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How does being completely alone affect ur mental health?

I think craving for social contact is a natural thing and even doctors found that people who are extremely lonely will most likely develop mental and physical health issues and on average their lifespan is shorter.

A lot of times through the day I find myself making up social interactions in my mind, I'm a massive social retard and the interactions in my imagination seem to be the ones I actually crave for.

Some time ago I started thinking loudly and talking to myself, it's something that is very hard to control and it just happens, sometimes I talk by myself for hours and I'm sure the reason for this is the lack of actual communication in my life since there is no one to actually say something to.

In my dreams I often experience abstract social interactions with other people that often feel so good that I'm sad and confused after waking up from them and that stuff fucks me up the whole day. I also noticed that I often dream about people from school and my childhood, most likely because that might have been the only time I was engaging with other people on a daily basis since I was also forced to and even back then I was always by myself and I really disliked school.

I think that my mental health will eventually degrade itself to the point where I lose my mind completely if things keep going that way and I don't think that this will ever change since this whole thing is a vicious cycle, I have mental problems that prevent me from communicating with other people and at the same time my mental health goes to down the drain even faster because of the loneliness.


Wizards do not get lonely.


False. Wizards get lonely because wizards are human. At least the wizards who have no friends or nobody who loves or care about them.
Perhaps you are thinking of yourself when you say that "wizards" don't get lonely. And that might be because you do have people who talk to you, and are active on some social media or have online friends, or had grown up with friends. Who knows, we are all anonymous here that's why people can larp like the perfect asexual asocial volcel monk.


Why are you here then?


This is a cope for failed normalfaggots, r9k/reddit invaders, etc. Wizards do not get lonely. If you are lonely you should not be posting on this website.



I'm here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I'm all out of bubblegum.


I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And I'm all out of ass.



What are you even talking about? You can have your opinion but why try to discredit the experience of others?

Apparently you are not even able to further elaborate on your viewpoint since you just make your charged statement without explaining why you think that way, that's a really childish way to handle things. Just take more time for your posts before you end up making empty statements like that


A wizard is just a man who is a 30+ year old virgin, or more colloquially an 18+ year old virgin male. Rules against posting that you want to have romantic or sexual experiences are there to prevent /r9k/-tier and rodge-tier garbage. If those rules weren't in place, every teeniebopper from every random imageboard would just post here whenever they get banned. Rule 3 weeds out normals in a similar way.
You also sound like you identify with wizards and "wizardry". It's pretty cringe to identify with a group, especially a literal internet maymay. Post here and follow all the rules, don't try to mold yourself into an internet joke.


File: 1604913392117.gif (3.43 MB, 2160x1440, 3:2, 1602506998887.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I think the way social isolation makes people depressed is by slowly destroying meaning in their lives. Without a social sphere to be enveloped in, the individual is forced to either create his own meaning or suffer in a void. It's important to understand that without meaning, you won't feel any drive or need to do anything and even if you force yourself, you won't get any satisfaction from it. People that suffer from "anhedonia" don't have anything wrong with their brain or neurochemistry, it's just that their lives are completely devoid of meaning. It is like playing a game without any rules, no win or lose condition.

The problem with a lot of people that don't belong here is that they're incapable of creating their own meaning without social support. Why work hard at something? Why learn about things? Why develop yourself when you're alone? That "why" is what separates the "successful" wizzie from the failed normalfag. The former thrives in isolation despite all "common sense" because he can do things for himself and doesn't require an external meaning system to give him rational and emotional justification.

Loneliness is not simply craving social interaction, it's rather a type of anxiety when the individual perceives that all of his actions are inert, that each direction is as valid and invalid as any other. Without a social sphere, your actions have to rely on an internal value system, not checked and approved of by other people, a dizzying and scary position for many wizkids that haven't developed it yet.

People like OP truly are the saddest on this forum. Not because they're weak people, but because it's obvious that they simply lack a positive environment in which to thrive in and they resigned themselves to a lifestyle that is anti-thetical to their psychological predisposition. It's crazy to think how their outlook would completely change if they had one or two honest people around them, but their parents are often abusive or completely uninterested and detached.


I'm full schizoid at this point. Cannot connect at all just lost my mind.


You worded this right anon, however some of us are just unable to form relationships with people. I'll take my example. My family loves me but I don't care for them, don't hate them either. The few friends I had in the past, I just cut contact by myself. Why? because I probably have very high standards and people don't fit in this caricature of that perfect friend or whatever I want. I'm completely detached from others and It's a combination of poor social skills. high standards and my inability to relate to the normal person. Most of our kind are already old and it's too late to change.


This is a good post, this kind of topic is something I've thought about a lot. However I do think that that "working hard" or learning things is a social thing as well. Every wizardly man alive still comes down from his mountain to show those what he learned. What purpose is there to craft a great hammer if not to give to someone else, or most importantly to show others that you did so. You may point to artists who never release their works as proof that not everyone does things for others, yet is it not more obvious that he just thinks others will judge it poorly? The only people I can think of who do nothing with others are hermits who have no social interaction at all, not even radio. These people end up just working on their own survival really, which any man even if he is depressed will do.

>that each direction is as valid and invalid as any other.

This is very true, nothing is innately better than another thing. In fact nothing is really innate in anything at all, only humans create mental gymnastics to force innate qualities onto objects and events. There is no up or down, good or bad, there merely "is" or "are". By creation of meaning you really mean to creation of decision, since with no innate qualities it becomes impossible to decide to do one thing over another.


Nihilism and the resulting depression is just where wizdom will naturally lead you, its you who hasnt matured and will run into a wall at some point with your distractions.
In fact, your presence on this site contradicts your entire point, because obviously you need some kind of social reply, even if it is just a reply on an internet forum.

And thats disregarding the need for financial security, live isnt an anime succubus pixelart.


>Every wizardly man alive still comes down from his mountain to show those what he learned.

I guess you have a point. It's a question of degree, how much your internal meaning system relies on external social structures. If you lose your job tomorrow, the things you did there would suddenly become quite meaningless - not irrational, but suddenly inert, devoid of potential and if you kept doing them, you would quickly stop because that social structure that made it meaningful is now lost. Drop out of university and suddenly you can't be bothered to study anything seriously because there are no exams, no degree to earn and nothing in your environment that provides a structure, a set of rules, a kind of implicit game that can be won or lost. The people that become math geniuses certainly don't develop their interest in pure isolation, they are introduced to it in school or by a parent, but after class ends for the day, the structure that gave the activity meaning goes away and yet they still find reasons to delve deeper into the subject, they create their own game, one that nobody really knows about. That's sort of what I'm talking about, what's ultimately needed to thrive in isolation - creativity, the ability and courage to make your own rules and your own "game".

You're misunderstanding. I never said one should be completely isolated and avoid society and interacting with other people. I simply explained how a "successful" wizard thrives in isolation and doesn't experience depression despite not having any significant social relationships.

It's self-evident that Discord and imageboard seldom quench loneliness because conversation is never enough, one ultimately craves a social structure that provides meaning to his actions. Many people join the military for that reason or a monastery or become a regular alcoholic at some pub. Actually, wizchan itself can be (ab)used in this manner and it can provide these failed normalfags enough structure and enough meaning to justify a lifestyle they are clearly not suited for.

Reminds of a quote by this one french philosopher:
"There are some people who would never have fallen in love if they had not heard there was such a thing.".


>Wizards get lonely because wizards are human.
Wow, thanks for the laugh, seriously. I swear, this could be the crab motto at this point.

Now on to the topic: We are humans but humans are different from each other. There is this "little" thing called individuality, perhaps you've heard of it. It has been a thing since like the reformation and is one of the biggest achievements of the West and civilized cultures in general.
So go and stuff into your anus your herd-mentality. You may die of loneliness but others like me don't give a shit, really. I know it is hard for you to comprehend, but please try anyway.

Good post but
>Not because they're weak people
I disagree. People like him are quite pathetic and weak, they lack character and spirit.

>financial security
This isn't something that is unique to wizards, try harder.
>In fact, your presence on this site contradicts your entire point
Oho, for the sake of everything wizardly, not this retarded argument again. For the zillionth time, using wizchan isn't the same as talking to people irl or even talking to people through social media, forums, chatrooms or etc.
And I would say there is a big fucking difference between being content with using wizchan and being a failed normal who desires friendship and people who love him and accept him.


>if you get lonely then you can't be a wizard

More displays of mental retardation from part of the truewiz gang who still keep posting on wizchan for some reason even though they should have left a long time ago to act like real true wizards. But it's no surprise why they can't do it, it's evident now they can't go because they have to always be virtue signaling and saying how superior they are from those other wizards who are depressed and get lonely.

>We are humans but humans are different from each other.

And that's exactly why wizards can get lonely you fucking retard because not everyone is a carbon copy of you.


I think you are mistaking cause for effect, people arent depressed because they are "lonely", they are lonely because they are depressed. How many "geniuses" do you know who were depressed, miserable cunts? Its not possible for a depressed person to become happy, its literary the antithesis to the nature of his condition.
I dont know why you accuse me of being lonely, in fact I find this whole concept of a failed normalfag stupid because its a big strawman, a baseless accusation, an insult and punch in the face from the very people who are supposed to be the only ones able to understand. I dont care about norps, but I also dont care for mindless consumerism.
I am tired and see everything I touch fall apart nothing works, nothing to look forward to, nothing to stand up for in the morning, no hopes for improvement, I am fucking tired because I am sick and then there is juvenile shitheads like >>231616 who think they have it all figured out. A lack of character and spirit is to just give up, cope and hide in your room.

I was at school, the military (drafted, I am not the wizmarine), NEET, working and now back at Uni and from what I experienced, whatever I do, I will always think about how much greener the grass is on the other side. I will always be miserable not able to fulfill the standards I set for myself, driving me further into the rabbit hole.
My whole life is just a fucking disaster.


>the things you did there would suddenly become quite meaningless
No not at all, I think that the "meaning" is there if you choose it to be there. What is this meaning anyways? Usefulness? An emotional attachment? A purpose? All answers tend to twist and fold in on each other, being the explanation and reasoning for themselves and this "meaning". The answer I find clearest is that meaning comes from whatever you "value", which can be anything. Truly anything at all could be your values, there is no better or worse in any sort of something, just an arbitrary set of values you create. By doing so you then give innate qualities to events and objects, leading to "meaning". I think we agree on this because you have noticed there is a game in both a greater society view and personal, all forms of games are pointless otherwise they would not be games. Yet every game is a multiplayer one, all showing hierarchy as their final score. One person says science games are greater than sport games, because science requires intellect. When you look deeper you realize that both the great sport player and the great scientist are the same, they were born with capacity in some ability over others by default. It is just another hierarchy game, both are equal to themselves or any other hierarchy game.

Better or worse, left or right, strong or weak. It was all just the musing of a clown.


I started suffering from the same issues as you last year OP. For the longest time I was fine being completely isolated. But for some reason last year I craved some sort of social interaction. I also have a mental disability that makes it difficult for me to connect with others, which is how I became so isolated to begin with. I'll rant to myself out loud in my car a few times I caught myself talking to myself in a public space, which I had to quickly put a lid on. I haven't done that in a year now but I'm also afraid I'll start talking to myself out loud in public and appear insane. I used to be able to somewhat pick up on facial expressions and social cues but I'm struggling with that more and more now. I can't sleep properly anymore now without the use of sleep aids either. Being human, I definitely feel a massive gap in my being where the socialization aspect should be. Oh the cruel irony. I removed myself from society out of bitterness and frustration only for my body to DEMAND that I get involved.


Spotted the r9k refugee. What is with this recent phenomenon of people trying to gatekeep the practices of a website they just recently started browsing? Stop being so hostile. This isn't some pissing contest over who is the best at being a lonely loser like on 4chan.


I also feel less energetic than I used to. It could just be a sign of old age, but I used to have some level of productive energy, at least enough to enjoy a hobby or two. Now I feel extremely lethargic.I guess that's the anhedonia another wizard is describing. And also like the other wizard said, I believe it's due to not having some sort of validation of what I'm doing.


Same brother. Just feel dead and cut off from the world. Its the whole dissociative nothing is real that gets me.


>What is this meaning anyways? Usefulness? An emotional attachment? A purpose? All answers tend to twist and fold in on each other, being the explanation and reasoning for themselves and this "meaning". The answer I find clearest is that meaning comes from whatever you "value", which can be anything.

All of the above are a part of "meaning" but aren't sufficient to completely define it. I use it in an existential sense, something which gives structure to Being and seems like a requirement for people to properly psychologically function. Loneliness is the existential anxiety of lacking a social structure that provides meaning to your actions. Think about being on a deserted island: after you deal with pragmatic matters of survival, you are faced with a certain kind of existential anxiety. There's an infinite amount of things you could on this island, but without a social structure to give your actions meaning, you are paralyzed by the freedom and lack of constraint. Then you will either create your own rules, your own games to play or you will become depressed (extreme demotivation is simply a side-effect of being unable to see any potential or meaning in your actions).

>No not at all, I think that the "meaning" is there if you choose it to be there.

This is seldom the case. Consider if you were an accountant and you did daily accounting work, activities that are meaningful to you inside the social structure of employment. If someone asked you why do you do this, you might be able to talk about abstract reasons like money or career development, but what really drives you is this social structure which you are a part off, which makes typing numbers on a keyboard something "valuable". It's very difficult to create value, rather it's often "discovered", usually through an assimilation into some social structure. After you become burger flipper, suddenly constructing 100s of burgers a day becomes something "valuable" - did you happen to decide that one day, or was it provided to you?

After you are laid off, you will not seek out accounting work on your own, you will not crunch numbers for fun or keep starring at excel sheets out of habit. Fundamentally, something is missing and it's that implicit social structure which made the activity meaningful. Of course, you could talk about "accounting" in abstract terms, as a tool, something rational, something which makes sense to do, but your immediate experience tells you that this activity no longer holds any potential. I'm essentially saying that you can "sense" this even before you are able to put it into words. I think depression is just the end result of being unable to perceive meaning in the world, actions no longer hold any potential - and this often happens as people become ostracized or alienated from certain social structures - a man loses his job, his family, his moves to a new country and so on.


Wow, so much gatekeeping.


>Think about being on a deserted island: after you deal with pragmatic matters of survival, you are faced with a certain kind of existential anxiety.
Yes, see I do think we see the same here. For after dealing with survival you must create pointless busy work, yet all the work is equally as "useful" or rather equally pointless. How does one decide what pointless task to do over another? You must create values that add innate qualities to objects, with these decided you may then choose one over another such as better or worse. So that the creation of meaning is really the creation of decision or choice. Since as you mentioned one would be paralyzed by freedom, because there is no innate quality without a system of arbitrary values. Where we differ is if these values or games are social, or how social they are in general. I did mention that the only people free from social games would be true no human contact hermits, which a man on a deserted island surely falls into. Although I will also admit, that generally from my research on hermits and those who live alone (not that deep) most of these types tend to have pets or imaginary doll-like creatures that they anthropomorphize, in order to show off their creations too. Sometimes they may even develop a habit of speaking to themselves as if they are a separate person to compare themselves to. It is hard to know since those who film themselves in the wild seem to in a way anthropomorphize the camera itself, they show off themselves to the camera as people will see them through it.

While I agree that there may be degrees of socialization, to fully escape it seems nigh impossible if you ask me. Even if many a truwiz(hierarchy game) will deny it, this site is surely without a doubt socialization. To escape the human condition, I cannot yet find a way.

>you will not crunch numbers for fun or keep starring at excel sheets out of habit.

I think you confuse meaning in work with a job where the meaning for everyone is in money. The money is the meaning for these people, not crunching numbers; of course they would not crunch numbers for fun if it gave them no financial gain of some sort. Money is the most played hierarchy game in the world, you can see it in those who gain enough to retire yet keep working. Millions and millions of dollars, for what purpose? It is nothing more than a high score number to them, all they want is a place to put "AAA" on the leaderboards.

Now for "meaning in work", one can point to artists or scientists, who work for less money and generally do these things in their free time. When you ask why a person solves arbitrary math equations all day, then might lie about how enjoyable it is for them, exactly the same as the miser. It is obvious that solving pointless number problems is not an enjoyable thing, and if it is then it is only as enjoyable as solving a jigsaw puzzle or crossword puzzle. The real answer and one you will notice when speaking in depth with these characters (the artists or scientist), is that they are playing another hierarchy game with each other. It is not money that guides them, but fame and intellectual superiority over another. They want to solve a puzzle that no one else can, or at least that their fellow scientists have been attempting to do but cannot. Then they can triumphantly come out and show the rest of the game players that they have won.


We need gatekeeping to keep normalfaggots out. People here used to understand that, before the moderation team got taken over by overly tolerant succubi.


Wizchan has already decayed so much and is one of the last places that is decent for our kind.
Chad schizos do not get lonely


Wait, there is a mod team here. Lol, never seen them doing anything.


Wizards are human just like the rest of us, if you couldn't get lonely you wouldn't be here…


File: 1605077795487.jpg (143.65 KB, 1002x1002, 1:1, s1pDjT7B.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This implies that no value can be had by social interaction in this case online if it were not for the fact people get lonely.
Schizoids often use online anonymous socializing as entertainment.
Think about other reasons a wiz may enjoy discussing things?
Maybe they place a high value on intelligent discourse and know it is best to share and observe others ideas.
What does loneliness feel like?
I am not being a smart ass I am being serious if you can describe being lonely at all and the experience because for some of us we have never experienced such a thing.

Please if you disagree I want to see where you think I am wrong.



I seriously doubt that people like u never feel lonely. I think you are just bitter and fucked up to the point where u project everything at others even if all they do is admit that they would like social interaction, yet u are on a imageboard communicating with other people yourself which is contradicting. If u are such a "schizo chad" then cut off any communication even online just for a period of time and u will most likely realize that u depend on interaction as well.


File: 1605098943360.jpg (55.97 KB, 1242x894, 207:149, 2432308376839e5304a82c5323….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I seriously doubt that people like u never feel lonely. I think you are just bitter and fucked up to the point where u project everything at others even if all they do is admit that they would like social interaction
I cannot speak on behalf of others and only myself which in itself verifies that others like me do exist.
The way you phrase you dismissal is similar to how one would react to the typical poster that claims that they are Asexual. Which I doubt many are and it is mostly people coping however I personally am not bitter toward others I do not hate anyone despite having reason to.
I do not think I am better for not feeling the same desire or ability to enjoy social interaction.
I already explained here
The reasons aside from feeling lonely people can socially interact.
If you were familiar with schizoids enough for example you will find that they do make a lot of use of anonymous imageboards.
The reality is that I am envious of others which are able to enjoy each others company so easily as this has only been a once in a million occurrence and I do craze that feeling despite not feeling lonely itself.
>If u are such a "schizo chad" then cut off any communication even online just for a period of time and u will most likely realize that u depend on interaction as well.

I have gone for long periods of time spanning a year or more without talking to people online or offline.
I have been immersed in a social culture online with anons I have interacted with for years only to stop all interaction abruptly.
How do I view social interaction? knowing this may make my statements appear as holding more weight and being possible.
Social interaction is a hobby and it passes the time.
It can be enjoyable (online) just as much as it can feel painful.
I do not depend on social interaction.
This thing, this trait I have I am trying to explain.
It is not something I feel is worth bragging about or as if it is "cool" I actually hate that I am this way due to feeling less than human.

Regarding people who are plain bitter they in my opinion enjoy social interaction but for reasons try to protect themselves from repeating the same trauma of the past.
Does this make more sense now??


Then you aren't here enough, people spam shitposts all the time and they are always cleaned up fairly quick. Pepe and wojak banning are fantastic rules. Extreme normalfaggotry once proven is banned as well. Overall I actually think wizchan has some of the best moderation on any chan I've seen. One could argue they might be a bit lax, such as allowing the androgyny thread to stay up despite being an obvious tranny factory, but it's better to be a bit too lax than overbearing with bans on any subject.

I would say the main problem wizchan has is the truwizzies crying about crabs all the time, and also crabs crying about truwizzies. Both of the far sides of these groups are cancer, extreme truwiz is basically just chad larping as a wiz "bro just b urself and become successfull bro, wow you have no friends yours a loser haha", while extreme crabwiz is constantly crying about who is the lowest on the ladder "if you weren't born with sub 60iq, extreme disfigurement, if you have been outside your house or had a succubus look at you once, then you aren't a wiz.".


yeah they freely allow talk of sex on /b/ and tolerate blatant females posting on the site so as not to be 'mean' but they ban people for posting specific cartoons that happen to anger you so they're totally redeemed.


>tolerate blatant females posting on the site so as not to be 'mean'
The irony is that females who are not trash and use IB's know not to reveal gender and follow board culture.
I do not doubt a good portion of the posters here are female hikikomori that keep it secret.
Allowing talk of sex should not be allowed.
>but they ban people for posting specific cartoons that happen to anger you so they're totally redeemed.
You do not understand internet culture and meme sociology enough if you seriously think it is not a good idea to ban frogs and wojaks.
Frogs are always an indictor of edgy teens and retards or newfags who heard about funni frog pictures from /r/greentext and then decide to come try out chans themselves.
There is good reason to ban their usage.


/b/ is literally just a shitposting trollfest, obviously there will be talks of sex there since it's a place for low quality posts designed to bait you. As for females it is hard to prove who is one, you can end up banning ordinary male posters and cause drama. If they admit to being female then yes obviously they will be banned.


You can develop various personality disorders and cptsd in extreme cases you may go into psychosis and start to hallucinate. The aloneness so refined now it can split your being into pieces and those pieces become beings of their own for you to interact with. You start talking to yourself, maladaptive day dreaming, making up social situations for your characters, bringing them to life through various art mediums. You get very weird start doing strange things then you become totally insulated focusing only on yourselves and your immediate needs like food and hygiene. After so long you feel it that feeling a suffering so raw you're unsure if the human animal was ever designed to feel those sensations for long periods of time and not die. The cortisol in your body is high on the regular you are racked with anxiety and paranoia and you'll descend further and further into yourself withdrawing from all that made you human, losing what little social skills you had. Then you will die homeless alone and cold in a ditch somewhere. Before you die your soul becomes fractured and scarred, broken for all eternity but apparently this damage is a good thing conducive to this fucking stupid treadmill of cosmic growth we're all on as the narrative goes the universe has to break you down to build you back up stronger. Fuck this existence and fuck whatever force formed it.


There are extremely few people in the world who can exist for many years without friendships or receiving physical touch from other humans without suffering for it. People play no-true-wiz with it on here all the time, but you don’t have to be a normalfag to crave those things sometimes. I would imagine that most wizards have very low social needs and don’t really want friends most of the time anyway, but occasional episodes of loneliness are to be expected in all but the most extreme autists and schizoids. Better to just accept and understand your needs, rather than pretend otherwise.

I just hope I’m liberated from my flesh prison before the chronic anxiety turns my brain to mush and gives me early-onset dementia.


Whenever my one friend I talk to is offline for a day or two in a row unannounced my mind immediately goes to worst possible scenario (i.e. killed in a car crash or any number of accidents). It's hypocritical of me too because I am commonly offline for days, but I can't help but worry. After my pets die someday, the day I lose my one line of human contact is when I am truly alone.


does loneliness + neetdom + hikki lifestyle basically just rot your mind?

i used covid as an excuse to become a neet and havent left my house since middle of march and my brain feels like its turned to mush


wizchan 2021


That was very eloquent wiz, couldn't agree more.


Yeah, only a few special schizoid types can be truly NEET and friendless and get by with it. The rest are either young and lazy, have computer addictions they're not willing to come to terms with or they're so unstable that that's the only option.

Have you seen what happens to a cat if it's left alone in an apartment all day by itself with no socialization. That's what happens to the average person that lives the NEETlife.


I would argue the schizoid types that are unaffected by isolation aren't really getting by. Otherwise they probably wouldn't be schizophrenic.


when I didn't have my parents living with me I felt extremely lonely and scared most of the time, at night time it would get worse I would lock and barricade myself in my room because I was afraid of being attacked during the night and having no one to help me, now my parents have been home since that time and I feel much better knowing they will come home at 4pm every day and I will see them in the morning and in case anything bad happens they can help me


Schizoid is not schizophrenia


You neo-wizards are really hilarious you know. It's really your first time going a year+ as a NEET? Come on now.


File: 1610515304599.jpeg (41.31 KB, 739x415, 739:415, 4593C256-F81A-4FB5-ACA0-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I’ve found that since 4 years ago, when I just ghosted my friends and stopped going out, I realized people are a nuisance and just a series of reciprocal obligations. I now actively avoid getting close to people and I guard my tranquility intensely. People are “unknown” quantities, unlike something like a glass of scotch, a cigarette, or a walk in the woods, reading a good book, playing a video game (inb4 blah blah). You know that by engaging in these things you will enjoy their quantity and there is no volatility or blowback. They can’t deceive you, or have emotional outbursts, ect. The cold burning of loneliness far exceeds tolerability compared to something like a loveless marriage or a broken family. I’d rather be alone and through the feeling is “odd” it feels more and more right as time goes on. I did struggle with it the first year or two, but now I don’t care. People are low on my list.


>The cold burning of loneliness
I think you meant the "the endless summer of loneliness", otherwise 10/10.


OP for me it is the opposite I cannot stand people I like to isolate and do not get lonely I can just post online to interact with others but I am meant to be schizoid+ another personality disorder.

I never felt lonely but I think it is possible even schizoids get illeeffects from being alone all the time.


Is it actually true that you are schizoid when you like to be alone? I have always since I can remember preferred to be alone though I sometimes want someone else around because it can get too much. But by heart I'm a loner. I always thought this is maybe a rare yet essentially normal human condition. It's part of human experience so why would it be wrong? Am I schizoid? And if so then what does that change? I don't like calling myself that way for some reason. I feel normal I just don't like having people around me all the time. Am I really mentally ill for that preference? That's kind of lame.


>Is it actually true that you are schizoid when you like to be alone?
Just being introverted and preferring own company is not enough for a "diagnosis" because schizoids will have other traits. I am sceptical I am even schizoid despite being told I am and clearly having traits. I hate being around people and have never felt lonely once and now I am able to stand being near a family member but still would prefer to be on my own the reason I dislike being near others is it is so tiring and draining I get a compulsion to escape I also spend a lot of time thinking about stuff and introspecting which is meant to be a trait.

Wizzie I would not worry about labels if I were you and there is no effective therapy for schizoid PD anyway. even if you were schizoid is it really mentally ill? we are just different.

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