
I've felt depressed during this job, but the depression I get from anything related to jobs and job security cuts far deeper.
I just want peace of mind.


File: 1602598070380.jpeg (7.94 KB, 300x239, 300:239, images (73).jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

My boss is an abusive gaslighting narcissist and I've wasted over two years of my youth making 200 dollars per month and destroyed my body carrying weights while my boss laughed at my complaints, and now I'm too used to it to seek bettering. He's like a devil trying to pull me to enjoy hell with him, and he succeeded. Jealous people need to die.


>my brother would cover my part of the rent but not for food
>went days without food

Damn, that's pretty cold. I understand not giving you any money for takeout or frivolous shit, but he could have just covered basic shit like eggs, flour, milk, rice, beans etc. which is dirt cheap and you can survive months. Did he not want to share his meals? Could you take his leftovers even? If I had a bro, even the worst kind of moocher, I'd at least make him work for it by cooking and cleaning.


Sounds like you're dealing with an ENTJ, just run you masochist.


Since when is being a narcissist just a personality type


>like a devil trying to pull me to enjoy hell with him
>and he succeeded
I base my guess on all these indications, although "gaslighting" doesn't really fit since ENTJs tend to be direct with their insults and don't shy away from insulting someone in public.


it's a personality disorder so a type just not the myers briggs types that shit is complete bullshit


Couldn't disagree more. MBTI has helped me to find the most effective way to communicate with someone on multiple occasions. It requires a decent pattern recognition capability to be able to use it for profiling irl.


I don't mean to pry wizzie but do you mind me asking what you do? You mention it being more sressful when you're tired, is that because it is particularly important that you don't make any mistakes or are you just meaning general interactions and tasks throughout the day are more difficult which causes you stress? Could you get fired for making a mistake?


soon wizCEOs will be posting here




I ended up finding out getting food stamps was stupid easy
I recycled cans to get money for beans. I never complained about the hunger or really about anything so he probably didn't noticed really. Also he had a weird schedule where he'd either be at work or sleeping when I was up. I guess you could say we have a very 'stoic' relationship.


what are your lunch time eating habits at work like?


I go through cycles of burnout. My worst one resulted in me living out of a homeless shelter and being assigned a social worker, I was then placed in a trailer with a bunch of other former homeless people and given income support money every month from the government.
I've since returned to wageslaving but weekends are never enough to replenish my energy so I will inevitably burn out again one day.


For me it's the opposite. A job is more tolerable in the first months, but after that the clockwatching becomes unbearable.


These counselors don't know a thing about the trades they advocate.
I've worked with tradesmen and they have no patience for you if you can't do everything perfectly, and they will bully you just as hard as people in other professions if you are socially awkward.


File: 1602653220365.jpg (280.5 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, EkN99IWXsAAl8hi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1602664876539.png (89.93 KB, 250x250, 1:1, tumblr_p7nke20ENF1vy2tgqo9….png) ImgOps iqdb

same here, except the first few days when everything is new and I am still the most nervous, after getting used to it for months and finally getting a little comfortable I lose the drive to do my job and slack off until they throw me out


Barry shouldn't have settled for a used up succubus with a bunch of spawnlings, and shouldn't have lived a life of maxed out credit cards buying shit he couldn't afford. That's how normies are, they're so up in consumerist debt trying to impress others, they can't spare a shirt off their backs. Not us wizzies though, cause we're smart & save, and have nobody to provide for. If I got fired, I estimate I could live well over 10 years in my current lifestyle and that includes rent, food, & internet access. Couldn't do that if I had some succubus in tow and had to blow my money on her.


File: 1602704199864.jpg (51.37 KB, 386x661, 386:661, wah.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Turns out instead of a half day on Friday, I'll be working the full 8 hours. I'm almost to 40 hours. It's insane. I get so tired after working so sleeping is to be expected. I really need another job. I can't do much after work.


i work 52hrs and wanna kermit sewerside


Typical normie behavior, no wonder why we hate them.



okay normie


smile for the customer wageslave :^)



>some people love to be in a working environment

Yeah, the herd, sheep, etc..


who else benefitted from covid? going to be getting around 35,000 from the government when all is said in done in about a year. sucks if you don't live in canada i guess… lol.


That money doesn't come from nowhere…
Canada is over a trillion dollars in debt now and the debt is only skyrocketing.
Economy still hasn't fully recovered and they're going to need to raise taxes next year while probably cutting social services.
Enjoy your cash though billy boy.


File: 1603328431403.png (40.21 KB, 2091x1005, 697:335, anx03-chart-A3.2-eng[1].png) ImgOps iqdb

imagine being this butthurt canada will implement UBI by 2021 while usa will take at least 25 more years.

damn look at that debt percentage of gdp, oh no i'm so scared… lol


I live in Canada and get $733/month already from Ontario Works.
I don't think giving as many people as possible free cash will be a good thing though. I need everyone else to work hard and pay taxes otherwise the entire system will break down and cost of living will rise faster than normal.


how is italy still g7?


I feel you, except its the whole company I work for. Let's try to get a new job or learn a new skill thats in need for a job. Fuck normies.


The GX clubs are a joke, look at G20, Spain and Netherlands, two historial economical and political powerful countries are not even official members.


Has anyone had a job they hated, but eventually was suddenly okay with it by change of mindset or something? If so, can you elaborate on that?


>but eventually was suddenly okay with it by change of mindset or something?

That's just being beaten down by the job and lack of outside prospects.


I currently work as a physics teacher. I have just applied for officer training in the British. Part of me thinks I am retard and I will never make it but I have to try to prove something to myself.

My major worry is that some mental health bullshit from when I was a retarded teenager will fuck me and bar me. I have just sent off my medical application. We'll see. There are other ambitions I have.


File: 1603476461757.jpeg (132.7 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1386359158084.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>Signing up for the army; a literal hive of drone-like normalfags who hate anyone who isn't like them. A work place where your """training""" is having a peak normalfag yell at you until you conform to the mental slavery required of you.
Possibly the most unwizardly thing I can think of imaginable. What the fuck are you doing? Actually ignore that, what the fuck are you doing on /dep/ and this WAGESLAVE thread? Most importantly of all what the fuck are you doing on this site?


Mana won't put food on your table.


You work as a physics teacher in the UK and you are single (you are single right?), where is your money going? Hookers and blow instead of food? I hope you know that you don't get to do hookers and blow in the army either wiz.


I am not that poster and you should stop acting belligerent towards the rest of virgins on Wizchan just because they hold an occupation.


Yes, you just have to realize all alternatives are worse and force yourself to love the big brother.


> stop acting belligerent towards the rest of virgins on Wizchan just because they hold an occupation.
I'm not, nor was I ever my previous posts; I am however - belligerent towards retards who lack reading comprehension like yourself. So I will ask you where I was belligerent towards all wizzards who hold an occupation? You can just not bother, since we both know there is nothing to quote or link, besides posting proof of your poor reading skills or creating imaginary strawman that is.

Due to your incapability of proper understanding I will reiterate what I said before. Why would this person who already has a decent paying job in a area related to wizardly study, leave this job to join the most normalfag "occupation" imaginable? What's next, wiz librarians becoming """wiz""" bartenders? The army is entirely anti-wiz by default, it is the worst place or job for any wiz to be or have; yet this poster is saying he is intentionally going into it despite having a decent job already. Even worse now that I look at it, he's trying to be an officer. A literal chad normalfag whose "occupation" will be to indoctrinate his fellow normalfags into mental and physical slavery. Truly he must be a "wiz" if he's doing that eh?

Hopefully you have the faculties to comprehend what I just wrote, probably not though. I await whatever steaming pile of shit you plan on writing as your reply, personally I would just suggest not replying rather than to attempt some cope or damage control. That would save everyone else time from having to see the disgracefulness of your abhorrent post.


Do you have a life besides masturbating about what is wizardly or not and acting belligerent towards everyone on here?


Another false claim. The only person I am currently being belligerent towards is… You! Mostly because you can't read, nor can you make a proper post with any sort of legitimate claim or point. Even your insults are just a pitiful excuse where you pretend that you are in some kind of group I am attacking all together. Unfortunately, it is just you alone that I currently insult and mock. That's right wiz, you have to stand alone and think of something that isn't a group vs individual method of shaming. I know thats hard for normalfag larpers like yourself who have never had to think as an individual before, but give it a shot and try. You never know, you might make your very first coherent post on an imageboard!


At some point i was beaten down by the bullying at work but after accepting they are bored and have no joy in their job/lives. I find it pathetic and HILARIOUS.


Thats a pretty pessimistic take. If you know what you are doing and you have the desire to achieve it then it will take you there.


Keep getting angry because some virgins hold jobs you think go against your ideals of wizardy. Too bad you can't impose your silly ideals onto anyone here and wizzies are free to choose the job they find most appropriate for themselves. :)


I will keep getting angry at normalfag larpers like yourself and this "wiz" who plans to become chief normalfag at his local indoctrination center; I have no shame in doing so. Just as you will keep getting angry at me getting angry, the difference being that I have a purpose to my anger unlike yourself. It should be obvious to anyone that you have no coherent point beyond damage control over your lack of reading comprehension, and intellect in general. Although I see after four posts and 2.5 hours you have finally understood what I was originally saying, so congratulations for that, admittedly that is the very least one would expect, but for you that's a big step I'm sure. Now I imagine that you plan to pretend that this was all "merely pretending" in order to "troll" me… which again would just be obvious damage control and projection of your own anger onto me; due to my insulting you like this in this fashion for so many posts. At least you didn't use a group vs individual method of shaming this time, too bad you still cannot bring up a valid criticism beyond "u mad". Maybe next time you'll manage that, who knows?


Daily reminder that your angry views and silly opinions are of no importance to anyone on here
But if being belligerent and butthurt about other wizzies lives is what you do best, then go on, it's your time you are wasting. I hope you are at least getting some fun out of being the gatekeeper of Wizchan, or that it gives some meaning to your life :)


Daily reminder that you are of no importance to anyone anywhere at any time or any place.
If you hope that I am having fun gatekeeping (I am of course), then I hope you are having fun being mocked and insulted by me in this never ending state. By default what I do has more purpose or meaning than you - who replies to me begging me to stop, despite the obvious that I shall not and instead will mock you for asking me. See you think you place yourself outside of caring, effort, time, or meaning but really you keep coming back to reply and be mocked again. A man who insults and the insulted man, its clear who would be "angry" in such a relationship, just as it would be clear that neither party can claim the others time is being wasted when both are engaged with each other. So what excuse is next, you have pretended that I am "mad" despite the obvious factor that you must be as well (else you would not be replying to me), and that I am wasting my time despite the factor you are also wasting your time with me voiding the point. It seems to me that the only things you can bring up is incoherent retardation, this is after what? 6 posts now? You could always just lower yourself to 4chan insults and reply with "seethe" or "cope", that's the best you could do anyways with your inability to think about anything with any depth.


What an autistic and cringe inducing argument.


>Daily reminder that you are of no importance to anyone anywhere at any time or any place.
Correct, but unlike you I don't pretend like I am and try to control other virgins' lives, and neither do I love to have the last word in everything or act belligerent towards people in the internet.
You must know all about what wizards are like, if that's what you do with your free time, but like I said, if doing this is what is fun for you and gives meaning to your life, keep doing it.
Just don't expect others to find you entertaining or to receive no backlash for doing so :)


So we are here with your next uh "points" I suppose: that now it is I who thinks that I am of importance, despite you being the one who brought up importance to begin with. So to you also attempt to blame me for wanting the last word while you also are here with me doing the same.
Why… isn't this exactly what you have done in the past 7 posts now? That is to project your own traits upon me, and/or to claim I am doing such and such and it is wrong because your feeling say so, while also hypocritically participating in it. Well, that is not much of a question now is it? It is just simply the truth of the matter clearly. Neither can you read nor write competently, and your best efforts are just an endless cycle of the same incoherent points of hypocrisy and projection, but rewritten all over again anew. I would be impressed, well - no I wouldn't be in any case; its just rather pathetic that for this many posts you may only repeat yourself over again like some child or answering-machine like device. Ultimately you fall back upon group vs individual shaming with these "others" again, a shame really, I would say I had hope for you but that would be a lie and really I expected this outcome. When I said your posts are the best you could do I really meant it, this is in fact your best workmanship.


>wahhhhh why do you want to do jobs that don't follow my out of my ass criteria on what is wizardly
>wahhhhh take me serious I know what is wizardly I tell you you are a larper and normalfag what are you doing on this site
>wahhhh give me your best replies although I will never address them properly because I am too arrogant

aylmao just keep gatekeeping the wageslave thread from wizards with jobs you consider unwizardly, maybe one day you will get them out of Wizchan with your posts which are only words in the screen :)


He's got a point though.
If you are okay with military work, can get past the bootcamp and sustain such an occupation you're a total normalfag.
Real wizzies struggle with anxiety and depression to the point where they can't get out of bed or leave the house or hold down the simplest job.

So really. What the hell are you doing in the wageslave thread, in /dep/ or on this goddamn site you turbonormie.


Hello, Sam. What brought you to this place?


>Real wizzies struggle with anxiety and depression to the point where they can't get out of bed or leave the house or hold down the simplest job

now being a male virgin makes you all of a sudden incapable of doing normal jobs. Delete the wageslave thread then and any mention of a job because if you go by that definition then we shouldn't have any male virgin with a job on wizchan because they wouldn't be "true wizards".


I unironically agree with your post.


Greentext and putting "wah" in your fake quote, a class act certainly. Personally I would have preferred a more traditional 4chan normalfag reply like "cope" or "yikes", alternatively you might enjoy posting a wojak and just greentexting my entire reply next time? Either way you have left the height of your workmanship(hypocritical projection), and have now lowered into pure shitposter territory. Honestly I can't fault you for that, it must have been hard putting in your 100% best effort like you previously were doing. Hell it must be tough in general being you, that is to be unlikable, unintelligent, unremarkable, and unfathomably pathetic all at once. Not a single shining trait, what a waste of - well, any resource that you have ever consumed ever in your life; including the period while you were being conceived and stole the nutrients of your hard at work mother.


File: 1603508738961.gif (107.57 KB, 220x164, 55:41, tenor.gif) ImgOps iqdb


>refrains to throws insults and thinks that incorrectly describing my posts while missing the whole point makes him stand above it all when he is a cry baby who gets easily butthurt when wizards have jobs he finds "unwizardly" and readily complains about it on the wageslave thread

Come on, gatekeeper. It's getting stale.

>Hell it must be tough in general being a wizard, that is to be unlikable, unintelligent, unremarkable, and unfathomably pathetic all at once. Not a single shining trait, what a waste of any resource that you have ever consumed ever in your life; including the period while you were being conceived and stole the nutrients of your hard at work mother.

Spoken like a true normalfag, which is the thing you say you hate the most. How inconsistent of you.
Truly you must be desperate to resort to those attacks that only a normalfag would come up with. Now that's a real shame.


Wizchan 2020


Yes, yes, I'm "butthurt" and "u mad", we already went over this moron, or does your memory match your reading comprehension skills, or rather lack-of. Also you keep using "gatekeeper" as some sort of insult, as if everyone and anyone should be allowed in here. This is generally a moralfag trait whom think every site and place should be free to all, you aren't a moralfag are you? The entire internet exists for you moralfag normals, yet even still you demand to shit up wizchan too; the greed of you normals is unending truly.

Sorry, but taking someone else's insults and saying "no it is YOU who is the real X" didn't work in elementary school and it certainly doesn't work now. You are a waste of everything, that is just a fact. You can't even state that you are different than the average normalfag who hates "gatekeeping" since he wishes everyone to fit in and belong, because it is he himself who is worried of not fitting in with the others well enough. What I'm saying is that you are a normalfag who doesn't even fit in with normalfags, a failed normal is what you are so-to-say. With your bruised ego after being cast out of normalheaven and absence of cognitive thought, you crawled over to wizchan hoping to blend in and pretend to be one with an "us" grouping. Proof of that was given at the beginning when you would hide behind some sort of "others" and talks of groups instead of yourself as an individual. You and I are in stark contrast, for I have never once done this normalfag sort of "groupthought" where I pin myself to others. It is just a failed normie cope to hide in the manner that you do, non wizardly in every sense.


I don't get what you're trying to say


just start a new thread why does someone always try to ruin it


The wizmarines are here. Soon to be reinforced by the Navy Wizzies and the wiz diplomat. Who would have thought a wizards chances are so diverse?!


Just wait! soon enough we'll have youtuber wizards with 1000000 subs,hollywood actor wizards and male stripper wizards.

I can't wait for wizchan 2021!


File: 1603814223376.gif (3.96 MB, 444x250, 222:125, 1603620026033.gif) ImgOps iqdb

i hate being a wageslave
wish i was a neet



i hate being a wageslave
wish i was dead


>come in to work
>coworker who's going home shortly after I come in had to do something else, some couldn't finish his normal task
>ask if I could help with it, so I do
>finish it myself
>about to go do something else for him, so he can go home
>say no because I have my own shit to do
>he looked at me like I said I raped puppies or something equally shocking, then did it himself
I always feel bad declining to help, but I'm not helping at the sacrifice of my own work


>about to go do something else for him, so he can go home

Supposed to say
>about to go do my own work, when he asked me to do something else for me so he could go home


File: 1603872087301.jpg (1014.9 KB, 4000x4000, 1:1, 1593293276860.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

is anyone here actually working an easy and stress-free job?


File: 1603872999615.jpg (429.98 KB, 1200x859, 1200:859, 1595796973070.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm a programmer working from home since corona-chan. I spend most of my time browsing the web and watching TV series. Most of the work is fairly trivial but I still give conservative estimates so I can slack off and do nothing. It's only stressful if I have to talk to some idiot manager or client and walk them through how to use some shitty feature over Skype.

It's not perfect, but the stress to pay ratio is fairly good so I'm satisfied.


2$/hr 60-hour week master race over here
enough to support me and my old mom's frugal lifestyle, i don't really have any illusions about my life possibly becoming better so it's fine this way
mostly just sleep when not at work, maybe play some vidya on the weekends


File: 1603878870757.jpg (1.03 MB, 800x1066, 400:533, 24de04bc1af8b4697e7ffdee59….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That sounds cool. I really should learn to properly code, at my last position I had the possibility to look into python but I'm a slow learner and have no confidence to apply for something more responsible, so now I'm stuck at usersupport entryposition, which is stressful for me when I am getting yelled at and there are people in my same position that don't know what an .exe is.

are 60-hour weeks usual for your country, or are you working overtime to support your family?


>are 60-hour weeks usual for your country, or are you working overtime to support your family?
i'm taking 5 12-hours shifts a week (at the moment, there were times when i took 6 or 7 when i needed more money for emergencies), the usual norm for people in this profession is 4 days/week, though the legislated work week is 40 hours there's literally no place that ever conforms to that standard
the pay is low by the profession's standards (network engineer), but at this place i don't have to conform to strict standards or anything so it's like a payoff of sorts
the family is the only thing motivating me, so i don't know if i can consider it "overtime" as there's nothing else i might want to spend my time on anyway, it's kind of philosophical almost maybe i dunno


>wake up an hour before alarm
>automatically start imagining I'm working and saying routinely things
>like a paralyzed zombie


My job is easy and 90% of the time stressfree, but my job is also very very boring and repetitive. I am not sure if this is any better.


>work overnights at grocery store
>Another department takes stuff from my department
>They usually tell me so I can tell my boss
>They never Last night, so I leave note saying what happened
>Tonight, I got chewed out by another person in the second department for leaving a note

I'd like to not be chewed out for other people not doing their job

Mine is extremely easy. The work itself isn't stressful (literally putting fruit and veg in containers). Dealing with people is stressful. Thankfully, most of my interactions are with people in other departments. Usually it's ok, but I get the occasional exchange like above


How do you guys deal with being a retard? I myself am a HS dropout that is incapable of doing well academically. I can memorise facts and theories from books, but when it actually comes to sitting a test i will fail every time and i am unable to do anything else.
Knowing that for the rest of my life, however long that may be, i will at BEST be minimum wage forever is soul crushing. Do any of you know how to mentally cope with this? It weighs on my mind daily.


I should add that i am working minimum wage right now, and it is soul destroying.


if you're addicted to comparing yourself to people you could try comparing yourself to people who are worse off than you.

like imagine your situation, you have a wife and kid to come home to on top of that.

or sweat shops / bad prisons.


your shitty life is a dream to many people and they would trade their life for it

if that mind state is possible to get to for people and would genuinely really enjoy your situation more than their own, it is possible to make your mind like that too.


I'm not comparing myself to anyone, i don't think that makes sense in the first place because there will always be people better/worse than you. I do not need to compare myself to others to dislike my current existence and future of minimum wage work.


There isn't really a way. People just usually resort to drinking/drugs/smoking/overeating.


long distance delivery guy. I drive outside of city in farms and small villages with my van giving packages to people. Completely alone 90% of the time, can listen with full clarity music, podcasts, books, eat anything drink tasty coffee from gasstaions. Just have to call recipient 30-mins before I am coming, give the package and off to the next. Most of the time I just put packages near the doors so even less contact. The only stress is maneuvering a big van.

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