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I decided to start this thread to post about our experiences with insomnia and maybe to log during our insomniac episodes. I had thought about making a thread like this several times while scrolling wizchan at dawn. But I figured since it happened again now is right.

I think I might be ultra-sensitive to caffeine, as it seems the rare times I drink coffee or even soda, even half a day earlier it seems to be correlated with these nights.

Sometimes I try to just lay in bed as it seems the worst thing I can do is get up and go to the PC. But other times I just roll for hours and it doesnt help. I also find myself binge eating trying to put myself to sleep. Other times I wake up in a manic bipolar high with big projects.

Cioran was plagued by insomnia his entire life and it seems like the perfect torture to shape his hatred of life.

Im just remembering an old comedy central show Insomniacs



I don't bother with insomnia at all these days, if I lay in bed and get that feeling I get when I won't be able to sleep I just get up and take some benedryl, then I browse the internet on my phone for an hour before it puts me to sleep


I'm glad someone else remembers Insomniac with Dave Attell. It feels like people are super young on here now.

Caffeine doesn't really keep me up. Even if it does, the issue is without any stimulants, I'm just in a shitty haze and even if i'm sleep I have zero energy. Even though caffeine doesn't make good or even normal, I prefer it to being stuck in the absolute doldrums of my non-caffeinated life. Insomnia usually if I have a particularly urgent problem I'm stressing over. I have to be really tired to fall asleep. Yeah, I know about big projects thing too and it's the worst when it happens.


It's 5 a.m here and just another night i couldn't sleep despite forcing myself to stay awake for 2 days straight to hop on a normal sleep schedule. I start working in 4 days so it's infuriating, i can't show up in a zombie like state at the trial day, my brain feels broken. I know for a fact that having a good day and exercising in the evening helps but it's hard to pull it off now as i'm in a vicious circle and it's really pissing me off having to go to such great lenghts just to sleep properly meanwhile normans do fuck all and never suffer insomnia, i hate my brain.


File: 1599888430450.png (7.67 KB, 220x163, 220:163, melatonin.png) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone else here take melatonin?

Also worth reading:


You having trouble sleeping?


I am so incredibly tired all the time, I sleep way too much. Being awake is my big issue.



YeahI just come outta a bad spell of it I stayed up 3 days, slept a day away, then stay up 2 more. Coffee doesnt really affect me idk i'm either high energy manic or a suicidal mess. About to go balls out this weekend then sleep for a week. I remember dave attell's show too OP remember when he went to dublin? Buncha proper lads haha :)


Also even when i am super tired and been manic for days I can only sleep for 4 hours at a time no matter what I do I can't stay asleep any longer than 4 hours without the help of pills. I like it honestly but sometimes its a pain.


I lost the ability to sleep normally without taking any pills.



What kind of pills do you use?

I've tried everything from Zolsana to Dormicum but nothing seems to work for me anymore…


I've been taking Quetros for some months now. It's an antipsychotic but it has been quite effective in making me sleep. I was prescribed initially with 50mg, changed to 100mg but I heard there are even stronger doses like 400mg.


Same with me

Mirtazipine works good


it’s morning already i haven’t sleep yet


Benadryl doesn't work for me anymore. I used to be able to sleep by just taking one tablet of it but over the years I needed more and more to sleep. I now need like 4 or 5 to sleep but sometimes when I take that many I get a nasty headache and nearly puke.


Try seroquel, It acts like an antihistamine at low doses, much like benadryl. However don't take too much of it or for too long or you'll perma damage ur brain cuz it's an antipsychotic


f.lux has helped me get back to only needing 5-7 hours of sleep a day. I know that it used to be a fad that died off 4 years ago or so but I was rearranging my tri-monitor setup and it was the top result that appeared when searching up pigmentation alteration programs again. I’ve also tilted my screens upwards about 45 degrees along with a few other changes that generally make staring at screens all day less straining to the eye/neck, would recommend.


Don't use seroquel, there's much better alternatives that are pure anti-histamines that won't screw you up. Try trazodone, it's much better for you than benadryl because it has very minimal anticholinergic activity with a strong sedating antihistamine effect.


I suffer insomnia now mainly because of stress and IBS. I fall asleep easily but I always wake up every single night at least once, sometimes three times.


Before you take pills because you can't sleep: Have a fucking healthy sleep schedule. The trick is to take pills that make you awake during the day so you can sleep at night. Not the other way around. Listen.


Well shit, I just slept for a couple hours and woke up. Been awake for 5 hours now and can't go back to sleep.


I've had "sleep maintenance" insomnia since May. I've only slept for 8 hours a handful of times since then. for the majority of the time, I sleep for 5-6 hours and its good enough but still sucks ass

Its because I live in an unbelievably toxic and stressful living environment (most likely). My nigger stepmom doesn't want me around so we can't be in the same room with eachother. My dad is a beta faggot who's 62 and just waiting to die. Brother's on multiple anti-psychotics after being a heroin addict for 10 years and literally just lays on the couch from the time he "wakes up" to when he sleeps.

Nobody actually wants to be around eachother but we're forced to live together based on circumstances. I'm never having kids or getting married i fucking hate living here. I guarantee if/when i move out, I will be able to sleep


Didn't sleep at all again last night. I've been running on between 0 and 4 hours of sleep for like 4-5 months now. I just wish I knew what was causing it so I could fix it.


Again no sleep. I just don't understand why this is happening to me.


Engage in detached introspection and internal debates, dismiss no possibility, don't immediately assume that what is "normal" is at all applicable to you, and resort to pills and similar nonsense only if all else fails.


Have to go to work to my new workplace without any sleep again. My insomnia is hitting really hard. My eyes are burning,red. I'm sweating all the time, and my head feels like It's filled with mercury.


Not him, what's your problem? This isn't 4chad.


its so random how my insomnia strikes. like i worry about things like caffeine, over-sleeping, anxiety, excitement causing it.

But there are times when none of those conditions exist, and it just seems to strike totally at random.


try hydroxyzine dude. get a script for 50mg. take 1 pill, wait 30 min, and then take another. Or take 2 at the same time. I managed to sleep for 7 hours and then a deep 5 hour nap in the afternoon. This was after 4 months of struggle


Idk about trazodone but it doesn't seem to be that potent. I haven't taken seroquel for a while but it worked pretty alright and I wasn't that much drowsy next day. I'm thinking of going back to it again because Amitryptiline makes me braindead the next day but it's really effective… fml


Am i cursed ? I used to have insomnia when i was jobless and i simply couldn't fall asleep. Now that i'm tired due to wageslaving i fall asleep pretty easily but wake up EVERY night on a wet bed full of disgusting sweat, been this way 10 days in a row now. Never had this problem before, my room isn't even hot or anything. My life is a fucking cruel joke this shit is really infuriating.


last 33 days I have only had 3-5 hours of sleep. pretty sure it's because of the environment I live in. We live in a shitty house and the floors are so bad that I hear whenever someone is walking above me. This and I can't sleep if it is too warm and my mom keeps turning on the heater at 3am making me go crazy.

I tried melatonin did not work, tried changing diet and it didn't work, even stayed up for 30 hours to try and sleep at 9pm. Ended up drifting between sleep and non-sleep for an hour then just couldn't go back to sleep from 10pm-6am. I am trying to use f.lux now.

Last 10 months I was just playing video games and watching anime 16 hours a day and was able to knock out and sleep right at 10pm to 6am. Right when I try to start online school again and try and do good and focus I can't sleep at all at night even though I need to wake up early.


Starting last year I've been having bouts of stress induced sleepwalking. If I'm lucky I'll sleepwalk into traffic and not even know when I die. It started with just walking around my house and staring out the window, according to my roommate. Then I went out to my car and saw that the sun roof was down even though I had it up the previous night when I parked it. Like I said it's only a matter of time now before I fully leave my house or try to drive while sleeping and meet my end.


Ever since I was a kid, maybe once every two months or so, I have spells where I can't sleep for nights on end. It comes and goes, and sometimes that definition of "can't sleep" is different. For example, my last spell I feel like I did not sleep more than 2 hours for something like 4 nights in a row. Its weird, but yknow what's weirder? My roommate knows about my sleepless night issue (he finds me in the living room when it gets really bad) and sometimes I'll remark how I didn't sleep at all last night and hell be like "what? I heard you snoring?"
So I looked it up and apperently that's a thing where you don't remember falling asleep but you DO fall asleep. All you remember is staring at the ceiling.
Absolute bullshit if you ask me.
Does anyone else experience this?


Huh, that's quite less. Don't you feel tired and/or unproductive during the day?


>tired or unproductive during the day
a lot of it stems from terrible sleep, but just in general i feel demoralized because i can't stay to schedule. already had to drop courses this semester.


i usually dont get to bed till a tad before 12. when I attempt to sleep much before 11:30 PM it usually backfires and I lay twisting and turning for an hour and end up getting less sleep and later.


sleeping 5-6 hours every night when working the past 8 months fucked me up, gave me alot of brainfog in the end. Now im a NEET and i feel alot better


that said i sleep from 4 am and wake up at 9 am briefly, then i sleep to 11:30 again


If I lived alone, and it werent for all the leafblowers, I might just go into opposite jet lag mode, sleep during the day, wake at night.


went to bed 2am last night. mom forced me to wake up early. was planning to sleep early today, but didnt get to bed tilll 12am. thought it be an easy sleep at least. but twisting n turning for ours. insomina really acting up. not sure what the cause is.

the worst thing to do is get up and browse the web, then hours melt away and i get 0 sleep last night. might as well try again, try to relax


My nightly binge-eating had been making it hard to sleep. I don't give a shit about health, expect to suicide young. But its gotten to the point where its physically painful laying in bed at night.

My mom hasn't bought any vegetables in a while, so I've been binging on more unhealthy shit. My brain just needs to chew, as I do my last browisng before bed. So green veggies are almost as good as snacks. As I just mindlessly crunch. Although don't get me wrong brocoli is terrible and bitter, so its not like I dont notice its yuckness at all. But its usually bearable at least.


I did experience something like that when you sort of nod off, but in the end I hadn't gotten sufficient amount of sleep


just take potassium and magnesium brahs

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