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getting annoyed by stupid coworkers edition

previous >>228423


what was wrong with the other one?


I am NEET on welfare now but back when I worked as condo security my coworkers were fine. The main problem was the boss, supervisors, managers, etc. Basically anyone with an elevated status who would talk down to me or treat me like garbage because I was a minimum wage expendable employee.
Some of the people I had to interact with were awful too. A resident would get furious and yell at me because of something happening to them outside of my control. Like if they parked illegally and got a ticket from the city, or they lost their key and I'm not allowed to let them back in to their house but they refuse to listen and abuse me for an extended period. People trying to claim parcels without showing ID, etc.
I didn't make the rules. The property management does all that. Ridiculous how grown adults throw temper tantrums at me because I don't cater to their unreasonable demands. Humanity is rotten.

I think once the thread hits 300 posts it stops bumping and gets archived quickly.


How you got the NEETbux?


File: 1604115870004.png (63.33 KB, 990x663, 330:221, ow.png) ImgOps iqdb

I live in Canada.
COVID19 works out to my benefit because I got extra cash and I don't even need to see my caseworker anymore. I talk to them twice a year over the phone and that's that. It's a blessing for now. Hopefully the economy doesn't crash and they kick me off because I really need this.
Working is no longer an option because of my declining health. It's either homelessness or suicide eventually and I really don't want to be homeless.


Off to a wizclub as wizbartender! Saturday night is busy wish me luck!


Just got a call from the Colonel we need to do a sabotage in wizriya, gonna paradrop behind enemy lines and bomb a factory. Gonna fly of this evening ugh wiz me luck. Ugh, on monday I was supposed to do a wiz presentation on our marketing strategy for the financial department, I hate being a wageslave its so trying.


Damn good luck, you should really quit your Wiz Seal career, whats gonna happen to your wizkids and wizwife when you get shot?


He may survive and get a wizmedal though, victory without risk brings triumph without glory.


get up at whatever time you want. stay up as long as you want. eat when you're hungry and sleep when you're tired. do whatever you want.

this is for your own good. you know the "deprived" lifestyle you've been living is bad for you. you're spreading yourself too thin. if you keep this up, you're going to collapse under the weight of your own instability.

you need to simplify your life. forget about the old way of doing things. if something isn't working for you now, you need to toss it out. once you do that, you'll be able to focus on what is still relevant: yourself.


How does this makes you feel?


"do whatever you want" = blindly follow whatever urge, whim, or habit happens to be strongest at the moment with no input from your actual consciousness

This is how you become an undisciplined animal with no control over your life. This is how you lose power, weaken your Will and slowly degrade into an NPC.


This "advice" is so stupid. I wish my parents sat down with me and told me that I need to finish things even if it bugs me for the time being, how you start a career so you dont have to wageslave, what their mistakes and regrets were, help me look up where I could get what education for which field of employment…
Just do what you want, what an awful thing to say.


File: 1604295973209.jpg (139.91 KB, 968x711, 968:711, 1596494678881.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I just walked to my car and drove home. It feels good ghosting wagie jobs.


Can I be your friend?


So tired of my job dumping more responsibilities on me without any increase in pay or incentives. Why the fuck should I bust my ass doing more shit for literally no reason.




Off work, and instead of doing anything productive i simply sit, watch videos, browse forums, and drink.
It is horrible, as i work i dream of time off, and when i get it i waste it away on things i don't even enjoy.


25~ posts were deleted from this thread. If you want to talk about what political party may or not be better for your particular lifestyle, there's the fast moving politics thread in /lounge/ for that. Derailing this thread with such subject matter while also insulting other users on /dep/ with namecalling will result in a ban.


I don't understand what you just said. Would you care to try again?


Anyone else here becoming an alcoholic? i've started drinking more and more heavily over the past 2 years to cope with being forced to work


I'm an alcoholic and haven't worked a day in my life


I have recently started to become numb to my emotions, both negatively and positively. I thought I was starting to handle my emotions. Boy was I wrong. And this is why kids, you should leave toxic environments!



I suffer from severe anxiety disorder, and i'm becoming an alcoholic too, because benzos made me too sleepy and prevent me to concentrate and work decently.

How much do you drink everyday?
How much hangovers affect your work skills ?


Alcohol wasn't doing the trick for me so moved to drugs instead.


Is working and drinking/doing drugs sustainable? I feel like I'd end up not waking up from an alarm at some point and getting fired.



Quit my bricklaying apprenticeship of 8 months (29 jan to start oct)
never felt worse mentally before, must've been a lack of sleep? I averaged like 6 hours a night i think, but after may month i got this bad brainfog and it never really went away, also the negative thoughts that come with it. Like what if it never got better? anyways i quit that shit job and now im a NEET for some time and im starting to feel normal again


File: 1604616523160.jpeg (200.59 KB, 1800x1125, 8:5, 1_Zozu8R-qFBHkD9Cu9qyIEg.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

What a time we are living in.


I am at Uni and burned out for no reason. I am beating myself up because my attempts to get training in some craft failed, but I suppose it doesnt matter what I do, I will always be miserable and long for better times.
Good to know.


I drink most days at least 6 or so beers, i'm a lightweight so that's a nice amount to keep me drunk enough to be happy, my hangovers are horrible though and give me bad stomach problems so i go for constant shits at work


tfw I'm the stupid coworker and can see my coworkers get visibly annoyed


File: 1604675656633.jpg (120.96 KB, 1024x704, 16:11, Varlam_Shalamov-NKVD.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I did it. I am free now. I quit my job and I will never have to work again. All the years of wageslaving finally paid off.

I will NEVER AGAIN get up at 5 AM IN THE MORNING to brush my teeth, chomp down my breakfast, shit, shower, and fight my way through morning commute so I can arrive on time to start my fucking job in the office.

“What’s that, Anon? You have to drive 160 kilometers per day and burn through 200 € for gas in a month just to get to work and back? Well, that really sucks. Yes, we think too that an office job such as yours would be perfectly suited for switching to home office. But you have to understand, your boss is a people’s person. He wants to see your face when he discusses things with you.”

I will NEVER AGAIN have to deal with the FUCKING SUCCUBUS supervisor who went on maternity leave for one year to let me run the show and make my working life hell after her return so she could prove that she was still in control.

I will NEVER AGAIN have to listen to FUCKING CORPORATE EXCUSES when they lay me off and tell me that it is too expensive to keep me while the SUCCUBUS SUPERVISOR is allowed to stay.

I will NEVER AGAIN have to SPEND FOUR FUCKING HOURS IN COMMUTE every day, like I did for my other job.

“Yes, Anon. We understand that four hours in commute is really long. But you see, we are an ambitious scale-up. We want to grow as fast as possible so our executives don’t have to wait so long for their big pay day. And by keeping you in the office, we can exert more control over you and make sure that you work really hard and squeeze out a few more %. Thanks to your effort, our investors will be rewarded a few months sooner.”

I will NEVER AGAIN do the WORK OF TWO OR THREE PEOPLE and burn myself out for a pat on the back.

“Wow, Anon, you really worked hard. You know what? We will promote you to a new position and give you an impressive sounding title. It will mean that you will have to do the work of three instead of just two people, but you will get 200 € more per month! What, in our vacancy we wrote that applicants can expect 5.000 € more per year for this position? Well, you don’t have the necessary experience. But come and ask HR again in three years and then we will increase your salary to the amount you should be getting now. It’s a promise!”

I will NEVER AGAIN be the bitch for five different bosses and superiors from different departments who can all come and tell me what shit I have to do for them as soon as possible. I will NEVER AGAIN be chewed out by the CEO shit happend that was out of my control but somebody had to be blamed for it so others could save their face.

For years I dealt with all this CORPORATE BULLSHIT while slaving for 5 days like a horse just to enjoy the other 2. NEVER AGAIN will I experience the dread of looking at the clock on a Sunday evening and thinking that soons my precious weekend will be over. NEVER AGAIN will I catch myself doing the 100 yard stare while thinking if this is how my life is supposed to be.

I am out, I am free, I am happy. Thank you for reading.


Good for you wiz, fuck them.


Are you retired? What did you do for work and for how long?


lucky, i haven't even began yet to wageslave yet. how old are you?


File: 1604683773433.jpg (85.25 KB, 613x768, 613:768, Aleksandr_Solzhenitsyn_197….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thank you.
Part retired, part self employed though I don't have to work for a living any more.
Worked for more than 10 years in various jobs and different companies.
End of my 30s.


10 years to partially retire is pretty good, pretty jealous friend. What is your self employed work? You don't have to be specific if your worried about others knowing you or something, just interested is all.


based and wizscreencapped


File: 1604688159228.jpg (86.68 KB, 690x388, 345:194, gulag.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thank you but I have to admit that there was also quite some luck involved. Realising that there was an opportunity for me to opt out and playing my cards right was a lot of hard work, though.

I used to work in low tier management positions. It sucked but I learned quite a lot of useful things. Mainly how to get stuff done and how to make important people like me even though I mostly hated what I did and I didn't like many of the people I had to work with.

Eventually, I could have clawed my way up the corporate ladder but I found this to be too … mundane. I have seen how the people above me did even more work than I did, basically living for not much else but for their jobs and their company. In my view, these people live unhealthy, often unhappy lives and can't even properly spend the money they earn because they lack time to do so. After entering the corporate world I quickly realised that I did not want to end up like this and focused most of my energy on getting off this ride.

My self employed job is that of a writer. I am basically writing articles for blogs and magazines and stuff in my native language. Nothing special really. It's just that I really love writing and by writing texts for others I can earn some pocket money to cover my bills, even though I don't need to. It's also to keep me somewhat busy. I "work" maybe 2 hours like this per day.


i'm starting welding school soon and then ill be an apprentice again.
ill get burned out but i guess i just have to hang in.
160 kilometers? don't you get some tax deductions from that?


I won't lie, being a part of management sounds pretty unwizardly and one has to wonder how you climbed the ladder with depression; and then became a writer for blogs and magazines… Either way I still give you congratz, what did you invest in? ETFs? Or did you go the reality estate method. You must have been making 6 figures or close to I'm assuming, that or you are in a LCOL area.


I hate my job indeed, had to drop out med school cuz no sugar daddy to pay for it, now wagecucking life style then enlisting in the army (mandatory in shithole 3rd world)..
anyway, idk whys this inferiority complex hitting on me constantly but I do really get into deep sorrow inside whenever see the rich around me.. I work at store..
anyone else hate that they force you to wear uniform? sometimes i like it, to see me and work mates are equal in shape so that i blend in and not look weirdo
i hate the monthly paying jobs. they ask me for papers and stuff but I'm literally broke and can't afford going to library and copy papers, I mean that's why I'm wagecucking right.. to afford shit

ah also, thinking about living on street once i get my first pay, don't wanna live with parents anymore even if it will cost me life etc I simply don't care anymore


File: 1604736999975.png (325.11 KB, 800x450, 16:9, hole.png) ImgOps iqdb

Yes, there was some tax deduction. What sucked most about it was that I had to drive so much every day. I somewhat got used to it but it still was very tiring. Especially in winter when it got dark early.

English is not my native language so maybe some of the meaning got lost. In my country corporations like to slap a nice job title on a position that is basically your average wageslave job where you don't have a say in anything important.

All you do is "manage" your position and your tasks. I never "managed" other people. What made my role a little bit different was that compared to the other wageslaves on the lowest level, I had a somewhat more freedom in deciding which task to do when.

Regarding my investments: It's a combination of different things. I never earned 6 figures, only low to medium 5 figures. However, I live in a LCOL area and have a very frugal lifestyle. No friends so I don't go out. I don't drink or smoke. Only owned 2nd hand cars. Basically, I only spend money to pay rent and basic stuff like food, internet, electricity. No hobbies except reading, writing, and taking walks when there are no other people around.

I started investing after the 2008/09 crash when everything was down. Invested in stocks, ETFs, gold, and other things. In the beginning there was a lot of luck involved because I didn't really have much of a clue what I was doing. But eventually I got better and since then it's basically compounding effects and correctly predicting macro trends.


File: 1604745163642.png (227.18 KB, 369x280, 369:280, owlet.png) ImgOps iqdb


Congratulations wizbro, I hope you have a comfy time from now on


>started investing in 2008
Perfect timing then, plus that streak during the past 5 years has been rather insane, double digit stock growth every year is just out of line. I don't know what the future holds though, somehow just printing more money let every country escape the lockdown crash. Somehow I'm actually started to believe that boomer tier logic "Stocks only go up!". Hopefully the markets stay strong, what % do you need on average each year? Are you following those FIRE guides? You don't want to end up as a 50 year old man going back to work after 20 years of not working.


File: 1604768360524.jpeg (63.37 KB, 500x309, 500:309, snow.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Thanks a lot, my dear wizfriend. I also wish you all the best. And that owl is adorable.

Yes, the timing worked out very well. Regarding markets staying strong I think you should be very cautious. I feel that the global economy will be hit very, very hard in the next 12-18 months. But this is maybe something to discuss in more detail in another thread if you like.

Yes, I am following FIRE guides.


>tfw you're a target of coporate stalking for the multi million company you work for


>getting annoyed by stupid coworkers edition
people here are the stupid coworkers


File: 1604977798346.jpg (71.65 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, Ek8yvwQW0AAHvfP.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

gtfo normie


I was an alcoholic for the longest time. Last year I cut it out of my life completely only to pick up smoking as a cope. Now this year I'm back to drinking on the weekends and I've just about done away with smoking. The part of my job that requires me to be around people makes me so anxious. I've found myself comparing my life to theirs, and it makes me depressed. I know I shouldn't compare myself to others but seeing others living happy, well adjust lives surrounded by people who care for them appeals to my human desire for tribal acceptance.


They know you're a threat. Take advantage of their weakness and amplify your mana vibrations. This is what Ladmin did to become CEO of his company.


File: 1605074380909.gif (553.52 KB, 500x276, 125:69, 8d3ec7c23c6e45b9c73122a865….gif) ImgOps iqdb

I heard my boss talking to another employee about how lonely he felt for spending the weekend away from his family because of work. He said he missed being with them so much even if it was just for one day and that next time he will travel to be with them, even if it was just for the weekend because being completely alone and without your family is awful.

I thought that it makes sense to feel like that when you have a family but when you are alone in life you don't get those feelings, there's nobody you will miss being with. And I understand him perfectly since his family is his biggest joy in his life. I wish he could have been my father and I'm glad I work for a man like him.


File: 1605192627733.jpg (15.99 KB, 250x250, 1:1, holy cracka.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Temporary work at home in customer support its a dream come true for me since I dont have to deal with idiot coworkers and their normo shit not to mention the money and time I save from not having to commute, do we really need work offices?

Too bad it will be only 'till January but I hope there's another Work at home project going on if they really want the Chink Flu meme keep going.


alright need a new job. preferably at home. shoot me your suggestions
also going back to school in january.


>But you have to understand, your boss is a people’s person. He wants to see your face when he discusses things with you.”
I genuinely want every boomer who still makes their employees come into an office job to die. I dont know how dumb and edgy that sounds, but fucking seriously.


Something nobody asked before: What now? How will you pay the bills?

omg did you fuckin win the lottery?


File: 1605666554311.png (161.69 KB, 312x382, 156:191, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


How much money did you make total?


>deep sorrow inside whenever see the rich around me
got guns in that shithole? what's it gonna take to push you over the edge?


fuck boomers and fuck shitty scam con artists companies, i cant wait for the "biggest" company nationwide to burn down to the ground for their incompetent shitty management


Car has broken down AGAIN in the same month leaving todays work unfinished. Tommorow I'll have to work double to finish everything and not even get any extra pay for that. God knows when I will be home today. Can't even get any sleep in the car since interior is cramped. Fucking kill me


File: 1605950620097-0.png (373.8 KB, 640x640, 1:1, grin.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm finally quitting. My retail company is notorious for it's corporate and store level mismanagement, and it's shitty work for min. wage depth-grovelers like me. But, it being my 2nd job ever, and hearing former employees talk about their experiences, I'm a little glad I had what mental fortitude I didn't know I had to stay here for years, not getting a raise in all that time.

Is at-home customer service still a thing anyone can get into at this time? Anything at home that will net me $100, even $50 per week would suffice.


>I used to work in low tier management positions
> I learned quite a lot of useful things. Mainly how to get stuff done and how to make important people like me
Very wizardly behavior, so you were a professional normgroid, hired on a management position which requires strong people skills and is one of the least wizardly jobs possible then you learned how to make normgroids like you because you are one of them.
But this is fine because you said you hate them so we're cool, right?
Oh btw had sex guys it was awful we can still be friends, right?


I'm starting to stop caring as well. I feel like that sooner or later I'm gonna drop it all and go on the streets out of inertia. what can you do.


I remember I once posted here to invest your savings for free money and I got like 3 responses saying I was gambling and asking what stock. Hopefully you guys have educated yourself? Or are you still anti-"""""gambling"""""


Don't you just love when you get ignored by coworkers and need to keep asking over and over the same stupid stuff? Then employer tells me "wizzie you're too slow", I just don't care anymore, fire me if you want bitch.


File: 1606280233578.jpg (42.21 KB, 512x443, 512:443, ichihashi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Broken down by life itself. Broken down by the machine. Hell maybe im broken down by none of that. Maybe im just bored. Go to the same fucking place everyday . See the same fucking people everyday. Take the same damn fucking pills everyday. Everyday you feel older, life is passing you by while everyone else is full throttle it seems like. Every other asshole has got it better than you other than those ones that don’t. and those fucks are so sorry you wouldn’t think they’d see next week. Maybe if I was stronger, better looking, more talented and intelligent life would be so much more amazing. There are people out there gifted with amazing fundamentals that lift them to great places. The heavens. Then there are those who are in a freefall into a black hole. The hellish reality. The stupid. The meek. The weak. The ugly. And the lunatics. All going to hell. The walk the punished take is one with rotten food thrown at you by fellow villagers.


All I can say is this is a good post.


>that one co-worker that can't stand anyone else being in the spotlight
normies are fucking pathetic


you sound like youre making shit up and type like a fucking boomer


I work a very strenuous labor job, and I have to say that despite all of the physical work I have to put in every day, the most difficult part of my job is simply interacting with my coworkers. They're mostly men, so perhaps it isn't quite as bad as it could be, but it's still terrible. Having to make small talk with them. Having them ask you things, and knowing that they're asking it so that if you answer it incorrectly they can have something to gossip about you with behind your back. When you have to ask a supervisor something (that's their job to deal with) and they act visibly annoyed to have to talk to you. Having to walk on eggshells lest you say the wrong thing to someone. I hate it so fucking much.


To add to this, I will add that there is one thing I have learned from it. Never be nice to anyone. And never help anyone unless they specifically ask you for it. Anything kind you try to do, no matter how simple or harmless it is, will be misinterpreted in the worst possible way and used against you. I always feel that I'm bothering people so I have a tendency to want to reduce the amount of effort other people have to put in when they deal with me, and if I try to do that it is always taken badly, no matter what I say or do. It's like you can't ever win, like you're always a fucking idiot and anything that you do is wrong.


My female coworker always tries to talk to me while I'm on the phone with customers and gets annoyed that I can't understand her, or ignore her until I have finished with the phonecall. It's never anything urgent, last time she interrupted just to say "I'm cold, I don't like it"


Everywhere I look, there are more successful people than me.


Try looking in India or something. You are doing better than 50% of the world, you choose to look at the 50% who are doing better.


I think this is ultimately insecurity. They probably don't even think let alone talk about you behind your back. You're trying too hard to be normal or likeable and not say the wrong thing, but that in itself is the wrong thing, because you are not confident in what you say. Don't ask me how to deal with insecurity, because that is my problem too.


Not that guy. However I've had a coworker say my boss/supervisor complain about me. He wouldn't say about what. I'm still employed, and my boss hasn't talked to me about anything serious. As such it mustn't be bad. It's still enough to make me dwell on it


I've been able to catch little things that people have said about me when I was not there, and the coworkers that I am referring to will also gossip about other people to me in a very insulting way.


I've also had someone start a rumor about me that I was going to quit my job, which I only found out about because my supervisor asked me about it. I'd never said anything of that nature to anyone so someone simply made it up whole cloth.


nah a lot of workplaces are awful and full of constant scheming and bickering, you're lucky if you find somewhere where people tolerate you as a wizard and don't abuse you


I'm too stupid to learn programming


If that's the case than you are just being treated as equal, right?


programming sucks


Where do all the normies get their money? everyone I see gets tons of expensive shit, expensive Macbooks,cars,IPhones,alcohol,travels etc people says that "you just have to work bruh" but I have worked a fuckton of time and I can't afford all those expensive things.

Is there some kind of cheat code for life that normies know that I don't?


Yeah it's called networking to higher positions and/or having no savings.


Most normalfaggots are debt slaves. All property mortgaged out, credit cards always nearing or over max, vehicles mostly owned by the bank. The really disgusting this is if they somehow fall into enough money to pay off their debt the first think they do is take out as much loans as possible again. They don't care about freedom, if being a debt slave means that they get just a little more social clout they'll do it.


who cares, how your treated to your face is far more important, I respect coworkers who treat me well to my face even if they don't like me or talk shit about me behind my back because at least they're making an effort to be pleasant


>Don't ask me how to deal with insecurity, because that is my problem too.
stop giving a fuck what other people think, they're all insecure as well


thats exactly what I'm going through bro, you're not alone. Just keep focusing on trying to do productive stuff when you're not at work and making the most of your free time. If you don't enjoy doing unproductive stuff then you should be able to do productive stuff even if you don't enjoy it, no difference in feeling. I'm going to start working on my diet as well to maximise my energy, work takes everything out of me these days


Keep working at it until it "clicks". Eventually it will become effortless and enjoyable to think in systems and algorithms. At some point, you just figure out how to look programming problems a certain way and everything becomes clear.


>strenuous labor job


Are you a retard? I think you are


Non sequitur. What the heck are you smoking, my dude?


the real hell begins *after* they hire you


i work as a programmer it sucks see >>232814


File: 1606663001781.gif (3.42 MB, 472x424, 59:53, 1598383008798.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>relatively high pay for the amount of education needed
>work alone for long periods of time
>your boss can barely tell if you're doing a good job
>can browse the web and fuck around and no one bats an eye
>the longer you work on something the more they depend on you to maintain it
>can easily work on personal projects on company time to get extra money/experience
>if you're lucky, you can work remotely which means NEET level of freedom with all the benefits of having a job

It's a top-tier wizjob. If you're stressed out, just find a less stressful position at another place. I can imagine that some places are corporate normie hives full of hipsters, but if you're smart you can smell them by the way they write their job ads.


>open office filled with self-taught coding chads with 10 years experience
>work at home that makes you enjoy life even less and you end up hating anything computer related because it's always on your mind in terms of work

don't fall for it
anyone saying it's a wizjob has no idea what it actually entails

actually stay away from anything computer related because you'll lose one of the best copes and end up being one of those crabs that hates video games and anime


>relatively high pay for the amount of education needed
Not really, at least not where I live. Pay is fair for the education I have.

>work alone for long periods of time

No. I have to constantly let my boss know what I'm doing and how I'm doing it before letting it into production. And this without considering the fact that I have to interact with others when I have to dip toes in other parts of the software where I'm not familiar with to ask how is the best approach to do the stuff that I have to to do.

>your boss can barely tell if you're doing a good job

Look above.

>can browse the web and fuck around and no one bats an eye

Only right now where I'm smart working.

>the longer you work on something the more they depend on you to maintain it

Can be actually true. But this depends on the willingness to get you out of the company.

>can easily work on personal projects on company time to get extra money/experience

I speak for myself but I have no will to develop or do anything related to the field when I'm done with work for the day.

>if you're lucky, you can work remotely which means NEET level of freedom with all the benefits of having a job

This is happening right now because of the pandemic but will cease as soon the vaccine hits so not really a point I guess (for me at least).

I'm not any of the guy you quoted by the way, just wanted to chime in to give my two cents.


Well, every job is hell if you're terrible at it. I don't get the whole negative association thing and I've been enjoying working from home since corona started. I have no problem chilling on the computer after work.

After I answer the morning meeting call where we briefly talk about tasks for the day, I go watch TV shows, have a long breakfast, browse the web and somewhere in those 8 hours I do some amount of reasonable work. If I get stressed out, it's usually about some social aspect, like bullshit meetings or one of my teammates writing shit code (but I've been working on curbing my perfectionistic autism).

>>self-taught coding chads with 10 years experience

Been coding since I was 12, so usually I don't stress too much about technical problems. But I get stressed out when I have to argue with co-workers about technical decisions because normies seldom listen to actual arguments. They always want to use some trendy technique or technology because they saw a tech talk about it and can't understand that they come with all kinds of pitfalls and bad aspects that are only worth it in certain situations (like "microservices" bullshit).

Considering you can work without a degree, fresh out of a coding bootcamp, I'd say the pay is insanely good for the qualifications needed. There's people pulling 6 figures writing JavaScript in Silicon Valley that probably don't even know how a computer actually works under the hood.

Your boss sounds like he micromanages too much. We always deploy to a staging and then testing environment where it's checked and tested for any obvious bugs before being deployed to production. It's rare that I will need to do a hotfix or tinker with production data where changes can become a little iffy, but even then my boss trusts me to do the job. Before starting any big feature, we usually have a meeting do talk about the architecture and big picture decisions, but there's no need to do code reviews unless it's some intern.

Also, remote gigs have been a thing even before corona. I wish this pandemic doesn't end because the absolute worst part of my job was commuting every day. There's a chance my boss will realize how much we save on paying for office space and there's no real reason for all of us to be in a room together other than following polite business culture.


>you'll lose one of the best copes and end up being one of those crabs that hates video games and anime
I'm glad it happened to me. I found different things to do and my eyes aren't red and teary all the time anymore.


so you work at a call center? >>232822
since you're here and needed to point it out, i doubt it


>so you work at a call center?

No? Sorry if it wasn't clear, but I work as a full-stack web developer currently.


did you get the job straight out of school or need to work up for years to be in the spot you're in?


I did a summer internship after high school at a local company where I was working on mobile apps. I was offered a job but I didn't really like working there or the owner. Then I went to Uni to study CS for a couple years, got depressed and dropped out. Luckily, a guy from that firm was starting up his own thing and he gave me a job without any bullshit since he knew me. Smaller team meant more responsibility but more freedom as well.


I always wonder what happens when all the apps have already been made and optimized. What happens to the coders then? Why should we always assume there will be infinite demand for new apps and shit? Same goes for other physical stuff too. They obviously have run out of ideas on how to improve things like laptops and phones which haven't changed now for decades besides inane shit like putting 5 cameras on it. Companies are just going to start coasting soon if they're not already and they will just cut dead weight that they don't need and there won't be enough jobs to go around.


Uhm anon, there's still too much shit to do, like ai which is still in a piss poor state despite all the hype
What the phone companies lack is not ideas but the implementation, folding phones are the next big things.


You do realize that each AI application that is developed will put people out of work, right? It's already happening to some extent.


Like I said it's still too much in a piss poor state to replace "coders".


The corporation I work at had a complete web application made, which they (we) rewrote twice, the UI entirely and most of the server side. Once with a new interface and the other time in shiny new technologies so its easier to maintain and collaborate on or something.
That and there's maintainment. There will always be something to do in a capitalist system, even if artificial and unnecessary.


>Perhaps the single biggest problem for people who want to work professionally in IT today, however, is the simple fact that the major problems have been solved. A few decades ago, the world was asking itself the question: "How are technology's wiz-kids going to develop a system which enables both businesses and individuals to look up information online, store their personal information safely, and carry that information around with them?" Today, we have systems in place which have answered these questions. We already have the Internet, smartphones, and online systems that let us do our shopping, pay our bills, and communicate with other people, and all of these technologies have already been around for long enough that they are refined to the point where they work pretty well for nearly everyone. No one needs to develop or design any such technology; it has all already been designed and developed. On a purely technical, academic level, university Computer Science students may encounter unsolved problems which some genius might still be able to unlock, but even most of this type of work is already finished: we already have a lot of algorithms that enable us to do most of the information-processing work that we need, and outside of specialized research, it's unlikely that anyone is going to develop new algorithms that solve existing problems. Most of the most important algorithms being developed today are actually self-correcting: things like Google's search engine are not hand-crafted by a team of geniuses who know exactly what the world is searching for; rather, the search engine self-modifies its behavior in response to what people are looking for and autonomously recognizes when it has delivered what people are looking for. A computer can program itself faster and more thoroughly than a human could program it.



Nonsense, IT is still in high demand everywhere and gets good money even for menial tasks, there has to be somebody doing the maintenance and every company has their own requirements related to their infrastructure, organization, production and inventory.


>Been coding since I was 12,
Well duh you are one of those coding chads with +10 years of experience.


>relatively high pay for the amount of education needed
in the usa, outside it doesn't pay more than other jobs
i had to graduate university to get a job, other people with the same level of education get the same pay

>work alone for long periods of time

its extremely collaborative

>your boss can barely tell if you're doing a good job

your boss can't tell if you are doing a good job, so he only cares about the speed of implementation

>can browse the web and fuck around and no one bats an eye

not in an open office

>the longer you work on something the more they depend on you to maintain it

the longer you work on something the more you want to kill yourself

>can easily work on personal projects on company time to get extra money/experience

???? you can't do what you want in the office, if you slack off at home you'll get a lot of complains because things are out of schedule
forcing people to have personal projects sucks ass i don't want to work on my free time

>if you're lucky, you can work remotely which means NEET level of freedom with all the benefits of having a job

remote is better than onsite but i still get constant calls from the pm or other team members, so i can't get far away from the desk


Nobody speaks to me anymore, I'm pretty much done with the things I had to do and sit all day waiting for more instructions not doing shit. Do you think I'm about to get fired?


>I always wonder what happens when all the apps have already been made and optimized
I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon. What I do think is that languages will eventually get so high level any idiot with two functioning brain cells will be able to make an app and there won't be a need for programmers except for the lower level stuff


File: 1607075898865.jpg (837.54 KB, 2571x1612, 2571:1612, GettyImages-639601010.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>go to take a piss at work
>coworker is using urinal, so i use the stall
>coworker is listening to Queen on his phone
>as he's leaving, he starts singing along mimicking Freddy's voice
>all i hear was the door closing and him half-singing I'M JUST A POOR BOY FROM A POOR FAMILY in a high pitched voice
>little jarring as his voice is almost as deep as mine normally
Quite the experience


Pretty sure singing Queen in the men's bathroom is a gay swinger dog whistle. Watch your backside


If I were to lose my wizardhood, that ranks as being on the lower end of my preferred ways to lose it.

Humour aside, not sure if that's a thing. Sounds right, from what little I know/suspect of gay culture, though, so I'll be wary.


I've been asked for a picture of me, people I work with have never seen my face and to be honest I look like absolute shit. They say they need it for something (don't know why), I'm going to pretend I forget and hope they do so.


probably some christmas bullshit


Why the hell do people do stuff like that? It's clear they don't like me and I don't like them, could we just keep shit merely work related?


Can someone give me an estimate of what percentage of a job comes down to actual work and productivity and what percentage is social interaction? Like as far as ones boss is concerned or something.


If by social interaction you mean casual chitchat, as far as the boss is concerned, it shouldn't extend past break time in most jobs.


I feel like people get fired for not being social enough, but maybe I'm wrong.


I think it's more important to give off a friendly vibe. No one is asking for you to be friends with your co-workers, but if you're always silent, never smile, your body language communicates negative emotion, people will notice and it kinda freaks them out. Building rapport is important because it means "you're ok, I'm ok", you're trustworthy, you're willing to do the job together and so on. Nobody actually cares what you did last weekend, but the way you talk and communicate allows people to relax around you, an easy-going person is always more enjoyable to work around. Otherwise they're asking themselves, "why is he so serious?", "is he mad at me?", "did his dog die?", "is he going to come in with a shotgun one day?" etc.


Being friendly is a good asset to have. I don't want to be actual friends with any of my coworkers or customers, but I act friendly to them to minimize strife or condemnation or any negative feelings towards me


how do you "act friendly"?


Observe how other people act towards each other, especially then they meet for the first time. You're probably familiar with the "handshake" ritual, but everything you need to know is based on the same principle of reciprocity - I am extending my own hand and you're extending your own, we meet at a shared point. The particular ways people act depends on your particular culture, but essentially treat people the way they treat you, reciprocate good will, interest, humor and of course, if a motherfucker steals your sandwich from the fridge, call him out on it.

TL;DR - Observe people and emulate them.


Basically what >>233117 said. In general, I do some variation of the following

>say hi when first see coworker

>talk to them when they talk to me
>ask questions about stuff they bring up when appropriate, or about something relating to work or the coworkers interest
>I work in retail, so I am polite to anyone who asks questions. Ir if I get in their way, I excuse myself
Basically "be polite." It's tiresome, and I'm not the best at smalltalk or being sociable. Probably shows, but hopefully it reduces my air of wizardry enough that people aren't talking about it behind my back


It's so crazy to me you can do all that on the spot. I can't even think of words to say, even much later when I'm thinking about it I can't come up with something normal to say to basic small talk things.


Sometimes it takes me a bit. Plus, I often stutter or mumble. Still, it's something I picked up on by working in retail forever. It is more high pressure than it seems, just the same.


check the company's website, mine has every employee picture


Is it possitble to work night shifts in a security room with a bunch of monitors, where you can just sit and do other stuff? Do these kinds of jobs exist, are they hard to come by? Basically a job where you don't have to interact with others and can do other things while you're at work.


Yes. I had this job once. I don't know if they're hard to get, but keep in mind you have to interact with people of the night sometimes. The homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics, et cetera. Over 90% of my time spent on the job was just sitting and doing whatever I wanted, though.


Sounds comfy, thanks. Did you end up quitting?


Yes, I voluntarily quit. It had nothing to do with me disliking the job. It was a personal decision that I sometimes regret.


I think forcing yourself into a job that requires some amount social interaction will benefit your life in the long term more. It's sort of like an investment now that will make things later and life easier. You will be stunted the longer you avoid social interaction and eventually it will be a requirement at some point in your life that will be life changing. It happened to me.


Are you fucking retarded?


I'm really done with humanity at this point, I would just fuck off to some cabin in the middle of nowhere and never see a human again if I could. I even kind of enjoy life and have stuff I want to do, it's just humans that are the problem.


File: 1607290756318.jpg (28.28 KB, 437x431, 437:431, 1519309781507.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>sunday night


Yes. I worked as a cashier and stock clerk for about seven years. It made me hate dealing with people more than when I started


I agree. I started volunteering four years ago and it has made my life much easier due to a phenomenon the U.S. military described as 'fear inoculation'': throw yourself into high-stress situations on the regular and eventually you learn to handle them without spilling your spaghetti.

I quit in March when COVID hit, and now I'm low-key worried my social ineptitude has started growing back. I had to make a phone call today and it went disastrously.


I don't think you realize the alternative though. I went 10 years as a hiki and pulling myself out of this is actually insane mentally. The grass is always greener I guess.


i had horrible social problems due to clinical depression. regardless, decided to work as a teacher. it was fucking brutal, but by the end of the year, like you, i found my tolerance had massively increased for social stress. i was worried i would lose my new tolerance over the summer vacation, and when i did return the first week of teaching was tough, but only the first week. next year after another summer break it just took a single day to readjust. this year i had no issue, not even for a day.

dont worry, you rebuild what you lost quickly, and eventually, even time away wont cause you to lose anything anymore. battle on


How did you guys find work?

I am applying for supermarket stuff in my area but there is barely anything.


I was a car thief. I used to steal cars when I was a kid and sell them. That's how I got my job. What did you do? You got yourself a fancy college education. College for fucks sake! It's a joke! It's a lie! You think you know something, but you don’t know anything. All that stuff about democracy and freedom and the American way of life is a joke, and you ought to know.



Fair. I was a NEET for about a year before starting that job I was complaining about. Nowhere near a decade, but I guess it was enough time to notice the difference between NEETdom and wageslavery.


File: 1607379547718.jpg (91.78 KB, 1121x1004, 1121:1004, 1606342379674.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

About two hours until I roll into work.


I've worked at the same store for a few years and at this point I can just spend my breaks alone in the office, or even just slack off in there during my shift, and nobody questions it. Recently I was messing around trying to get past all the security restrictions on the office computer and eventually, got around some restrictions and ended up in a folder with source code for the POS system. I assume this is proprietary shit that I wasn't supposed to be able to access.

I copied stuff to an archive just so I could view it at home. I am not too knowledgeable on this stuff, but most of the scripts are well commented enough, so I get an idea of what everything does. All I've really done with it is find codes to use at the register to access debugging and development stuff, as well as find IDs and passwords for old shit that I've never used before. But it's fun.

How much trouble could one get into for this? I was honestly surprised the computer even allowed me to do this. But I feel like, if anyone in corporate even realized I did it, I would have already been terminated. I don't intend to upload it anywhere. I don't plan to do anything malicious (not that I'd know how anyway). I just like to learn how stuff works.


Hope work goes ok anon


if it's being logged you can expect being fired or jail


You're now a corporate spy and level 3 h4ck3rman. Interpol will be at your door shortly.


Thanks, man. It was rather uneventful, which is how I like it.

Hope you're not in trouble


How do I get a home office job? I'm a retard so I can't really get into programming/IT shit so it will be most likely some min wage job but I don't care as long as I can do it in my house even if it's some low end technical support job.


If you were somewhere that people respect security, like a software dev office:

Logs are there that you copied that code. Automated programs could search through history and find it. There will be a security incident one day and people/algorithms will look for anything

But some random shop it likely doesnt matter


Had a response from a warehouse application. I slept in late and missed their call but emailed to say I am interested (they emailed me also). Hopefully they will speak to me tomorrow.


A teacher asked me if I wanted to work for him when I told him I was unemployed. Probably out of pity, he's actually younger than me. If it wasn't for that I'd be neeting by now, most likely.
Learn web development, you really don't need to know that much about programming, even for backend development
Hope everything turns out well, anon.


Work hires outside cleaners to, well, clean the store. One of them is a little mentally slow (and he has some physical ailments). As I'm like twice his size (and the garbage chute is by my workstation), he sometimes asks me for help. I don't mind, as he's one of the few people I actually like at work. However, he usually asks when I'm in the middle of something. When I finish it and go and help him, he already has it thrown out.

Good luck. Hope you get it, if you're hoping for it.


Yeah. I've worked as a graveyard shift security guard for a few years. I work two different sites. The first one is an office where I sit in a gatehouse doing access control monitoring the gates and watching the CCTVs. Other than doing a few patrols and letting in a few maintenance people that arrive in early morning or the occasional delivery truck, I don't have to interact with anybody and I'm free to do whatever, usually just read on a laptop, watch movies, and listen to radio. The second place is a garage/workshop where I sit in my car making sure nothing catches fire, there's even less responsibilities here, the employees let themselves in at end of my shift, no CCTVs to watch, and no real interactions with anyone. The only trespasser or incident I ever had was just a homeless guy who jumped a fence as a shortcut to get up to a main road. I think the ideal site would be inside an office or something where you can sit indoors rather than in car, but not have to do any gatehouse stuff/access control. I think they'll hire anyone who can pass a drug test, but the pay is crap as you might expect.


File: 1607797586933.jpg (580.91 KB, 1470x2054, 735:1027, 117149-13.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Got a throbbing headache 6 hours into my 12 hour shift.

Started going to the bathroom to puke for the last 5 hours due to the overwhelming agony.

I love working


Why do people make min wage jobs so insufferable? Like the job itself isn't horrible but the people always make it worst. My old friend is working dishwasher and black succubi are always screaming at him for not washing enough dishes even though he's busting his ass cleaning and doing other stuff that they won't do. I had the same problem with managers being rude to mean and antagonizing me all the time until I didn't care anymore and quit. Why is everyone like this in these shitty jobs?


>Almost 30
>Been NEET most of my life
>Decide to get a job and move out of my parents house
>Install all the job apps
>Spend 1 hour a day applying for jobs
>Don't get any responses except for the we didn't hire you automated emails or scams
>Finally give up and uninstall the apps
Be grateful you have a job.


Yessuh ima do ya biddin' mastah tank you massah no issue tank you massah


be grateful you don't have to work


how can he survive without working? the guy gonna die homeless in the street and if hes in america, he can't get free money unless hes mentally retarded.


I couldn't imagine being a wagecuck. I can't even stand leaving my room to go to the kitchen.


The biggest problem of my life are normies.
They always made me feel nervous and bad.
I would be a very peaceful guy with no to little troubles if they werent exist.


Anyone transitioned from neet to worker? How did it went?


I never got to NEET for long (only 2 years), but I'll give you my thoughts. It depends on your personality I think, for me I just ended up getting fired from every job I had after a month or two. Usually because I wouldn't submit to someone just because they had authority over me. Eventually I found a job where I can basically do anything I like as long as I actually work while at the job. Come in late, not even bother to come in, work on what I want to work on, etc. However I went through at least 10+ jobs over two years before I found that, and for you it might be different. I highly doubt anyone on this site demands as much personal freedom as I do, even the NEETs who pretend otherwise would submit to others if their only choice was work or have no money and possibly live on the street. So I think the transition would be easier for them.

If teachers liked you in highschool, and students either ignored or liked you, then you will have a good shot of an easy transition. If you find that people tend to dislike you for whatever reason, then you are going to have a rough time just like in highschool, and especially if you NEET'd for a long time after that and lost whatever social skills you had. For myself I never had a problem with other students (some hated me, but never did anything), but I always clashed with other teachers. Work is just school all over again honestly, just another bit slave plantation or daycare center.


File: 1607883235555.jpg (135.3 KB, 589x800, 589:800, 0202.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Look for simple Tech/desk support and if possible confirm if the company provides a laptop to work from home (COVID)


To tell the truth, I hate work. It is killing my brain. It is sapping my vitality and driving me to nameless extremes of nervous exhaustion. It is depressing me without bringing me any real pleasure. The more I do of it the worse I feel, and the more I resist doing it the worse I feel. In reality, I am a failure; mentally and physically.




Assuming you're in America, it's just another byproduct of our shitty individualistic consumer society.
You are the king, you deserve only the best and you wanted it yesterday. It is your God given, American right to unleash your royal wrath on those lessers who stand between you and immediate satisfaction.


he doesn't need the money to survive he wants to move out
i bet he hasn't consider how expensive it is to live by himself and how unlikely he is to be able to earn that amount if he's never worked before


I'm in a weird situation, basically I have nothing to do, but nobody gives me things to do unless I ask them. I always imagined having a job (this is my first) you'd have to follow orders and I'm sure that's what most jobs are like. I can't help slacking off if nobody tells me to do anything.


Don't they get on your ass when you don't pretend you're busy? My old boss always kept making me work when there is absolutely nothing to fucking do, we didn't have that much customers and he will just fucking send us home.


No, most jobs are like that. The only job I worked where I didn't have to ask for shit to do was food service. Don't worry about the slacking off too much, everyone does that at work if they can afford to. You just have to be smart about it by designating something your 'slacking off' activity. Never actually 'slack off'.


And you consider that a problem? Just be thankful you don't have shit to do, keep your head down and pretend to work, and collect your paycheck.


you have to learn to pretend you are working, this is what most people do there's a very small amount of valuable employees, if you don't create problems for them and stay out of sight of the other useless employees (some of them get bored of pretending to work and will use their time to shit on you) you'll be fine


Thats every job. And they really not giving a shit most of the time unless you rally aren't submitting anything you are tasked with.

Being a go getter is a meme because in practice it wont get you ahead, it usually means you get shit on with extra work and picking up the slack for other employess so they can slack off, with no extra pay so you eventually learn to stop shooting yourself in the foot, finish your designated taks quickly and then just pretend to work so they won't throw more bullshit busywork and extra unpaid responsability at you just to fill your time.

Better to shitpost or read a book while looking busy and pretending to type than being the managers cuckboy. Raises and promotions are given by seniority anyways so its about doing the bare minimun consistently for the longest period of time, proactivity will get you punished. Unless you are proactive in sucking the bosses cock outside of office hours because promoting friends through nepotism is the other way to get ahead.


When you guys say that is more jobs, you're only talking about office jobs, right?


i have decided, if i still work at a gas station by the age i achieve wizardhood, i will domerip in the parking lot.


I work from home so I guess there's no way for them to tell if I'm really working or not
>You just have to be smart about it by designating something your 'slacking off' activity. Never actually 'slack off'
I try to improve the things I've already made so they can't really say I'm not doing anything.
Well my fear is that someday my boss will wake up and say "hey anon isn't doing anything, why am I even paying him"
>Raises and promotions are given by seniority anyways
Well there's no way I'm getting a raise in the company, so I guess it's not that much of a problem.


Good. Now post this on their indeed reviews page.


and what is ur fantasy job?


oh i get it. you just making things up cuz you answered so many times but there is nothing specific about ur job. what the point of sharing ur experience if its all some abstract bs?


I hate how it's like I'm essential and feel anxious about not being able to get to work for some reason. There's only 5 of us on that job and we're there 24/7 meanwhile no one cares if people around are late or can't make it even high ranking one. It doesn't even pay that well


>Well my fear is that someday my boss will wake up and say "hey anon isn't doing anything, why am I even paying him"

Can't worry too much about that since it's pretty much out of your control. Usually it's pretty random since there's little protection unless you're in a union.
Every job I worked I had slacker/fuckup coworkers, but they were kept on for usually one of two reasons:
1. They kept the boss happy by being social and kissing ass while also only ever working on boss projects. This person can usually get away with being aloof or outright rude with other coworkers, so as long as the boss likes them.
2. They flew so low under the radar that nobody noticed them as long as they did the bare minimum of their job. Other coworkers might hate them because they do so little work, but the boss can't really justify cutting them. This person also never complains or really talks to anyone but isn't unpleasant or uptight about anything.

Basically this too. Being noticed in any capacity can be a gamble.


>This person also never complains or really talks to anyone but isn't unpleasant or uptight about anything.
that is literally me at my job


>you just making things up cuz you answered so many times but there is nothing specific about ur job
What? I work as a web developer, if you really need to know. Why would I be making any of this up?


Well I guess you're right, worst thing that could happen is going back to neetdom, and I do kinda miss it


Juggling the emotions of my co-workers is fucking draining. Why am I not allowed to feel like I can just exist and do my job? I'm not only a slave, but a jester as well. I'm semi-attractive and made to feel like I must compete for succubi, even though I am disinterested in having a "relationship" with an emotion parasite. Tribalism means I have to deal with the normalniggers and normalspics too so I just can't catch a fucking break


i fucking hate how normalfags feel the need to thrust the social obligation of a response to their inane banter onto me at any given moment. is it too much to ask for someone to not make some shitty forced attempt at humor or a reaction to even the most mundane fucking thing happening? my fucking foid manager thinks its hilarious to say the same god damn things over and over again every time they see me so that "one day i'll get you to tell me to shut up". this bullshit erodes at my fucking soul, and its constant. that one coworker who says "whats up" every time they pass by me, which can be 10+ times in a shift. ignoring them does nothing, in fact i think it makes them try it even more.
are normalfags really all so simpleminded they enjoy talking about work while they are fucking at work?


Can I ask job seeking advice here? How does your CV looks like and what do you write for your skills and introduction? Mine is just a Times New Roman Word document with basic data, where I went for basic education and the languages I speak. I have no skills and a bad personality. Should I put that I used to have a part time job for 2 months?


is this for a basic entry level job? Like you have been NEETing for a while and looking for anything kind of deal? Or are you looking for a real career kind of job.


It's for an office job. It's entry level because I have zero experience and skills though it could potentially leads to real career.


I am assuming you have some length of time without work.
I'll give you a protip that I used myself after I NEET'd for a couple years and then needed to find a job, even after that I would get fired from jobs so I couldn't use any references and this saved my ass. Basically you are going to make a bunch of bullshit references to fill in your resume, with the intention to make sure no one bothers to actually check them. Also give yourself a few months gap so that you can excuse yourself by saying "ah that was his number when I worked there, maybe it changed now". Find the most foreign sounding kitchen restaurant like ching chong's wok and call them. If they immediately respond "ching chong", trying speaking english, if they finally speak "english" but the accent is too thick to understand then you have a good number. Use a different chinese company that is completely unrelated like "ching chongs moving company" and put that company down as your reference with the number from ching chong's wok. Attach a name to this number like "xinying poyang", that way people will be even less likely to check this number. Use this to fill in whatever missing work periods you have.

At that point someone will see the name and not even want to call it, if they continue they phone the number only to hear a language they don't understand, if they ask for the name on the resume or company the person on the phone won't understand since they are different company anyways, most likely it will be assumed the language barrier is too great, if all of that fails you can then use the "ah that was his number when I worked there, maybe it changed now" excuse. Overall this is a flawless tip for low level jobs, simply because no one will hunt down your actual references for an entry level job. In fact 99% of the time no one will EVER both to actually call those numbers anyways.

As for your formatting and that, I just copied one from online. Number of resumes sent out>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>quality of resume. Also being the first to respond to a posting unironically matters more than anything else.


Sounds like good advice, thanks.


Also don't be picky when sending your resume, play a tinder style approach. Mass reply to job postings even if you don't even qualify or want the job. There is nothing worse than doing "research" into the company and not even getting a automated email back. If you get a bunch of replies back (very lucky if so), just pick the ones you want out of the group. Put effort into the interviews, but resume game (for entry level stuff) is just a spamfest where you try to get seen through whatever method possible.


the classic wizard tinder approach


>retarded adults
Damn, I feel bad for you wizzie. Canadian "adults" are some of the most retarded people you'll ever encounter, especially since everyone in canuckland smokes weed and drinks 24/7.


I was neet for 3 yrs or so, started working in a workshop, a bit of a chad environment there. I thought I was 100% uselsess and too lazy to do anything before, but I got good at my job and turned into a total wagecuck. The company couldn't get any contracts for a while, so I would just show up to work for a long time without doing anything. It really got me disillusioned and fed up with this whole work thing, why even live if you go to a job every day without doing anything? I've quit the job since then, due to various reasons.

Right now I'm living at home, I'm going to find another job soon so I can move away. But I'm only willing to work night shift security and those types of jobs, so I can work on another project whilst I'm working, and so that I don't have to interact with others. I'm done with dealing with the normgroid. I would advise you to do something similar unless you're not planning on remaining a wizard. Find a passion/project in life, don't look to the normgroid and their fake economy for answers. You're not gonna accomplish anything real in a job because it's all bullshit, and even in real work (plumbers, truck drivers etc.), people are lining up for those jobs, don't believe any news articles that say that tradespeople are needed etc, this is all a bunch of crap. And even if you are in such a job, you might be doing plumbing work in the builiding of a telemarketing firm, or transporting a bunch of dildos in your truck to a sex shop. It's all a bunch of C-R-A-P my friend.


File: 1608155168350.gif (4.8 MB, 498x280, 249:140, wizzie sending out resumes.gif) ImgOps iqdb

If it works, it works, what can I say? Pic related me when I sent out resumes.


>fantasy job
Lol. There is nothing fantastical about my job, it is rough work full of even rougher men. Basically it's just a form of construction. However if you demand freedom and individuality, it is a fantastic company to work for, pays alright too, higher than national average anyways. Everyone demands respect and will size you up fast, but if you don't back down they give respect right back. I think alot of wizzies would get bullied at my company tbh, everyone is free to do whatever they want, there is no HR or management at all really. There is literally just workers->owner pipeline, and that's it. In all male environments free of feminine control and "order", hazing and such are normal, but only if you accept being hazed. Anyways you are free to speak about whatever you want, say anything do anything, as long as you are working on something no one gives a fuck.

So ya for more wizzies this would be hell on earth, but for me it's the only place I can survive, the rest of society is tightly controlled and demands you submit to any and all authority. Meanwhile I've not come in to my job for two months without saying a word, they didn't even care and just welcomed me back, although they do banter about it for months after ("oi wizzie work feelin too tough for ya? need another 2 month long weekend ya fuckin pussy?).


the phrase "fantasy job" seems such an oximoron for me, if it is a fantasy its not a job, nothing that is a job will be a fantasy, the dream would be to not need a job at all, even the things i do for for leisure get ruined the second they become jobs.


>even the things i do for for leisure get ruined the second they become jobs
Yeah this is how I think too. If somehow my job was to just sleep, I'd stop liking it.


I've been at the same job for 11 years.


File: 1608212871525.gif (5.92 MB, 275x236, 275:236, 6c6.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Yes on one hand I am going insane, but I am also in a union and that is somewhat comfy. It's nice knowing that your boss can't just bully you into doing what they want, and my pay is guaranteed to keep going up.


>It's nice knowing that your boss can't just bully you into doing what they want
cherish these days


great normalshit advice but normalshits unfortunately mask that better and generally have more self esteem


May I ask? What job do you work? Sounds pretty comfy.


Applied for work on Indeed and the recruitment company advertising it replied to me. They are local and have asked for a few documents so it looks like I may have something (warehouse picker / packer). Hopefully I can get enough hours to afford to move out and live alone.

From now on my plan is to just live a quiet, anonymous life and appreciate walks in nature, watching movies, reading, and so on.

Hope you guys are doing well.


UPS package handler. It's repetitive physical work, noisy, in the extreme heat and cold, but knowing the union contract inside and out gives me tools to use if a situation is outside my comfort zone. The workplace is ugly brutalist concrete and metal and is depressing just in that aspect, let alone the negative atmosphere from disgruntled coworkers. So to me what's comfy is what I can control in an otherwise unpleasant environment. If a supervisor wants me to work in an unsafe way or dump all the workload on me, I can file a grievance against them. If I get tired of being in an area, I can put in a transfer somewhere else. So it's a dumb job to do long term, eventually you'll have damage to your feet, knees, shoulders, but what has kept me on so far is the dread of not having a powerful intermediary between me and my employer.


>From now on my plan is to just live a quiet, anonymous life and appreciate walks in nature, watching movies, reading, and so on.
That's nice wiz, hope you can achieve it


not sure if you can do that while working


I refuse to wear a mask, to even partially comply. I was already neet for 2 years before the covid shit but at least in my head I could do whatever bullshit job when I eventually needed to. Now I don't have anything but still refuse to cuck for something I don't believe in. I'm a classical guitarist. I've been playing for 12 years, I'm decent but not professional. Social skills are shit. I neeted 16-19, then worked a year and a half setting up computers in office buildings for $12/h an hour away also having to pay for parking in the city, quit because all that shit and getting mad looking at my taxes. Worked 21-23 as a dishwasher, 10/h 40 minute commute. Wasn't treated as human, would be scheduled 6pm to 1am and then 5am to 12pm the next day, schedule was absolute nonsense but I sacrificed my well being to test if hard work pays off. I was my managers dream wagie, still socially awkward. People praised me, called me a beast etc. astonished at my ability to work so hard so consistently, but offered nothing of value to me to make it worth it. Now I'm fucked, I'm a half assed Christian praying I'll find some solution while immersing myself in feel good sin. Maybe it'll work itself out if I do what the bible says but I've broken the illusion of normie mantras like hard work pays off leaving me wonder if the bible is just the same shit but old


I'll also add I tried to pivot into school with my new found normies like me power to be an emt, realized all that entailed in the process and quit not even setting up my ride alongs. It's always easy to find a dozen excuses to not do something but not helpful


I have quit my job. It's been a productive three years but I finally quit. It's crazy. I've been mulling over it for a few weeks on whether to quit or not and I finally did.

I'm going to find a better job that pays more and I'll do better from now on. I'm going to get help for my ADHD and I'll try to turn my working life around. I quit my job precisely because I knew I would never look for a job if I had one and that I had more than enough money + a family safety net to keep me going. I hope this works out since my brain is screwed up from ADHD. I really do need medicine. It's ruined my life.


if you are neet for a few years don't bother looking for a job but rather learn to get along with your parents so when the time comes they won't kick you out

it is also way easier to achieve and in the long-term you'll be better off getting yelled at by your parents than your boss who threatens to fire you daily

everyone who was a long-term NEET that i knew online went full normalfag once they got jobs

this wiz i knew for a few years started taking advice from a guy with a gf at his job instead of me and went on to become a sex having normalfag

just forget about working and look for alternative lifestyles instead, your free time will that you will NEVER get back is not worth any amount of money


Sorry bout that.


File: 1608565971240.jpg (134.27 KB, 1241x976, 1241:976, 3ed92su8sa851.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Wasn't treated as human, would be scheduled 6pm to 1am and then 5am to 12pm the next day, schedule was absolute nonsense but I sacrificed my well being to test if hard work pays off. I was my managers dream wagie, still socially awkward. People praised me, called me a beast etc. astonished at my ability to work so hard so consistently, but offered nothing of value to me to make it worth it.

You learned an important life lesson here wizzie. Never work hard for anyone and expect other people to reward you for it. In this world, hard workers only get rewarded with more work. Instead, learn how to take it easy and you'll enjoy life a lot more.


how to make work pass quicker? my work isn't very hard at all, just very boring. already exhausted all my known options like youtube videos to watch, music, etc.


Audio books are great, other than that you can get into a new hobby that doesn't need much stuff like origami or drawing, I assume you work in an office and have a lot of paper around.


Also curious to know what you do if you can afford to looks for a pastime at work.


Introspection and setting plans to actualize your full potential. When I do this I can pass hours just staring into nothing.


>need to message someone at work
>keep writing and then deleting messages because I don't know how to say what I need to say
>a few minutes later I get a message from that person
>"anon is everything alright? You have been typing for like ten minutes"
Stupid app shows you when somebody is typing a message to you


What app?


File: 1608737595044.gif (2.72 MB, 666x504, 37:28, 1489554360456.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I fucking hate how I could've never had to work a day in my life if I wasn't a dumb kid. When I was thirteen, I was nearly murdered and I could've been put on disability and never had to work ever. But my stupid ass said "no, I wouldnt feel right if I took handouts". Now I'm miserable and poor.


WhatsApp, very professional.


Is doing the least amount of work possible, or even not work at all to get fired instead of quitting a bad idea? I don't wanna work anymore but I wanna cash out as much as I can


File: 1608827928482.jpg (63.15 KB, 790x593, 790:593, loli drinking.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nothing kills your holiday spirit more than working on retail during holiday season. You get to see how fucking quaint holidays in general are.


I'm working as a web developer and the job itself is not that bad, I can even work from home but the things that I can't bear and stresses me are these fucking calls two, three,four or more times a day where the boss reprehends me and pushes me to do more things. If I were given a few days to complete a task without them calling me during that time, the job would be fine, but no, they have to monitor me every fucking second as it my fucking soul were their possesion.


I usually work alone at night. Further, there's usually one person who comes in about an hour before I leave. However, today, half my department came in an hour before my shift ended.

I had to endure an hour of hearing about people's personal lives, workplace bragging and complaining, etc. It was simultaneously annoying and boring. Makes me feel happy that I don't have to deal with it on a routine basis. I don't know how I'd manage if I had to deal with it on a routine basis


I don't get employers like this. If you have to oversee everything I do why did you hire me in the first place? Are they incapable of describing what they actual want? I mean if you want to monitor whether a security guard is doing their job I understand, but what deliverable are you expecting if you are surveilling me 14 hours a day?


in my experience its actually hard to get fired like that, after you have been on a job long enough the only way they'll notice you is to fuck up and cause troubles but if you are just slacking off and doing the bare minimum but not fucking shit up then you are likely not on the inmediate radar so that plan could take a long ass time and involve a lot of shitty pep talks and stuff instead, management is going to make you hate your job even more.

I am not advocating you purposely cause damage to the company, that can get you in legal troubles and find it hard to get work later on so don't risk it, just saying that its gonna take some patience doing it the subtly way, even when the employers know you are doing a shit job they'll just make your routine more uncomfortable so you quit before they have to fire you, HR is not that stupid, they are there specifically to fuck with employees.


File: 1608997692283.jpg (43.17 KB, 492x449, 492:449, 1476196892848.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Right I've had enough now. I work retail and this year has killed me.
We had to shut down twice due to covid so far and each time the rush of customers has driven my depression home harder (it's a toy shop closing close to Christmas, I am sure you can imagine)
The job itself isn't horrifically bad, there is certainly worse out there, but I just can't take it anymore. It's making me a worse person as well because I used to have patience with people and I was a more "relaxed" person but this last year has made any minor inconvenience leave me boiling with rage 100% of the time. It can't be good for me.

I've managed to save up about £6,000 which should be enough to life for a little while at least. I want to move out of my parents house though and since I have no credit score to my name at all I'm only going to be able to do that later in the year rather than January which is what I was counting on.
Any UK wizards here been in this situation? How much credit do I need to build up before it's easy to find a place to rent? I'm already assuming I'll have to pay 6 months or so up front because I won't immediately have another job lined up when I make the move (nor do I plan on actively looking for a few months, but I shan't be telling them that).
I just hope I can get out as soon as possible. Gonna try and give life a go this year and if it's still shit come December maybe I'll finally have the courage to end it all.

The trick is to type up messages in a note app and copy/paste them when they are ready to send. I do this for emails too even though I'm sure it's pointless there but I'm so paranoid of that fucking automatic message.


What the fuck is "automatic message" and why does it worry you so much?


>What the fuck is "automatic message"
Every instant messaging service in recent years notifies the person when you have read their message or you are in the process of replying to them. That's what I mean by "automatic message".
>why does it worry you so much?
I frequently retype my messages over and over again fixing/adjusting the wording and spending like 10 minutes writing what ends up being a single sentence makes me look weird and highlights how carefully I worded something that would have taken the recipient a moments thought at best.
Why would I want that?


yyou arent going anywhere with 6k


i could live here for like 3 years with less than that ammount but i am in latin america


Recently I've been experiencing a weird feeling when I fuck up at work. Instead of being mad, sad or ashamed I'm actually content with it because I always think that this might be the time I get fired and go back NEETing.

I can't quit on my own because I wouldn't get unemployment benefits and also because I still live with my parents and they would be big mad about it.

My only chance of go back NEETing and not get shit at by my parents (with the consequence of probably being kicked out of home) is that if the employer fires me.

Too bad, I'm stuck I guess.


>The trick is to type up messages in a note app and copy/paste them when they are ready to send
You're absolutely right about that, I'm just kinda dumb and forget.


We're pretty much in the same situation, wiz. I've already been softening my parents telling them stuff like "I'm afraid I might get fired because the place seems to be downsizing." Which isn't a lie, but I don't think they'll lay me off because of that.


Make sure you get fired in a way that won't fuck up your chances of getting NEETbux.

T. Guy who got fired for stealing at last job, and wasn't eligible for unemployment


I think it's ridiculous how employers demand you come to work early.
Like if I work an 8 hour shift from 3-11, why do I have to be there at 2:45?
After being early 4 days in a row as they expect, that's an entire hour where I don't get paid.
But if I'm late 15 minutes, they will dock that from my pay even I spent net total much more time at work than what was missed.
Employers are a bunch of greedy cunts.

I haven't worked for a long time but I'm still upset by the bullying I sustained at the hands of my past employers and how they pressured me to resign by harassing me.
The money I lost when they docked pay even if I actually worked 8 or more hours but they'd pay me for less.
Being NEET is way better.


I'm not going to make it past the next quality review for my job, I know it. The end of my employment is coming. It's a matter of time.


I have no idea why anyone takes a loan or uses their credit score when they have no idea whether they will get a job, whether that job pays enough to pay off the load, or whether that job is even secure enough to hold. Maybe in the past loans made sense when everything was up and up, now them being essential for everything feels like another symptom of late-stage-capitalism.


Because debt makes the world go round. Every country owes every other country, every Corp is indebted to each other, and every person owes their soul.


Culture plays a big role, a lot of people have all their necessities met yet they sacrifice long term stability for keeping up with the joneses. Culture in the first orld encourages people to live above their means, specially in highly consumeristic societies like burguertopia. No one likes to admit that they can't spend or can't buy something or need to save money because in certain bubbles thats a sign of poverty which is seen as a sign of weakness, people even tip more than is deserved because being labeled cheap is a stigma.The will have perfectly nice cars and perfectly nice phones but is not the latest models so other people make fun of them, they are not taken seriously at work if they arrive with an old car or with the sames clothes too often so debt comes in to fill in otherwise their sons will be bullied if they dress off brand, god forbid.

Is sad really because without debt even poor people in the first world are pretty privileged and are not lacking in anything but they fuck themselves with debt just to live above their means and show off with stuff that doesn't improve their lifes any meaningful way, they end up enslaved to a job and stressing over bills even when making 6 fucking figures. Having the latest iphone vs the last year one won't really have much of an impact on your life, owning extra 1000$ that are accumulating interest probably will. Why even buy iphone when a 200$ phone will do? because thats what poor people in the third world buy and Mr. Burguer can't show up to school or work or to a dinner party with that because is social suicide.


5 star post


File: 1609468217260.jpg (110.43 KB, 800x609, 800:609, despair.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can't fucking take it anymore. The "comfy remote developer job" is a fucking lie. I've been forced to work overtime to meet a deadline (nights, weekends) without receiveing any extra paid. I get random calls about fixing a bug at any hour of the day, the mere sound of an alert message or a incoming call drives me crazy now, even if the call doesn't come from job. I want to die everyday and the problem now is that since I've written most of the software, the deadline is close and my teammates are retards, the company literally depend on me to finish this project on time. I feel trapped in this shit. I fantasize about leaving the job and fucking the company or simply dying on my sleep. I've lost the appetite, I'm barely eating since the last few days.


Start looking for another job right now, wiz. You don't have to keep working there if you don't want to. There's probably better paid positions with much better management. It sounds like they are putting too much pressure on you and expect you to handle everything. In any normal company, you have a project manager and the workload is spread out so that there isn't one person responsible for everything. Also, with proper QA and testing, you wouldn't have to worry so much about getting calls about bugs in production.

Alternatively, tell your boss about your problems and hopefully you can restructure the team or the ways you plan and organize work so that it doesn't end up like this.


be your own boss


At least you can work as a developer, and since you made almost all the software you seem to be quite competent, I went to college for a computer science degree and cheated my way out (apparently as long as you attend classes you can make it here) so I don't know shit, can barely program a calculator, so It's walmart for me.


Bully the company into not doing that shit. Unless you can't get a job anywhere else. If they really depend on you you can quit or threaten to quit and the next place just set boundaries.


File: 1609485917115.jpg (13.58 KB, 480x360, 4:3, sadcat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>QA and testing
Things that don't exist on my team. I commit my code to the repository, weeks and months pass without receiving any new information, and then one day before New Year's Eve the boss finally calls me and gives me a tons of corrections and changes to the design (things that he should have told me since the beginning) that have to be done in the shortest time possible, so I have to stay all night coding and of course, I'm producing spaghetti code since I'm just thinking in making the whole thing works as fast as possible.

I don't know how competent I am, I spent 7 years getting a physics degree and now I work as a code monkey, my salary doesn't even equal two minimum wages in my country (and I live in a third world country)


File: 1609487582248.gif (13.45 KB, 650x450, 13:9, 1609448482743.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Hey check this number 5.


Homosuck? What is this, 2014?


Sounds like you're working in a sweat shop getting maximally exploited. I remember my first internship, some guys were working 3-4 projects at once and the clients were all promised a full-time worker that could available over Skype at any time, as well as being tech support for the other projects they maintained.

They had no structure at all, except the boss man didn't do any coding and basically just took half of the money and distributed the rest to the people that worked on it. The guys would put up with it because that was the only way to get more money out of the job and if they failed in any way, they boss would say the client didn't pay and so they didn't get any money either. I remember asking why they worked that way and basically told me that's how it is and got laughed at when I mentioned some companies have a hierarchical structure and use scrum and organize tasks properly on Jira. Usually, they'd get tasks orally by the client and they needed to accommodate each client no matter how retarded the request. We would all have a good laugh when this one old guy would call in to complain about some inane shit constantly and they gave up trying to reason with him because it just took too much energy.

I'm glad I didn't start working there because my current job is great. I work 8 hours, get paid generously and I never work overtime or get calls. It's not even a big company or anything, but there's enough structure in place that work is evenly distributed and everyone is able to be efficient and there's enough QA in place that you don't lose sleep over your latest changes.

Get out of there as soon as you can, wizzie. Forgive me for using a gay phrase, but it gets better, I promise.


It never ceases to amaze me how childish and immature the average grown man is. High school literally never ends.


Boss told us that starting today we'll have to send him and every coworker an email detailing what we're going to be doing during the day, every day.
What the hell is up with that?

If you wrote most of the software you're probably pretty good, have you considered freelancing?


Haha, you guys weren't joking about the full time job fatigue. To think this will be the rest of my life. Work, go home, too tired to do anything meaningful, kill time with passive entertainment, sleep, repeat for 40 years. Well not that I spent my time well before I got a job. Fuck life in general.


Yeah it's all so stupid and pointless


Not if you live in a rich first world country with generous welfare programs :)
free housing and allowance for weed, mcdonalds and beer, play video games all day and go for walks in the park.
it's not that bad :) 30 more years of this than the allowance goes higher and i "retire" officially. not bad. didn't have to be born rich, just cunning.


I'm just gonna go cry.


>30 more years of this
The unsustainable welfare system is built off of inflation and won't last another 10 years.


You're an idiot if you think welfare will be generous forever. The NEET I live with has maybe $30 after rent and groceries.


File: 1609905688979.png (71.04 KB, 282x223, 282:223, shocker sad.png) ImgOps iqdb

I really got to get myself to uni and study something I dont end up regretting and I just don't know what.


Well I don't live in a rich first world country, so there's that.
>30 more years of this
I don't know where you live but I find it difficult to believe you'll be able to cash in welfare for 30 years, unless you have some kind of disability or something. Also this is the wageslave thread, why are we talking about welfare.


File: 1609984365984.jpg (106.17 KB, 780x846, 130:141, to be alive thats the real….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>My last monitoring on the bank that I work at gave me a 0
>the reason?
>This old fart had a process to have a refund for unauthorized charges and won 1 but lost the second one
>I decided to be kind and told him about it so he shouldnt have to wait for the transfer to them when theyre gonna say the same
>I got a 0 cause I didnt transfer him even thou the issue got solved
>Since then ive been a lil bit of an asshole whith my clients not out right rude just straight to the point and not really kind
>niggers get angry cause mu stimulus not there
>Whayu men that the picture of my phone with a picture of my id on it and my hand holding it, its not valid!?
>To be fair Im not rude I just stick to the policies
>Today my day off Boss sends me text "hey I know its your day off but can I talk to you for a sec real fast?"
>Try to log in on work PC
>"Authentification failed. Password not match contact your IT administrator"
>Moms blood preasure was down this morning, so much she couldnt get out of bed I have to pay for analysis and treatment this friday and my rent is due the 15
I cannot lose my job, why why did I do? If I would of know at least I would off scream shut the fuck off to all the shitty niggers and retard old farts.
Im tired


I usually get paid on the first or second day of the month, but this month I haven't been paid yet. Hope I'm not getting fired or anything, although that wouldn't be too bad.


Why do you feel the need to go to uni?


How do I study so I can get a Sec+ certification then eventually to get OSCP


I dont know how it is where you live, but I live in a country that's stuck with the mindset you NEED the paper if not you are perma stuck in some entry level retail position (which im mighty sick off after 2 years of it).


Only thing for which I wish I would live in the US
Here in my country with socialized healthcare there is database in which I am registered for which I got my healthcare paid for and for those gap years I could not find work it clearly says I was unemployed, that database is accessed whenever you find new job and the accountant is making some paperwork for you.


I'm doing jackshit at work and waiting to get fired, let's see how long I last, I've been doing this for a month give or take.


I live in a town nowhere near a city in Ireland in full lockdown with no drivers license, should I bother looking for work or just going with college?


Depends, what would you do in college?


I've been at a company for 2.5 and got the highest performance reviews but my bitch of a boss and her whore of a boss won't promote me. I work a lot. They use COVID as an excuse for not promoting me (which is complete bullshit, my industry is almost unaffected in COVID and in some ways benefits from it.) I'm trying not to spontaneously rage quit, but if I do is it that bad? I just need to find another job in 3 months because I guess you're not allowed to take a fucking break without making up some bullshit lie like you're taking care of your dying grandmother? I do shit that no one else knows how to do and constantly innovate and put 100% of myself into this job, and if I were to leave they'd probably need at least 2 people to take over the work that I currently do.


>I'm trying not to spontaneously rage quit, but if I do is it that bad?
VERY bad. Corporations talk. If you hold weight in the company and then just vanish, it will tarnish your record forever. You probably won't qualify for employment insurance if you quit yourself and you may void any saved up pension/benefits.

Look for a job in a similar field, if you find one, explain to your current boss that you're considering moving on to that company. This will either force them to up your wage/position so you stay, or at the very least if you do quit you have another job to fall back on. If you can't find a similar job, then tell your current employers you're looking for a new job that you can move up in. basically you want them to know that "moving up" is your #1 goal no matter what company it is. Try to be casual about it. You don't want to actually threaten leaving unless you really do have somewhere better to work, but if they know you're not willing to stagnate in the current position you're in it could force their hand.


Reading through this general makes me glad I am union at least.


Some sales reports kinda licked and I had the chance to read some of it. It's embarrassing to see adults unable to write a full paragraph without sounding like toddlers. People can't write a professional looking sentence if their lives depended on it. I don't know why I'm surprised.


Worked in a warehouse for the first time this week, 50 hours. The job is minimum wage and requires a lot of energy and almost constant working / walking throughout the day. The staff are a mixture of young people who presumably left school with poor grades / few qualifications and older people who maybe grew up at a time when having few qualifications didn't really hinder you.

Today there was another agency worker who was at least sixty years old, and for eight hours he walked constantly around the aisles with his trolley picking things to be packed. He kept making mistakes so I saw him walking around slightly confused holding the incorrect item. I began crying when I saw this, and at lunch time he didn't hear the music turn off (signalling lunch) and was left by himself in the aisles, so I went over to tell him and offered to buy him food. He said no thank you and that he had crisps (American: chips) in his car, which was an old car I saw him trying to repair at lunch. When I asked what he did before this, he just said he just works wherever the agency tell him to go. His voice and demeanour was so cheerful and innocent that it just made me feel terrible. There are so many beaten up older guys just making the best of things, some commuting an hour and a half every morning for a ten hour shift (sometimes eleven hours) all for minimum wage.

Sorry for the long post, but I have to admit that this experience has been eye-opening. These are good people, hard workers, who go out of their way to help others and yet they earn minimum wage and know they will lose their jobs if their (to me intense) work rate slackens.


Can some tell me some wiz-truths that they learnt working a wageslave job? I've been away from work for so long that I can't remember the wiz-truths I learnt.

The only ones I can remember are:
-Good people suffer.
-Many people like to think of themselves as good people despite evidence to the contrary.
-People are inherently too selfish to work together for the collective good and suffer individually instead while stomping on weaker people.


Are you not also one of those people that like to think of themselves as good despite evidence to the contrary?


People are shit you me and everyone in this thread included and if it is possible for you to get bux or otherwise NEET do it and cling to it for dear life


Maybe, maybe not. Might be I'm just too weak to be stomp on other people. But it's shit like when I'm helping a customer who's clearly frail and then other customers come up to me demanding that I help them or when I'm up on a ladder trying to put the new bullshit promotion materials up colleagues will disappear all of a sudden.

It's a temporary reprieve, I'm going back to work pretty soon. NEETing is not an option at the moment cos of bills and NEETbux wouldn't cover them.


Finally the weekend where I can spend all day zombie browsing the internet and masturbating.


It was just painful reading about that old man. Thanks for the story.


Even kids in high school are working 40+ hour work weeks now in addition to their classes. How are we supposed to keep up?


Managers are assholes, FUCK it's strange how I never had problems with co-workers but managers in these shitty fucking warehouse jobs are the king of assholes.


File: 1610919433462.png (298.25 KB, 524x340, 131:85, jhjj5.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

My goal in life is to do as little as possible and live as comfortably possible in the process.

I currently work as a security guard on Saturday and Sunday, doing two 12 hour shifts from 12 am to 12 pm and watching youtube videos the whole time.

I have the whole week to do jack shit and games don't even interest me anymore. I just casually browse the internet now.


I'm a little jealous honestly.


I want to live the same I wish but i'm afraid it's going to be hard for me to live on my own with min wage money, unless I get a cheap horrible apartment with roommates.


File: 1610946849215.jpg (333.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, flowersofevil.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Me again. I cracked this sunday. My motherfucker boss called me the whole fucking day (I don't work sundays according to my contract) to fix a bug, I just ignored him, I'm done. I don't want to see this retard ever again, he thinks I'm his slave, he can die and go to hell. I tried to do my best but this fucker makes my life impossible. I have to fix bugs or develop new requirement whenever he wants, no planning, no testing,nothing,just get shit done somehow in the shortest time posible (one day, so I have to sacrifice my sleep time). The mere thought of having to listen this asshole on a teams call tomorrow sickens me. I don't give a fuck if we have to deliver this project this week, I just don't care anymore. He put the deadline over the wellbeing of the team, why should I care about his project ? Can I just stop working without giving any explanation?


You could? But I feel like you'll get fired no matter what. He is probably pissed to hell that you didn't comply and suck his boot and will try to get you fired. Who knows man, either deal with that asshole or quit and find a new job or work retard manual labor jobs.


I know wizzies don't like confrontations, but you should seriously take the time to air out all your grievances to him and the whole team (in a calm, argumentative manner). Chances are, you are not the only one feeling pressured in that environment and your co-workers might have your back. If you just ghost him, he has the last word and he can control the narrative, say that you were lazy or lacked communication skills.

Stop being a pussy and stand up for yourself. 9/10 times these kinds of assholes get a way with it because people don't like confrontations. Sounds like he needs you more than you need him and you have leverage if you want to negotiate better pay or better work hours. And if he fires you, then you at least don't have to worry about all those problems anymore.


Been in a similar situation before. It all boils down to how fast you could find another job, how much do you need the money and how much you value yourself. If your contract doesn't say you should work on Sundays, if you have another place where you could find a job at relative ease and speed and you feel you're better than to let just about any faggot to step on you, then don't take up calls on Sundays and don't work harder and longer than what is agreed on in your contract. If all the above possibilites are in your favor, then your boss kicking ypu shouldn't be a problem.


> work retard manual labor jobs.

I don't like being yelled and surrounded by people the whole day, I tried to become a developer to avoid that. Being called one time per day to check is already stressful but If I have the rest of the day to work at my pace, I'm fine. However this boss has completely invaded my life

> Chances are, you are not the only one feeling pressured in that environment and your co-workers might have your back.

I've sensed they feel the same but they are people with kids and stuff so I doubt they will try to confront the boss

>Sounds like he needs you more than you need him and you have leverage if you want to negotiate better pay or better work hours.

I just want to run away even if he offers me better pay, I haven't quitted the job yet because "you have to maintain professionalism and work ethic" and mainly because I'm a pussy and I dread verbal confrontations.

I didn't have the guts to quit today, I just sent a message to him saying that I am sick (which is partially true,I have intense anxiety and stress, dizziness, vomiting)


That sounds like my dream job


Higher education is only useful if you know what to do, if you want to become a specialist. To get to know some people that will help you land a comfy, high paying job. But if you're a wizardly shut in with no skills and no motivation then it'll be just a massive waste of time, nerves and sometimes money.
>you are perma stuck in some entry level retail position
This is how it goes. Even if you graduate you'll still end up as an asocial person with no skills end connections. What's the point graduating in your late 20's/early 30s with 0 job experience?


I'm fucked lol. didnt meet kpi, agreed to improvement, didn't improve. the layoff is tangible, it's a matter of time. my only hope is inheritance, but that may take maybe 10 years, and even then its not going to me, its going to my parents. i'll have to bet on their goodwill to send me a slice big enough that i can just place it in a safe investment fund and live off the profits. i think about this day and night, its my only hope, of course id never stop thinking about it. but its so far away. until then the only thing i can do is put my hands up and prepare for the freefall. weeeee


Bros, I fear the job centre is starting to crack down now after last year. You have to start earning your neetbux again. I have 10 years wageslaving experience but I don't want to get a job atm (I'm pretty much bankrupt anyway). It took me 12 months and lots of interviews to get a job last time but I was trying. I would do without neetbux but I need to buy kratom and a few others things otherwise I have 24/7 sui ideation


Can you take some time off, even if it's unpaid?
Just say that you are sick. We are in the middle of a pandemic so that is literally the perfect excuse. If the company really depends on you to finish the project on time then they can't easily fire you. Don't answer the phone at this time. Hell I would turn it off completely and not even check personal emails.
The deadline is complete bullshit. Some stupid fuck in upper management probably decided on it without consulting relevant people and now all the work is being pushed on you.
When you do go back and have to fix a bug or implement a feature take your sweet ass time. Even if you figure out the solution, wait a few hours before actually implementing it.
This is even easier to do if you are working from home. Just pretend that you are doing something and then say that it's difficult and you need some help.

You've set expectations too high and now they expect that from you. Working at the same level as your coworkers might get you in trouble so your only hope is to make it seem like you are working hard. Wake up early in the morning, like 2 hours before and send an email to your boss or another coworker asking something mundane then go back to sleep. Or even just commit some code. Mention this during your daily meeting in passing. Not like your bragging you dont want your coworkers to give you hell too.

Good luck wizzie and remember if the project is important and you are understaffed they CANNOT fire you. The project HAS to be finished and it has to be maintained. You are much more valuable than you think.


>Some stupid fuck in upper management probably decided on it without consulting relevant people and now all the work is being pushed on you

This is the more infuriating thing. These fuckers just want to finish the project as soon as possible so they can boost their reputation, get bonuses, brag about it, grow in the company, while I'm working overtime like a slave without having received one single extra penny. This is a win-win situation for the upper management and my boss but I'm just wasting my time and damaging my mental and physical health.

>they CANNOT fire you

Being fired would be a blessing to be honest. I've not quitted by my own will basically because I'm too scared of confrontation. My effort and time are not being rewarded enough and they are not respecting my leisure time so I don't want to keep working here. The problem is that this project is on its final stages before release so I don't know how to gracefully quit without them calling me to wish me death or how to cope in this shit until at least a beta version is released.

Holy shit, I don't even need this money to survive in the short run, I'm just here because I was tired of my family pressure to work. I'm sick of this corporate bullshit. I would be ok working just 8 hours per day and being alone most of the time but after this I have the feeling this corporate bullshit is the norm rather than the exception in the industry.


How hard is it to become a security guard? Do you have to be big and imposing or just get a guard card etc?


Taking 3 weeks off starting next week. Can't wait to do nothing.


When I started this job,there was a hardcore communist. Whatever, he's entitled to his opinion, and I don't care enough about politics to talk about it with anyone.

He's still there. However, he started investing a week or two ago and now he's turning into a hardcore neoliberal, which was who he was complaining about the most. It's weird seeing him transform overnight.


>getting annoyed by stupid coworkers edition

Yes, this has been my situation as of late. I've taken to calling them illiterate, retards, insult the fact that it seems like they have no ability to think or rationalize, and criticize their inability to do monkey tier warehouse work. I am absolutely fed up with them, they are idiots beyond my comprehension and proudly admitting that they failed basic education. It's like babysitting, this must be how public school teachers feel. Explaining and reiterating an extremely basic concept for weeks(circling and writing numbers on a page, the directions of north and south, how to sign your name on a piece of paper) to no avail. I understand the fact that adjusting to intense physical labor is a difficult process, but any adult that can fill out an application and pass an interview should be able to accomplish the aforementioned tasks.

All of this makes me feel like doing my job to the standard I am held just makes me the ultimate idiot. In the end, I'm the one losing by doing what I'm supposed to. I feel like I'm being played by these people, by this company. In the end I am and I should have known better when volunteering to work overnight "for a couple of weeks". I'm stuck here until they can find enough people competent to replace me. Should I attempt to file for unemployment to compensate for my reduced hours? I'm trying to get off benzos and kick my nicotine habit and this is absolutely not helping the situation.


>The problem is that this project is on its final stages before release so I don't know how to gracefully quit
There really isn't a way to gracefully quit when you are in the middle of a project. Personally I would take two weeks off, blame it on covid and don't answer my phone. Then when I start working say I am still feeling sick. Don't work more than 8 hours after you return no matter what.

I used to get so stressed at my last job. I was the only one developing the front end of our application basically coding and designing it and working some parts of the back end with no help (it was my first year of working a real job and i was beyond clueless). They had a timeline to finish the project in like 8 weeks. I worked there for 6 months before this project began. Worked on the project for a month then quit without giving two weeks. I will remember that day until I day. I was so happy going into the office. Nervous when I talked to my owner and they tried to get me to stay but I stuck to my decision.

Literally 10 months later I get an email from my now previous owner telling me that the project I was working on is finally complete and he thanked me for the work I did on it.
I nearly killed myself for this job. The deadline was complete bullshit. The amount of pressure that I felt to learn more and be a productive slave was all bullshit.

I understand the fear of confrontation and there isn't an easy way to do it. You can either turn in your laptop to security after sending an email to your boss letting them know that today will be your last day (if you do this dont forget to change your tax and address info if needed). Then don't answer your phone for anybody except family. If it's important they will leave a message. You won't be able to use this job as a reference but thats fine.

Otherwise you can send an email to your owner to schedule a meeting. Then let them know that you are quitting.

There will always be more work to do. After you "finish" this dumpster fire of a project, you will have to do bug fixes and maintenance and then in the middle of that a new project will be assigned to you. Quitting is an inherently disruptive activity. Even if you give a multiple month notice.

Managements lack to plan is not your responsibility. Managements lack of hiring an adequate amount of experienced employees is not your responsibility.


I will try to gather the strength to write a letter this night and quit tomorrow. I will say to my boss that if he wants I can write code documentation during the next week. This is unbearable at this point, I'm not eating well, I'm throwing up, I have shortness of breath even during normal working hours. Random calls drive me insane, I need a previous notice before meetings, random calls make me lose my shit. My health is a mess, I have to quit. Well, the only problem is that have to go to the company office to return the laptop, that will be awkward.


Good luck.If you feel like they are going to overwork you during the next week I won't even bring that up.
Also you can drop the computer off at the security desk and be done with it. Just send your email to your boss a few minutes before and don't entertain a reply.
Stay strong wiz. They'll try to manipulate you and offer you some deal to stay (less hours, more pay, or even guilt trip you) but try to remember how you are being treated now. If they know you are leaving they may be nice for a few days or a week but they'll show their true colors once again.
Make it clear that this is your health at stake. Then turn off your phone and try your best to fix the damage that work has imparted on you.

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