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Does anybody else feel like we're near the end or that society is going to rapidly collapse as a result of climate change, neoliberalism, warfare, political instability, COVID, etc? I feel like these end of the world type scenarios are not sensationalist fearmongering anymore like it was in the past and that the end is actually happening.


the end is always happening, day by day we all get closer to our ends


This feels like nothing. I'll actually worry about the end once millions upon millions lives are lost, buildings are destroyed, tight lockdowns are everywhere and the government fully collapsing is when i'll consider it the end times. Some stupid shitty nu-cold covid isn't close to the end times. I'm sick of normalcunts going insane and being dramatic about this.


We've been through worse and we've bounced back from that. End of times is just wishful thinking, if you want it to happen like me.



seconding this


Yup. Society is collapsing. Not even controversial at this point.


Urgg common, your whole post is stupid but this is unacceptable.


doomsday prophecies have been popular since we still living in caves anon, it's not happening and this crappy society will continue long after we're dead


I can imagine back in WW2 or even the Cold War people were convinced the world could end at any moment. For most of the issues OP listed, the US might get fucked but humanity will survive. The only issue that might lead to end times is climate change. Something crazy like a third of the world lives along coastlines. When sea levels rise, millions and possibly billions of people will be displaced. Maybe I'm just ignorant, but I can't imagine the governments in South America will be able to deal with the crisis. The migrant caravans that the US was so worried about will look like nothing compared to the mass immigration we're going to see. And it's not like the US won't be without its own problems. We have people living along the coast too. We're going to be experiencing our own abnormal weather patterns that will cost cities hundreds of millions of dollars. We might experience our own hiccups in our food supply as climate change affects crop yields. I can go own, but it's hard to imagine all the implications of climate change. I think it will depend on how the world responds. Will we wait until there's real global disaster? Will we take preemptive measures to curve the effects of climate change? If not all countries fight climate change, will it be enough? Or is it already too late?

As far as everything that's happening right now, we'll be okay. Not sure about 10 years from now, but for now we'll be okay.


We're headed towards a totalitarian society worse than any book. Listen to the talk on how far the "vaccine" and Id2020 can really go, it'll scare you shitless. Either the system wins and everyone becomes a slave or the whole thing goes down and we start from scratch.


It's sure not looking bright. Another thing is that Europe and USA will be turned into multicultural Brazil shitholes in the coming century. The world is gonna suck even 10x harder than the piece of shit society we have today.


File: 1605286007801.jpg (211.16 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, wachau.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

In most of the western world it feels like that because a cycle of 250 years is coming to its end. What we are seeing now is pretty standard for every empire in its final days: Infighting elites that enrich themselves, tribalism, social cohesion falling apart, zombie economies. We have seen this play out for multiple times in the past. Ancient Rome is a prime example.

By now, this process cannot be avoided for many countries in the west. Especially if you are poor things will get pretty bad in the coming years. Expect overall living standards and life expectancy to go down to where it was in the 80s. The rich will be fine, as always, if they are smart enough to prepare accordingly.

The US will likely balkanize. The EU won't persist in its current form. Overall, the 2020 will suck with increasing chances for social unrest and war. I know there is a lot of hate when it comes to China but mark my words. I think there is an increasing chance that by 2030 or 2040 standards of living will be higher in Chinese cities than in large parts of the west.

About climate change.. I honestly don't know. Look to the left and all you hear is that by 2050 we are facing the apocalypse with hundreds of millions of people in poor countries dying from shortages of food and water. Look to the right and they will tell you that things will be more or less the same.


The Roman Empire disintegrated over the span on three centuries and it could be argued a Roman under Aurelius couldnt have identified with a Roman from Valentinians time, even if you count WW1 as the begging of European civilization collapsing it would still be 200 years of stagnation, recessions, booms, inflation, deflation, reforms, unrest, assassination, intrigue, corruption, invasions and civil war.
China is fully dependent on the global market and if the west stagnates (which it does) so will China, its more likely they will fall in a hole like Japan did before.

Not much will happen in our lifetime, we werent born to see Augustus build the Empire nor to see Alaric loot it, we werent born to see a revolution, to see an empire fall or rise, we were born into the boring in between part where not much happens. Imagine you lived in Rome 215-260, or China 800-820, or Mongolia 1100-1140 or some other irrelevant place in time.


We are already living in a dark age IMO.


File: 1605290623675.jpg (227.51 KB, 800x533, 800:533, dürnstein.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yes, the collapse of Rome took some time so it isn't the best example for a 250 year cycle. If you want more recent examples that fit into that time frame take the Dutch empire. From roughly 1600 to 1800 It went through the whole cycle of growth-peak-stagnation-collapse. The British empire hat a longer buildup but basically did the same cycle from roughly 1700 to 1950. US: rapid growth from 1850, peaked somewhere around the 1950s-60s, then stagnation, and since 2000 rapid decline. It's a pattern that repeats again and again. And if we go by that then within the next ~50 years the US as we all know today - a powerhouse and leading power in economy, finance, military, etc. won't exist any more.

That doesn't mean that it will be the end. Some empires will rise again after some time. See China. Yes, China will suffer too. But what sets China apart from many parts of the west is that in many aspects its outlook is much better: Unity, shared values, education, resources … Don't believe all the crap that western media on both sides of the spectrum say about China. They have been wrong for the last 40 years about almost everything.

Also, I think there is quite a chance we will indeed get to see stuff to happen in our life time. Because whenever one empire fell apart and another was ready to take over one outcome was war. Does the Thucydides trap ring a bell?


>he thinks war will still happen
Real physical war will never exist ever again, only economic or political war will.


There is literally a couple wars happening right now.


>cocksucking chinks


File: 1605301640122.jpg (4.5 KB, 253x199, 253:199, heh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ignorant and not providing anything of value to this thread. Peasant.


Fresh from /r9gay/ boat?


in between the beginning and end of Rome were many revolutions, particularly towards the end. It reached a point where every transfer of power sparked another civil war



A lot of people sometimes get the feeling that something is going to "collapse" ahead of it actually doing so. People anticipated the american civil war, WWI, WWII, the fall of communist russia etc LONG before they happened, not with ecstatic glee, bit with a vauge feeling of forboding.

I think you are correct. What the people before you srot of "divened" was a vauge sense that a current system was untenable, or unstable. What you are sensing is several unstable tendencies in Liberal democracies, such as insupportable public debt, social unease caused by immigration, and the light, medim and heavy manufacturing centres being blown the fuck out. Like someone in the USSR in 1985, you can sense the steam running out of the engine.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt what now exists is going to collapse. It will probably be a civil war or an economic collapse in America that triggers it - with the waves spreading to eurasia. But you're right generally - these liberal democracies will run out of money, influence and state control of the civil population and we will enter another period of internal strife like the 30 year war. People are so smug they think this cannot happen. They think because europe has been coasting nicely for 60 years no war can possibly happen. Simply rediculous. There were HUNDREDS OF YEARS of peace under the pax romanus during the hight of the roman empire, then a THOUSAND years of war afterwards. Get to the suburbs and grow potatos if you can. I know I am.


>End of times is just wishful thinking
Or is it?
I wouldn't be so sure about that.


>Every degenerate money greedy government all collectively decided to destroy their economies for a cold

Ok buddy


Ok, add large businesses and banks to the list


>A lot of people sometimes get the feeling that something is going to "collapse" ahead of it actually doing so. People anticipated the american civil war, WWI, WWII, the fall of communist russia etc LONG before they happened, not with ecstatic glee, bit with a vauge feeling of forboding

I've been experiencing a foreboding feeling for a while now. Hasn't subsided after corona, the American election, or a few personal hardships (deaths in the family mainly). Making me wonder what it is


Not really. I think if anything the apparent instability of the world will be a pretext for tightening global control. It reeks of being artificially instigated anyway.


day by day, We are getting better in every way. day by day; Thats what they all say, when they partake in salsa chip dippin tendie strip scrimpin.


wars where the other side has literally no chance of winning dont count, and african chimp out wars dont count either because they cant really stabilize anything anyway.

the tighter control doesnt come from nowhere though, there needs to be a collapse so that a new power can take position. everyone can see the collapse coming but what they may not see is whats after the collapse.


Homelessness is going to explode due to corona so society is collapsing, just very slowly. In 1 generation expect lots of tent cities in nearly every city of the US.


I dont think it will collapse, but it will become more dystopian and shit. All those bright visions of the future died as soon as America paid a bunch of sandniggers to fly a plane into their building (+ the internet becoming mainstream)


>there needs to be a collapse so that a new power can take position
not necessarily
the thing is, the "powers" are rather limited in number now. there's nothing like a rising capitalist bourgeois class to overtake and subvert the feudal establishment to its interests like what happened in "the long 16th century", the current system doesn't have powerful rivals like that
currently, power is held by something like a "global" elite class, heavily intertwined with each other
they're in control of politics, economy, media, international relationships from trade to war are bound to their interests
there's no rival class to overtake them as the masses are largely easily manipulated, political opposition deplatformed, and potential economic agents are consistently neutered (middle class enterpreneurship is weak) and integrated (i.e. FAANG, despite using entirely novel spheres of economic/social activity and being a "new player", are completely controlled by the elites)
countries tend not to have their own elite groups compete against the global ones, and fall securely under heel of regulations and global treaties and frameworks
the only one that breaks out of the pattern is china, but we don't really have much of an idea on their relations with the current worldsystem's elites

in any case, the current powers that be seem to have things strictly under control, the masses follow them, the economies follow them, the countries follow them… no real global instability exists in this globalist world order.


Guy Mcpherson seems pretty convinced that humanity will go extinct by 2026 due to climate change. I don't know if he still believes that time frame still though. Something about near absolute crop failure, instant struggle and war for resources, and our eventual starvation/death at around or close to 2026. He holds a PhD and is tenured as a professor, so he's not just some random retard.


The world is always on the precipice. It's always been on the precipice. I don't give a FUCK about climate change, neoliberalism, warfare, political instability, COVID, etc. I was a commie years ago in college but I don't care anymore. I can't care. It's all the same thing. All of it. Society isn't going to collapse. It'll keep going same as it's been for a hundred thousand years, teetering on that fucking precipice, never tilting one way or the other. It's all the same thing forever. Fuck it all.


All other civilizations have crumbled at some point, why should this one be different? I don't think this one will survive the next 100 years. People are way to mentally ill nowadays and it's becoming way too unstable.


Remember that people lived in Rome in 400s AD and yet here we are 1600 years later.


Yes he is and he is a neurotic ideologe on top of it.
A PhD doesnt mean anything anymore, they hand them out like candy. Climate change is communist propaganda.

We arent in the age of empires anymore, a nation state cant collapse, it can be occupied and go through a period of stagnation as we do now, but for better or worse a nation like Germany is eternal, even with deranged Jewish commies trying to replace the population with niggers.
On the other hand, a civilzation itself cant collapse whatsoever, it can only go through a dialectic process of renewal as it is absorbed into another civilzation and lives on in its conquerors culture, ironically.

The mentally ill freaks running around are just the left overs of the industrial revolution, proles without a factory who troll the world as dead men walking. With the populations regression this will eventually disappear.
"The west", especially Europe, will stagnate and become authoritarian, painting their tyranny under the colors of law, as things slowly start to fall appart, people turn to drugs and the police is busier chasing political dissidents than investigating criminality. It wont collapse however, which is actually worse.
The future will look like Russia; a corrupt oligarchy with a charismatic figurehead, state controlled media, alcoholicism, drug absue, decay, ignorance and savagery, all as the cameras focuses in on the fancy inner cities of the nations metropoli to show you how good everything is.
Just make sure you are the last one to hit the ground.


Climate change is a scam, We've already lived through 5 different dooms day predictions without listening to the supposed solutions. Planets aren't stable, they change over time and humans are convinced only they could be the cause of it, despite the biggest change in the planets history being caused by plants.

The 250 year cycle isn't accurate, things are falling apart but there's no set time frames of collapse.

During Roman times it took months to travel across oceans. There were no cars, no planes and no guns. Roman's collapse is different to ours because ours is full of propaganda saying "Kill the romans, they keep us down" every day at all times on every media platform possible. Remember the Tutsi's in Africa where in 1 week almost their entire population was genocided with knives and clubs. Now apply that to the west where the same ethnic group has access to firearms and cars.


I hope so but even jews cant keep things like this i love the covid era as introvert but even me i know things will be normal in maybe for 2022


>Early 19th century
Malthusian economics
>Late 19th century
Yellow horde
>Early 20th century
Nuclear armageddon
Population bomb
Climate Change

These doomer scenarios come and go. The fall of rome was doomer af and we bounced back from that eventually, no need to be totally cynical fellas.


None of those things have stopped being a problem though.


Malthusian economics was proven wrong, population growth doesn't remain exponential necessarily and food output has made great gains. Dysgenics is still a problem but its a problem localized in certain areas and certain classes, Mormons for example are eugenic with their mating patterns, with higher class men and succubi outbreeding lower class men and succubi. Nuclear proliferation is moving at a snail's pace and has become a minor problem since the cold war ended. The population bomb is winding up to be a dud with even India falling rapidly into subreplacment fertility.

Things can change, in ways that people cannot plan for or expect. What wasn't thought to be a problem becomes a problem, and what was a problem can often become a non-problem.


I believe it will too due to mass immigration/race conflict, weakening of men, foreign powers like China, and inflation. We're in-between the 'good times' and 'hard times'.

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