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How do you cope with being ugly? For me every hope of having a normal teenagehood was shattered by outbursts of acne which made my face an unsightly mess. succubi always mocked me for something i didn't choose and guys treated me with indifference at best, and even in my 20s I still have visible scars on my cheeks, in short I never had a clean face since i was 10. But even if the scars were to magically disappear overnight I don't think I'll ever psychologically recover because the damage is already done. Are there any other unattractive wizards who chose to make nature a favor by not reproducing?


You are in the wrong neighborhood buddy boyo


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>mfw acne scars


Ugliness doesn't necessarily make you a loser at life. If you can't compete with the dominating race in your country you can go to poor asian countries or any place in the third world. Even if you're 3/10 you can be a 5 in a different part of the world and it'd be even better if you have some sort of income. But this endless loop of chasing life desires will never make you happy/satisfied.
Also try to find somewhere else on the internet to share your thoughts. 4chan for example.


Ugliness destroyed my life. Don't listen to people who tell you "it doesn't matter bro" etc. Yes it matters. Actually, it's the first thing that people see in you. Whatever you do, nothing will change this second they will see your face, your height, your body, etc. Everything happens before you even take a single breath.

Personaly i cope with avoiding as much as human contact as possible. I know that whatever happens i will ALWAYS lose in a social relation. I will either be rejected or subdued. There is nothing to do about that. Wearing a cap, sunglasses, headphones and avoid looking too much at people. Works for me, so i don't even have to talk to people (automatic cash check for example).


I have body dysmorphic disorder and ever since I noticed a small imperfection/asymmetry on my face at 14 years old I lost all my confidence forever, I haven't been able to look people in the eyes since and have been battling with agoraphobia after I finished high school for the past 7 years, when I get really upset about it I punch myself in the face until I get a black eye or my nose starts bleeding


Wear a mask.


Yeah, I agree with this. People are pretending it only matters when it comes to sexual selection, but if you are unsightly it carries other social sanctions that determine how they view you in non-sexual contexts. It's especially bad with mass media being as prevalent as it is since you are expected to have clear skin without scars unless you're like Danny Trejo or Edward James Olmos. People will be happier to see someone who is overweight but telegenic rather than someone with tons of pits.

I wear a cap/mask and will probably get sunglasses soon.


2 succubi once wanted to be my girlfriend when i was 14 and 15 but i declined them both because i was so insecure about myself. I feel like im super ugly (i even overheard a succubus in school once call me ugly to her friends as i walked past her) and what i hate most about myself is the fact that im balding and i get freckles and moles easily by being in the sun.


Being genuinely ugly really shatters your self esteem and confidence, and trying to rebuild them is impossible. So just embrace your ugliness and don't reproduce, that's what i will


Being socially retarded is worse, at least if you're good at talking people will take you seriously.


Yeah, that's true. I just can't be social.




At least for you, and most people, the acne simply destroyed your face for a small amount of time.
For me, even though I'm well into adulthood I still get acne whenever I'm stressed. And It's easy to say "well just don't get stressed lol" but when you have pretty bad social anxiety, a tough job, and everytime you do get acne you get stressed even more causing a negative feedback loop, it becomes clear that avoiding stress to avoid acne is fucking impossible.
Right now my face is slightly cleared up (still got one big zit on my cheekbone but that's better than when I have 6 painful pimples on various parts of my face), but I looked in the mirror and saw the numerous acne scars built up over the years and just despaired.

Every day I have to look in the mirror I can't help but just beat myself down for all the things going against me in looks, it feels like I didn't get a break in even one single respect other than having decidedly average height.
What's the point of even breathing when you're a walking, talking eyesore?

That's the one thing I love about Coronavirus, its given me an excuse to cover up my face.



Demiurge gave me a 2 for 1 deal at birth. Ugly stick plus retard brain.


okay wizchad


Acne is nothing. At least you don't have spots all over your face - that will fuck up a life.

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