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getting annoyed by stupid coworkers edition

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Yeah it's all so stupid and pointless


Not if you live in a rich first world country with generous welfare programs :)
free housing and allowance for weed, mcdonalds and beer, play video games all day and go for walks in the park.
it's not that bad :) 30 more years of this than the allowance goes higher and i "retire" officially. not bad. didn't have to be born rich, just cunning.


I'm just gonna go cry.


>30 more years of this
The unsustainable welfare system is built off of inflation and won't last another 10 years.


You're an idiot if you think welfare will be generous forever. The NEET I live with has maybe $30 after rent and groceries.


File: 1609905688979.png (71.04 KB, 282x223, 282:223, shocker sad.png) ImgOps iqdb

I really got to get myself to uni and study something I dont end up regretting and I just don't know what.


Well I don't live in a rich first world country, so there's that.
>30 more years of this
I don't know where you live but I find it difficult to believe you'll be able to cash in welfare for 30 years, unless you have some kind of disability or something. Also this is the wageslave thread, why are we talking about welfare.


File: 1609984365984.jpg (106.17 KB, 780x846, 130:141, to be alive thats the real….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>My last monitoring on the bank that I work at gave me a 0
>the reason?
>This old fart had a process to have a refund for unauthorized charges and won 1 but lost the second one
>I decided to be kind and told him about it so he shouldnt have to wait for the transfer to them when theyre gonna say the same
>I got a 0 cause I didnt transfer him even thou the issue got solved
>Since then ive been a lil bit of an asshole whith my clients not out right rude just straight to the point and not really kind
>niggers get angry cause mu stimulus not there
>Whayu men that the picture of my phone with a picture of my id on it and my hand holding it, its not valid!?
>To be fair Im not rude I just stick to the policies
>Today my day off Boss sends me text "hey I know its your day off but can I talk to you for a sec real fast?"
>Try to log in on work PC
>"Authentification failed. Password not match contact your IT administrator"
>Moms blood preasure was down this morning, so much she couldnt get out of bed I have to pay for analysis and treatment this friday and my rent is due the 15
I cannot lose my job, why why did I do? If I would of know at least I would off scream shut the fuck off to all the shitty niggers and retard old farts.
Im tired


I usually get paid on the first or second day of the month, but this month I haven't been paid yet. Hope I'm not getting fired or anything, although that wouldn't be too bad.


Why do you feel the need to go to uni?


How do I study so I can get a Sec+ certification then eventually to get OSCP


I dont know how it is where you live, but I live in a country that's stuck with the mindset you NEED the paper if not you are perma stuck in some entry level retail position (which im mighty sick off after 2 years of it).


Only thing for which I wish I would live in the US
Here in my country with socialized healthcare there is database in which I am registered for which I got my healthcare paid for and for those gap years I could not find work it clearly says I was unemployed, that database is accessed whenever you find new job and the accountant is making some paperwork for you.


I'm doing jackshit at work and waiting to get fired, let's see how long I last, I've been doing this for a month give or take.


I live in a town nowhere near a city in Ireland in full lockdown with no drivers license, should I bother looking for work or just going with college?


Depends, what would you do in college?


I've been at a company for 2.5 and got the highest performance reviews but my bitch of a boss and her whore of a boss won't promote me. I work a lot. They use COVID as an excuse for not promoting me (which is complete bullshit, my industry is almost unaffected in COVID and in some ways benefits from it.) I'm trying not to spontaneously rage quit, but if I do is it that bad? I just need to find another job in 3 months because I guess you're not allowed to take a fucking break without making up some bullshit lie like you're taking care of your dying grandmother? I do shit that no one else knows how to do and constantly innovate and put 100% of myself into this job, and if I were to leave they'd probably need at least 2 people to take over the work that I currently do.


>I'm trying not to spontaneously rage quit, but if I do is it that bad?
VERY bad. Corporations talk. If you hold weight in the company and then just vanish, it will tarnish your record forever. You probably won't qualify for employment insurance if you quit yourself and you may void any saved up pension/benefits.

Look for a job in a similar field, if you find one, explain to your current boss that you're considering moving on to that company. This will either force them to up your wage/position so you stay, or at the very least if you do quit you have another job to fall back on. If you can't find a similar job, then tell your current employers you're looking for a new job that you can move up in. basically you want them to know that "moving up" is your #1 goal no matter what company it is. Try to be casual about it. You don't want to actually threaten leaving unless you really do have somewhere better to work, but if they know you're not willing to stagnate in the current position you're in it could force their hand.


Reading through this general makes me glad I am union at least.


Some sales reports kinda licked and I had the chance to read some of it. It's embarrassing to see adults unable to write a full paragraph without sounding like toddlers. People can't write a professional looking sentence if their lives depended on it. I don't know why I'm surprised.


Worked in a warehouse for the first time this week, 50 hours. The job is minimum wage and requires a lot of energy and almost constant working / walking throughout the day. The staff are a mixture of young people who presumably left school with poor grades / few qualifications and older people who maybe grew up at a time when having few qualifications didn't really hinder you.

Today there was another agency worker who was at least sixty years old, and for eight hours he walked constantly around the aisles with his trolley picking things to be packed. He kept making mistakes so I saw him walking around slightly confused holding the incorrect item. I began crying when I saw this, and at lunch time he didn't hear the music turn off (signalling lunch) and was left by himself in the aisles, so I went over to tell him and offered to buy him food. He said no thank you and that he had crisps (American: chips) in his car, which was an old car I saw him trying to repair at lunch. When I asked what he did before this, he just said he just works wherever the agency tell him to go. His voice and demeanour was so cheerful and innocent that it just made me feel terrible. There are so many beaten up older guys just making the best of things, some commuting an hour and a half every morning for a ten hour shift (sometimes eleven hours) all for minimum wage.

Sorry for the long post, but I have to admit that this experience has been eye-opening. These are good people, hard workers, who go out of their way to help others and yet they earn minimum wage and know they will lose their jobs if their (to me intense) work rate slackens.


Can some tell me some wiz-truths that they learnt working a wageslave job? I've been away from work for so long that I can't remember the wiz-truths I learnt.

The only ones I can remember are:
-Good people suffer.
-Many people like to think of themselves as good people despite evidence to the contrary.
-People are inherently too selfish to work together for the collective good and suffer individually instead while stomping on weaker people.


Are you not also one of those people that like to think of themselves as good despite evidence to the contrary?


People are shit you me and everyone in this thread included and if it is possible for you to get bux or otherwise NEET do it and cling to it for dear life


Maybe, maybe not. Might be I'm just too weak to be stomp on other people. But it's shit like when I'm helping a customer who's clearly frail and then other customers come up to me demanding that I help them or when I'm up on a ladder trying to put the new bullshit promotion materials up colleagues will disappear all of a sudden.

It's a temporary reprieve, I'm going back to work pretty soon. NEETing is not an option at the moment cos of bills and NEETbux wouldn't cover them.


Finally the weekend where I can spend all day zombie browsing the internet and masturbating.


It was just painful reading about that old man. Thanks for the story.


Even kids in high school are working 40+ hour work weeks now in addition to their classes. How are we supposed to keep up?


Managers are assholes, FUCK it's strange how I never had problems with co-workers but managers in these shitty fucking warehouse jobs are the king of assholes.


File: 1610919433462.png (298.25 KB, 524x340, 131:85, jhjj5.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

My goal in life is to do as little as possible and live as comfortably possible in the process.

I currently work as a security guard on Saturday and Sunday, doing two 12 hour shifts from 12 am to 12 pm and watching youtube videos the whole time.

I have the whole week to do jack shit and games don't even interest me anymore. I just casually browse the internet now.


I'm a little jealous honestly.


I want to live the same I wish but i'm afraid it's going to be hard for me to live on my own with min wage money, unless I get a cheap horrible apartment with roommates.


File: 1610946849215.jpg (333.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, flowersofevil.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Me again. I cracked this sunday. My motherfucker boss called me the whole fucking day (I don't work sundays according to my contract) to fix a bug, I just ignored him, I'm done. I don't want to see this retard ever again, he thinks I'm his slave, he can die and go to hell. I tried to do my best but this fucker makes my life impossible. I have to fix bugs or develop new requirement whenever he wants, no planning, no testing,nothing,just get shit done somehow in the shortest time posible (one day, so I have to sacrifice my sleep time). The mere thought of having to listen this asshole on a teams call tomorrow sickens me. I don't give a fuck if we have to deliver this project this week, I just don't care anymore. He put the deadline over the wellbeing of the team, why should I care about his project ? Can I just stop working without giving any explanation?


You could? But I feel like you'll get fired no matter what. He is probably pissed to hell that you didn't comply and suck his boot and will try to get you fired. Who knows man, either deal with that asshole or quit and find a new job or work retard manual labor jobs.


I know wizzies don't like confrontations, but you should seriously take the time to air out all your grievances to him and the whole team (in a calm, argumentative manner). Chances are, you are not the only one feeling pressured in that environment and your co-workers might have your back. If you just ghost him, he has the last word and he can control the narrative, say that you were lazy or lacked communication skills.

Stop being a pussy and stand up for yourself. 9/10 times these kinds of assholes get a way with it because people don't like confrontations. Sounds like he needs you more than you need him and you have leverage if you want to negotiate better pay or better work hours. And if he fires you, then you at least don't have to worry about all those problems anymore.


Been in a similar situation before. It all boils down to how fast you could find another job, how much do you need the money and how much you value yourself. If your contract doesn't say you should work on Sundays, if you have another place where you could find a job at relative ease and speed and you feel you're better than to let just about any faggot to step on you, then don't take up calls on Sundays and don't work harder and longer than what is agreed on in your contract. If all the above possibilites are in your favor, then your boss kicking ypu shouldn't be a problem.


> work retard manual labor jobs.

I don't like being yelled and surrounded by people the whole day, I tried to become a developer to avoid that. Being called one time per day to check is already stressful but If I have the rest of the day to work at my pace, I'm fine. However this boss has completely invaded my life

> Chances are, you are not the only one feeling pressured in that environment and your co-workers might have your back.

I've sensed they feel the same but they are people with kids and stuff so I doubt they will try to confront the boss

>Sounds like he needs you more than you need him and you have leverage if you want to negotiate better pay or better work hours.

I just want to run away even if he offers me better pay, I haven't quitted the job yet because "you have to maintain professionalism and work ethic" and mainly because I'm a pussy and I dread verbal confrontations.

I didn't have the guts to quit today, I just sent a message to him saying that I am sick (which is partially true,I have intense anxiety and stress, dizziness, vomiting)


That sounds like my dream job


Higher education is only useful if you know what to do, if you want to become a specialist. To get to know some people that will help you land a comfy, high paying job. But if you're a wizardly shut in with no skills and no motivation then it'll be just a massive waste of time, nerves and sometimes money.
>you are perma stuck in some entry level retail position
This is how it goes. Even if you graduate you'll still end up as an asocial person with no skills end connections. What's the point graduating in your late 20's/early 30s with 0 job experience?


I'm fucked lol. didnt meet kpi, agreed to improvement, didn't improve. the layoff is tangible, it's a matter of time. my only hope is inheritance, but that may take maybe 10 years, and even then its not going to me, its going to my parents. i'll have to bet on their goodwill to send me a slice big enough that i can just place it in a safe investment fund and live off the profits. i think about this day and night, its my only hope, of course id never stop thinking about it. but its so far away. until then the only thing i can do is put my hands up and prepare for the freefall. weeeee


Bros, I fear the job centre is starting to crack down now after last year. You have to start earning your neetbux again. I have 10 years wageslaving experience but I don't want to get a job atm (I'm pretty much bankrupt anyway). It took me 12 months and lots of interviews to get a job last time but I was trying. I would do without neetbux but I need to buy kratom and a few others things otherwise I have 24/7 sui ideation


Can you take some time off, even if it's unpaid?
Just say that you are sick. We are in the middle of a pandemic so that is literally the perfect excuse. If the company really depends on you to finish the project on time then they can't easily fire you. Don't answer the phone at this time. Hell I would turn it off completely and not even check personal emails.
The deadline is complete bullshit. Some stupid fuck in upper management probably decided on it without consulting relevant people and now all the work is being pushed on you.
When you do go back and have to fix a bug or implement a feature take your sweet ass time. Even if you figure out the solution, wait a few hours before actually implementing it.
This is even easier to do if you are working from home. Just pretend that you are doing something and then say that it's difficult and you need some help.

You've set expectations too high and now they expect that from you. Working at the same level as your coworkers might get you in trouble so your only hope is to make it seem like you are working hard. Wake up early in the morning, like 2 hours before and send an email to your boss or another coworker asking something mundane then go back to sleep. Or even just commit some code. Mention this during your daily meeting in passing. Not like your bragging you dont want your coworkers to give you hell too.

Good luck wizzie and remember if the project is important and you are understaffed they CANNOT fire you. The project HAS to be finished and it has to be maintained. You are much more valuable than you think.


>Some stupid fuck in upper management probably decided on it without consulting relevant people and now all the work is being pushed on you

This is the more infuriating thing. These fuckers just want to finish the project as soon as possible so they can boost their reputation, get bonuses, brag about it, grow in the company, while I'm working overtime like a slave without having received one single extra penny. This is a win-win situation for the upper management and my boss but I'm just wasting my time and damaging my mental and physical health.

>they CANNOT fire you

Being fired would be a blessing to be honest. I've not quitted by my own will basically because I'm too scared of confrontation. My effort and time are not being rewarded enough and they are not respecting my leisure time so I don't want to keep working here. The problem is that this project is on its final stages before release so I don't know how to gracefully quit without them calling me to wish me death or how to cope in this shit until at least a beta version is released.

Holy shit, I don't even need this money to survive in the short run, I'm just here because I was tired of my family pressure to work. I'm sick of this corporate bullshit. I would be ok working just 8 hours per day and being alone most of the time but after this I have the feeling this corporate bullshit is the norm rather than the exception in the industry.


How hard is it to become a security guard? Do you have to be big and imposing or just get a guard card etc?


Taking 3 weeks off starting next week. Can't wait to do nothing.


When I started this job,there was a hardcore communist. Whatever, he's entitled to his opinion, and I don't care enough about politics to talk about it with anyone.

He's still there. However, he started investing a week or two ago and now he's turning into a hardcore neoliberal, which was who he was complaining about the most. It's weird seeing him transform overnight.


>getting annoyed by stupid coworkers edition

Yes, this has been my situation as of late. I've taken to calling them illiterate, retards, insult the fact that it seems like they have no ability to think or rationalize, and criticize their inability to do monkey tier warehouse work. I am absolutely fed up with them, they are idiots beyond my comprehension and proudly admitting that they failed basic education. It's like babysitting, this must be how public school teachers feel. Explaining and reiterating an extremely basic concept for weeks(circling and writing numbers on a page, the directions of north and south, how to sign your name on a piece of paper) to no avail. I understand the fact that adjusting to intense physical labor is a difficult process, but any adult that can fill out an application and pass an interview should be able to accomplish the aforementioned tasks.

All of this makes me feel like doing my job to the standard I am held just makes me the ultimate idiot. In the end, I'm the one losing by doing what I'm supposed to. I feel like I'm being played by these people, by this company. In the end I am and I should have known better when volunteering to work overnight "for a couple of weeks". I'm stuck here until they can find enough people competent to replace me. Should I attempt to file for unemployment to compensate for my reduced hours? I'm trying to get off benzos and kick my nicotine habit and this is absolutely not helping the situation.


>The problem is that this project is on its final stages before release so I don't know how to gracefully quit
There really isn't a way to gracefully quit when you are in the middle of a project. Personally I would take two weeks off, blame it on covid and don't answer my phone. Then when I start working say I am still feeling sick. Don't work more than 8 hours after you return no matter what.

I used to get so stressed at my last job. I was the only one developing the front end of our application basically coding and designing it and working some parts of the back end with no help (it was my first year of working a real job and i was beyond clueless). They had a timeline to finish the project in like 8 weeks. I worked there for 6 months before this project began. Worked on the project for a month then quit without giving two weeks. I will remember that day until I day. I was so happy going into the office. Nervous when I talked to my owner and they tried to get me to stay but I stuck to my decision.

Literally 10 months later I get an email from my now previous owner telling me that the project I was working on is finally complete and he thanked me for the work I did on it.
I nearly killed myself for this job. The deadline was complete bullshit. The amount of pressure that I felt to learn more and be a productive slave was all bullshit.

I understand the fear of confrontation and there isn't an easy way to do it. You can either turn in your laptop to security after sending an email to your boss letting them know that today will be your last day (if you do this dont forget to change your tax and address info if needed). Then don't answer your phone for anybody except family. If it's important they will leave a message. You won't be able to use this job as a reference but thats fine.

Otherwise you can send an email to your owner to schedule a meeting. Then let them know that you are quitting.

There will always be more work to do. After you "finish" this dumpster fire of a project, you will have to do bug fixes and maintenance and then in the middle of that a new project will be assigned to you. Quitting is an inherently disruptive activity. Even if you give a multiple month notice.

Managements lack to plan is not your responsibility. Managements lack of hiring an adequate amount of experienced employees is not your responsibility.


I will try to gather the strength to write a letter this night and quit tomorrow. I will say to my boss that if he wants I can write code documentation during the next week. This is unbearable at this point, I'm not eating well, I'm throwing up, I have shortness of breath even during normal working hours. Random calls drive me insane, I need a previous notice before meetings, random calls make me lose my shit. My health is a mess, I have to quit. Well, the only problem is that have to go to the company office to return the laptop, that will be awkward.


Good luck.If you feel like they are going to overwork you during the next week I won't even bring that up.
Also you can drop the computer off at the security desk and be done with it. Just send your email to your boss a few minutes before and don't entertain a reply.
Stay strong wiz. They'll try to manipulate you and offer you some deal to stay (less hours, more pay, or even guilt trip you) but try to remember how you are being treated now. If they know you are leaving they may be nice for a few days or a week but they'll show their true colors once again.
Make it clear that this is your health at stake. Then turn off your phone and try your best to fix the damage that work has imparted on you.

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