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How many of you get addicted to video games in an unhealthy way? I quit for a while, but lately I often end up playing League of Legends all day and I don't really enjoy it most of the time. It often upsets me and makes me feel angry or depressed due to the toxic community and losing games. The problem is that I don't currently have a job, and there isn't anything much entertaining on the internet anymore, so I just end up playing league all day and then getting mad if I don't win.

I have some other hobbies but usually they only fill up a few hours of the day, I haven't found anything that fills up the entire day like video games can. For example I read, go for walks, practice piano, and watch movies/anime, but a lot of the time I can't find things to read or watch that hold my interest, and going for a walk or playing piano usually only eats up an hour or two of time. The only time I quit my gaming addiction was when I was more busy and had things to do such as working and college and then going to the gym, but covid shutdown in my area shut all of those things down. I take college classes but due to covid they are all online and it doesn't take much time to finish all the assignments each week.

Anyone here quit gaming? How do you fill the hours of a day that you used to play videogames?


Video games are not drugs. It is basically staring at a screen. Of course some people hate modern technology and view it as a drug.


op never said its a drug. non-drugs can be addictive too, such as games.

most games have a reward mechanism so even us wizzies get that adrenalin rush and dopamine release. that's a powerful drug my man and it sucks many of us in.
I wouldnt say it's a bad thing though. at least it helps pass the time in a way that doesn't completely fuck up your body and can be done on atight budget


>adrenalin rush and dopamine release
That is just part of human nature.


It’s part of human nature called addiction. If something is having a negative impact overall on your life but you can’t seem to stop doing it compulsively, then it can be called addiction. A lot of addictions are not drugs, for example food addiction, gambling addiction, or sex addiction.


>If something is having a negative impact overall on your life
What if my life was never positive to begin with?


That’s how I originally quit, but I was able to replace it with different hobbies at that time. I had joined a martial arts gym which gave me the feeling of improving a skill and being somewhat competitive in a much more healthy manner, but that got closed down for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic. Lately I get mad and quit but end up playing again. few hours later or the next day because I am bored again. Part of the reason I get so frustrated now is because I used to be quite good at the game several years ago, but now so much has changed and my reflexes and game knowledge are no longer good so I’m much worse at the game. Maybe I’ll check out those books you mentioned, usually a good book can eat up a nice amount of time.


Nowadays I actually force myself to play vidya.


If you still enjoy it you're not depressed, i used to be an addict but i was happy with my addiction
I used to have a porn addiction combined with that because i had an overload of dopamine in my brain
Problem is i'm prone to psychosis and go overboard can't hold down a job or go outside so now i take two doses of meds, now i'm the exact opposite i now know what true depression is

anhedonia being lethargic i don't enjoy anything anymore because i lack dopamine which basically controls everything without dopamine you have no life force


>i take two doses of meds


NEET'd for 2 years and just played WoW, Dungeon Fighter Online and Shin Megami Tensei and watched anime all day before returning to college.

I didm't really enjoy playing and mostly played because I could turn my brain off and autopilot.

Thinking of dropping out again because I am suffering from insomnia.


Like the majority of people, you have fooled yourself that if you keep doing more of <feel good/distracting/unconstructive activity> you will feel good.


I wish I got addicted to videogames. I was the happiest version of myself when I was addicted to them. I don't know why I currently can't. It's been years.


The word addiction is one of the biggest meme words of modern society. You most likely have unmet needs as most other addicts and you fill that void with your addiction. Sad truth is, for some true fulfillment
never comes and the addiction keeps on going

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