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not getting paid enough for this shit edition

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How do you guys do it? How do you have the strength to wageslave day in day out? How are you not insane? How have you not blown your head off with a shotgun or hung yourself?


I've only ever worked part time. My mom is basically screaming at me now to get a full time job and I'm never doing that.


take your creativity pills wagies


Seriously how the fuck is working for more than 4-5 hours a day even a thing? Do people enjoy being slaves with no lives of their own? It blows my fucking mind how people can subject themselves to this their whole lives.


I'm sure you realize there are people out there who actually feel very comfortable with work life. They have friends at the office, they enjoy the work and actually prefer it over being at home. I've seen this up close. My dad always celebrated his birthdays with his friends from work. It's not they don't have lives, they built their lives around their careers.

Now if you're the type of person who is only working because you don't want to starve and be homeless and can't wait to go back home away from it all, it's difficult to understand that but believe me, some people love to work and love to be in a working environment. Those people can as easily judge you from wanting to be home alone and will say that contrary to them, it's you who don't have a life. I sure heard that one before.


>4-5 hours a day
now imagine doing three times that some ironworks in the beginnings of the industrial revolution


How is being a slave better than just chilling out and having a good time? Normalfags ruined everything. It's because of these good goy slaves that society is like this. We could have had 4-5 hour workdays and comfy lives but nooooooooo. Some faggots just had to slave away more than that and made it so that everyone else has to aswell in order to compete with them. I just wanna suck off a shotgun. This world is another universe's hell.


I still can't believe that's even possible in the first place.


Humans have been evolving to work non stop. It's like asking how is playing games or browsing the internet better than staring at the wall. You're the minority and just have to suck it.


some people even enjoy work despite disregarding their home lives which boggles my mind. they have good jobs as managers but have messy unclean houses, late bills, etc. happy and competent at work but incompetent at home. can't even imagine it.


We evolved to be spear chuckers and berry pickers, not slaves sitting in a cubicle.


picking berries or cracking nuts all day is not far away from office slaving


File: 1599754717854.jpg (11.24 KB, 210x295, 42:59, you know why.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I make less than 250 dollars a month working 44 hours a week. That's the Brazilian minimum wage


what do you do?


Shopkeeper. Good thing is I'm the only worker and I only see my boss when I leave


I always get the feeling that my co-workers, supervisors, and clients are always conspiring to get me fired.


wow that's brutal, if you care to answer, do you know whats the average for stuff like a warm meal in a restautant, rent for a small apartment, for electronics stuff?


Is this enough to survive over there?


>How are you not insane

i go a little crazier ever day


You get used to it disturbingly fast. Suffer in the exact same way every day for a couple of months and it doesn't even register as suffering any more, you're just mindlessly going through the motions of your day.


I'm alone at work like 90% of the time. Not having to deal with other people for very long helps. My job is very easy, too.

If I were smart, I'd invest what I saved, so I don't have to wageslave


That never happened to me, each day got worse and worse until i said no more.
I don't know how you wagies were able to turn off your brain without Karen bosses always harassing you and making life miserable


File: 1599870456986.jpg (74.07 KB, 512x341, 512:341, zapwizzie.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is Electrician a wizardly job?


>Being able to control electricity
Very wizardy


no, you have to communicate with others and deal with the politics if youre in the normie regular electricican line of the job unless its a highly skilled/dangerous type of linemen or data


There is no wizardly job, because all jobs require interaction with groids at some point as well as requiring one to leave his lair. Don't forget having to shover, brush teeth, shave, wash clothes, can't go out in clothes with holes, must watch your attitude and vocabulary, and worst of all - slaving away for the benefit of some repugnant breeder fuck. Most unwizardly behaviour.


Yeah, this is the case. Best case scenario would be like some sort of security monitor job where you're just looking at screens all day or just standing outside at night with good lighting.

With professional jobs, it's a whole another level in terms of conforming because you have to look more presentable, talk right, etc. I used to get a lot of shit for my soft skills. Had to deal with a lot of passive aggressive shit from normie interviewers who expected some super bubbly person. It's just people can tell something is really off if you can't fake it properly.

I tried transcription as it's work from home, but it seems like they intentionally dock as much as possible and give the shittiest audio ever.

I've been told about trades several times, but it just seems like a good way to injure myself. It's bizarre how normalfag counselors think if you don't do superwell in college, you'll magically be good with your hands.


How am i going to be communicating with others when i need to fix wires and shit? It needs silence and concentration


12h/5days a week here. It's okay less time spent on eating, drugs, videogames and what not. Makes weekends much more rewarding.


How do you get jobs?


It's probably the same as programming where you could only work with concentration and silence but they force you to do 'pair programming'. This filters the wizard.


also less time to spend on reading, self-teaching, creative hobbies, physical activities etc.


Why would they try and add extra steps in just to filter me out? That angers and enrages me
Don't be retarded you imbecile. How does anyone do anything?


Because they want to work with people they find to be likable rather than some asocial person. I learned this the hard way.


This is a nightmare for actually asocial people. Basically normalfags just somehow naturally maneuveur into wageslaving and have experience throughout high school/college and then they do the trade school or uni and get apprenticeships or internships by fitting in enough socially. I was flying kind of blind on this stuff because my family was shit and I didn't realize it was virtually expected for you to have experience before graduating anything post-secondary and there's no way I could have done it.


Had to work 9 hours today on less than 3 hours of sleep because my neighbor's dog decided he wanted to bark for 5 hours straight starting at 1:30am again. When I was younger it was a lot easier for me to work on little sleep, but these days it's absolute torture and makes work 10 times as stressful.

Now I have to force myself to stay up another 5 hours because if I go to sleep now I'll fuck up my sleep schedule. One of the most difficult parts of wageslaving that nobody talks about is having to maintain a steady sleep schedule. One thing can fuck it all up.


>Because they want to work with people they find to be likable rather than some asocial person. I learned this the hard way.
So what do i do about this? They are literally gatekeeping my survival needs and that makes me feel shooty inside


Fuck a sleep schedule, my natural patterns go from 11pm-5am to 6am-6pm every two weeks.
If the world doesn't like it they can eat my farts.


I may be just over-exhausted but time goes so fast past couple of months, even at work. It used to be a prolonged suffering without end in sight, and now before I know it it's time to go.


The industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.


go back


Quit crying, loser.


You have to either learn to "fake it" or you're stuck with jobs that will hire anyone like gas station attendant(if you're lucky).


File: 1600097400150.gif (24.55 KB, 81x90, 9:10, chanm.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I'm from Europe and i really hope we get a new lockdown. The last one was pretty fucking great. Working from home must return!


Unkie Ted, is that you?


I can't fake it though, i don't know why. When they ask me what i did on my weekend i tell them and then they get freaked out. If they ask me why i don't have a relationship i tell them then they get freaked out and i get fired.
It's the same thing again and again until i snap.


i heccin loved the lockdown, it should be forever


living in the USA and watching the normies suffer is beyond catharsis. Live like me for awhile, see how long you last without killing yourself.


The narcissistic succubus b*** from the office got today a huge value gift card (I didn't contribute anything, wouldn't do it even at point blank). When it was my birthday they got me nothing.
Fuck this shit. I work so much for this company and try to do good. But she does nothing but talk loudly and laugh in the office and somehow that's better in this f*** up world.


who cares, you go there to work and get money and leave, its better to just ignore everyone, do your work and hope to get laid off so you get unemployment, fuck people and fuck co-workers.


succubi are seen as more valuable than men in the workplace. Welcome to the 21st century.


Do they really suffer? They stopped caring about restrictions after initial couple of weeks. Some countries got welfare. If they care about face masks, they're more of a fashion element, which they're happy to consoom. Remote work is good for everyone, not just us.


Today was my first day doing food delivery on a electronic bike in a big and overcrowded with cars european city, it's hard and dead end but i can't find anything else and my situation is getting critical. Didn't do any cycling in over 15 years and never in trafic so i almost ate the pavement 4 times and it was terrifying at first because i didn't had any freaking balance and the e-bike was way too fast for me in the beginning. I also slept no more than 3 hours because of the pre-first day stress so i was feeling like absolute garbage the whole day, i was asking myself what the fuck i brought on myself. Didn't had any bike phone mount so founding my way was hell too. I'm lucky i learned to drive a car just before it (my driver's license is the only thing i achieved in 26 years) otherwise i would have just given up because of the trafic. When you think of it there is only 3 or 4 rules to aknowledge and most people could get it on the go but i know i'm too dumb/neurotic for that kind of adaptivity. I'm back home now and i feel weirded out by the fact that i spent the whole day outside seeing so many things and doing all these kilometers on a bike because i'm a career NEET afraid of the world. This is my only prospect in life now and it sucks but i still have the hope that i somehow turn it into a somewhat comfy routine, the schedule is very flexible and i must do it only a minimum of 2 days a week so if it gets tough i can avoid the burnout by working less.


sounds really good once you get over the initial shock


File: 1600300663785.jpg (99.04 KB, 747x455, 747:455, 12312345.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

just had a shitty day with retarded customers screaming at me. I swear I would ran a truck over those faggots if I could, I'm so angry right now


What job?


call center attendant of a uber-like car app. God the customers are always either really stupid or really arrogant.
some faggot today was like:
>ooh shut down my ride right now!!
>"okay sir I just shut your ride down"
>"I can't do this"
>"just call a new car in your app"


> i must do it only a minimum of 2 days a week

How is that? you have that minimum hours alloted to you or you're in some kind of "get a job" scheme for NEET's that requires you to work that much?


Any other wagefucks sleeping 5 or 6 hours a night? Been doing that for around 9 months now and reality feels so much less real, I have a headache and my whole body hurts. I feel no emotion, I haven't gotten a boner in weeks and haven't jacked off in a month. I guess that's a good thing but I wish I felt less dead inside. I never have time for anything anymore it feels like. By the time I feel recovered from work I have like 4 hours befor bed.


This is actually what I struggle with as well. I somehow got a teaching job at a university, currently I am doing 1.5hrs a day, 3 days a week and getting paid far too much for the job. However the most difficult thing was having to present myself as a teacher to other adults and hiding my lack of social skills…. I'd been a neet for maybe a bit over a year so it was super difficult. My first class ever, they all laughed at me and bullied me (including my coteacher who was assigned to me and was meant to help me). Anyways, another day, I had anxiety all night and couldn't sleep so I went to class fatigued, tired and foggy brained. It made interactions worse since I get inflamed when I'm sleep deprived so I just had a constant angry looking face so the students who didn't hate me were now afraid of me. I thought I could cope with a mere 1.5hrs of work in a day but even that is proving to be a challenge. Can't wait to see what happens when my full schedule comes out (when the freshmens start)!


Sleep deprivation completely ruins your quality of life and health. You need to fix it


College students can be the worst, especially if they are American. Are you in the US? Do you have a doctorate or a masters? Would you recommend grad school to anyone? I've just got a BA and all I've been able to get is tutoring work.


File: 1600433875132.jpg (100.39 KB, 572x900, 143:225, Sorc.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My Mages, my Warlocks, my Wizards, My Sorcerors..it's weekend. Enjoy it and keep your thoughts to a global lockdown. We are almost there.


File: 1600436417350.jpg (47.73 KB, 450x600, 3:4, ee7z3zdfufn51.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1600445388694.jpg (24.62 KB, 450x444, 75:74, Overworked.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Was doing the "telework"/telecommuting thing for a while…but apparently, the chad boomer boss thought we were slacking off too much when we did this (no actual evidence, as far as I'm concerned I was actually more productive from home)
So I've been back at work for months now, all the other boomer bosses are letting their people work from home but mine has me coming in and do insufferable shit all day and I'm getting less than 30k/year still with almost no chance of getting anything higher than that, complete pigeon hole situation
and I think I'm going to die and I feel powerless in my life not that I ever had any but it somehow feels worse and worse every day I don't know how much longer I can hold on to my sanity or if this will eventually cause an aneurysm


Article makes sense, although I was never formally employed a day of my life and the only work I did is domestic type like splitting logs for my grandma's fireplace, so what do I know.


i fucking wish florida is opening and no one here cares about the covid 19 anymore. LOCKDOWN WAS PEACE well except still living with my parents.


Yeah I'm trying to think of how to get fired or find a 9-5


>coworker yoyos between talking my ear off about capeshit (and how SJWs are killing it) and PS4 games (mainly capeshit video games), or barely talking to me
He's in his "barely talking" mood. Which is good, as I don't want him to talk at me for a half hour or longer about shit I don't care about


Got extremely drunk 20 hours ago and started puking for a couple hours.

Still feel sick.



It's true. Fuck I need a work from home job. I know I could do whatever they wanted in 4 hours and be done. I'd work for 30k or 40k too who cares. I considered medical billing but apparently it's hard to set up a HIPAA compliant office so fuck that.


File: 1600594425029.jpg (270.82 KB, 750x906, 125:151, 1546834043886.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Funny that I can't complain about wagecucking because I can't even get a job. God dammit, cocksucking economy.


File: 1600594750057.jpg (141.6 KB, 1222x844, 611:422, nintchdbpict000348854716-e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

zuckercel hapa maker


Hey, careful, you can really hurt some wagies here.


This man is not human


why do we keep going on day after day?


Enjoying this beervirus w.f.h. set up while it lasts. Once I get called back into the office I'll put in my two week's notice and fuck off to glorious nippon with my savings.


How long have you guys been browsing the wageslave general? 6 years for me. Nothing ever changes.


File: 1600658960841.jpg (171.12 KB, 550x366, 275:183, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Because we do, just like how animals eat, poop and reproduce. they are so innocent and mindless that's its comfy. Oh I wish I was so ignorant.


Work sets you free.


That sounds oddly familiar


File: 1600675218719.jpg (220.26 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, auschwitz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This week I'll be going to an interview for a 25h/week position, would get a bit more than half of my fulltime position, still more than neetbux and no more fulltime stress, hoping it works out


Ever since remote work thanks to covid, I'm starting to find wageying satisfactory and lowkey enjoyable. The key factors for that are no human interaction after 8:30 and saving most of the salary for a yet unspecified goal.


File: 1600705683999.jpg (62.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, abandon_all_hope__ye_who_e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

3rd world economy.
Country`s Unemployment rate 13,7 - 15,4%
Found work at post-office for ~180 dollars per month(0.7 dollars/hour).
Need to sit 10+ hours a day on one spot taking and releasing packages to halfwited peasants.
Future prospects: 40 dollars raise, hemorrhage, mental/physical exhaustion, spinal defects.
Pros: Early death.
Would u go for it?


File: 1600705932354.jpg (52.38 KB, 387x499, 387:499, cor.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This witch is accelerating, kinda weird that this is even happening. I'll bet some Wagie Wizard did an Epic Spell Ritual to summon this Corona entity.


Love working part time knowing this shit only gets worse, and still not making enough money to survive.


My future work plans look to be dreary. I'm stuck needing to work in my current shitty toxic job for another fucking year. Another year of hard physical labor and mental gymnastics. I will come out even more insane and with actual PTSD. I hope that my plan goes well. I just can't believe that I'm going to have to work another year. My gut feels so wrong but I need income. I was hoping to at least half a year. Not another year. This really sucks. This really fucking sucks.


>shitty toxic job
Damn sis did a racist ass honkey call you a bad name? Is your boss homophobic? Spill the tea


what's your plan?


Publicly racist? Nah. I wouldn't care enough anyways. And who tf are you?


>the tea
go back to crystal, lady


do you even sarcasm, wizkid


this. my dad has worked almost 40 years as a lawyer spending 12hrs a day commuting and working and he comes home and sits silently staring at his phone while my stepmom seethes. he has NO life outside of his job. its like he's just waiting to die


>he has NO life outside of his job
Wow, that's kind of sad. I mean what's even the point of slaving away at some stressful job if your home life is a mess and you don't even have any hobbies to take up in your free time? You're literally just living & existing on this planet to work.


what do you guys do with your limited time when you work

specifically the free time you get between 2 work days


what do you think? sit around and recuperate, aka do nothing


i want to do the same but cant find work, i hate my neet life i watch like 8 movies one day without getting out of bed and the next day i set on imageboards and so on always the same, when i work i get some money,i come home and maybe watch a movie or 2 and watch imageboards so pretty much the same, but i have money for beers and nice food, but i have to say i worked many years of my life had some years without but just neeting feels like one day i just will say fuck it all and dont even get out of my bed anymore just watching movies all day, that just doesnt works


i mean he has to work money dont grow on trees your stepmom is a bit unrealistic asf and he probably doesnt wanna spend time with her.


I got chewed out by someone in a different department because I have someone from that department what they asked for. What a time to be alive


is truck driving a good job? anyone have any experience? i've heard you can make a lot, but haven't looked into it really.




It's stressful because at any moment, you could crash and kill someone or generally get stuck in a tight space in the city somewhere or your truck can randomly decide to break down.


That's short haul, long haul is a more relaxed experience from what I've heard. Too bad it's on its way out with automation.


Automation is a good thing. Do not believe the "automation will create a useless class" nonsense.


Not anytime soon though. Let's be realistic, at the earliest trucks will start having automation in 5 years, but there's a difference from having having automation and self-driving. It will be another 10 years before it's legal to have a vehicle without a human in it. All automation does it make the job easier.


>get a phone interview
>lady interviewing is extremely accusative about my work gap
>won't drop it and sounds genuinely upset at me for some reason
>just drop the call
Best part is this place was raided by ICE and was found to have tons of undocumented and illegal workers but I guess I'm more suspicious than them.


In my country I get about the equivalent of $1,275 a month because I have legit agoraphobia and I don't pay rent because I live with my parents. I don't deserve this, stay strong wageslaves.


>cleaner walked past my workstation, looked in and laughed

Not sure what was so funny. All I was doing was working


Maybe she thought you were an undercover cop.


File: 1601040864368.gif (1.42 MB, 498x266, 249:133, fuckwork.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Having a succubus supervisor is the worst. I hate it when she sicks the boss on me when i disagree about work methods. I really hope i get fired, don't wanna do this anymore.


like a male supervisor wouldn't do it, yeah right


Go away succubus.


She uses her charms and is very manipulative. I would love an asshole male supervisor where logic usually wins out with a male boss. BUT the bitch just smiles, gets close and BAM..i'm in trouble. Fuck that whore.


File: 1601043674375.jpeg (27.29 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1600531305.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

typical succ shit. i bet she loves emasculating those lower on the hierarchy.


Are you meanwhile applying for a different place? Don't lose a day.


You are destroying your brain and liver. YOu won't die quickly that way


Probably gonna need to look for work soon, as my UI runs out around next spring.
I had a temporary office job that was soul crushing and I'd rather not go back into retail.

What are some fields with an environment suited to introverts that allow you to work with your hands?
I only have a high school diploma, so I know that limits me. Forestry seems like a nice field, but it requires 4+ years of education on top of prior experience. Also I know that market is filled with vets who usually get first pick at anything they apply for.

If all else fails, I'll probably try overnights at retail. Hopefully it's laid back enough and not full of crackheads.


Look into semi-skilled trade work like doing cable/internet installations for some ISP. Usually a lot of times you'll be working by yourself, driving some company van around and just going to different customers setting up their equipment/routers, etc. From what I've seen, it doesn't really require any extensive trade skills to get in on an entry-level position.
Or if your city/area has a large extensive metro/bus infrastructure in place, you could try to look for openings there. A lot of that infrastructure needs basic grunt labor, people who'll maintain the railway tracks/fix equipment/clean the train cars/etc. My city has a pretty big metro system and they always need a lot of workers just to clean out the cars at the end of the line to make them presentable for the next commuters. Most of the times you'll be working outdoors, doing physical labor alongside a crew and not in some office, and rarely have to interact with the passengers. It's a good fit for some people.


i have a male supervisor like that
it gets old fast
he is right but he humiliates me publicly and even in private
he also makes me do demeaning things if i fuck up too much like clean his office (clearly not my job)
you may think it's better, but it's not


I've never worked before, I'm starting Uni for English and History this year, should I drop out and start looking for work? I fucking despise everything I'm doing, I don't want to write essays/do assignments, I want to die, I want something where I don't have to think, I've thought about trades but you have to get someone to take you on, I'm being pressured into this and I feel like absolute shit


You should just kill yourself irl


Please give me some advice guys, I'm really scared, I'm an addict and scared I'll get to the campus in January, spend all my money on drugs/alcohol, and even if I get the degree it won't help me do anything

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