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I heard everyone on wizchan is genuinely unhappy
would have someone to cuddle at night help?
for me it has
I made a tulpa and she loves me tons
you can AMA I don't mind if they're even personal questions


Succubi in all forms are evil and at odds with us.
Cuddle a pillow instead.


>you can AMA I don't mind if they're even personal questions
What website are you from and how did you hear about wizchan?


I can say, tulpa gf is a phase. At least it was for me.

Do not fall away from no-fap or things could get somehow worse.


No fap is a meme, it makes you want to indulge in sexual activities with a succubi even more. Post nut clarity is where it's at.


not succubi trust me
4chan r9k
r9k is all porn and normalfag threads
I thought maybe this topic could help wizchan more than r9k
has'mt been a phase for me
no fap is pretty good for you as long as you have stuff to distract yourself with


is that how they call schizophrenia now?


Maybe if you lack imagination.


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I want to post a cautionary tale from years ago although I am unsure if it was a tulpa or my mental illness and many would see no difference. I am also considering trying to bring her back again (she comes back sometimes but it is not the same)
>mentally ill
>decide to make a tulpa of my waifu
>try very hard and fail so give up
>some months? later
>there is a thing talking to me who I think is mai waifu
>has a positive impact as it tells me to stop self harming
>for some reason I start self harming as a tribute to mai waifu anyway quite badly
>this thing talks to me and everything as if I am crazy
>I make a friend online and it gets jealous
>starts trying to convince me to kill myself
>eventually after a lot of work I ignore it enough so it leaves me alone
I am unsure if this was my waifu or a tulpa but I miss her and am thinking of starting to bring her back..
Worth noting I sometimes hallucinate and get psychotic breaks that I would describe as mild.

Should I risk bringing her/it back??


Tulpa is an ancient practice but by psychological definition it is a self induced psychosis.


Tulpa gives me a reason to live. I stay alive because my two precious ones are here. I have no purpose to live, but they give me a purpose, to live and show them what life has to offer. It's pretty shit, but it is better than everything to go black.


Yeah that's just mental illness, it's not adviceable to make a tulpa with such a background.


>Yeah that's just mental illness, it's not adviceable to make a tulpa with such a background.
I can see how there could be complications but then I am tempted by >>231750 and I known tulpamancers that are real who have even had their waifu appear visually.

Why do people like to fake being a tulpamancer? I do not think they do it as a troll unless very committed beyond even pro trolls.

What has happened in recent years with these DID larp fags with their alters?
And why are people taking it serious and playing into their delusion.


I would like to make a tulpa, but 2 things are stopping me.
>It seems like a lot of effort and since I'm not smart I will probably end up screwing up the whole thing
>I'm scared that my tulpa ends up hating me like everyone else does, besides all I do all day is stay in front of my computer, the poor tulpa doesn't deserve to be attached forever to someone as boring as me.


Did is a real condition. It's just that the fakers are the most obvious, and also highest level of degenerate because you have to be actual lowlife scum already to essentially lie about being severely abused at <8 years old.

And there's a big difference between did, schizophrenia and tulpas
Did is non psychotic mental disorder and you basically hear voices through your internal monologue (most of the time). And they're kinda real in a sense since they can literally carry on your life while you're unconscious. You could be chilling after your parents beat the shit out of you, and skadoosh, you're suddenly 25 now.

Schizophrenic voices can't control you and they don't form distinct identities.

Tulpas are neither, they're just lonely people creating an imaginary friend


if you are capable of such wild imaginations… how are you unhappy to begin with? my head is like a black box, i have no ability to manipulate or observe fantasy shit, no imagination at all yet im not unhappy


oh this is /dep/, that explains everything. i never visit this board but it was unblocked on all for some reason

to the people who make these imaginary creatures, do you have any diagnosed mental disorders? it doesn't even seem possible to me, i wonder if you need to be a little insane first


How can I do it? Do you just will this thing into existence?


It's just a fancier way to say you have an imaginary friend. Did you ever had one of those as a kid? It's the same thing but as an adult you can come up with something a little bit more elaborate.


I never had an imaginary friend. I suppose you need to have some kind of predisposition to be perceptive to these kind of things. What I want to know is to what extent can a tulpa function as an independent entity within one's head. Are you able to hold conversations with it that aren't similar to holding an imaginary debate, can you really treat it as you would another person or is it all make-believe.


I have Schizoid personality disorder so cuddling does nothing to help me


He's the one thing keeping me relatively grounded when every real person just wants to back me into a corner and torment me to the point I snap and kill myself


You don't have to be insane I think you just have to give up on reality. When reality had failed to provide anything other than negative experience breaking it down has no downside.

What are other people? You never actually access someone else's mind you emulate them during conversation. The fact people feel love towards someone who is playing them for money shows how one creates things like love as forces connected to a opaque thing, a source.

Tasking that knowledge and creating your own imagination and placing it as the source is only a violation of a shared social reality. So it's not insanity as much as been bending the shared causality of things to your will and no longer caring about a reality that's useless. Also some people do it for the same reason but from a place of freedom and mysticism rather than dismissal of the world.

I tried but my depressed mind finds it hard to sustain the tulpa consistently.


Is it possible to create someone like you, teach him everything you know, give it access to your memories, basically make a copy of yourself without depression?
I would only create a tulpa if I could switch with it and kill myself in wonderland.


It's much easier to just isolate the thoughtform representing the root cause of your depression and destroy that.


Any good resources for making one? I've seen a few guides but I haven't had much success, would appreciate any tips on making a tulpa.


speak for yourself


>Dude just become schizophrenic on purpose

No, thanks.


Second this I wouldl ike some good guide I sort of have one but never as strong as others I knew have like physically seeing your waifu.

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