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Why do we feel sad when someone dies? Isn't it good that they are now at peace? Isn't suffering through life a worse form of punishment than death?


I feel sad because a brainfart poster could have taken his place.


Who is "we"? The only "we" I know is wizards and I don't cry for normies.


Most people see life as a gift actually.


I feel as sad as I do when I see any mammal die.


Because now [you or some other person] can no longer enjoy this dead person's company, and them dying reminds you of your own mortality which scares the normals. Everything normals state about death comes from selfishness, they even project their own selfishness onto those who commit suicide calling it as such, yet their reasoning is always what I wrote above.

If you want to truly understand normals just take everything from a "does this make me feel good?" perspective, they are all unthinking hedonists at their core. Once you can do that you no longer feel confused when they inevitably end up contradicting themselves, they have no internal logic or being really. They have no pride or ego, no virtue or sensibilities, there is nothing "under the hood" so to speak. Only an extreme drive to "feel good".


I've found that it's not so much their death that saddens me as their absence. I usually am glad they are at peace and in a better place now, but at the same time, I am left with constant reminders and memories of them and know I will not be able to talk or play with them again. I miss them.


>I will not be able to talk or play with them again
Why do you care about talking or playing with other people? Did you get lost?


File: 1605993561074.gif (4.47 MB, 430x334, 215:167, .gif) ImgOps iqdb

Who do you think you're talking to here?


Don't refer to yourself as a 'brain fart'. You're a lot better sweetie.


Ah yes. I also was thinking somewhat in that direction. You perfectly enunciated what I wanted to say.


why do you think you are above all of that? every person is selfish, it's hard not to be. our brains were made for scheming, take advantage of other, manipulate, cheat.
it's everyone, you must trick the animal in you into make good actions, but you are inherently selfish. always seeking good feelings and avoiding bad feelings.
i don't understand why you talk like it has nothing to do with you. all people are garbage.


>I am garbage so everyone else must be too
>I am an unthinking hedonistic so everyone else must be too
Ok normalfag.

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