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The games I play to pretend I’m succcessful. I’ll never be a real normie. Nobody knows that I play these games to feel better and that I have this folder but it really fills my life to know that every day I can wake up and attend my virtual job while the wage attends his real job I wish I had a real job but I can’t have a real job because I’m unable to have a real job


if you are unable to work you should be elegible for neetbux and that's much better than working


Humans still have the natural drive to be useful to society, or engage in socialization which wizchan isn't enough of a real substitution.


having a real jobs sucks though, a virtual job can't stress you out the same way a real one would, there is no boss yelling at you, there is no rigid schedule you have to follow, there's no panic of waking up late or being stuck in traffic, it's crazy to me to think that people believe it is normal to work more than 20 hours a week


>not normal to work more than 20 hours a week
Uhm dude, humans had and have been working whole day every day for the majority of their existence. It's normal, that's why op refers to them as normies.


So you are failed normalfag.




there's nothing useful in shuffling papers or staring at an excel spreadsheet 40h a week, not even counting overtime and commute a full time job takes most people 50-60h a week
most jobs are useless they just eat away people's life


Not everyone gets NEETbux, if that was the case literally 85% of people wouldn't work and would claim the bux instead.


Imagine wanting to be a fucking braindead slave wow and these are the "wizards" i identify with…not anymore. What a fucking joke of a site. Fuck you you low iq cattle and fuck the mods for alowing cattle here.


They need an office politics simulator. Any 4chan autist can do these simple task wagie sims, but it is the forced interaciton with nosy busybodies and sensitive succubi that causes us to not be able to hold an office job.


One of my coworkers said working 50 hours a week isn't that bad.


maybe i want my life eaten away. im not doing anything with it. its not like being a neet is helpful to me. i have never had a hobby.
whats wrong
everyone here is a failed normalfag or just pretending they aren't one.


you should also get the PC builder game


Why would you want to work, I understand wanting money, being broke sucks, but working?
Just do some random tasks you don't enjoy and talk with people you hate for 7 or 8 hours a day and there you go, a job.


Reminds me of an autistic witchie I came across on an IB that would play a game where you clean and paint your house all day.. why work or pretend to work fuck that shit get a hobby.


File: 1610653448119.jpg (56.24 KB, 510x330, 17:11, meditation_anime-t2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I love hearing little anecdotes like this about other autistic people living their cozy little insular lives. It's interesting to think there are possibly millions of us out there hiding away, off in our own worlds.


Do you have any to share yourself? I have been told I was autistic had some tests when a wizboy and was told I was indeed autistic but never anything official if that makes sense and I was seen as so autistic that one psychologist would not even set a test up for me claiming I was obviously on the spectrum and it is not needed as seen as beyond doubt but I have been told I am actually now schizoid and that explains why I seem autistic and this is due to having high level social skills but with a blunted affect and disregard for what others think not being unaware socially. I am however getting official autism testing soon because it will help me with disability support and I am curious how I can tell if I am actually autistic? I always felt I was not because I am not socially stunted in ability only in lifestyle.


I'd recommend you read Tony Attwood's "The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome" if you're trying to figure out whether you have it.
>Do you have any to share yourself?
I used to have sort of neat special interests related to civil engineering, urban planning, and foreign languages, but nowadays I just compulsively fill up notebooks with facts and reading notes.

I know of a succubus who created a fantasy world and now makes animated shorts about it. I know of a Danish guy who dedicates most of his time to flight simulators. I know a succubus whose life essentially revolves around reading and cooking elaborate meals from scratch foer herself and who hasn't left her house sinch March.


Playing a fantasy RPG life seems so easy. People have clearly defined problems you can help to solve. Enemies are clearly detected and you know if you can take them on or not. You can find or earn money easily. People usually charge you a fair price and do not conspire to extract maximum wealth from you. Every action you take results in progress in improving yourself. Food is easy to come by.


>People usually charge you a fair price and do not conspire to extract maximum wealth from you.
You never played Final Fintasy mah wizzie, 50,000g for an elixir and it sells for 5g


The main difference is that in the rpg the executive agent is made of digital bits that won't simulate the pain and dread that accompanies a real life agent with every step he takes. The main problem is not that our world has no opportunities and no fairness, this also can be true for the world in an rpg, the main problem is consciousness.


Thanks wizzie I will check it out if really curious :) I also tend to fill books up with thoughts and such things myself when not so depressed I cannot think properly.
I have met some interesting people in my time also but it does feel to me as if they are vanishing or isolating harder the true wizards and witches seem to be in a decline on any social platform or maybe so many normalfags have joined chans they just simply are near invisible.

I have to admit autists can be some of the worst people to interact with if they are severely autistic and lack any social skills to the point they can only talk about their niche interest I have met one that only talked about some armour from a specific period of time and nothing else lolz


I can't even imagine myself having a job. Been unemployed since 2013. I've applied to Walmart, McDonald's, grocery stores, other shithole places, can't find anything. Being autistic with a bad back doesn't help either. Hopefully I'll get rich from crypto someday.



imagine a game where you start constantly loosing health in a town where if you walk outside you get killed by huge-high level enemies. You don't have any combat options unless you have a sword, can't level up unless you actually win in combat, and you can't regenerate your health bar unless you have food. Everything in the town is overpriced. You can ask for a job and no one will offer you one (Shenmue II does this well). You can find random junk in the trash, but no one will buy it from you because it is junk. And there are no good dialogue options because your charisma is shit. That's a real life rpg.


ok anon but otherwise i can relate

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