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>worthless polisci degree (2015)
>didn't work a job until 24
>have had 14 jobs and quit them all within a year or less
>haven't worked more than 2 months at a job since almost 2 years ago
>live at home, never paid rent
>never made more than 16/hr doing almost entirely what amounts to stocking shelves in grocery stores
>lack the natural affect and social fluidity that makes interactions with people smooth due to years of isolation
>can't stand interacting with people in a professional way
>get really anxious, feel panicky, etc
I got a job where I had to go into 711's, convenience stores, etc and talk to the store managers about shelf space for our candy bars and buying displays. I couldn't handle it. The idea of having to ingratiate and grovel to someone i don't want to talk to so some anonymous faggot company can make more profit just made me so angry. I ghosted after 2 weeks of training and one week of sitting in my car outside the stores to spoof the companies GPS on our tablet.

Is it over? Should I just move to some small town in the midwest and stock shelves at the local grocery store and hide from the vicious judgement and shame of the east coast yuppies who i was supposed to be a part of?


You shouldn’t cross post identical thread subjects anon. In regards to your major, this is what my department chairs told me
>No, you will not find any work in politics.
>Yes, it’s all over now. The Pentagon ate your lunch


Damn too close to home. Yeah, it's over short of winning the lottery.


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>hide from the vicious judgement and shame of the east coast yuppies who i was supposed to be a part of?

This is entirely in your mind, this expectation that you need to do something or be someone, it's just a narrative you're attached to. In reality, all paths are equally valid and only matter in so much as they are aligned with subjective, internal goals. If you want to be and feel different, re-evaluate what you expect and think life should look like on a deeper level, not just in terms of stories you tell yourself.

Fundamentally, you're unhappy because you got an image in your head of what life is supposed to be like and you feel powerless to make that a reality. Is it the "right" image? Who knows, but it's likely just the result of over-dosing on societal narratives and televized media. How come you're not a billionaire that hangs out with models all day at the beach? You're already 29, for god's sake!

If you're looking for a place to turn your life around, turn it inwards. Stop looking for external solutions for an internal problem.


Imagine you hopped into somebody else's body. You're probably able to imagine ways to live a fulfilling life in another person's body. You lack the imagination to do that with yourself because you're too focused on what could have been. You'll never be all that you could have been. No one ever is. After you accept that you can develop a new vision.


File: 1600572066290.jpg (536.42 KB, 1916x1322, 958:661, automation and unemploymen….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Should I just move to some small town in the midwest and stock shelves at the local grocery store and hide from the vicious judgement and shame of the east coast yuppies who i was supposed to be a part of?
Have fun losing your job to automation


graph is off at the very least because self driving vehicles are still a distant dream


I guess I’ll go teach English in southeast asian


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This is actually a high IQ post and no-one realised it.
My brain is mostly rotted from societal expectations and what my family expects me to be (6 figure slave)
So in a way, no matter where i go, or what i do, it will have those yuppies in my head laughing at me from college no matter where i run to.
How can i escape this mental trap?


File: 1600604717246.png (837.16 KB, 619x664, 619:664, 07.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

what is it with those yuppies, try to stop thinking about others, I haven't had contact with my family for over 10 years, therefore I find only myself to blame for stuff i did, maybe it's not the family you have to care about?


There is no real escape because they control everything but never interacting with them on a personal level is a second best. I wish I could just erase my memories at this point. One of my main regrets in life is attending University and I graduated in something equally fucked as OP. But to be honest, this was just basically I knew when I started post-secondary education that I couldn't do math well enough to get good grades in the courses needed to become an engineer or anything useful. I was hoping that I could succeed just by being dedicated in a more BS subjective field but didn't realize I was no good at writing until it was too late.

Having met so many people who would become yuppies at University just makes me so angry since it was just a totally divorced reality from mine. I didn't realize like how insanely divergent people's paths were until then because I hadn't been super exposed to these people until then. I just wish I had stayed in my room the entire time. I'd be much better off mentally and debt-free.


>family expectations
yea i don't have those but i still feel the sting because of my peer group
I think I'll be able to relax a bit when i get away from my family. there's nothing too bad about living with them, but its still a toxic environment.


Disregard any and every graph that states trades jobs will go down from automation. Automation works best in clean and more importantly STATIC environments. Hilariously the most at risk jobs are computer based ones, software is the perfect static and precise environment for automation.

If you want to btfo out of automationfags just think of your hand. The human body is incredible, it is agile, gentle, strong, dexterous, and much more. You can rent a human labor body for a mere 15$ an hour, and a skilled intelligent one for 40$. How much would a robotic hand cost to manufacture? Imagine the maintenance on all the moving parts of a robotic hand, they can't even make a fucking saw able to handle getting tar'd up, and it only has one fucking axel! I honestly believe trades will be the very last thing they automate.


Yeah exactly this, i wish i had just rotted from the beginning rather than try and fail, now i have all the image in my head of the future yuppies that went to daddies company for 6-figure starting salary that would laugh at me in my head


Even worse is having had to be roommates with some of them and I realized like how manipulative and sociopathic these people usually are. The fact that I've ended up back where I started means it was all a waste of time and a net negative. Sometimes rotting really is all we have.


yea ill live on the street before i share a living space with strangers


nice larp from your comfy shelter with well-stocked food items


The 25+ threads on 4chan used to start at 25 for a reason OP.


I started doing things like openly admitting that I was a Virgin. If they consider it something bad, and they laugh at it… aren't they evil?

But it is just that. In order to know the core of your soulparasites you must face them painfully.

It sometimes works. Sometimes.


>at what age can you not turn your life around?
none,one just gives up at some point.




Fuck off


I study and study but nothing works, sometimes I wonder if It's shitty work ethic but others aren't working harder than me from my observations. Nothing ever clicks and I can't remember anything, brain feels like it's getting more rotten every passing day… How am I supposed to turn my life aroud huh


you can still "turn it around", just remember that at this point it doesn't make sense to compare yourself to the rest of the people your same age, most of them will have more money, beter social skills, better education etc, you need to accept that you fucked up and work 3 times harder if you want to "catch up", if you don't care about "catching up", then just do it slowly, but it will take a few years probably


…you fucked up and need to work 3 times harder*


Eat more omega 3s (like fish) and sleep better. Then when you're learning try to be interested in it.


File: 1606434154240.jpg (50.24 KB, 653x680, 653:680, Ei41jCIUMAM4CEk.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I am in a pretty similar situation
>attended community college off and on for many years, constantly changing major, dropping out, re-enrolling
>ended up with a few associates degrees but never went to a state college to get a bachelor's degree
>live with my divorced shut-in mom, no irl friends, no online friends, no social media, no contact with family outside of texting my dad (who lives on the other side of the country) occasionally
>full time retail wagie for $13/hour
>lost interest in video games and other hobbies years ago, now i just waste time online on youtube or imageboards/messageboards

I'm going to be 30 before I know it


pretty sure there was no reason for that other than the age of the guy who keeps making them because the age has increased every year.


>Then when you're learning try to be interested in it.
Any worthy college or course simply doesn't work that way, the whole purpose of it is to be as gruelling, boring as possible just to prepare you for upcoming shit wagelife. I don't think anyone finds this stuff interesting… I'm just dumb + weak and that's it.
>Eat more omega 3s (like fish) and sleep better.
not falling for the omega meme, sleep kinda helps on some days tho


kinda similar here
>went to college for a year, dropped out, spent a year doing nothing and re-enrolled
>took me over 6 years to get a bachellor's degree
>live with family
>work some shitty job "from home" for about 200 dollars a month
>spend half of the days ghosting the people I work with, when they tell me something I make up some excuse like "internet went down" (surprising they haven't fired me yet)
>only interest is to wait for the weekend so I can sleep all day and get drunk at night


Be honest with yourselves. It was over already long ago. There is no way out.


What does it mean turning your life around anyways? Finding happiness? Reducing sorrow at a tolerable level?


25? I mean, I guess it depends
but no real work exepriences
not a lot of real friends
failing out of school
unable to function independently at this age, has to rely on parents for much
no drivers license


Automation won't take over because the system isn't designed for efficiency to begin with. It's designed to just keep people occupied with something so that they don't turn into criminals, same reason as why they force you into the worthless school system. That's why people work in bullshit service sector "jobs" and whatnot.


If you have gone through a university and earned a worthless degree, then your life is ruined. Your formative years 18-23 are the most important because economically that is when many are graduating with degrees of all types, and employers will discriminate against you on the basis of age. For example a 22 year old accounting major will always get an auditing job at a big firm before the 32 year old accounting major who also has a CPA license but who has little experience, and non-public companies will never hire you without extensive public experience, so the 32 year old is nearly locked out of the job market though he did everything.
I would say 18-23 is the cut off because of the way our dumbshit economy and society is construed.


>omega 3s
different anon but omega 3 does jackshit


Since it would be funny to do this in succession


>fell for the learn to code meme
>learned just how absurdly competitive that field is, realize I'm not remotely smart enough
>realized I semi-wasted 3 years of my life for a vague and useless cert
>managed to get a low-tier salaried office job after 5 years of retail hell
>lose job only 1 year after getting it because boss can't afford me anymore due to covid
>hopes for leaving home dashed by pandemic, no idea what to do next
>27 next summer, feel like my life is already over

It's probably fine.


Probably like 32 or something.


I would say your 50s. After age 50 you are basically just waiting to die and if you haven't built yourself a nice nest egg that'll allow you to retire in 10-16 years then you might as well just expedite the death.


This, this is the reason suicides peak at 50 too.


>Very unhealthy
>Dropped out of high school 4 months in and have been a shut in ever since
>Messed up teeth, one missing canine, several fillings
>No energy to do anything ever
>Severe anxiety around people, even my parents triggered anxiety attacks until a few years ago.
>Didn't even collect free welfare money for years due to crippling depression and anxiety
I got on welfare (Europe) and am in the process of fixing my teeth (not replacing missing one though). I'm scared of pain so I'll try and see if I can make my life more bearable but I don't see this thing turning around unless there are major miracles in how my brain works. I live in Europe so I guess the state will somehow keep me alive unless I slump into my old ways again. Hopefully moving out of my parents house in the next 1-2 years


>>fell for the learn to code meme
Same here, then I got to college and met people who had been coding as a hobby since they were 10, and realized I had a terrible idea


People I know in IT are open about the fact that they sit for half the day browsing reddit or facebook. It honestly seems like the most comfortable and cruisey jobs there is. They make good money too, I felt like a cuck working hard for $1,000 a week while they go in, do half the amount of work and make twice my pay.


I think these days, at least in the West, people are delaying maturity or even avoiding it. It’s not as uncommon for 20 and 30 somethings to attend post secondary education. Average age of a students at a college near me is 26 I think, and that was a few years ago. So I don’t think it’s too late at 30.

Now by “turn your life around” I’m not certain what that means. If you mean to procure gainful employment, I think as long as you’re not too tired/lazy to work at it and your body/mind are still able, almost any age. Not old age, but he’ll even in your 60s you could “turn it around.” Why not if your healthy and willing and able to put in effort? It won’t be easy, but not impossible either. Now if you mean to get to a point where you enjoy your life in addition to being gainfully employed, well if you’re posting here you have to be honest with yourself and admit that won’t happen. If you’re 29 and that upset about things then you’ll always have that with you, clearly things haven’t aligned for you in past and you’ll most likely always be turmoiled. I mean there are neets here who are older and claim to be happy, and I believe them. But they don’t want what you want, and I suspect you want a “normal” life. So to answer what I think you meant to ask. What age can a normie not turn it around? 40. At 40 normies aren’t stuck in the teen pasts, they’re not still trying to figure out what they want to do in life. They settled down, and if you haven’t by then, then you can forget ever being able to.


About the same boat here
>havent necessarily fallen for the learn to code meme but haven't not fallen for it either (seems like a somewhat viable option)
>wasted 4 years for a useless cert (unless I wanna go into higher schooling which requires more confidence and socializing and more and more and more of more and more of less than ever before)
>at least 2 years lost because covid and family illness before that
>have had….1 real job which I fucked up
>27 next year and….it'll be okay…just learn to code or….APPLY FOR GRAD SCHOOL…MAYBE BE A FUCKING LAWYER?


Wiz if you don't enjoy socializing a lawyer is the last thing you'd want to be


this, the lawyer field is a profession for extroverts, you will hate it if you're a typical introvert wiz. Also all lawyers come out of school with a shit ton of debt and have to slave away for years at underpaid, stressful jobs to gain the necessary experience. It's not as glamorous as its portrayed to be on the TV shows. Especially if you go into fields like criminal law, etc. you'll spend your first years doing shit like public defender probably and dealing with the dregs of humanity. And people hate lawyers for the most part. Find yourself a better career field if you want your life to be stress-free I say.


Also 29 years of age with a cs degree that I have never put to any use. I can't further my career because I seem to have lost all ability to control my impulses around a computer. I can't work on my portfolio because any time spent behind a screen will be wasted. It's almost as if I should accept that I can't ever use a computer again.

I don't know what sort of direction my life should take. It's inevitable that I will probably just eke out enough cash at some low-paying dead end job to pay my basic expenses while living with my parents until I am 50.


This was the biggest shocker to me. Idk why it never occurred to me that people had started so early. I can make calculator apps just fine, but people in my classes were probably already doing light game dev in high school.

Sounds nice.
What level of coding skills do these people you know have?

Howd you fuck up your one real job?


you mean what's the oldest you can be before you can't lose your virginity? Now


At least you had a job Wizzie. I'm your age and have been applying for a year now, still unemployed. About to just give up.


One did an associates in IT and then worked for a bank right out of polytech, he started on $50,000 a year, is now around $80,000.

My mum did a bachelors, took her 6 months to get a job that paid $60,000 at a helpdesk.


I'm 25 and I've never had a job, not even a dishwasher, I was far too sheltered so I know nothing about the real world, things like interviews and paying taxes seem alien to me, I can't even use public transportation by myself.

I will have to go out someday (soon probably) and this world is gonna eat me alive,


kek fascinating.
no comment
Id rather have just never had a job at all. I'd rather be completely oblivious to how far behind i am rather than viciously confronted with it when i get a job at all.
literally just means
>get a dignified job
what i mean by that is a 9-5, with weekends off, and i just go to an office and "do things" for 8 hours. Doesn't even have to be glamorous. I don't care about materialistic bullshit, and i have no issue living like a pauper, so im confident i could save enough money for retirement and general security left to my own devices. I just need a non-"fucking faggot loser" job


in the same boat but slightly older


as they always say "see you tomorrow"
i'm not a failed normie nor tryhard. but i've been trying to cut wizchan for a while, all the "negative" sites from me, set myself right. i think self-help and development is a thing, but i lack all the basic… motivations. i don't know what that is. it's also true that everyone can change but here's the thing - what for and for what? in the end you will always return once you find some of us are just not meant to be.
i have this list: 17 is the point when you definitely notice something is wrong. 19, if you are working as burger-flipper, slowly realizing - you're not going to college after that. there's no point, you've no will. 21 is the point of no return and after 22 - for me - that was it. i'm 24 right now and i feel i'm done. from now on people i've met in the past will start families, carrers, but not me, no, never.
i can't imagine how someone can live this life to 29 and over 30, seems unreal to me


early 20s you pretty much know who is fucked and will very likely be a loser, by late 20s there is no wiggle room and its pretty much settled there is no turning around

There are exceptions to every rule but most people who found happiness or success was well on their way in those years if not achieving the beginning of it already. You hear these types go "oh well, i was only a master and made real money at 40" but then you go back and see at 25 they had already recognition and were pretty much on the road with everyone around them realizing they were.


I didn't start feeling like you feel now until i was like 26-27. I haven't truly realized the life that awaits me in 6 months-1 year when i have to support myself and live on my own. i honestly don't think its worth it, as i don't want to get married, have kids, or "do" anything except read, shitpost, and just get lost in thoughts. It makes suicide seem palpable, but i just don't think its possible for me to do this for 50 more years. If you don't have a wife, family, or anything except an empty sense of "willing" to go through a bunch of meaningless motions to keep yourself alive then why not cut it short?


Automation would have taken over already if it wasnt for government subsidies to create fake jobs and the deppreciating cost of labour making cheaper to just hire people rather than buying expensive machinery. Even if automation takes a bit more time than expected wages would have fallen too much by then and won't be livable, specially with rise in immigration and outsourcing. Basically a skilled engineer wagecuck would be making what 20 years prior a toilet cleaner would make and the toilet cleaner would not be able to even subsist cleaning toilets without massive ammounts of subsidies

Theres many workers who would have been replaced already were not for daddy state paying their wages or offering tax cuts to their workplace to keep them.


in my area you could find work easily no matter your age as long as you have the portfolio for it, most clients and companies would not even ask you, the problem is you would still get paid as a kid initially and most people over 30 would not be able to survive on the same entry level salaries that 20 year olds make and most would not be willing to stick to it very long. Even most of the people who start young drop out early before reaching the big budgets because life gets in the way or they find something else, usually the most advantaged are not only young but from wealthy families and can spend all their leisure time working for free even just to get experience until they are stablished seniors and able to turn a good profit by themselves. Its really a rich kid club in every sense of the word

So even if the companies doesnt filter you life would most likely would. It takes a real determined autist or a hikki with no responsabilites to be willing to just grind away at that age and not mind making even less than with a normie job that requires no specialized skill only to be at the same level of spoiled kids who started 10 years earlier than you.


>i'm not a failed normie

Yet you seem to hold aspirations of "starting families, careers".
Also getting a strong sense of judgement coming from your words.
Begone normalfaggot.


these are not at all my aspirations, these are aspirations I was always upheld to - simple expectations i failed;
judgemental? i don't know and i don't care. what i know is that nothing will work out ever.


True. The economy model we have now is outdated. Basically this whole "find a niche an exploit it"-, "find a way to grab a piece of the cake"-thing. There is enough surplus now to give everyone a free house and free food, but society is still stuck in this old model so you're not seeing these gains from technology and efficiency that you should be seeing. The government needs to create massive research projects and these kinds of jobs, instead of everyone having to produce-produce-produce and keep fuelling this whole hyper-consumerist nonsense we have now.


Society will be the most productive it has ever been and yet inflation would be through the roof and wages would keep getting smaller if shit keeps like this. Maybe a total automation without gradualism will be better in the end because at least consumer goods would be cheaper, it would happen anyway. Those replaced workers would still be on the doll i guess but corporatism and inyecting more money and taxbreaks into the same corporations that will get rid of those job sooner or later anyways is just throwing fuel to the fire imo. If automation doesnt bring cheaper goods and better quality of living for the working classes why we need it again? Hard sell.


Because corporations will have to compete with the corporations that do automate. If the gov mandates against automation to prevent mass unemployment then corporations based in other countries will outcompete the corporations in the anti-automation one. If the gov also prevents foreign competition from competing with the domestic corporations then the anti-automation country will lose productivity compared to other countries and its economic strength will plummet(way simplified). If that happens then there's nothing stopping the more powerful fully automated governments and corporations from tearing the anti-automation country a new asshole in many ways.
It's not even a problem with capitalism it's a problem with zero-sum games, or at least ones in which on player can harm another to improve its position. Essentially, competition is driving governments and corporations toward automation for various reasons.


Yeah, is not about capitalism, socialism ideology anymore, problems have become pragmatic, things are happening with no precedent that could have catastrophic implications and pure ideology offers not much solutions. Even most people who see the wave coming don't really know whats the best course of action long term.

Even assuming that automation will lower prices in consumer goods and make them available easier and faster for more people is optimistic, because it could simply mean that only a few automated monopolies now rule and since there is zero competition in that level after a while the monopoly eventually could jack the prices or bully the markets and states into submission, the Mcdonalds private Corps taking over their own state only sounds like a joke now.

Would be brutal opening a small bussiness in the age of automation, most middle or even big bussiness will not even be able to make the investment into the propietary AIs and machinery pipeline but would not compete remaining hiring workers as their productions costs are too high and the output is too little , probably lower quality too. Theres possibilities for improvement but i think even the best case scenario will come after a period of cataclism that will fuck most people over, same as the first industrial revolution, something new would have to come from politics and economy to balance things out but only after the aftermath.


I think if you have a depressed wizard mindset by your teens it's very unlikely to change for you, i don't mean some norman phase of being depressed or asocial but a consistent pattern of that behaviour from a young age.
At that point the chance that you are able to change is minimal, by your 20s it is virtually impossible.


The 25+ thread always bounces between 25-30 but it never goes lower than 25. It's for a reason i.e. the point of no return.


What does it mean to turn your life around anyways? Does it mean to normielize yourself?


Depends where you're at right of course. Turning my life around would mean I would have money at the bank and able to order takout without having to hunt for pennies around the house. And have a clean, uncluttered bedroom, that would be nice, too. Oh and actually caring enough to unclutter the bedroom instead of just posting about it. That would be a turn around.


what if you didn't care at all about those things?


So turning your life around really means reducing suffering at a tolerable level, huh. Then…suicide or complete delusion are the only answers after you passed the threshold of no return.


Well, then you would have to find things that you want to fix in your life and once you fixed them, one could say you turned your life around, I suppose.

Turning your life around is an expression and there's room for interpretation but I think generally turning your life around means you're still alive after you do it.
I never saw someone saying of a guy who killed himself that "he sure turned his life around". Though now that I think about the word themselves, it actually applies.


you could say instead that he…turned his life underground! hee-hee


Op here, i like to think that if i had a dignified, white collar job, lived in a decent area, and could expect to be able to retire comfortably around 50-60, that would be optimal, but i have a bad feeling im just going to spend the rest of my life mildly agitated and bitter.
I think delusion could work for me. I have an active imagination


File: 1608704212049.png (442.27 KB, 498x713, 498:713, 1355277440473.png) ImgOps iqdb

>At what age can you not turn your life around?
I just turned 25 a few months ago, and that feeling has crept in for me. I've spent the past 6-7 years mostly being a NEET, with only a 2-year degree (I did school off and on) to show for it. Out of highschool, I wanted to join the military, which eventually morphed into delusions of wanting to be some special forces operator, but I was too out of shape to do so. I spent that year training, hurt myself, and then spent the next 5-6 years half-assing school and being a NEET (I worked a part-time job for a couple months but that was it). In that time, I was constantly changing my mind as to what I wanted to do, as I increasingly became very disillusioned with the idea of joining the military (but never dismissing the thought outright, and telling myself "next month I'll start getting into shape again and do it") and generally becoming depressed with the world. I also spent a lot of time obsessing over random things, but never developing myself in any meaningful way.

At the start of this year, I decided I was tired of living with my parents and wanted to finally go and do something. But for some reason, I always just thought I could do whatever I want whenever I want, and I never actually stopped to consider "oh, maybe being a lazy NEET for 7 years is going to close the door on every decent opportunity". Want to finish my degree? Too late, everybody's finished with theirs by now and I (effectively) have no employment history. Want to do a trade, or get some kind of certification? Same thing, no employment history, not going to get hired anywhere. Even if I actually wanted to finally follow through with joining special forces or something, it would be the same thing–they'd ask what the fuck I've been up to for the past 7 years, and that would be the end of that. At this point, I'm pretty sure my only options are to become a regular wageslave or a military wageslave.


>Even if I actually wanted to finally follow through with joining special forces or something, it would be the same thing–they'd ask what the fuck I've been up to for the past 7 years
wouldn't they want someone special like that? you still got a chance bro


In all seriousness, I have heard that special operations types are often odd people and do often have mixed/shitty backgrounds, so it wouldn't be entirely out of the ordinary. But, I can't think of any way whatsoever I could explain away doing effectively nothing for 7 years without immediately getting told to fuck off for being a lazy cunt. I can't just be honest and say I was indecisive and depressed, because that reflects just as badly on me.


you were practicing being a prisoner of war for 7 years, gone completely off grid


i think that the whole "starting at the workforce old means theyll reject you inmediatly" is a bit overstated, yes, it can affect you but won't outright ruin your chances completely, you can always say you worked for a family company or did volunteer work, make something up, no one checks.

The problem is that if they hire you its going to be for the same wage as the kid fresh out of school so theres that. Lots of businesses don't like hiring younger kids, they'd prefer not to, the incentive is that with someone younger they are easier to swindle and be paid little and cheated out of working extra for no compensation or doing petty tasks the seniors don't want to do.


It's less about my age per se, and more about my work history. It's not like I have absolutely nothing to show for the past several years (as noted, I do currently have an AA degree with a 4.0 GPA for whatever the fuck that's worth), but I'm going to imagine that any place other than maybe a McDonald's is going to be wary of somebody who's worked about 4 months total in 7 years. I mean, when faced with the kid fresh out of school at 22, and the sketchy guy with the same degree at 27, who are they going to pick?


Like i said, some people might care, others will not, it doesn't ruin your chances so completely as it is usually stated but once you are in you can expect to be paid and given shit tasks like a kid would of course. That would still be the same.

Theres nothing really valuable about hiring younger people, young people are a liability as they can be akward , inmature and unpredictable. The benefit is merely that younger people bargain less and are easier to swindle in contracts, a company could give less of a shit about age, just don't tell them you have spent last 7 years being a lazy neet or act all avoidant when asked, any sensible response would do.


Well, thanks, that does make me feel better. It was a terrible realization when I had it, it felt like the doors had closed in just as I finally decided to walk through them.


I have cousins that only started in their very first jobs in their early or mid thirties.

They excuse it to the companies saying they were simply focusing on extra education, traveling and starting their own bussinesses to gain experience and do volunteer work, yadah yadah, trutfully it was because they grew up wealthy and spend their 20s living in extended adolescence, they barely could even tie their own shoes, even today they live above their paycheck means and are subsidized by their parents but they are employed and doing ok in their positions.

You just have to show the company what they want to see,someone mature and responsible for the same price as a young one might be a good deal for them in an entry level job. Someone that acts all nervous and looks like he spent a decade selling crack before settling down is what might put them off.


Good post. The mental remnants of normalfag programming must be removed from our psyche.


just revisited this and this makes a lot of sense. psychologically, its easier said than done, but a worthwhile endeavor


File: 1613323577875.jpg (51.25 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1607715787270.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's not like I want to be a billionaire and will take nothing less. I just wish I was a minimally functional 30 year old adult. This isn't a life worth living, this isn't how it was supposed to be like. Wasting all of my years, not being able to even drive to get groceries for myself or something. Life wasn't supposed to be like this.


File: 1613324412780.png (249.55 KB, 467x304, 467:304, yy.png) ImgOps iqdb

Seems like a cute animu


Well, I recently applied for a position at Walmart and didn't get called back, so I guess the age of no return is 26.



tfw wal mart hires felons but you cant get a call back


Below 35 you still have a fuckton of opportunities open, after that it gets harder, but the cutoff I'd say is 50ish.

After that you will stop being taken seriously by potential employers and your body will start falling apart even faster, if you're not in a comfortable position by then it's better to just end it.


For normalfags being a virgin at 25 is worse than being a felon. I'd say it's on par with being a rapist to them.


This I'm a 25 y/o and when people finds out they see me as if I was a child molester or something.

I started telling people that I'm gay when they ask, they have far more sympathy for trannies and faggots in this day and age than for virgins.


No, you tell them to fuck off. Why portray yourself as a homo?


engineering is about constructing a fantasy in your mind about whatever you're working on and then solving the problem
if you find a decent company they will realize you're basically a golden goose for them and they will let you do your thing


Why are you even telling people? Just keep it to yourself, it's none of their business


Why offer up the fact that you're a virgin, or any other personal information you aren't required to?

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