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The last suicide general has hit the bump limit. Previous thread >>226293



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Ok, my choice is attempt to cross river at night it's simple and at last moment of your life you truly want to die cos you tired of swimming and it's high fatality not lame "I hope weather don't change and I will actually freeze". The only minus is to find your corpse can be a problem, I guess.
This book is annoying there's no cool simple solutions like I just invented.


There is no ""simple"" way like the one you came up with
You either tie your rope, get the gun, cut your artery, order your fentanyl, or whatever the fuck or you don't
There is no stupid trick to killing yourself, you're either ready to die or you aren't


File: 1601325614280.jpg (125.72 KB, 853x1300, 853:1300, 38F.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Don't embarrass yourself by saying such magical thinking nonsense. Absolutely normal guy can willingly kill himself in situation of severe sleep deprivation for example.


Killing yourself is quite simple actually. The main problem isn't finding a lethal method, but being in the psychological state of actually going through with it. That's why people come up with these whacky ways of trying to trick themselves into suicide. Like, maybe if I make it really painless that'll help, or maybe if it doesn't really look like suicide and just comes out of nowhere so I don't have to think about it etc.

Here's the simple truth: if you can't go through with it, your life and your psychological state are just not bad enough to be a sufficient motivator. To actually go through with it, you have to have absolutely zero hope, or even negative hope, so much that suicide actually seems worthwhile, like salvation from hell.

For 99% of you, shitposting here and making plans is enough to give you relief and then you go and watch anime and fantasize about your waifu or whatever the fuck you still enjoy in life.


>The only minus is to find your corpse can be a problem, I guess.
That and the fact that drowning is ridiculously painful


could you please delete this picture of my wife?


File: 1601327270447.jpg (52.9 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Blood_plus__Saya_by_Astato….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Killing yourself is quite simple actually
How could you possibly know, did you devise suicide plan?
>not bad enough to be a sufficient motivator
You need not only motivator but energy also, if you are just depressed beyond salvation you can't do a thing, even to plan suicide.
You will lose consciousness from exhaust.


Most suicides are caused by people overreacting emotionally to something negative happening suddenly
Ironically this puts a barrier in place for wizard minded isolated people who barely feel any emotion anymore to cope

I guess the only true way to do it is to isolate yourself from everything and to meditate on it for a while or something


No I can't, and you know it, I'm not moderator, and this succubus isn't your wife.


>How could you possibly know, did you devise suicide plan?

There's 12-year-olds that manage to do it. It's not at all complicated.
If you're able to just stagnate and do nothing, then you're likely more comfortable than you think. People that are in pain will do anything to alleviate it and that pain will easily overshadow the relatively small pain or discomfort from a suicide method. Think about how much you're really suffering if you can't manage to cut your wrists or hang yourself or pick up some heroin from the street. It ain't worth it for you because collecting and posting anime pictures feels really good, eh?


File: 1601328520666.jpg (33.12 KB, 299x300, 299:300, 10233127.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I didn't say I'm in pain, by preventing discussion of suicide methods you act like prolifer this is an embarrassing fact.


Put your finger on your wrist and find your artery
You can feel it beating, move it around and it feels a bit funny when you squeeze it
It's your life in your hands, a good cut and it's very likely over

Easier than going out swimming at night or some shit lol

You should either seek help or meditate on it and then seek help depending on your decision, don't do anything reckless and stupid


File: 1601328818055.jpg (34.46 KB, 426x328, 213:164, 1507999956182.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Your method sounds stupid, you might aswell go ontop a hill during a thunderstorm and hold up a metal rod waiting for lightning to hit you
THat would be a much spectacular way to go too


I'm not preventing anything. Just discussing /suicide/ and what's needed beyond methodology.

Also, stop posting cute images, you're DECREASING people's desire to die.


I live with my parents in small apartments, so I must go to the forest anyway.
Drowning is much more reliable that wrist cutting, and you don't even need special pills because of exhausting.
>DECREASING people's desire to die
No i don't, sex is heavily connected with death


Is there any good way to commit suicide with a knife? I’m not able to get a gun and my car is broken so I can’t get to a bridge, but I have a large knife. Is slitting wrists just going to fail?


It's rather effective if you do it right, but probably not 100%…
But on the other hand it's not the kind of thing that leaves you crippled if you mess up


>Is slitting wrists just going to fail?

Only if you get discovered. Cut along your arms, rather than across, and take a hot bath which will increase the blood flow.


alcohol and aspirin are also blood thinners.


Forget about the aspirins and get rivaroxaban, a very potent blood thinner.


>my car is broken so I can’t get to a bridge
Why not just walk or take an Uber?


I live in a rural area


Where am I supposed to get prescription blood thinners?


Then take a Greyhound


You could steal some from your grandparents if they're still alive


Life has gone on too long, and I cannot keep going. I smile without feeling joy, laugh without humor, I eat without feeling hungry, and read, watch or study purely by routine. Nothing I do anymore is genuine, I'm an artificial person and the few rare times that I come into contact with something that feels like "myself" it is a brief and truly miserable experience.

I want to die, and I've finally decided on what I'm going to do. In short, I'm going to cut off contact with my family, get rid of my phone, intentionally get evicted, and then get beheaded by a train.
I have heard of people surviving getting hit by a train even when they place their abdomen on one of the track contacts because they get deflected enough by the front end to sustain only severe permanent injuries. In order to ensure that I die properly I will tie my neck to the tracks to ensure that I do not get deflected, and my head is severed from my body or at least crushed. Next, I will obtain a large amount of liquor and whatever pills I can, even benadryl. The combination of these things will ensure that I do not become discouraged by the idea of surviving with severe injuries. I want to guarantee death, and getting brain damage or losing limbs is the last thing I want. With the combination of alcohol, pills, and the rope keeping my head in place, I could hopefully even be asleep when I am beheaded.
I will not leave a note, and I will not fail.

I'm going to keep living my artificial life for a while longer until everything comes into place. Soon I will become a planeswalker. See you in the next dimension, wizards.



I really hate these people, I can't explain this hatred but it get's on my fucking nerves. These stupid dogs dont care about what the person (in the SS websites) go through, they dont care if they're going to become homeless, or are inferior to others and were never meant to be alive, they just want them to be alive. These dogs caused SS to become worse as well. I fucking hate pro-lifers, anti-suiciders and anti-eugenicists, they cause suffering for the average person, only blaming suicide on "depwession" as if thats the only reason since they're so fucking privileged they never comprehend people not wanting to be poor, etc. I fucking hope they're all killed and raped, I fucking hate them and I hate God too, god fucking dammit


Benadryl is a deliriant that will make you go insane and hallucinate during your last moments. It might also give you horrible anxiety and paranoia. I recommend taking benzos like xanax or etizolam instead.


It's like they blame sites like that for causing suicide of their family members instead of themselves and or just general life circumstances


File: 1601432262034.jpg (1.51 MB, 4382x2923, 4382:2923, BN-XA440_3mX0R_OR_20180116….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Young trader dies by suicide after thinking he racked up big losses on Robinhood
Alexander E. Kearns was tragically struck and killed by a train on Saturday, June 13th. Kearns, 20, was hit at the railroad crossing near 111th Street and Cedar Road at about noon. Sadly, Kearns was pronounced dead at the scene. The Canadian National Railway Police are investigating the crash.


would putting your head/head+neck on a train track and have a train run you over be painful or not?


Depends on how fast the train goes and how hard is the impact, I guess? train is the only viable method for me but It's still extremely scary. I envy gun owners…


Seeing trains actually makes me think less about suicide anon

I think trains are beautiful and I feel happy for a minute watching them. I used to watch them when I was a kid and I really enjoyed it….

Its comfy and nostalgic for me, if a bit noisy…


File: 1601927845551.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2015-10-14-04_29_08-new-no….png) ImgOps iqdb

Don't kill yourself, kill others.


time will take care of that



Same poster here.
My mother expects my phone to be cut off soon, and it will be easy to stop contacting her because of that. I went on a very short walk outside, which is the first time I've even gone outside for any reason other than for a doctors appointment for almost a year. (And before that it was just to buy stuff)
As for the mechanics, I have a rope prepared. It's just a curtain draw, but it's as thick as a rope and certainly good enough to work for my purposes.
Finally, I've got someone who will procure alcohol for me, because I don't even have an ID despite being 21. All that remains is getting evicted.
Yeah, I know that about benadryl. I haven't got any way to obtain xanax or etizolam, the only pills I have access to are OTC and my prescription anti-depressants. Neither one would work.
There was also a suicide just this September at the same train I'm going to go to. I consider it a good omen.


>I haven't got any way to obtain xanax or etizolam, the only pills I have access to are OTC and my prescription anti-depressants.


Not anymore


Glow - ing - very - bright



actors suicide makes no sense everytime, they had the easiest job and couldn't do it


Many such as wizzies have suicided stocking shelves.


should've been optimists '>)
i bet they didn't even know they had free will


My thumb, index, and pinky fingers are twitching constantly now while at rest or even when I'm using them. This started something like a year ago and now it is a daily occurrence. If this is ALS or beginning of Parkinson's, I will get my affairs in order and try to be dead before my next birthday. Charcoal method seems nice, I just need to practice the drive to the location I need to go to.


>Netizens speculate Oh In Hye sent a hidden dying message in her last YouTube video
After the tragic news of Oh In Hye's death spread, many fans and netizens have revisited her last YouTube video. After seeing the video, many are speculating that she sent a hidden dying message in the video.

The reason many netizens think this could be the case is because of Oh In Hye's video has a strange buffering part at the beginning.
On September 12, the final video posted on her YouTube channel was the 46th episode of 'In Hye's daily life'. However, instead of numbering her episode as 46, Oh In Hye uploaded the video as episode 48.

Many wondered why she has done this. However, at exactly 48 seconds into the video, there is a strange buffering that takes place. This buffering doesn't take place for just a few seconds but for a full minute and stops at 1:48. The length of the buffering seems too long to be a mistake or a coincidence.

What was more frightening about the clip is that the actress is seen hitting her neck with a comb, over and over again, during that period of the buffering.

When Oh In Hye posted the video, some of her fans have notified her that there is a buffering in which Oh In Hye pressed the like button on their comments. She later titled the video "Inae's Night Routine Skin Care (Please skip over the buffering part)" showing that she was aware of the buffer.

Therefore many fans are speculating that this video is the last dying message from the actress. Many netizens are revisiting the video as they comment "This is so scary", "The video buffering starts from 48 seconds and she titled it episode 48. Seems like she did it on purpose", and "This can't be a mistake, the buffering is one minute long…And she does the editing herself so there's no way she did it by mistake."


File: 1602113689755.jpg (95.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 438.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There would be no pain. A train is incomprehensibly fast and powerful compared to the muscle and skin on your neck. Your brain would shut down before you could even register it. Like flicking a light switch times 100. The main issue would be the horn sounding while you laid there– it would require a lot of willpower to not falter at the last second. It would also be very loud and very scary, but you would certainly not wake up as a vegetable or suffer. If you aren't completely 100% sure about your suicide then you're far better off with a firearm (done correctly) or asphyxiation.

My personal advice? Don't bother with slow methods like leaping from large heights, cutting yourself or hypothermia (for some reason, the last one has been romanticized in this general for years). No, it's not going to be peaceful or cinematic. You're left alone, panicking and left in anguish to consider what you just did wrong as you die slowly. Please go find a psychiatrist, shotgun or be sad in silence instead of being the 400th person asking if you can just starve yourself or walk into a snowy forest or a cold river and die. Every time I look at this general it's the same melodramatic teenager shit.

If you truly want to kill yourself then here's an easy method: get a length of nylon rope from any store and tie it around your neck. Not so much that you can't breathe and not even tied into a noose, but tight enough your head won't slip out of it. Go secure it to a (sturdy) support beam, hook or anything else hanging out of your ceiling or wall. A doorknob would work unless you're really obese. Test your full weight on it before the act of course, if it bends at all or breaks then it won't work. Tie it around your neck and the supporting object, then slowly bend your knees over a few minutes while listening to music or whatever it is you want your final act to be. You'll gradually pass out from oxygen deprivation and when you pass out the rest of your dead weight will fully cut off the oxygen to your brain. You will die. Don't do this if there is any chance of being found within an hour or two– longer than that and you should be fine (or dead, rather). Don't call anyone beforehand or give anybody any indication of what you're doing or you might end up found and shitting into a diaper while blinking one for "yes" for 50 years. If you've got family then do it while they're asleep.

There's the golden answer: no pain, no frills and no large sum of money needed.


File: 1602116219757.png (84.05 KB, 512x324, 128:81, quantum immortality worldl….png) ImgOps iqdb

Is anyone else worried about the possibility that quantum immortality is true, and that by hanging yourself you will just end up in a timeline where you become a quadriplegic?


The universe is a cruel joke played on us. The more I search, the more it seems not only probable but certain.


>Please go find a psychiatrist,
cringed hard
>partial suspension
Yes this is a good one. I don't have any money at all to afford rope or anything that won't break under the weight. I have an HDMI cable and something else but they both don't work. Risking permanent injury is too much, and even worse would be ending up in psychiatrics again. So as you said, a shotgun is a lot better.
I seriously doubt quantum immortality. It also seems to be a misreading of quantum phenomena; that is, it assumes there's anything special about the observation of a human. Fore example some meme phenomenon like the Xeno effect is just completely misunderstood by most people- human observation isn't necessary for the effect(statistically significant increase in decay of radioactive particles) to occur.


File: 1602117052847.png (1.11 MB, 1800x1200, 3:2, limbic system.png) ImgOps iqdb

On the off chance quantum immortality is true, a shotgun to the mouth might be the best way to die. Even if your soul moves to a timeline where you stay alive as a vegetable, your limbic system will be destroyed first, which will destroy your ability to feel emotions and suffer.


How much of the brain can be destroyed before the observer is no longer capable of observing?


if QI is true you'll be the oldest man in your own reality,maybe that's comfy,being an eternal boomer and picking on everyone younger than you


>>Please go find a psychiatrist,
>cringed hard
I don't personally believe in therapy (normalfag coping mechanism) but the point I was trying to make was that those people would be better off with that waste of time than empty suicide ""plans"" to make themselves feel better.
>So as you said, a shotgun is a lot better
Shotguns can still fail if you're doing it incorrectly. Think about where the bullet(s) are going– putting the barrel under your chin might blow off your face and frontal lobe at best. Put the barrel in your fucking mouth and aim it slightly upwards towards the brain stem for the least risk. Funnily enough, shotguns are by far the easiest firearm to get in terms of restrictions and permits. In most states you can walk into a store with a valid ID and walk out with a shotgun.

Quantum immortality is a thought experiment and practically fiction. Don't let it hold you back from suicide. When your brain shuts down it is objectively incapable of further thought no matter how abstract– if you do not believe in an afterlife then you will experience nothing. All the bits of your brain that held memory and experience and made you a person are dead tissue and it's over.


How should I get a shotgun if I still live with my parents? The last thing I want is for them to ask where I was if I take one of their cars, or ask what's in the package I have. I might get a short folding break-action shotgun that can fit in a backpack, but I still need a good cover story for what I was doing when I'm at the gun store picking up my gun.


It's hard for anyone to suggest any viable excuse when we don't know anything about your parents.

What do you usually take their car to do? What hobbies do you have that might benefit from something sold in a firearm sized box? Is there any time of day where you can go out and not be questioned?

Consider going out under the excuse that you have to renew a license/ID, replace a PC part, or something else that requires immediate doing. Get the gun, buy some groceries or clothes or something, hide the gun somewhere outside and walk in with the other things you bought and show them. They wouldn't think you were sneaking around if you also did common errands. Hop outside in the AM for the gun.

Most break actions have takedown pins or levers specifically for backpacking. If you normally leave and return with a backpack you should be able to sneak it in.


I didn't do anything to plan for my death today, dissapointed in myself.


Currently I don't have a job, don't really have any hobbies, and rarely leave the house. I pretty much only leave the house to take walks in the woods. I might try to get a job, and say I'm at work when I'm getting the gun. Alternatively, I could try renting a car and driving to the gun store that way.


Why stay alive if you have a terminal illness?


Perhaps there are different sets of rules for these timelines.


Why do people discuss something other than suicide, especially "spiritual" people should just kill themselves, religious people too and those who looking for job and girlfriend and artists and scientists, why just don't die or at least talk constantly about killing themselves.
t. banned


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New hypothermia death in the news.
According to Mirsky’s 17-year-old son, on the night Kayla died, their mother had forced the 19-year-old, who was autistic, to stand in the corner for hours. This was a common punishment, he said — so common that Kayla had learned to sleep standing up.

However, on this particular night, when Kayla started to fall asleep, she was unable to continue standing and Mirsky forced the teen to stand outside in the cold to “wake her up.”

“It was the kind of cold that as soon as you were outside, your first instinct was to go inside,” the 17-year-old said. “It was very, very cold.”

The next morning, he said he was awoken by Mirsky, who had found Kayla unresponsive by the door outside. After he and Mirsky attempted to revive Kayla with blankets and warm water, he said Mirsky asked him and his sisters to clean the dog cages before she called the authorities.

Mirsky’s 14-year-old daughter also testified, pointing to the physical abuse her mother inflicted on her and her siblings. Their mother would hit them, burn them with a stun gun and step on their stomachs so they could not breathe, the daughter said.

Though all the children were physically abused, the worst abuse was directed at Kayla, the 14-year-old testified.



wtf, why did this link work even though I forgot to edit the link to remove the word filter?



File: 1602474176422.jpeg (105.49 KB, 668x465, 668:465, gun store.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

When I go to the gun store to get the gun, what excuse should I use if the people at the gun store ask me why I want to buy a gun?


Your old man just got a farm outside town and you're looking to shoot some clays. say you're looking for maybe a boxlock side by side or with two triggers and you don't need a 3" chamber, like an old Stevens. if they try to sell you on a pump refuse anything with a short barrel that's readily concealable, but if they offer something with a smaller tube magazine below a long barrel then take that because it will likely be easy to saw down to a backpack length if you want to die innawoods. ask for some low velocity target or waterfoul loads for ammo. if you live in a state where hunting requires you to pass a course to acquire a license, ask if they're still doing them during the virus and if so where the nearest testing center is

don't go in their drunk, they can smell the alcohol on your breath


I tried searching around with Google translate to see if anyone had figured out the hidden messages she included, but I didn't find anything worth mentioning. Of course, maybe's there's nothing really to figure out.


Fuck Rich people.


I have ordered Sodium Nitrite, i will do it in the next weeks. Who believes in karma here ? I have lost 3 jobs in the last 5 years, workless since sep. 2019 right now, cant even imagine working again, i have like 3000 euro dept, 1000 still to pay was 2500 iniatially for driving with weed and dont taking the test for drugs. (man yeah thinking back to 2017 i had a fucking car man feels so distant right now, cant even imagine driving right now) and probably like 2000 euros for my apartment that i pretty much destroyed in drunk rages, holes in the walls holes in the doors, the kitchen is destroyed, everything looks like shit. This shit is stressing me, because it looks like i have to get on disability pension because i am so depressed, there i will get like 700 euros my apartment costs 400, dept and shit how to live like that ? next i have no friends since 2014 i just started there to isolate myself from everyone just felt like that, looking at some old friends facebook is giving me almost heart attacks because i am so fucking jealous of there lives, i am here sitting in my shitty hole i call home with no job, no money, no future nothing. Copes ? I get drunk like 1-2 times in the week like black out drunk, a bottle of vodka or 12 beers, when i have a good time, still not that good, i can enjoy a game last days it was gta 4, had some good fun but still have to think aboout my shitty life, now i am back to refreshing youtube and doing nothing, seldom i find something that interests me. funny thing to say but i think the best time in my life was 2015 where i had a nice job and played through Witcher 3 2 times in a row it was a magical time, thank you cd projekt red. I am shallow i am not interesting, i have a hunchback, i am mentally retarted, i cant talk to people (back when i had friends we just talked about getting drunk and shit, when i think back i was just a dumb arrogant guy talking shit about other persons because i had nothing else to say.), walking to the store is exhausting, having appointments with doctors is exhausting, i have my parents i dont feel much for my mother cant even tell why, i dont feel much for anyone, i cant tell because i am to dumb but i am probably narcissitic with psychopaty traits but how can i tell i am retarted i feel like a potato full of jealousy and hate for humanity, my father i love ? i try to i think its what people call love i cant really tell, lets say i care about him but cant really talk with him about anything because the one time in the week i am at his place i sit there for some hours and look in to the nothingness because suicide is on my mind all the time, still i enjoy his company, but have nothing to say to him. Man there are days you just walk to the store buying some beers its dark and there is a little breeze of coldness and you think if i had a job and some friends and where somehow normal man it could be a nice life. I feel like i just have to do it, what else ? About the karma thing at the start i mean with that, because i am such a narcissit and bad person, never gave love or something to other people i thinkg karma is just pushing me to kill myself. I hope this ends my karmic cycle and i will be at a nice place after death or reincarnate as some normal guy who knows, maybe i will rot in hell, but thats what i am already doing.



thanks anonymage for your superior intellect i will work on my english skills before i kill myself


I wish I had something positive to say. I want to be an optimist, but life kicks me in the solar plexus over and over until I relent and admit everything is trash and has always been horrifying. The best you can hope for is moments of enjoyment when hopped up on drugs. That's all you get. A couple of good moments while high


You sound like me you belive in those fucking chakras because you talk about solar plexus? The only time right now i feel good is when i drink, i drink right now and dont feel good, so maybe i am wrong and i never feel good. What drugs do you take, i had many months in my life where i was smoking 24/7 but i worked and had the money for it, now i have nothing and everytime i get drunk i have 10 euros less to eat for the month.


Drugs i've taken in the past, at the same time or individually

4 different SSRIs
Caffeine Pills

I don't believe in chakras. Drugs can really make you feel good but it's always just taking out a loan from your brain that you have to pay back with interest. You get withdrawal, and addiction and you have to buy them again on small budget. I just want to be happy and not anxious all the time.


I had times with speed every weekend, some mushrooms, weed is funny with me i start to smoke it and it gets outa controll one toke and i am back to 20g a month for some months then i leave it be mostly because i lose my job most of the time then i am sober and then comes alcohol again, right now i dont even want to be happy anymore alcohol doesnt help. nothing helps i know what you are saying but even after 10 beers i cant leave my shitty life thoughts be, 2 years ago i was drunk and felt always good but now i am depressed cant cope. When i drink it gets worse i dont feel strong anymore when i drink like back then when i had a job i just get more depressed and ready for suicide but thats ok i embrace it i want to die, nicotine man i roll my own cigarettes i smoke like 4 cigs a beer i am a chain smoker when i drink


One thing i dont want to take benzos or xanxax and shit like that because i am scared i dont care anymore and wont kill myself and just rot, i want to die, dont want to live like a zombie but maybe i am wrong about them


Try anti-depressants rather than anti-psychotics or anti-anxiety meds. They can give you the energy you need to finally commit suicide.


>if they try to sell you on a pump refuse anything with a short barrel that's readily concealable



The guy who was asking was likely not looking to raise eyebrows by coming off as wanting something for self defense or offense during a time when gun violence and protection with guns is being questioned by the US populace. Denying something on the tactical side of design reinforces the lie that he's just looking to shoot clays. Additionally, a shorter barrel and furniture is likely to be a newer model than something with a conventional profile and therefor more expensive. Specifying any sort of preference for one common facet of design over another gives off the impression that the wizard is at least somewhat knowledgeable about guns and knows what he wants, reducing the chance of the clerk giving him the antagonizing attitude and hustling which pro shop salesmen are known for. Additionally, by reducing the amount of influence he lets the clerk have over his decision, the wizard is reducing the potential guilt the clerk may feel if he hears that the wizard who he sold the gun to killed himself with it. "He killed himself with the gun I suggested he buy" is a much more pitiful thing to admit than "He killed himself with the gun he picked out from our shelf".


Ignore what that other retard said. Just go in, if you’ve done your research and know exactly what gun you want just go in and ask for it, if you don’t know just figure out what type you want (my recommendation is 12 gauge shotgun with slugs or buckshot, but any high caliber pistol like .357 or a rifle chambered in .223, 7.62 or .308 or whatever will do as long as you know where to aim) and ask what they have for that. An example if you were getting a shotgun might be “Hey I’m looking for a 12 Gauge I can use to hunt deer or maybe even for home defense, but I’m on a budget so nothing too expensive” and from there you’ll probably get recommended a mossberg or a Remington, doesn’t really matter what you pick pretty much any piece of shit shotgun is gonna work for what you need


>Denying something on the tactical side of design reinforces the lie that he's just looking to shoot clays.
This seems ridiculously paranoid. If the gun store owners get suspicious of you for getting a certain type of gun, why would they even try to sell them to you in the first place? Imagine the conversation going something like this:

>Gun store clerk: Would you like to buy this [easily concealable shotgun]?

>You: Ok
>Gun store clerk: HA! I WAS ONLY TESTING YOU! I just KNOW you're a murderer in the making! Cops arrest this guy!

Do you actually think this is an even remotely realistic scenario? How could gun stores that play these sorts of games with their clientele even afford to stay in business? Potential customers would likely be paranoid of them and go to different gun stores. Even Shuaiby, who was barely 18 and lived in California of all places, managed to successfully buy a Kel-Tec KSG. I also want to be able to hide the gun from my parents, so I will likely need something more concealable.


>if you want to die innawoods
I'm planning on locking myself in a bathroom and blowing my brains out in the shower. Do you think dying innawoods would be better?


If you live with other people doing it in home would be a bad idea in general because you might traumatize them.


But what if I want to traumatize them?


I'm taking so many SSRIs that I'm basically sleeping 14 hours a day.


File: 1602719142512.jpg (37.95 KB, 400x300, 4:3, commie block.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone else here considering "last heroic effort" before going on full suicide ideation mode?
I feel there are some experiences,challenges and life items id like to attempt before I go.Maybe im less afraid of death now?

For exmple a 30 minutes cold shower.it seems absurd,but id really treasure the feat of having done it.


Go out in public and make an epic speech and ask people to vote Anonymage for governor.


I dont live in USA.
It would be fun to convince people to not-vote tho


File: 1602720040302.png (880.34 KB, 955x785, 191:157, snake.png) ImgOps iqdb

Serious advice needed here;I have the choice to either tell a lie to my shrink/mental health doctor and say "Im OK, i no longer need any meds"(he promised to gradually take away meds if i was ok)
however i am NOT ok;should i risk actual suicide if i come off meds? Will living on meds really be worth it?
pic unrelated,I just like enumarations.


I don’t really have any goals that could be completed through short term effort, no matter how powerful. If I did I probably wouldn’t have so many suicidal thoughts.


no don't I've been off antidepressants for a while now and I regret it


File: 1602949118360.jpg (16.92 KB, 400x317, 400:317, fast.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have decided on going out by starvation/fasting,i think it has benefits
>if i chicken out I can easily still save my life
>huge natural high/hallucinations
>It might even cure my depression to begin with


Another day another stavationposter


There's a special place in Hell just for them, where they starve for eternity but never die


File: 1602956983758.gif (950.92 KB, 384x288, 4:3, 1380214104174.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Its not as harmless as one might think, your hair might start falling out, eyesight and memory would deteriorate faster, also the resulting apathy could make you even more depressed. I don't suggest it unless you're a fatso, but even then you risk becoming anorexic if you take it too far. I actually tried it many years ago, because i thought that it would make it more easy for me to die from the resulting trauma i was planing to inflict upon myself. Starving didn't help me with my depression, but oddly enough my depression receded once i sliced my veins open, as the fountain of blood painter my batroom's walls red, my lizard brain kicked in and i realized that even though life is shit, i want to live. These days it doesn't really matter to me when i'll die, why bother, life isn't that long.


>life isn't that long

How old are you?


I have some questions.

"he main issue would be the horn sounding while you laid there– it would require a lot of willpower to not falter at the last second. I"
What if you take sleeping pills or something that knocks you unconscious for some time (like the drugs people use for robbing or assaulting someone), that would remove that fear since I wouldnt be aware. Also if I just put a bin bag on my head and take the sleeping stuff, would that kill me or would I unconsciously rip the bag out.

Also I am not going to do dumb shit like cutting myself or hypothermia (wtf?), I'm a man, not a "depressed" white succubus.

Also with the noose, I heard when you do it, you will lose breathe and want to breath (kind of like holding your noise), you also forgot to mention where you put the rope, which is above your adams apple (upper part of the neck, more closer to your head than torso)

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