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File: 1606660032991.jpg (177.07 KB, 1170x1200, 39:40, The Most Beautiful Suicide….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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The last suicide general has hit the bump limit.
Previous thread here >>229281
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>Looks just like any other histrionic succubus on social media.
You're absolutely right
>TW ⚠️ not a real person just a collection of what people want me to be and various mental disorders


It's not that I wouldnt want to insult them, they are dead and I don't really beleive in the afterlife. Rather it's just another barrier that makes pulling the trigger hard as my heart is overwhelmed with guilt.
This was during the old times in sweden before both world wars. Because of widespread famine as a result of bad harvests a sizeable chunk of our population emmigrated to america. Only 1/5 people ever came back, you can still find abandoned houses from the 1800s in the woods if you know where to look. After that our economical situation was screwed for a long time as anyone with valuable skills had left the country just like whats happening in eastern europe today. He was born by a maid (not like the fine dress kind but basically a female farmhand) and no one knew who the father was because she wouldnt tell and no man would step fourth. The man of the farm she worked at rejected her and fired her so she could no longer take care of him and he was put up for those reverse auctions I told you about.
From there on out you know what happened to his adoptive mother. His real mother no one knows what happened to and his real father my grandpa was told the man of the farm though it was never verified and only word of mouth. He went on to work in that village pretty much for the rest of his life as a handyman eventually finding a succubus and having my grandpa. Grandpa did a lot of ancestry stuff before he passed which is how he found out the man of the farm probably was the father. Also found out I'm related to the french royal house by very very far, which is kind of fun to know. Anyhow, I've almost died drunk in snow a time before where I almost lost my toes and were unconxious but "saved" by cops that found me in the small park. So I know it's pretty painless if done right, I can remember very little about it but laying down and the sensation that the soft snow made it very very comfortable.
I think the trick to death by cold is to not try to rush it. You don't want to just take a few shots and go outside and lay in the snow; that will be painful. You want to put on some decently warm clothes (might sound stupid but hear me out), get progressivly drunker as you walk trough the woods just growing more and more tired until you can go to sleep as soon as you lay down. You should feel decently warm once you lay down. If you've ever laid down in snow you will know that initially it will be very comfortable but because of the increased surface area the ground will zap heat out of you way faster than if you stand up and your core temperature will fall very very fast. The balance is to get sleepy enough both trough alcohol and walking that you will pass out while it still feels comfortable.
Completely unrelated to the story I think cold is one of the best ways if you have snow because as long as youre insulated enough you won't experience a drop in temperature until you lay down (and if done right go to sleep) and is therefore painless. And unlike hanging or jumping in front of trains on the off chance you fail because youre "saved" the consequenses are usually not as horrible. Wear thick boots and gloves that warm your fingers and toes to minimize the risk of losing them if youre saved. You won't get paralyzed from the neck down, have your legs mangled, become a vegetable e.t.c. like with some of the other method.


Thanks for sharing, very interesting.


>i <3 negative interactions with normalfags


shoot yourself in the breast.
It will be more painful, but it's worth it.
Nothing worse than living as a vegtable for the rest of your life.
Also you won't derange your body too much if you care about that stuff.
I don't get why not more have come up with this brilliant idea. just look at those retard faggots blowing their face off with birdshot


File: 1612990204177.jpg (157.05 KB, 900x655, 180:131, seppuku-japanese-history.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i want to die a warriors death


File: 1612990516429.png (1.27 MB, 872x1024, 109:128, 1602189668369.png) ImgOps iqdb

shoot yourself in the breast while you're in the store


Grandpa left an old photo book behind when he passed, know there is a picture of her in there somewhere if I can find it in the storage the next time im up north in which case I might be able to share some old photos. I wont kill myself until I find it and see her


File: 1612999722625.jpeg (154.36 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, segmenting slug.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Or you could just not be a retard and shoot yourself with a slug or buckshot instead of fucking birdshot.


I used to idolize these. Man, slugs. I held them in my hands. Then I grew up a bit and gained some experience. Now I'm grown up but I still don't fear death


Yea. It still looks disguisting blowing your whole head up.
There gotta be something more tasteful


I'd tell you to kill yourself but you'd probably ask how in retard-speak


Snyend me all your monya! *does that cap pow thing anime succubi do* X3 X3 X3


An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world will be blind


People here are genuinely trying to find a way to painlessly die, since society prohibits people from trying to kill themselves, people have to find some creative ways to suicide.


wtf this thing isn't tall enough to make it guaranteed


File: 1613071060427.jpg (80.64 KB, 712x528, 89:66, 94e6a9b3b193048a473f88fe4b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

where can i learn to make a knot for my rope? can't find any good tutorial and i always struggle with the length and the anchor
what can i use in a hotel room for instance?
explain to an autistic wiz how he is supposed to do it


I never had a problem talking to them as as young child, puberty is the destroyer of innocence. My problem was not knowing HOW to and I eventually stopped trying and I see now reason why I would want to learn now that wizzardhood is only a few years away. If I thought sticking my cock in a female would releive me of all my problems I would have gotten an escort years ago.
some are a bit ridiculus however don't you think? The I dont have the means to is bullshit. Robin williams made do with a belt.
The knot you want to use depends on the way in which you will be hanging yourself. For suspension you don't want the hangman noose, that's normgroid tier. Just a normal slip-knot will work just fine, might want to put a cloth between though to make it a bit more comfortable. If you're going for a full hanging get a fixed knot or it will hurt


It's not full hanging and thank you a slip-knot is easy to tie up. I also thought about the cloth between it. Now what would you suggest for an anchor? Hotels rooms i checked don't seem to have much room for that kind of need. I wonder if they are designed to avoid suicides.


is there any site where i can buy guns online with export to all parts of the world? or i need the deep web for that?



Darknet would be the way to go. Otherwise if you know any drug dealers who have access to such things/ contacts, you can get one that way.


they never load it up in the store you stupid fuck. you think you're the first one who tried that? you think you're so smart? you're obviously a fuckin normie tourist who just comes here to make your pathetic life feel less pathetic.


zopiclone(sleeping pill) + lots of vodka????

what are the chances of survival?

fuckin normie slave owners google censoring relevant info.



No idea if that will definitely work on it's own, but it has the potential to be lethal. I'm going to be doing that + hanging. Basically, once I start to pass out from the cocktail, I'll fall and hang. This avoids any potential panic/ second thoughts.


gonna need more than a guess, failure is not an option.



I'll be taking about 60 pills with a whole bottle of vodka.


whoa! my doc only prescribes me 15 a month. how? did you accumulate them over time or darknet?
hanging is also a fuckin shitty method, high chance of pain and psychological preservation instincts fucking you up for life.



I haven't got them yet. But as I won't need to use them until the day, I'll just stockpile.


File: 1613281704471.jpg (33.38 KB, 680x672, 85:84, feZdnjw.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

guess the pain hasn't reached the threshold yet eh?
try baking edible weed, it will regrow your pain receptors in the brain and spine, that'll wake you up to reality. you'll be ready then.


File: 1613289728533.mp4 (3.72 MB, 320x240, 4:3, And Im Not Happy And Im No….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Soon enough, friend. I'm still looking at other methods.


File: 1613291137570.gif (324.21 KB, 498x284, 249:142, konatapunch.gif) ImgOps iqdb

You mean this?



QUOTE from some forum, it's not me!:
"Got in my car, and drove about 7 or 8 Kilometres to my now Ex girlfriends restaurant… Got in a fight with her boss… Backed out of the parking lot into a dumpster… Then I drove down the street and hit two parked cars. That's when the police found me… I blew into the breathalyser, and of course failed… My car got towed, I lost my license… I woke up late the next afternoon in a jail cell, and the last thing I remembered was popping a Zopiclone. We went to check how many were left, apparently I ate 6 of them after I blacked out. The strange thing is, I only had a small bottle of wine. I DON'T REMEMBER A SINGLE THING!!! From the fight with my ex's boss, to the police arresting me… Not a single hint of a memory..

Total… blackout…

I have about $3000 worth of fines and impound lot fees when it's all said and done.

This was two years ago, I'm still paying, and I'm still without a license.

Zopiclone can be fun, but please, PLEASE don't mix it with alcohol, and if you do make sure someone is watching you.

BE WARNED when people are in black-out mode from alcohol and Zopiclone, they can act shockingly normal, and sober seeming. They will usually seem sort of apathetic and detatched.. sort of robotic. It's creepy, its like there not there. So if your being baby sat by someone who's making sure you don't black out.. Make sure they understand this, and make sure THEY make sure you're absolutely awake and conscious before they let you do anything that could be dangerous. I learned my lesson the very hard way.

I could have killed someone, I'm just thankful I didn't make it onto the freeway. I was basically sleepwalking and driving… I don't know, I think I was anyway, I don't remember, remember? So to sum it up, Zopiclone and alcohol, not a good idea. And believe me, I can handle my drugs and booze… Zopiclone and MDMA on the other hand, is a very wild and fun trip (in my experience anyway)

Here's my trip report if anyone is interested, it talks about my wild MDMA + Zopiclone experience as well as my very negative alcohol + Zopiclone experience… Fucked up stuff, lemme tell ya… Never again.


This is a very, VERY bizarre and interesting trip report that shows you how absolutely fucked up, yet undeniably fascinating Zopiclone can be…"


is sanctionedsuicide down?



sanctioned-suicide.org is the new address.


what's the chance of failure if you drive into the woods and drink vodka lots of it + freezing canadian - 20 c cold?

how fuckin painless is it?
% of failure and survival mechanism kicking in?

failure is not an option.

please advise.


you will wake up in a miserable state but won't die


anything rigid with a height difference. If theres a wardrobe there tends to be a bar perfect for it.
get a blackpowder shotgun. Cheap, legal in most of the world without licence and you only need one shot regardless.


> Hillary Clinton
Probably wasn't a suicide.


I don't hate myself, I don't want to die. I'm afraid. I'm an egoist, I'm a coward.
I don't want to lose my identity, my ego. I am ego.
But my life sucks and I have no future, only more challenges and suffering. This is hell.


You don't hate yourself, you hate your life. What your life is right now. You're not a coward for one. Maybe try to find a way to solve this challenge or skip it and find another challenge entirely.


File: 1613682058878-0.jpeg (522.31 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 5CD2A37E-F768-4A22-A450-1….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I plan to ctb by cerbera odollam poisoning and I already know how to make the method painless.
However, I pose a question. What I’ve read on cerbera odollam poisoning is that death occurs 3-6 hours or more after ingestion and in all the reports I’ve read, those who’ve committed suicide have all done so by consuming the seeds raw. Considering what I know about plants and biochemicals, they contain indigestible fiber which impede the absorption of cerberin.
What I have is an extract of 5 seeds made into an alcoholic tincture. If I were to ingest it in that form, my death should come much quicker, as in less than an hour, right?

Thank you in advance!


How does one obtain sulfuric acid and formic acid in Canada, from a quick google search it's seems to be regulated. Is a portable BBQ my best bet?


You can look into drain cleaners. Some of them are made with sulphuric acid.

For formic acid, I’m not sure. But I trust that auction sites like eBay would have it, you might want to set it to worldwide and see if you can get it.

If you can’t get either, then you’ll likely have to go with using the Hibachi…


What are some interesting ways to broadcast your suicide?
Not just ideas, but maybe examples you've seen in your time, or maybe ways you catch yourself thinking about?

Some notable examples I remember, the guy that suffocated himself with plastic bags on a stream, the guy that set his room on fire and livestreamed it from under his bed. Both of these events I saw live, but now seem lost to time. Though, both cases felt like pointless displays. To me the idea of seeing value in the broadcast shows you still value real world input in some way, meaning you're not fully committed to and reconciled with your suicide, making it not the right choice for you at that moment.
But I still find myself drawn to the idea, and so I ask.


Where do you even watch/find the broadcasts?


Both were years ago before streaming became mostly centralised with content rules enforced. The fire one I've found records of and apparently that was on a site called chateen. The plastic bag one however I can find nothing for, though I think it might have been justin.tv, a kind of proto-twitch. Earlier in this thread someone mentioned a sanctionedsuicide livestream, so looks like there's still a place for it.


File: 1614151642542.jpg (941.89 KB, 999x3158, 999:3158, suicide note condensed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Has anyone here read Mitchell Heisman's suicide note? Here's a condensed version of it I found if anyone's interested.


File: 1614414302173.jpg (45.89 KB, 564x321, 188:107, 218712_2254_draft.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is this gamepad suitable for killing myself?


I need some good painkillers, what do you recommend?


File: 1614616399356.jpg (50.6 KB, 728x546, 4:3, external-content.duckduckg….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How hard is it to fuck up a suicide by electrocution? I don't care about my method being painless, I just want it to be accessible and get the job done.

I live with my mom and depend on her income so a lot of methods are not accessible for me. I'm into programming and I've played around with an arduino before, so she wouldn't suspect anything if I bought electrical components online.

The voltage in home outlets is 230V in my country. I'm planning on placing the two ends on the wire the way they're placed in the image I posted. How do I make sure my circuit breaker doesn't jump before my hearth stops?

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