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And none of it works.
Exercise, diet, sleep, hobbies.
Gimmicky shit like cold baths, not masturbating, 'meditation'.

Amount of time spent doing them isn't even an issue, I've been fit and healthy for years.
None of it works.
I still wake up everyday, barely crawling, wanting to kms but never having the balls to go through with it.

It doesn't help, but it's this bullshit is the only advice people give… There's no step past this.


What type of meditation did you try? How long did you try it for? What was the average length of your sessions?


Travel abroad


>doing things at random and engaging in dudebro science without adressing the cause of your depression, which I assume is chemical in nature, doesn't actually improve it
Shocker I know, turns out falling for meme "redpilled" advice is just that, falling for a meme.


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Woah doing things that you don't like enjoy doing and expect to be some happy normie chad make you sad and depressed? wowzers!


like everyone else in this thread implied, maybe you should consider that you have an illness like depression, which requires medication to deal with. exercise, diet, sleep, and meditation all help you when used in conjunction with medication. My antidepressants get me half way there, and exercise, sleep, and other things get me the other half.

i can't do it without medication and i can't do it without the other shit. you need both.


Good, embrace philosophy now.



know you're joking around, but i'll respond since its a point im struggling with myself. (im not OP)

embracing philosophy isn't exactly easy. picking one from the myriad choices and further, actually believing in it is quite challenging. i'm in the midst of doing this now, trying to find some way to rationalize my world, to have something to believe in. im struggling greatly.


>picking one from the myriad choice
Don't do that, you start from the Greeks and work your way up chronologically. It is only ridiculous people who read stuff like Schopenhauer without reading all of Kant who requires other previous thinkers and in turn more previous thinkers. You read every book of Plato, then every book of Aristotle, and so on and so forth.


Try not masturbating longer period not 2 days.


Don't do this, it will just result in being depressed thousands of miles from home instead of your room


Traveling is normcore.
Unless you meant one way trip to graveyard.


"just go outside bro"
this website has some of the most normalfaggot fucking people in the world posting on it, and all of them come out and start screaming "i'm gay" to everybody the hardest whenever the subject of suicide comes up in any form.


I know the feeling. For me, it's like you need a goal, a reason to stay alive, if you don't have one life does seem empty. It took me a long time to stop caring and stop taking life so seriously. I still struggle with it, especially if I watch the news. I had to teach myself to stop caring; about life, other people, consumerism, empathy, etc, and to cut myself off from sources of depression and agitation. I very much hate other people, so one I learnt how to be more reclusive, learn to let it go, I became much more peaceful and relaxed, happy with myself and my own company. Wizchan and a few hobby channels are the vast majority of contact I have with the outside world and other people. And I'm okay with that.

If he is anything like me, I doubt this will work. If anything, it made my depression and hatred for mankind worse. I will however recommend it if you can find isolated places. Go to a beach, mountain, lake or forest without any people around, and just sit there, thinking of nothing is very peaceful. Just resting and doing nothing but listening to the sounds, staring at the water or leaves is therapeutic.

It is indeed very difficult. I spent years trying to find my own way, find what I actually care about and believe in. Then when I would occasionally voice my opinion (and ignore the fedoras/shitposting), someone would chime in "That's stoicism", or "That's gnosticism", or "That's [X]", etc. Then I would read up on them, find more things I agree and disagree with and develop it from there. Warning! There is a danger of spiralling down the philosophy rabbit hole, getting too into it and burning yourself out, becoming obsessed with labels and pedantry. That was another hole I had to drag myself out of and just not care too much about. I am me, that's it, who cares about everyone else.


>Wizchan and a few hobby channels are the vast majority of contact I have with the outside world and other people. And I'm okay with that.
Surely you meant IRC channels?


What about the practical approach? What do you want to do with your life? What are the day to day things that make you feel bad?

It is kinda like losing weight. Deep down inside most people know what they need to do to lose weight, but many go for stupid gimmicky shit because they want a shortcut. No one wants to do the hard work, but in the end you just waste more time on the gimmicks.


Where is this character from? Looks familiar, but I can't recall the name of the series.




Now you understand why so many people are drug addicts and alcoholics. You realize nothing in this world is that compelling.


“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..” ― John Milton, Paradise Lost

You are still stuck in the "laboring" phase, so to speak. Most people here are suffering because they didn't give birth to their individuality and full-potential yet. "Know thyself" - yes, indeed wizards are trying to discover their true self. Depression, lethargy, melancholy, despair and the nihilism that necessarily comes with these things are signs of "laboring" - the child you are about to give birth to will be extra-ordinary and unique, someone mighty and strong. Depression isn't a permanent state, it is only a state that leads to something better, purer and nobler. It is the state of discoveries and learning. The phase when you realize what is your essence and how to give shape to it. The time when you realize what your role is in the world.

Once you learn to know yourself you will realize the power you hold within yourself. Tear down your previous idols and build new ones. Don't shy away from yourself. Let the "New Man" in and shed the skin of the old one. The dead tree will bloom in full beauty when spring arrives. Likewise, after the darkest of night comes morning in its glory. After Golgotha comes the resurrection.

Good advice.

Keep up the struggle. Struggle means you are striving for something special and you aren't content with mediocrity.

>work your way up chronologically
Only if you want to be a meme-intellectual who understands every single witty reference (in which case you should learn the language of the philosopher and read the stuff in its original form anyway). Otherwise, you can jump right to what you are interested in.

>Warning! There is a danger of spiralling down the philosophy rabbit hole, getting too into it and burning yourself out, becoming obsessed with labels and pedantry.
Very wise. Lots of fools take philosophy way too seriously. It is a game first of all, a word-game mainly.
>That was another hole I had to drag myself out of and just not care too much about. I am me, that's it, who cares about everyone else.
I praise your wisdom yet again. In the end, philosophy is useful mostly for studying the individual himself: if you read the writings of Schopenhauer you will know first and foremost what he was like, how he saw the world as, what were his thoughts, dreams, hopes, emotions, etc. Same with other philosophers really.


When you did diet, did you do Vitamin D OP? If so, how much was it daily? For every 25lbs of bodyweight, you should be supplementing 1000IU of Vitamin D. Was the amount you were supplementing sufficient for your needs?


>Discover your true self

Shouldn't you be selling healing crystals somewhere?


File: 1605825460669.jpg (4.91 MB, 4236x3036, 353:253, 792501.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Only if you want to be a meme-intellectual
No, up until at least the 18th century philosophy was mostly based on Plato and Aristotle's philosophical tenets which branched out first into Scholasticism and Neoplatonism and then into Rationalism and Empiricism. You might find alterations and developments of their epistemological arguments in post-antiquity philosophers, but modern philosophy still stems in large part from Plato and Aristotles.


File: 1605826253298.jpg (1003.81 KB, 1920x2800, 24:35, 1605471112788.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I tried it all

You tried every general solution given on the Internet that has very little to do with your actual problem. Exercise is great when you're unfit; changing your diet is great if you have chronic digestive tract problems; sleep is great when you aren't getting enough of it; hobbies are great when you're bored. The problem is that every fucking redditor and improover that hangs out on forums thinks that these things can fucking cure cancer, lift you out of poverty, grow missing or inadequate limbs and most definitely will SOLVE every possible mental problem in the DSM or outside of it. Just ignore anyone that claims they experienced any kind of large scale psychological change from shit that has nothing to do with re-organizing their actual psyche. No, fish oil and vitamin D are nothing more than pseudo-magical substances that have their legit uses but are about as likely to help you deal with actual problems as just wishing them away.

Here's the only thing that helps solve problems, whether external or internal ones, and that's called INSIGHT. When things do not work, it means you're likely applying the wrong tools and don't understand the problem. You can gain insight by reading books, researching, delving deep into the problem, demystifying it, making theories, hypothesis and then verifying it through experiments.

You want to kill yourself, which doesn't tell us much about your actual problem, simply that living is intolerable for you, whether due to external circumstances or your own psychological structure which unconsciously creates or contributes to your intolerable experience of life. All I can "advise" is to say that you need to examine why life is so intolerable to you and aim to change that using the correct tools. How would exercise and diet make your life tolerable? You should think critically about your own problems before blindly applying advice from people that give the same generic one liner to every problem that someone posts about.

The two things that have always helped me were getting an education in psychology and philosophy, because they're almost always relevant to any problem you will face in life. Not simply in the sense that any particular psychological/philosophical theory will solve your problems but it will help you think about those problems, define them, reason about them, communicate their intricacies to others and so on. It's not simply just "try REBT bro" or "read Nietzsche and make your own meaning bro" but it's about something more subtle and implicit, as what you gain is a framework for how to look at a particular problem, from which you will inevitably find some kind of insight.


>Only if you want to be a meme-intellectual
Anyone who read Schopenhauer without having read Kant has not read Schopenhauer. If you haven't read Plato or Aristotle at the very least then you don't understand anything related to philosophy at all. You don't teach a child quadratic equations before basic addition and subtraction, so why are you suggesting the same thing for philosophy? This isn't some self help nonsense, this is a very rigorous subject of study that requires vast amounts of effort to understand. Don't half ass something like this, it isn't made to be half assed.

Imagine writing four paragraphs and saying nothing at all. Impressive fluff writing.


>Imagine writing four paragraphs and saying nothing at all. Impressive fluff writing.

It answers the thread topic pretty well. Tried to explain why the tools/advice he was applying didn't work for HIS particular problem, then outlined a very general framework for problem solving and gaining insight. I'd say that's more than enough consider the only real indication of OP's problem is a one liner about suicidal ideation, from which you can only extrapolate that he finds life unbearable at the moment (which I'm sure can be solved with vitamin D and visiting more monuments).


The only pseudo-answer you came up with was "read philosophy and psychology", except you spread that half sentence out for 4 paragraphs. Ironic that you even wrote about people giving generic one liner advice, while doing exactly that.



OK, I'll bite. And what was the /question/ that I failed to answer?


There wasn't one, you attempted to give an answer to his assumed problem of depression though.


It seems you lack reading comprehension and couldn't parse a couple longer paragraphs. Not only that, but you can't even read between the lines when it comes to OP's post. You claim my post was "fluff" yet I clearly addressed everything OP talked about and didn't assume anything - especially not that he was suffering from "depression", because I clearly said that his suicidal ideation (mentions "wanting to kms") could be a reaction to external circumstances and not simply a result of his psychological structure.

OP's implicit question was this:
>Why didn't all of these popular tools and advice not work for me - I still want to kms?
Answer by paragraph:
(1) These tools/advice solve different problems than the ones you have.
(2) To solve problems, one ultimately needs insight, which can be gained in various ways.
(3) People want to die because of unbearable external or internal conditions - you should examine those and apply "correct" tools rather than random internet advice.
(4) Two disciplines that helped me personally gain insight were philosophy and psychology - how? By providing various perspectives that help one develop subtle ways of reasoning about problems and so on.

OK, now admit you missed the point entirely and that you probably just got triggered someone recommended philosophy and psychology as a general problem solving tool.


Wew, very defensive. Stating you didn't assume anything yet only two posts ago you said yourself you had extrapolated, which in itself is to assume. Unless you wish to be pedantic over words anyways. You are very focused on the "want to kms" part, but didn't read "I still wake up everyday, barely crawling"? Well you did, but you are glancing over that for the sake of this ebin argument.

As for your list of bullet points, you essentially just rewrote "read philosophy and psychology" over again. At least this time it was one 4 sentences rather than four paragraphs, which sort of proves my point that you were fluff writing anyways. I suppose I should just let you handle my counter arguments from now on, I can just sit back and watch you defeat yourself.


>you said you meant this, but actually you meant this because it's more convenient for me
>hehe bet you didn't know there's an alternative definition of this word that contradicts your argument
>your entire post? let me just condense it into a single phrase, no i don't understand nuance, how can you tell?
>*teleports behind you* you have already been defeated

Oh, it's you again. Maybe one of these days you'll stop playing these retarded debate games where you fight against imaginary opponents and their imaginary arguments. Stay butthurt, loser.


File: 1605843909724.jpg (859.52 KB, 887x1097, 887:1097, 143882927321.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Normally I'm not one for animu smug posting, but what else can I post to such a reply.


File: 1605867931077.jpg (112.82 KB, 1280x917, 1280:917, BSK_JSP_063.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The usual, introspective kind
>Now I'm depressed in Egypt
You're acting like smug know-it-alls but this advice is shit even the therapists gave.
There wasn't anything beyond it either, just drugs
Tried a bunch, all they did was turn me into a robot and fatten me. I didn't want to kms but I couldn't think and spent ~16 hours in bed per day.
>a goal
I never said I didn't have one. I draw every single day, 3-5hrs on work days and ~12 on weekends.
It's why I had to stop the meds.
I enjoy it, doing it for ~6 years now, but the desire for suicide every morning never goes away.
My 'external circumstance' isn't particularly bad by any means, I'm healthy, have a decent, secure job, savings.
By all metrics my problems are -probably- internal and intangible.
I just don't see how that's supposed to help me.
These musings, imaginary situations, discussions mean piss-all to me because I never found any convincing or applicable to my life.
No disrespect, but it's not my thing


Have you tried changing your THOUGHTS, with stuff like philosophy? Volunteer work?


>I just don't see how that's supposed to help me.
>These musings, imaginary situations, discussions mean piss-all to me because I never found any convincing or applicable to my life.
>No disrespect, but it's not my thing
Philosophy can open your eyes to a wide range of alternative perspectives, it has been proven to boost your critical thinking and problem solving abilities, amp up your writing and persuasive skills and is of fundamental importance when it comes to understanding yourself and those around you by deconstructing and analyzing their mindsets and lifestyles through different lenses.


Something being based on another thing doesn't mean that you need to be particularly familiar with that another thing to understand the something. I don't see why people like you want to force people to read things they aren't interested in. If someone doesn't care about the greeks in particular and wants to read Schopenhauer or Nietzsche then let him. If you can't understand a philosopher without having to read another philosopher first then the person in question is simply a bad philosopher.

I read Essays and Aphorisms from Schope before reading anything from Kant or the greeks, didn't have any problems with it.
>If you haven't read Plato or Aristotle at the very least then you don't understand anything related to philosophy at all.
Dumbest thing posted on an imageboard, ever? Philosophy doesn't depend on names like Aristotle or Plato, sorry. Philosophy is about playing with ideas and systems. If you read something even remotely thought-provoking in your life - be it even a generic book or even a comics - then you came into contact with philosophy.
> You don't teach a child quadratic equations before basic addition and subtraction, so why are you suggesting the same thing for philosophy?
Because in philosophy you don't need to understand previous philosophies the philosopher you are currently reading refers to in order to understand what he says? You don't need Schopenhauer to get what Nietzsche is saying. You don't need Kant to understand Schopenhauer ultimately. What you are suggesting is a waste of time. If someone wants to read about nietzschean ideas then he shouldn't waste time reading Schope just because Nietzsche was influenced by him.
>This isn't some self help nonsense, this is a very rigorous subject of study that requires vast amounts of effort to understand. Don't half ass something like this, it isn't made to be half assed.
What you are suggesting is basically the worst side of philosophy: when it is degraded into a shitty "who refers to who" game that wanna-be intellectuals and pretentious kids like to play, instead of true philosophy which is simply the love of wisdom.


I think psychology also offers the same benefit. It primarily gives you an established language through which to formulate psychological ideas and tackle internal problems. By investigating various psychotherapeutic approaches, you can gain insight into how a particular thinker has conceptualized certain mental phenomena and use it to shed some light on your own internal issues. You could describe an anxiety disorder through maladaptive behavior, or cognitively through a set of rigid, musturbatory beliefs or through some kind repressed memories and desires or some kind of insecure attachment style and so on. Not particular perspective will solve your problems outright, but you gain a lot of by simply contemplating these ideas and then formulating your own hypothesis about your mental state and creating experiments that can verify your hypothesis and influence your mental state.

For instance, saying "I want to kill myself" makes it clear that OP is suffering, but it doesn't shed light on his actual subjective experience. One can imagine that it's unbearable and that he wishes to escape it, but then what are the actual features in his daily experience that contribute most to this "unbearableness" and can one figure out the psychological conditions which bring it about i.e. a rigid, faulty, irrational, musturbatory belief if you take the rational-emotive perspective of Albert Ellis, but that's simply one way of many to think about these issues. If reality is unbearable, then what do you actually need to change? Your environment? Yourself? Which part? A belief? A behavior? Depends entirely on how you conceptualize the problem to begin with.

Before any kind of real solution, one needs to formulate the problem correctly and that's why insight is fundamentally required. Both philosophy and psychology are valuable tools for generating insight, but many people simply think that they can pick and choose a personal philosophy like on a store front and take it home to solve all their issues. The true benefit is the "method" of philosophy and the "method" of psychology, not any particular perspective that resulted from it.


Read Existentialist literature, read lots of Irish and French literature and become comfortable with yourself, your limitations, etc, etc, and learn to stop giving such a fuck. Read Mahayana Buddhist texts too


>Philosophy doesn't depend on names like Aristotle or Plato
>you don't need to understand previous philosophies
>What you are suggesting is a waste of time.
Wow what an awful post.


i feel comfy but something feels missing, life feels empty, what do?


smoke weed


i do, 24/7


File: 1605899997529.jpg (285.29 KB, 1100x971, 1100:971, 6846868486.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you tried all that and have done lab testing for testosterone and T4 levels you should go on 10mg of citalopram (ssri) and try that for 3 months. Does wonders.


Holy shit, I didn't know that depicted Orestes and the Furies. It never occured to me because I always imagined them as monstrous looking. I just looked it up and that's indeed what it is.


Idk, I've been wondering the same thing lately. I think maybe it's the lack of challenge, but then I tried learning a language but that doesn't make it any better. Perhaps high stakes violent competition is the answer? I'm in my upper 20's but I could still probably compete in cage fights once everyone is vaccinated. If it works I'll report back.


I think it's a good idea. walking and scenery is good if you do it by yourself.


Have you tried actually trying to fix the issue? Meds help since it's a chemical imbalance that they fix but they can't do everything.


Hate to sound like a normalfag but it's probably the lack of meaningful social experiences. We're still humans after all.


That's usually the case 9 out of 10 times when someone posts about their ultra vague depression with no apparent cause. Hey guys, I tried all these solitary hobbies and self-improving and consuming media in my own room alone, why do I still feel empty all the time? Gee, maybe it's because you're like 99% of other people that need a meaningful social structure around them. It's the rare kind of person that can thrive in isolation and obsess over autistic interests with no apparent social payoff. If you tried "everything" and the wiz life still isn't working out then you might need to re-think this path.


File: 1605933815712.png (173.25 KB, 800x1007, 800:1007, ketamine ball and stick.png) ImgOps iqdb

Have you tried ketamine yet?


State exactly what your problems are or literally fuck off and don't even bother posting. I hate this vagueness when it comes to problems, typical succubi attention whoring behavior. What makes you so discontented?


you need to be normie to get drugs.


File: 1605943663752.png (9.26 KB, 330x367, 330:367, 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine.png) ImgOps iqdb

>he doesn't realize you can buy 2-FDCK and other RC drug analogs on the clearnet


If by "normie" you mean "not retarded" then yes.


How do I know if I have a meaningful social structure anon?


Well, do you have people around you that provide meaning and justification to your actions through affiliation or their relationship towards you?

Examples of things that can provide a meaningful social structure:
>religious group
>sports fandom
>organized crime
and so on.

Without that structure, many people become depressed i.e. extremely demotivated, because they can't perceive any meaning or potential in their actions. They can rationalize doing various activities, but underneath they feel it's ultimately pointless.

Think about what you did for the first 18 years of your life. Before you even understood the rationalization for your actions, you just did what mom and dad told you, what was instructed by the teacher, what the rest of your peer group was doing and so on. Many people become depressed when they go to college, because even though it's the same shit they've been doing since they were 6, the social structure has completely changed, the people in your class are strangers, the teacher only knows you by your work if at all and your only justification for doing this is just an abstract idea like a degree and possible future employment in a job you know nothing about.


only bugs still trapped in slave morality care about that shit


surprise, depcrabs are mostly failed normalfag bugs.


>meaningful social structure:

When you're a reject these social structures throw you OUT. And even if they accepted you you have nothing in common.


>State exactly what your problems are
If it was that easy there'd be a lot less depressed people.
You know depression might not stem from a specific problem? Or from problems at all?


You are still avoiding answering the question as to why do you want to kill yourself. If you care about life enough as to want to die then there is clearly something that you want that you do not think you can obtain. Or something that you think that is causing enough unavoidable suffering that death is the only option to escape.


to add to this, plenty of normies are depressed but still have active and social lives, that poster is bullshitting


RETARD. That shit does NOT work. EVER. Everyone who spouts this bullshit deserves to DIE. That's not how reality works, not how a good life works. FUCK that shit. What you need to do? Nobody fucking knows. First of all fuck normal niggers, fuck normal conventions, fuck normal life, and fuck fuckers that say fuck normal life because you need normal fucking life. Fuck.


It's not as simple as just having people around you or spending lots of time with them. One could have many friends and family but still feel alone, have a "great" career but hate working, have a PhD but hate their field - that's why I added the meaningful part since having a social structure is not enough on its own, the person needs to feel that his actions have meaning, purpose, justification etc.

Well, the price for having a social structure is adhering to specific values and rules. I'm not denying people get ostracized or alienated from the social structures they're born into or happen to find themselves, but the solution is not to reject them entirely. For many people it's simply not an option psychologically, since they will inevitably degenerate and break down.



Your problems go where you go. Doing the stupid fantasy "travel" bs just ends up getting you in a financial and life/death situations.


Some people are never happy, it's just how things are


I've been thinking about that.
There's millions of happy people in the world who never had to think about it.

They didn't have to do cold baths or read philosophy to convince themselves they're happy. They just are.


Are you jealous of the cow grazing in the fields?


NTA, but yes, I am.


So if given the choice you would give yourself braindamage, and be fine with just existing as a animal?


Retardation is pretty scary tbh. What if you ended up in a body, still aware but unable to process or communicate it.
Like how the blind can't see, or the deaf can't hear


Not him but I’ve done it. It has been fun and people didn’t seem to mind my accent and have been generally helpful. I’ve also realized I don’t feel anxious having a conversation in English in contrast to my own language.


have you tried writing?


What helps for me is to try to have some form of long-term goal to work towards. For instance, I wrote a novella and I'm hoping to finish parts two and three. I published it on Amazon for a few bucks but I don't expect much success.

Other than that, there's drugs. Many of them can be ordered online, often legally. I'm partial to kratom and abusing my gabapentin.


It can be nice when anxious to be away from your home where there's no consequences of fucking up socially and you'll know you'll be leaving.


But this is literally what being a human is. A splinter of consciousness, stuck in a retarded flesh antenna, barely able to detect or process anything besides the smallest splinter of the cosmos.
Being born blind or deaf would only suck because you'd be forced to learn about how great it is to see or hear from interacting with other humans.


>Only if you want to be a meme-intellectual who understands every single witty reference (in which case you should learn the language of the philosopher and read the stuff in its original form anyway). Otherwise, you can jump right to what you are interested in.

Agree except you need to understand Kant for schopenhauers world as will as it builds on it and schop even says to read it first but he does not think you need to learn everything from before kant.


now instead of fads, try Christianity


christianity is the normiest of dumb copes


Happiest I've ever been is when I had adderall.

Drugs>friends, family, acheivements of any kind, social status, money


Fuck off pharmafag


clean your room,
your room is an extension of yourself


File: 1611500356047.jpg (38.21 KB, 336x565, 336:565, sanitizing soap.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Diet and fasting must be kept with fair persistance for years. This the path of physical warp waning.

With warp inside, no energy therapy will ever work, no stimuli, no healthy impulse will ever work, for energy stagnates… learn it properly. Do not expect results in a first round, not even in a third… it comes with time.



I also had the same issue as you OP.
Even worse.
Even if I had friends or did well in school life was still hell.

It wasn't until a very long time later I realized the approach is all wrong.

Don't ever go "I'm going to do XYZ and then it will make me happy". The truth is only YOU can make yourself happy. Happiness is from your brain itself. There isn't really a such thing as happiness either, the specific goal you should have is "No more pain". When the pain is gone, life is good.

The way that you get rid of that pain is by an extreme MENTAL DIET. Imagine you knew someone, and every few minutes someone yelled at him and said "You're worthless" "You're dumb" "You'll always be this way" "You're brain is bad" "You have mental disorders" "Life will never be good for you". That person will be sad no matter how much they exercise. Your brain is likely saying these kinds of negative things to you constantly. If its not about you it could be about the world. "Everyone is evil selfish assholes" "The country is going to fall apart" "We are all slaves people just dont realize it".

When you FORCE yourself to stop thinking these thoughts and instead force yourself to believe in better thoughts you'll start feeling better.

Even more than thoughts though there is a residual feeling of anxiety, sadness, etc. The real key is try to feel nice for 5 minutes just alone by yourself. Nice, safe, proud.

I used to only be able to do it in the bathroom for a few minutes. Then slowly and slowly I managed to feel decent more and more often until it eventually became the default habit now I'm happy all the time. And now that I'm happy its easier to get stuff done, talk to people, everything.


Imagine someone who their parents fed them mcdonalds and candy all day and they are obese.

Then they say "Some people are just fat and some are skinny".

That's what you sound like.

The truth is you were raised with bad mental habits of sadness and negativity. Maybe because you were isolated, bullied, or worse.

Need to fix your mental diet and self talk.


Seen you post on the other imageboard FYI the NTA you do is quite unique.

This is only true if we are consciously the cuase of our own suffering and our psyche itself is not actually broken on a deeper level.
Therapy does not work for everyone a comparison of some forms of depression can be made to schizophrenia in the sense that it is innate and part of the brain and no amount of therapy will cure it.
If you have negative thought loops you can work on that but how can someone who has never been happy and really lacks desires to chase benefit from therapy?
All it can aid in is coping better with how shit existing is.



I have the genes for skitzo actually.

The question you should be asking yourself is "even if I have a predisposition to not have desires or negativity even paranoia, what can I do to make it a little better?"

There are an infinite number of things.

Hell maybe its better for you to just take the mdma and magic mushroom therapies that create permanent results. All they do is make you go "oh my brain can think differently than I thought" and suddenly thats enough.

You just now had some insanely negative thoughts like "my brain is just broken". Thats the bs you need to get rid of that you are addicted to.

Are you telling me you cant find a way to not feel like complete shit for a single minute? Couple seconds even?


You gotta understand these things are pure placebo, if you arent succeptable it wont work. Truth is you just need purpose in your life, same as anyone. Even wageslaves feel this.


>The usual, introspective kind
>I still wake up everyday, barely crawling, wanting to kms but never having the balls to go through with it.
I'm calling bullshit. Also nice job dodging the question.


Seems like it's so easy in the first world - you just go to a doctor, tell him you're depressed and he just fucking gives you drugs that fix it.
In Russia doctors are poor alcoholics who don't give a crap about helping you and probably just tell you to take vitamins and all that healthy diet shiet.


If you're severely mentally ill then no drug will ever "fix" you.


>he just fucking gives you drugs that fix it.
drugs don't fix anything


At least temporary.


Amphetamines are salvific. Nothing comes even close.

But this is good. Existentialism is the end of philosophy and you'll find there all you need. Kierkegaard and Sartre came closest to God.

And then this.

Also Griffith did nothing wrong.


If diet didn't work then you're doing it wrong. Try the carnivore diet. Apart from that do calisthenics (google Convict Conditioning) and sleep a lot. EZ life.


Ernest Hemingway: "You can't get away from yourself by moving from one place to the next."


File: 1614223935336.jpg (21.91 KB, 600x637, 600:637, kurapika suit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Normalfag tier advice but maybe some short term goals


I've never been able to be part of a meaningful social structure before, as I've never been able to make even the most basic of social connections. On the few occasions that I somehow have bypassed my autism I inevitably fuck up and create new problems for myself. I've also never been able to even conform, I spent most of my school career in suspension before being kicked out in 8th grade. Now I'm 20, without money, education, or even the ability to function day to day despite having no responsibility beyond taking a shower once in a while


20 is a baby. Shut the fuck up and go somewhere else. Maybe r9k.


He's an apprentice but based off his description on the straight path to wizardry.


File: 1614387865859.jpg (85.86 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, fposter,small,wall_texture….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

life is basically an rpg and you failed the main quest
pick a side-quest you want to do or the stat you want to grind and that's it


Basically in the same boat as OP. I'm only three years away from becoming a true wizard, and I just feel so fucked. My entire life so far has been spent in neetdom. But I don't blame myself. Society has failed to help me get out of this situation. I wouldn't have wasted away inside my bedroom this whole time if only there were one helping hand to save me from the abyss.


This guy gets it. The main quest sucks anyway, boring predictable and contrived. It's an open sandbox game, make your own rules and live life your own way.

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