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How to avoid rotting and atrophying when you're a neet? Is it even possible to completely avoid it or only minimize some aspects of it?


Realize that you don't need a job, school or training program to give you reason and meaning to do things. You can exercise, learn and train without a social structure which necessitates and forces it on you. Stop being a slave and learn to do things WILLINGLY for yourself.


This. You have to be more specific about what you mean by atrophy and rotting if you want more specific advice.

Personally I always felt more like I was rotting when I had jobs and had to spend my time at some shitty workplace instead of having free time to do things that benefit me. Even if you only spend an hour or so each day doing things that are beneficial to yourself as a NEET, it’s better than being a wageslave and spending 8 hours working then coming home exhausted and browsing the internet and going to sleep without doing anything good.


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Why do you want to do something rather than "rot"? If you don't have a good enough answer for that then you end in two options.
1) Normalfaggotry: Improves for the sake of improvement, doesn't even understand why he does what he does. Is the same as a druggie or other kind of addict, entire life is just slaving away to please others and for "good feelz". Hates "losers", yet has no argument against them since he doesn't have an argument for doing what he does. Jordan Peterson tier slave, doesn't realize self-improvement is just masturbation.
2) Doing exactly what you are doing. Which is not a wrong or bad thing since you can't find out why you want to do something other than nothing, yet at least you aren't a delusional norm like above.
So the obvious answer is to either stop thinking and just engage in typical self-masturbation like in the first example, or start thinking a whole lot more until you can find an answer to defeat inaction.


what turned around my life was having a program of daily things I had to do.

And that was yoga, meditation, lifting weights, and wim hoff outside in the evening. Eventually I restricted my video game intake to an hour every day. I walked around in a public field reading books all day (yes, you can do that). It was probably the happiest time in my life and "cured" my depression. One of the systems which worked for me was having a list of priorities. Every day you have an A, B, and C column. A is mandatory, B are stretch goals, and C are overall arching goals.

As a neet you basically can find meaning only while doing productive work on your own. I know a lot of guys here do rise above but it really is hard


Spend more time at the gym.



I take low dose LSD to escape mudbrain from many years of NEETing - but you have to be mentally stable, have good executive functioning to resist the confusion/tendencies towards apophenia, etc in order to handle the side effects. 25ug, or a quarter of a tab (better to dose volumetrically but I don't bother), every three days or so. No such thing as "just another boring nightwalk" when you're on a regime like this. It must also be said that microdosing is a meme, but doses in the range of what I mentioned were actually recommended by Albert Hoffman himself, to be used as a potential antidepressant. I can say it works well for me, and in particular, I notice faster learning and mastery of new pieces on my instrument compared to periods in which when I have no acid.

Anyway, if you're not open to drugs, the other things I would recommend are the aforementioned playing a musical instrument (very easy to learn on YouTube these days) as well as a long distance running/cycling: there's a glut of research showing it's just about the only thing which meaningfully promotes a healthy brain. It's hard at first, but humans' evolutionary niche is arguably persistence hunting, so if you keep at it long enough you might just find a hidden talent.


Follow a training regime and keep a good diet/nutrition. Then one day, when you do feel like doing something or gain a hobby, you will have all the physical strength and mental clarity you need. Basically, keep yourself healthy. Not just your body, but your mind too. Always be learning something and engaging your brain.


great post


Everything I want to say has already been said. You just need to find something interesting, and preferably free/cheap, to occupy your time and keep you busy. For example I love hiking and gardening. Can't do much of that in the winter, but I'm okay with 3 months being cosy and playing games like Civ4.


don't be a sheep, i've never been happier as a neet, don't let society condition you.


Funny. It seems like I am slowly rotting away when I have to take care of responsibilities. There always one more thing on the list. Something gnawing at the back of my mind for attention. I enjoy having nothing but idle time. It is relaxing.


If it means anything, I would say the same can be true for wageslaving. You are kept busy and in a rut, always kissing ass and in fear that someday may be the day your comfortable life is going to crash. The work can be soul-crushing and not stimulating, so you waste away only specializing in a single meaningless task. Someone else owns your precious time.


This is true, I've let myself go when I started working, and doing it from home doesn't help.


Why would I learn anything for myself? What's the point? Physical excercise is important but anything above that seems just pointless.



There are mainly two proper ways, the first one is /sig/ , the second one is: https://wizchan.org/dep/res/230576.html#234175

Such body, such mind.


try to stand at least 2 hours a day while reading or playing video and watching T.v. Drinking v8 is also good for keeping up on your nutrition intake due to lack of poor diet. vitamin d 200mg a day is a great benifit to reducing depression too.
Overall there's no avoiding the rot and eventually if you dont leave your neet den, you will succumb to some form of permanant mental damage due to years of isolation and no mental or social stimulation ect.
I wouldnt reccomend living the true hikki/neet life to people who want to not feel the crushing void of eternal Godlessness…


> I wouldnt reccomend living the true hikki/neet life to people who want to not feel the crushing void of eternal Godlessness…

That's what wageslaving did to me and NEET life saved me from it.


Yeah, me too.
The thing with the hikineet life is that you have to know how to take care of yourself. By that I mean you ought to know how to use your time in a way that doesn't create a feeling of discomfort and waste. I see a lot of people feeling the neet burnout by over indulging in video games or whatever it is people believe that will be engaging forever. Nothing is interesting forever, you need to understand how your mind works and devise a schedule or enviroment where you'll be comfortable for the long run.

Lot of people that end up a hiki or neet has some mental condition or just a melancholic or anedonic personality and of course having no outside forces to keep you occupied will just exacerbate those qualities and bring them forward.

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