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Street cat who has the habit of sneaking in our kitchen. So I cornered her there and went on squeezing her hard against the ground with a broom stick for 30 minutes.

Now this same cat had ruined the water filter before, but even then only cuz i scared her into hiding under the sink and next to the filter in the first place.

She’s sick now all cuz of my pettiness. I have far bigger problems and enemies in my life, but I took it out on her.


Edgar Allan Poe - The Black Cat and the Wizard


File: 1601309816590.jpg (66.45 KB, 570x570, 1:1, catm.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You know cats are powerful familiars right? I think the cat is yours. Give it food or something and practice your magick together to defeat your real enemies.


What a useless action, you could have just offered her some tap water apart…

you just lost a beatiful chance of making a new ally, for you understimated how thirsty the animal was. Beware, man, beware.


She has food and water in the yard, it’s just she likes the kitchen. She still didn’t deserve a fraction of what i did to her.

The problem is we have about 15 cats, some of them pets and some just hiding in the yard. None are spayed so it just gets worse.


youre a piece of shit
no excuse


Do something about it, man. Hope the other cats did not see you.


When I was 8 I was friends with guy that beat his cat in the chest and threw it on the floor not different from slapping a wet dough to knead it, and it developed some chronic coughing. He didn't feel any remorse and grew up an average norman, the cat lived over 15 years. I wiped some piss with a cat when I was a toddler too, it's pretty innocent. Even kids from great families have suppressed anger they manifest through pet violence. There's nothing inherently bad about what you did op, you shouldn't feel bad because others think it's wrong. It's mostly fine to do whatever we please with the animals, if it improves the human experience. If we humans didn't exist, animals would hunt and murder each other or their own endlessly forever. Cats play with mice corpses and carry a myriad of parasites. Pets bring nothing of value in the modern world, unless you have been brainwashed into it from early childhood. Don't worry, you did a good thing punishing a parasite that caused harm to you. It doesn't make you a psychopath or a bad person by any means.



Explain more in detail about cat magic pls


It's wrong to abuse animals and if you do such a thing you are probably non-white, and or are regressing to an atavistic state characteristic of early humans. Sad!


Why the sage? This is the only worthwhile post in the entire thread so far


I killed two cats once with a ball peen hammer


just didn't want to bring the attention to the thread so others wouldn't flame op


Half hour is a lot of time. What do you felt when doing it?
The guilt you are feeling are just external.


Your post displeases me.


>hunt each other or their own endlessly forever.

A Cat does not hunt if he can get easy fish from your hands. Which your definition of a bad person, then?


File: 1601415312839.png (466.36 KB, 860x1261, 860:1261, 27328238583538.png) ImgOps iqdb

Stop torturing cats idiot.


File: 1601435633713.png (603.37 KB, 483x632, 483:632, 1553381824074.png) ImgOps iqdb

We all make mistakes. At least you did not kill her but please do try and learn from this. As others have said seek to remediate the situation you are in rather than passively dealing with it and taking it out on the felines.

They're clearly in your proximity because you're kind enough to care for them when no one else including these preachy self absorbed normies, would not. Contact a local pet clinic to ask for a quote or better yet assistance with the situation you're in. You're pretty much doing charity work by providing these felines a home, food and shelter. If you are able to present your situation with them and prove you're already spending enough of your own resources to care for them then they might waive all the costs to spay/neuter them.


Thing is I don’t feed them myself, my mom does. Otherwise I definitely wouldn’t feel as guilty.

If it were up to me none of them would even set foot in the yard itself. Mom feeds them out of mercy and a sense of obligation, and it’s breaking her back.

The cat seems kinda ok now. I’m trying to be kinder to her and the others as well, nothing else I can do to make up for things


Why'd you do it? Did you get off to it? Is this the first time you did something like this?
From your other posts it seems like you have a rough domestic situation. Hope you don't fly off the rails, wizzie


Second time.
I did much, much worse the first time, for no reason other than fun. This was years ago, I regret it and cry about it often.

Domestic situation is good mostly, I just hate cats.


File: 1601594644281.jpg (30.93 KB, 600x338, 300:169, haibane2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you regret your mistake and feel bad about that means you re a good person

We all make mistakes Wiz.


File: 1601686457257.jpg (829.04 KB, 1491x1156, 1491:1156, Men_with_an_unidentified_u….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Shooting "people" like you into a pit would greatly improve my experience. Does that make it okay?


Cats are vicious torturers themselves. Don't feel bad, anon.


The japanese loved their cats and rampaged through chinese in 37. You attacking me like 99.9% of the brainwashed animal lovers is the reason people do so much harm to each other. If 90% of people are mentally ill, then nobody is. It's impossible to directly kill humans, because your life will be over. On the other hand, abusing animals might be a natural part of children forming their understanding of the world, similar to fighting play with each other and adults. I don't see anyone going to jail for killing animals, but you are guaranteed to for killing someone. "Kulaks" in my family were hung by lenin's gang, and seen plenty of "the painted bird" irl. They also ate plenty of pets and insects to survive holodomor. Not gonna get me with something you'll never be brave enough to do even on yourself, retard edgelord.



I wish i could put a bullet in the head of every worthless parasites like you, i really wish but i cant. I hope you live a long and miserable life.


File: 1602548400036.jpg (262.51 KB, 1320x1561, 1320:1561, kaiki not amused in car.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why is everyone so butthurt about this thread? Yeah, shit happens. OP hurt an animal. So what. He'll get over it, the cat will get over it, and neither of them matter to anyone in this thread. I really don't understand.


File: 1602548973129.gif (1.88 MB, 250x277, 250:277, 1602359709583.gif) ImgOps iqdb

youre a fag lmao


inb4 this gif gets spammed all over the internet


why would it?


Claiming that people being "brainwashed animal lovers" accounts for a significant fraction of harm they do to each other is laughable, as you should be well aware that the vast majority results from resource contention.

I've hunted deer since I was a teenager. I'm in my thirties now. I'm not aware of being a "brainwashed animal lover." I think you've also misunderstood my response to your previous post as some sort of threat, which would be absolutely ridiculous given I don't even have any idea on what continent you reside. My intent was only to ask whether you were aware of any reasons, besides applicable legal prohibitions, why I shouldn't dispose of people who inconvenience me.

Why do you suppose that people who torture and kill pets so often brag about doing so?


Kill yourself


That gif is old


You re like typical aggresive normgroid.

Normgroids tend to bully other people when normgroid feels madness, sadness or is in bad temper.


Agreed, hurting other people to feel better about oneself is one of the quintessential normgroid acts.


You have done nothing wrong OP, its vermin that steals and spreads diseases. I am sorry you live in some shithole where there are stray animals around.
Forget these cat worshiping morons ITT.


Absolutely vile. I hope he has fun in the seventh circle of hell.


fuck you worthless cunt never do that shit again


Cultural and genetic consequences from all the unimaginable rape and torture mongols did on eastern slavs linger til this day, you would be surprised, how popular is animal torture among russian kids.


there is enough cruelty and pain in the world already.


It's okay just don't do it again everyone deserves a second chance.


Learn from this OP.
The cat is a sentient being as you are and you hurt it so help it.
When you take the black pill you come to realize compassion is important.
How do you know it is sick?
You are not edgy you did something and regretted it so learn from it.
I threw a rock at a dock once because it would actually bite me on my way home while riding a bike everyday and felt regret as you have.


It's threads like this that fuel my anti-natalism. Honestly it would be better if nothing at all existed, if the whole universe were shut off forever because then all suffering would end. Poor cat.


Dude, this is the most disgusting thing you could ever do. Never do it again


> Pets bring nothing of value in the modern world
Neither you or other normalfags.
Compassion is human trait.
>you did a good thing punishing a parasite that caused harm to you.
Then it would be good thing to exterminate normalfags.


The fact that you feel bad shows that you at least have a conscience. Donate money or time at an animal shelter or animal rescue organization as penance. You hurt a member of the animal community, now give something back to the animal community.


Using your logic it should be okay to torture you to relieve me from stress and anger? Animals feel pain, humans feel pain, if you do not care about pain you must be retarded.
Nature is cruel, so let's mimic it, great idea. Nature is cruel because is mindless nomological chaos you idiot, you have a brain and can add 2+2, unless you are that retarded you must have the capacity to understand that pain does not feel good and inflicting pain is bad.


Don't know if bait or actually a sociopath.


Isn't sadism a natural balancing force? Life is weird, Eden is a lie and OP is a fag


I tired to fuck my cat when i was 14 after beating the shit out of it until its head was the size of a basketball. ANyways, im killingmyself because im a pedo psychopathic murderer on the inside and im afraid ill hurt people. Do the right thing, head on over to the exit bag thread i made, and help me order the parts and to construct my suicide exit bag, please. God bless your kind virgin souls.


>having brain
Good joke.


You should be afraid because you go to jail, not because you might hurt some scum.
Normalfags and their spawns are not humans.


you sound like psycho, consider suicide


That is the same logic that liberals in university use when they talk about "inter-generational suffering of slavery" Whatever rock you turn in the world there is always genocide and death. Hutus and Tutsis, Khmer Rouge, slavery of africans in arabia (which continued until the 50s!), east india company famines. Let us all go past counting these injustices or we will be here forever.
You think your life is uniquely more valuable than the lives of animals and other people, kurkul? I don't. I stopped eating meat because of that.


So it's natural to abuse someone or something but not natural to abuse you? And I'm pretty sure no one would go to jail for that.
So much brainfart


good job mate don't listen to the hypocrites who tell you it's wrong, they don't care if you do the same on a human


And you sound like normgroid sociopath.


What do you get out of kicking someone expressing regret about their wrongdoing?


You just forgot you are an animal too


File: 1607158525069.jpg (3 MB, 3500x2381, 3500:2381, 1570380128571.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Animals aren't people and aren't capable of expressing half the horrible proclivities that people do on a basis that's willing and cognizant but apathetic to the lingering consequences. They aren't inherently negative or evil, driven instead mostly by instinct. They're not brainwashed to be socially successful at the expense of doling out cruelty.

That's what a lot of you in this thread don't seem to understand. If you want to talk about hypocrisy, let's talk about how there's a great amount of people in this thread who support OP and denigrate people giving criticism of OP's actions and how it's perfectly okay for him to have inflicted suffering on the cat as you all bemoan being mistreated by normgroids because of their commitment to cruelty toward anyone unlike them. I guarantee you a large portion of people in this thread fit that exact demographic.


This doesn't at all excuse people making more of it. You know if you see a burning building you're not allowed to throw MORE gasoline on it right? That point absolutely does have more meaning. Or will it only mean something when someone decides to inflict suffering on you?

A lot of you just seem fine with suffering as long as it's not applied to you. Otherwise, suddenly it's wrong. That's hypocritical. Some of you have become so adversarial to things that have nothing to do with normalfags at this point, and then you try to retroactively justify your own cruelty. Note that I didn't come here to slap OP around, I'm sure OP actually is remorseful.

But you other guys, adversarial to people who gave their two cents in a way you dislike? You're fucked.


I just mean it as shorthand for "you're fucked up." Sorry, I'm not exactly the best with English given my circumstances.


What >>233124 said and also just because there'a a lot of suffering doesn't mean it's okay to add more.


maybe OP is a genius exposing normalfags condemning his actions


>Only normalfags, ONLY normalfags, would ever disagree with ME!
Excellent, one and only true wizard. Excellent gatekeeping skills. If only they weren't so transparent. That's some very weak emotional manipulation you've got there.


You should know norps are the ones who don't have the awareness to refrain from causing suffering. They refrain from causing suffering where they have been socialized to.
Normalgroids like you belong on a cross.


>They refrain from causing suffering where they have been socialized to.
And when they HAVE been socialized to cause suffering, they're excellent at it. Seriously, the astounding hypocrisy of certain Wizardchan posters, coupled with their lack of self-awareness, is dumbfounding.

Sorry about the MANY multiple posts, I've been having some odd troubles with my browser.


>muh gatekeeping
>passive agressive tone
Low quality bait or normalfag vermin.


>Low quality bait or normalfag vermin.

>Muh posting while bitching about "passive aggressive tone"

Bring a counterargument or don't come back you contradictory retard. I don't remember Wizardchan having posters as stupid as you.


Is this copypasta or something?


>taking internet fights seriously
>posting normalfag opinions on wizchan
I am not going to clutch pearls before failed normalfag swine.
>I don't remember Wizardchan having posters as stupid as you.
So you don't remember yourself?
You are clearly not wizard and don't belong here, normgroid.


>I am not going to clutch pearls before failed normalfag swine.
You can't say you're not taking shit seriously when you talk about how anybody who disagrees with you isn't wizardly and you are in some dick measuring contest. You ARE taking it seriously.
Your whole fucking posting repertoire in this thread is ANYBODY WHO DISAGREES WITH ME AND HAS OPINIONS I DON'T LIKE ISN'T A WIZAAARD. You're a fucking idiot and have no self-awareness. I'd say kill yourself but, you're a posturing /r9k/ tourist. You've got a party to go to, right?


>being THIS mad
>no you
Yes, correct, anyone who have and post normalfag opinions is not wizard.


Still hasn't even explained his position or how anything I've said is inherently or remotely normalfaggot in any way. You've come here to lose an argument, and you've done well. But now it really is time to check on your Reddit karma.


I made a good post, explained my positions, and it is this retard that came here to witch hunt and have an internet argument. But fine.


It would have been less shameful if you had tortured a human being.


Op here
Cats gotten much better, still not close to how she was before tho. I still want her out of the house either way.

Karma is legit anyway, most of my major health issues are related to some sort of cat related incidence


Be nice to the cat from now on OP. Don't take out your frustration on her. Pet her and give her treats and she may forgive. Remember you actions every day and feel shame, it will give you humility and also help you suppress your instincts to hurt.


Well even if this cat forgives me, the first one I tortured never will. I tortured that one severely just for the fun of it.

All I want is a clear conscience and for my health to come back.

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