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My parents are getting older by the day. My mom is 61 and my dad is 65 and I still live with them. It's been recently crossing my mind lately that they're going to die eventually and then I will no longer be able to rely on them for food and housing. Is there anyway a /dep/ user can prepare to live on my own despite me having absolutely no real world skills? I've been working a wage slave job without a college degree ever since I left high school.


You will have to do a lot more when they're gone.
You can train to do these things by offering to help them while they're alive.


>Is there anyway a /dep/ user can prepare to live on my own despite me having absolutely no real world skills?
Take out a life insurance policy for them in your name. Even if they expire from natural causes it still pays out. In the first world it's pretty idiot proof and you can even get an agent to do all the paperwork for you if you promise them a small cut come payout. Could be as low as $25/mo


I don't think it's too hard to hire an agent to sell your property.
Then you NEET off that money for years.
Then you partial hang yourself.


Don't let this scare you. Cooking and laundry is easy. Getting and keeping a job that doesn't make you miserable is more challenging but you can do it with effort.


To be fair, doing taxes by yourself isn't the the most complicated thing in the world. I used to just be able to give my parent my tax forums and they would bring it to their accountant, but ever since I started to live on my own I found its easier to just use one of those online tax-preparation websites that will hold your hand & walk you through the entire process. If you're a wiz with a simple tax situation, where you're really only working one job, you can simply follow the website prompts and put in your numbers from your annual tax form from the job. It's a learning process for sure, but it's as simple as that, the website will double check everything for you to make sure you're getting the maximum amount of credits & deductions for your situation and then efile it to the government. There's a bunch of different websites that specialize in this, and if you don't earn a lot, you could even qualify for free tax preparation.


If you inherit the house all you need is a part-time job to pay bills and food.

In my country taxes are mostly automatic, unless you earn money outside your job you don't have to do anything, just download a phone app and they tell you if they'll reinburse you some money or you have to pay.


How much does an average house cost in US and how much is a small good apartment monthly rent?


Those become prohibitively expensive beyond a certain age.
Don't forget about property taxes.
It used to be $250k. Shows how out of touch I am that I don't know now.


Dont forget that the US is in the middle of an absurd hosing bubble right now.


Same my dad already passed and I can't even work a wagie job. Disability is never going to happen my claim is so fucked I would have to move and get like 5 years of treatment to make that work.

My plan is simple and elegant. Shotgun to the head. May not even wait for mom to die. Not much point in living like this and fuck living in some homeless shelter shit.


Or you could just live off cheap snacks and drinks at the convenience store
Throw all your dirty clothes in a machine and put some liquid in, then press default settings on the machine


I've no good advice for you. I'm in the same boat; except my father is already dead and my mother is closer to 70. I do have some useful skills, e.g., I can fix things, but no one will hire me because "autistic spectrum disorder" and "mental illness." As of right now, my plan for when my mother dies is to eat a bullet.


most of this stuff takes like a week max to learn, modern appliances make housework very simple


Anon, I'm in the same boat. The only way out for us when our boomer parents die is to live as a hobo and get murdered by hobo hunters, or jump off a bridge while you still have your dignity. Either way, the outlook is grim if you're over 30 with elderly parents and zero life skills.


Yeah, I am hitting 30 within days so this has been hitting me hard lately.


If you inherit a home it might be easy. My one parent who is still alive is poor, so I'll be out on the street within a month or two of their deaths. I can't drive, but if you can look into van living. Walmart parking lots are good spots to stay a few nights.


I can't drive as well. Otherwise I'd consider it. I'm in the same situation.


Same situation. Only I have nothing to live for once my mother goes, so I will be finding a way out myself. Comfort is so important to humans, especially men I think, and once that goes and you are alone, there is nothing left.

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