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How do I explain to my female psychologist that being a male virgin at the age of 28 is a telltale sign that you are not a normal adult male because there's some deep seated obvious reason that you are still a virgin?

Pic unrelated.


Don't. Also why are you wasting your time with shrinks?


I've got schizophrenia and they haven't forced me but they strongly recommended it.


Then don't mention the virginity part because chances are the telltale signs you're not normal aren't just virginity. It's not something worth mentioning unless the virginity itself is a problem for you, and if it is then mention that.


>female psychologist
I'm going to stop you here and tell you to not even bother and get a male psychologist (if any). They'll probably be a normalfag anyways and not understand most of your shit but at the very least a male can empathize on some level no matter their background. succubi live on a different planet entirely from us.

Also you don't need to tell them that being a virgin at an advanced age is a sign of being a freak, they are already plainly aware. In fact everyone is.
All you're going to do is light up red flags and they're going to go into panic mode thinking you're some crab on the verge of pulling an Elliot Roger. I brought it up with mental health people a couple of times just because I thought it was relevant to my story and they went on this tirade telling me how sex won't make me happy etc etc when I never implied it would, I just thought it would help.


*help get my point across.

Going to get myself banned if I'm not careful here.


>Also you don't need to tell them that being a virgin at an advanced age is a sign of being a freak
This one doesn't, she seems to think that there are all sorts of life paths and not everyone has to be sexually active despite literally 95% of men my age have had sexual intercourse.

Of course as you say, it's not that virginity is the cause but rather a symptom of being a freak, she doesn't even think people can be freaks.


They won't admit you're a freak because they're not supposed to and it's not their job. What they do is treat maladaptive behaviour. You can "be a freak" and not do anything that causes harm to yourself or others, and that's all that matters.


So you want things to became worse?
Consider suicide, your life is done.


>mental health
They are not human beings, they are psychopatic control freaks and manipulators, they are more or less modern inquisition.


I think you have bigger problems than not fucking tbh


On one hand it can be frustrating but if she truly believes that she’s part of the movement to get people to come to terms with being abnormal. They believe focusing on self acceptance, compassion, and that the judgment of yourself as a freak causes the issues more than material situation. They focus on non judgement and changing your relationship to your problems. Imagine you’re newly paralysed and hate you can’t walk anymore, they’re about building a self narrative of accepting that and shit.

So I agree with you that late age virginity normally indicates a significant dysfunction or incompatibility with the social reality and world. She’s probably hearing self judgment for being a virgin. You may have to spell it out as this is a way of trying to identify what’s wrong, because you don’t know. Just you are trying and not achieving what you consider basic things you believe someone who has tried should be able to achieve ( I’m not talking about sex here, I presume you’re universally dysfunctional )

I’m seeing a male therapist who is from that kind of approach and it’s frustrating. I’m giving him a fair shake but I don’t really believe it.


Or maybe she's a mature, educated adult whose profession and life's work is to treat and understand those with mental health disorders, not stigmatise them.
It's pretty childish to call people freaks, unless they've done something really wrong. People in the mental health field tend not to think people with mental or cognitive health issues are freaks, unless they themselves have a cluster b personality disorder which is unfortunately common in the profession.
Grow up anon, just because many normgroids don't mature past the highschool name calling phase doesn't mean you have to be like them. Don't call yourself or other wizes and mentally ill people freaks, otherwise what's the point of even coming here. We may as well just invite normgroids to come on here, bully us and insult us like they do everywhere else


I wasn't calling him a freak though. He called himself a freak so I went on his word and told him that a psychologist won't call him a freak if he is partly for the reasons you've described. What it seems like he wants is for the psychologist to admit he's a freak.


Its normally a sign of either minor dysfunction or no real dysfunction at all. And most of all, it's a personal matter and nobody elses business. It just isn't as important as it's made out to be on the chans and by young people, neither of which are knowledgeable of or well adjusted to life and reality. It's an immature thing to fixate on. There are far more important things OP needs to focus on


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Do you think that of thyself coz of a weak mental frame or coz you really feel it?

The real problem here is showing contempt with virginity! As the rules of wizchan claim…


Tesla wouldn't share your worry at all and that's saying enough!!!


psychologists also live in their own deluded bubble, experience is at the root of all empathy, they can never understand you because they have never been in a situation similar to yours


Sounds like a crabby mindset, unless you suggest all Catholic Priests are mentally ill


OP having schizophrenia is the telltale sign you are not normal and being a virgin is probably a biproduct of that.


People who believe in semetic fairy tales are most certainly mentally ill.


There is literally nothing wrong with mentioning it. You sound like you are 16 years old. Breaking news here, but if the shrink is worth a damn it won't even matter. There are people much worse off than being a fucking virgin. OP is not a homeless crazy guy hearing voices that tell him to murder someone. You'd want to not say that. There is literally no reason not to say you're a virgin because who the fuck cares. It's a symptom at best but in itself that being a virgin is fine for normal people when they grow up.


Have you seen the average "normal adult male" these days? I'd rather be a 28 year old virgin honestly. The average guy has a fat dumb wife and a shitty job, and is up to his neck in debt.


She’s right though. There isn’t anything about being a virgin at an older than average age that necessarily means you have some kind of deep seated issues. It’s abnormal but it’s only a problem if you think it’s a problem. Personally I think a lot of wizards are superior to the average sex obsessed normgroids who spend most of their time doing things trying to gain social approval from each other. Normalfags will literally go to college, get into debt, and start a career they don’t like, just because social pressure told them it’s the correct thing to do. Being a virgin could be a sign you’re a freak, but it could also be a sign you’re an independent person who doesn’t concern himself with the bullshit social hierarchies that most people spend their time and energy on.


>How do I explain to my female psychologist that being a male virgin at the age of 28 is a telltale sign that you are not a normal adult male because there's some deep seated obvious reason that you are still a virgin?
I don't know, just don't tell them you masturbate and play video games or you will never get to do those activities again. Psychologists are such bullshit and even if they do find your a virgin they will still push you to socialize with gnomies.


I had a male psychologist once plainly state succubi will measure you up within the first two seconds in meeting you. However this was more in advise for job interviews which he advised me to clean myself up as much as possible and get a clean, button up collar white shirt. The other guy I met was just a hard ass and told me to get off my ass and start applying for jobs regardless of my circumstances. But my first male psychologist garbed my face, looked into my eyes, and shouted "ARE YOU ON DRUGS?"


think of psychology as the female equivalent of a guy wanting to study physics. They may be psychopatic control freaks and manipulators, but all they can swing is a state job that will only pay them if they get you to say you want to kill yourself.


Wtf, psychologists are just certified assholes.


>But my first male psychologist garbed my face, looked into my eyes, and shouted "ARE YOU ON DRUGS?"


The first guy is right, though. succubi choose to reject a man within a minute of meeting them. Rather logical evolutionary conclusion, I think.


Why would that be evolutionarily advantageous? Most of human history was spent in small tribes.


It's actually a biproduct of tribal animald living in a non-tribal system. Similar to how in small tribes thievery and murder were only tiny issues because literally everyone knew each other directly or by about 1-2 degrees of separation.



Most men have evolved to have no standards. As a result succubi evolved to be able to quickly reject men. If they didn't evolve this way then they would raise offspring with a man that they didn't want to breed with. In a tribe this means that succubi would reject their offspring, creating anti-social children that will hurt the tribe more than it will help it.


File: 1609727973091.gif (1.63 MB, 675x675, 1:1, ezgif-7-54f95cce7113.gif) ImgOps iqdb

How many 5imes do they need to be told I don't do this e-link-magic mumbo jumbo. You posted that, I nodded my head, it was very nice, you're observant. Sit down, boy.


It's not really, much of the shit groids do now is dysgenic.

They couldnt reject shit. Historically they could be easily married off, coerced into sex, or raped. They're just picky now because they can be.


you don't entrust yourself to a female psychologist, let alone a female.
Or any psychologist for that matter. Get outta there OP


Why should you explain anything? First of all, you never go to psychologists unless the law forces you to go. Second, you never tell the truth to psychologists, at least not the complete truth. Third, you don't explain shit to psychologists, they think they have everything figured out and they will never stray away from what they learned at their university.


>understand those with mental health disorders, not stigmatise them
in the old days "mental health disorders" used to just be called character flaws. people were expected to fix them too, crazy how things have changed.

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