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My mother is such a stupid oblivious incompetent cunt, i fuckin hate her

She doesn't have a fuckin clue about anything she just walks around with her fuckin head up her ass
She doesn't understand when people don't like her or want to talk to her, she constantly fucks everything up

She drank durning pregnancy and she doesn't even have a clue, i addressed it but she just blatantly ignores it like everything in her life.

No wonder i'm a complete retard with a dimwit of a mother, i want to hurt her but i can't and i have to prentend i tolerate her.
I need to find a job and move out asap and break contact, first i need to do some job training it takes too much time


Try to spend most of your time outside the house so you don't have to deal with the bitch.


File: 1606413465254.png (932.66 KB, 463x701, 463:701, 116ECBF8-FC55-4A9F-AF3E-69….png) ImgOps iqdb

My mom bullied me so much during my teenage years that I still literally despise her in every sense. She still tries to talk to me but I ignore her calls and hang up on her every chance I get.

She has permanently tainted my views of succubi for the rest of my life. How can I ever like a succubus when my own mom ruined my self confidence and growth?


i get it, try having a domineering sister growing up as well it's the worst, she moved out but i'll never forget


not him but iktf, never had a problem with my mom but my older sister was so horrible


>Get a job and spend it on hookers
a glimpse into wizchan 2021?


i dont know why would anyone recommend virgin males to throw away their hard earned money by supporting the life of some fucking nasty whore. But it make sense considering that he also recommends alcohol and drugs and wasting your money on shit that will only catch dust.


Fuck. >wizchan 2020 posts still feel new.


File: 1606449967702.jpg (524.03 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, circumcision probe.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My cunt of a mom had my dick chopped


she gave me trashy weak genes so i guess i should also hate her


My mom is borderline mental asylum/serial-killer material. In the old days they would have locked up this cunt in the psych ward and thrown away the keys. I would probably throw a mini party if this cunt were to suddenly drop dead one day.


They also did lock wizzies, crabs and anyone who simply isn't normalfag


>dick chopped

So you're a eunuch or post-op tranny?


Circumsized does not mean chopped.


Moms are the most cruel beings on earth. They make children just to nourish their empty souls with children tears while sucking the life energy of their offspring for decades.



when i was in middleschool i was diagnosed with ADD, dyslexia, and disgraphia. all of which were very severe in my case. i was put on a massive amount of medication which only half worked. the medication fucked up my sleep, my diet ( i was 12 years old and loosing weight), gave me crippling emotional problems, also gave me horrible ticks (essentially turrets). the sleep, eating, and emotional problems made me weak and vulnerable to stronger people with an apatite for cruelty and the turrets issues (making uncontrollable squeaking noises, twitching, etc) gave my classmates a reason to abuse and ostracize me.

after two years i stopped the medication and went to highschool. things normalized for me then. but after experiencing so much cruelty and abuse from my class mates (and occasional my teachers) when i was already in so much pain and feeling so alone and humiliated by the other problems in my life i became extremely bitter and hateful. i despised humanity as a whole, and saw society as toxic, hateful, and completely worthless. after everything that happened to me it was only fair i would feel that way. i spent the next ten years full of resentment and pain, and made an effort to continue being an outsider to some extent.

holding onto that pain for so long, eventually i realized if i didn't let it go i would be unhappy forever. escaping the veil of my pessimism and moving into the realm of realism was one of the hardest things ive ever had to do. but in the end, i did my best to step outside myself and reevaluate society and people in general, and i realized that thought there is evil, there is also good. my expie4riences didn't reflect on all people, just the people in my middleschool.

i share this so you know what i say comes from somewhere authentic:

first, id say don't let the bad experiences you've had with a small number of people (or single person) taint your view of people as a whole. the cruelty youve experienced at the hands of your mother doesn't reflect on all mothers or all succubi. second, holding onto your anger and your pain about what happened to you in the past only hurts you. rage can be comforting and the thought of letting it go can be frightening (it frightened me maybe it doesn't frighten you), but all you are doing is poisoning yourself. no matter how justifiable your rage is or how much the people who hurt you deserve to endure it, your rage will always hurt you more than anyone else.



meant to also tag op >>232637 with the other two posts


This thread is about mother hate, fuck off.


My mother has BPD and I have it too. She has gaslit me, neglected me, and abused me at every point. She has gotten me hooked on various drugs, even. We haven't talked in a while and it's likely to stay that way. Nobody in this society except you guys could ever understand just how fucking evil succubi can truly be, and I thank God every day that I have this place to talk with my wizard compardes. All of it culminated in me trying to kill myself in front of her, the bitch didn't try to stop me. succubi can be heartless demons and my mother is one.


any wiz notice how, once you take a deep dive into reclusive nature you start to test the waters of the relationship 'that was meant to be' between you and your mother? first major shock from my memories was when I understood with my whole being that she can not sympathize with me at all and that I was lying to myself when I was thinking that she can tell what I am thinking or feeling when she needs to, so the 'mother knows best' house of cards started to rapture at an early age. After that I had a much more brutal and painful swim in the disturbed waters so to say, I started doubting any and all biological/social/environmental inheritance I have, meaning manners, ethics, beliefs that come from a feminine source, problem with that is that I feel like this is where I was sort of placed out of convenience if that makes sense, for example if I believe I have a lot of things in my genetics that I view as a part of my self that were not put there by my mother once I was a child, but embedded deeper and from another source like my grandfather or even a distant relative, from whom I might have a trait or virtue - I feel like when I am 'deleting' something imprinted by my mother I am messing with the order of things I consider to be me - that's been fucking with me for a long time, but obviously it's very hard for me to put into words. do you think we would be better off without any succubus related 'data' at all in our self? a more relatable thought would be - do you think we should be disregard it - not only the mother or sister but all of it, maybe there are impulses that came from a female source we should consider not to kill off, and will it have any effect on the ones we should not be reconstructing, to maintain a 'human design' close to original?

to any wizz that relates, it's a messed up place to be, I know.


it s a conspiracy

all a goddamn conspiracy to flip me upside down because i have so little energy to catch up with anything and my school is somewhat a holygrail thats beeen given to me and i made no effort or whatsoever to make back anything

basically im a worthless existence and all that i give is never fuckin enough until i deep in the holy water orbsomething
and bring my fam to fly evwrywhere because thats all that matters as their respinsibilitys are done!


you can't change anything it was all predetermined


predetermined to make this post


I hate my mother as well. She would abuse my brother and I alot. it hurts alot thinking about her. While she's changed alot it makes me sad, knowing that she used to abuse my brother and i.

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