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If the government handed out free, painless, 100% effective suicide kits, would you use it?


Yes but only after I kill every brainfart poster on wizchan.


why hassle yourself? there are many more born daily and on the way. and it wont matter after the lights are out.


Eventually. I still have 10 years or so of relatively comfy NEETdom


Of course I would.
But the government and the rest of society has a vested interest in keeping us alive to slave away for their benefit.


Absolutely, the day after my mother dies.


its a matter of principle, brother.

fuck them all to death, mr garrison style


Yes, without hesitation. Hopefully future generations will be able to acquire that liquid medication which sends you into a coma and stops your heart. That would cause far less suffering than having thousands of people jump in front of trains and off buildings every year.


File: 1606100598646.jpg (601.54 KB, 1280x1381, 1280:1381, 66605a001986dd3c20a53319fe….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Suicide should be a RIGHT.
If you can't even decide of your own fate, then you're a slave. You don't even own your life. Think about it. In antiquity, slaves were forbidden to suicide because it was stealing their owner's property… themselves.
The only reason you're not allowed to kill yourself is that you're considered as ressource for the state. In case of a war, you may be forced to fight. You're forced to pay taxes. Forced to consume. Forced to "live".
In an atheist society, the religious religion don't stand out. Besides, we kill millions of foetus each year. So no, it has nothing to do with "ethics" anymore.

You think suicide isn't illegal? Try it on the street, or just pretend you want to kill yourself. Police will come, and force you to take medication that barely works, and you will get incarcerated in hospital.


I would get one, if my life turns to be completely beyond any hope I would use it, but it would be very nice to have an escape route.


If you really want to kill yourself no one can stop you.


I won't trust anything given by the government/state


Actually YES. Most suicide results in a fail. If someone see you trying to suicide he has the legal obligation to prevent you from doing so, either physically, either by calling the police. Remember: for them, keeping you in a vegetative suffering state is better than giving you free choice. So no, you're not allowed to suicide.

Your argument is stupid. It's exactly the same at stating "if i take weed, it's legal as long as police don't see me".


Most suicide results in a fail because most people who attempt suicide don't actually want to die, they're just doing it for attention. For example my histrionic father "tried to kill himself" by getting drunk and slitting his wrists right as he saw me pulling into our driveway. Yet that would be counted as a suicide attempt. If he actually wanted to die he'd just take one of his guns and put a bulled through his head. Bullet through the midbrain has practically 0% chance of leaving you crippled. The 0.0000000000000000000000001% chance of surviving is not worth whining about, and if you're really that worried do it in a place where no one will walk in on you so you'll bleed out if you somehow miss any vital parts.
People who supposedly want to die don't do this though. It's because they don't want to die. They're just being drama queens. If they actually wanted to die they'd be dead. Making up excuses about freak vegetable survival results is not something that a person who wants to die would do. If foolproof suicide booths did exist these people would not use them.


You contradict yourself here. First you state that people fail because they don't actually want to die, and justifying illegality of suicide. Then you say that if foolproof suicide existed, they wouldn't use them.

So what's the point? If people who seek attention through suicide won't do it, why prevent people who actually want to die to do it?

Besides, in most countries gun aren't allowed. And no one gives a fuck about your father tbh.


agree 100%. if i were to kill myself, i'd shoot myself through the heart, then another shot quickly in the head as well for double assurance.
i wouldn't do some random household pills or chemicals under the sink like attentionwhoring wizkids ponder about in the suicide thread. my self-execution would be swift and sure.
>If foolproof suicide booths did exist these people would not use them.
the wisest words I've read here in a while.


I'd become NEET first, I'd like to enjoy that for a little while


>why prevent people who actually want to die to do it?
My point is that making suicide illegal does nothing to prevent people who actually want to die from killing themselves. Nowhere did I attempt to justify the illegality of suicide. I just think that it's ridiculous for you to pretend that you need aid from the government to end your life.


some of us don't have access to guns and we need to cut or take pills, you know that right?


You know that there are more ways to kill yourself than the stock BPD attention whore 5% success rate methods right?


File: 1606436115889.png (124.95 KB, 246x220, 123:110, dbdddaaafd263f66e169f3e77f….png) ImgOps iqdb

Your point is even more stupid than i thought then. Should i show you hundred, hell, thousands of videos of people who tried very successful ways and still failed or even worse, ended up in a vegetative state?
There's just so much evidence to counter the nonsense you're saying.
And who said it had to be the governement? Right now i was only pointing out the fact that the governement was actually PREVENTING you from doing it. I never said they should give people the opportunity to die. Just maybe… Leave them alone?
Besides, it can always be private companies who provides suicide kit. Like it's almost already the case for every medical instance around the world.


Is it so hard to grasp some countries have no guns available so there is no foolproof painless quick way to kill yourself? even some shotgun and handgun suicides fail.
You are just wrong, I would love it if my governement offered me a good way to kill my self.


Give me a good way than, be helpful instead of an asshole.
Trains? They slow down near the station, how do I know they are fast enough so I won't survive? What if I don't have enough time to lay my neck on the tracks? What If someone notices my intention to jump, stops me and send me to a hospital to suffer immeasurably more?
Buildings? Hard to find one with a roof high enough that also has a clean route to a hard ground (meaning there's no trees/balconies in the way).
Some people offered partial suspension hanging but I couldn't find an in depth guide (or any guide) on how to preform it perfectly. If you have one please share.


Helium or any other inert gas.
But others are preffarable since since you can buy it dilluted unknowingly.


File: 1606454580910.png (36.1 KB, 434x692, 217:346, gas-and-bag.png) ImgOps iqdb

An exit bag? Helium is diluted as you said and other gasses are as readily available as a gun.
Also, this shit seems painful, long and prone to fail easily. Pulling the bag to your neck after it fills up seems like a really sloppy system.


100% yes


Use gasmask then


That's not that simple, gas masks are designed to block gas entrance so if you mess with one to try and shove a gas tube inside it you'll probably just ruin it's sealing.
Also, you didn't solve the fact appropriate gasses are not available.


It is if you have gasmask with separate input and output.


i actually did that and after many years of thinking about life i realize it's all fuckin meaningless….because it ENDS. that's fuckin why. it's full of pain and then it all fuckin ends and its a big FUCK YOU from that bitch whore mother nature. whats the fucking point you bitch? why????!!!!


Helium (balloon) tanks have 20% oxygen in them now, only industrial argon and nitrogen work


Yes, without a doubt.


If you live in a country with a train track you have no excuse for not being dead already.


maybe they don't wanna risk experiencing being a severed head


Sorry but a couple of seconds of being a head before you pass out from rapid blood pressure loss is not enough to justify life if you actually want to die. Besides, you could always aim the train wheel at the back of your head rather than your neck.




You actually got a point, one should should not do, especially when it is highly advertised as painless, and 100% effective


You will die in all cases, you should've had forget that


Fuck it, you only die once


The body dies but not the soul.


prove it. you can't. do you fucking see how those religious fucks won't even let you live or die in peace? and who does it benefit? the rich. it's always about money. materialism is the only reality and you can't prove otherwise. you dumb fuck.


Churches are some of the most charitable organizations in the world. Yes there are corrupt churches and yes they are common, just like most charitable organizations are extremely corrupt with less than a penny on the dollar going to charity. Most churches don't use the tithe to enrich themselves, they put the tithe back into the community with food drives or funds for members of the flock that are in need.


And this is really bad thing


No they keep doing it to spread their mind poison.
See how these braidead fucks ignore my propts to prove it. They are in denial dumb slaves for the rich waiting to be reincarnated but insead a ….fuck it i cant lie to myself anymore im just too fucking awake to go back. Ignorance is bliss plug me back into matrix but its all lies fuckkkk


The pain that one has to undergo to do that suicide is the issue. If there were a pill that unbeknownst to me put me in a deep slumber without any issue, then it had be a huge improvement.

Also, if you try a suicide attempt and fail, your life will only become worse.


Yes, however normalfags want people like us to suffer for as long as possible, so it won't happen unfortunately.


Easy access to ending one's life should be a core right.


No, since I don't know what comes after death or if life is eternal, since you cannot experience time while in non-existence. Life is infinite and death is finite, due to the inability to experience time while in non-existence.

Maybe this is the life you eternally return to.


>If the government handed out free, painless, 100% effective suicide kits, would you use it?

but that can never happen, because the ruling class needs slaves.

Hello dad. Philip. please stop stalking my internet use.


>hello dad. philip. please stop stalking my internet use.

What? im confused as fuck

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