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Cancer seems to be the most painful chronic disease that someone can have. Its pain may last for enough long time, and its treatment, if it ever works, is even more painful. So how to increase your chances to have Cancer, given the fact that the radioactive solution is not available, technically I am far away from any Radioactivity zone.


just go for the next best thing and get aids from a gay nigger


>1. Become mad scientist and invent a way of using high pressure and lasers to converting uranium ore purchased off amazon into fissile material
>2. home-made x-rays ilegale do nut do it
>3. UV-lamp garden


You don't know what you are talking about. Try water fasting or whatever meme method is in vogue right now. It's obvious that you neither want to die nor go through pain. You're just childish.


are you white OP? Come to brazil.


Really? If you think I am childish then why do you bother yourself and put a comment in this thread. No one told you to do so



Are you a masochist?



Do you enjoy life because "life is suffering?


come to brazil anyways and go to a favela at night


You definitely do not want cancer anon


If you get cancer you can get into end of life treatment and get hooked up on morphine, if you don't live in some dystopian shithole that is.


If you want to suffer, wouldn't it be easier to start cutting yourself or burning yourself than to give yourself cancer?


I want cancer because it killed my mother I want to go out the same way


This is not original anon, and besides, physical pain, up to a certain limit, makes its toil upon your soul, after reaching that limit it no longer does have any effect, it is like being electrocuted by an electric current of very high frequency that outlimits the threshold value of your nerves, so you no longer feel pain but you only start to burn your skin that's all. This is not what I want to get, I want being tortured physically as well as psychologically, and after reading so much about people experiencing cancer in some stage of their lives, or those describing their final moments, they all express a constant amount of undecresable psychological pain that is way beyond the physical pain itself, I discovered then, this is what I perfectly want, the fear of death in every second of your life, the thought that you will die at any possible moment, and there is no escape at all. I don't want to just face death, or to feel pain by harming myself. I want to feel the fear that consumes my soul,and turns my life into an infinite torture. The torture should be non-stop, at every single moment I live, and the only way to do so, is to fire my survival instincts with the thought of possible death at any fraction of a second. Through stimulating my brain signals and my instinctive reactions. And after a lot of research, Cancer is the most reasonable thing that can fulfill my will


This is it anon, the distopyian state of mind, this is exactly what I want, thank you for finding the right word I was searching for a long time


Technically I will have AIDS not cancer if I do so


How come you ignored this question op?
>Do you enjoy life because "life is suffering?


I hope there is not honestly a societal expectation that young wizards who visit favelas at night get raped.


Why not go to prison for something that the other prisoners will hate you for? You'll have the constant fear of death without having to go years with some medical method from an imageboard that at the end might not even work?
Anyway, eat blue food dye, smoke cigarettes, go swim in dirty rivers, go work in a factory with chemicals and sabotage the gas mask they give you, work in toxic waste disposal and don't wear gloves and a mask, live in an industrial city, smoke pieces of plastic in a bong, get an x ray and remove protection the doctor gives you a second before it starts, stay in the sun with no sunscreen, tanning beds, chew betel nuts, inhale diesel fumes etc…


I am sorry bro, you are right, I do


These look like the words of someone who have actually tried a lot of things


u forgot aspartame for brain cancer

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