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How do you guys handle alcoholism? I'm wage-slaving at the moment and can't quite understand how to handle it.


Do you mean you want advice for how not to be an alcoholic or for how to be a functioning alcoholic? I have little idea about how to do either of those especially the latter because I've never been an alcoholic. I have a weak stomach and I can't keep down enough alcohol to even get drunk without puking up some of it or eating large amounts of pepto bismol. Then I wake up feeling awful afterwards. It makes for a shitty experience all around. It's nowhere as pleasurable a drug to use as weed either even during the high. The one exception I have found is when socializing with normies. I can see why they drink for that purpose, but that's not really something I do these days or in the past except for once in a blue moon. I vaporize weed every day in my room by myself though and it is the only thing that makes me not want to kill myself.

Perhaps if you can find a way to make your gag reflex more sensitive you could benefit from the natural deterrent I experience. If you need some sort of chemical to get you through the day I would suggest one that is less harmful to your physical and mental health than alcohol. Kratom, poppy seed tea, other opiates, weed, magic mushrooms, etc. All are pretty safe and have just minor side effects like constipation, they don't cause literal brain and liver damage like alcohol. If you don't care about your physical or mental health and just want to be functional I've heard that adding stimulants like speed, coke, or meth to the alcohol consumption works well. The stims kind of sharpen you up and make you even more confident and energetic. It's not a long term solution though.


No my prospects aren't really to incorporate drugs or alcohol into my life… But I simply want an easy escape that won't consist of intoxicants


>Im not an alcoholic nor have i ever been one
>I cant even keep down the alcohol i do drink
>But let me tell you all about it


What's wrong with alcoholism ? It makes you live less and make your life better. Be careful not to build a tolerance too fast nonetheless


Ok well… You considered both posts in your response? I said I was an alcoholic but you also suggested what the other person said…


honestly, the only thing that has done serious good for me is running, writing and meditation, but even so, one need to be strong to stay on top of your motivation for year after year. This is comming from someone who's been smoking hash daily for 2 years, then quiting and trying to change my life, which worked well for another year which itself was good, but later on crashlanding into alcholism every weekend. I notice that every fall, i get depressed and everything i worked up during spring to better myself turn into shit. Im drawn to my own sadness, its as addicting to the alcohol im drink atm.



In what way do you not understand how to handle it?


>How do you guys handle alcoholism?

You don't. You either drink, a lot, or you don't, nothing. End of story. Anything else is self-deception.



Inside the link, the book of Suvorin may have more indicators for you, as it shows how his method worked for addictions.


just like every other substance, over time you build resistance and doesn't fuck you up that bad but that just means you also don't get as high from it.

Still alcohol is one of the worst habits, getting drunk has too many physical side effect, fucks with your bowels, your liver, makes you fat, gives you headaches, makes you smell like shit, etc. It really is the worst drug. I think most alcoholics are masochists rather than escapists, they like to feel bad and punish themselves, there are better drugs if feeling good is what you want


File: 1609892872503.jpg (125.08 KB, 625x776, 625:776, 3b65b27070da96ab1b40dabc95….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

kills brain cells.
while cannabis regrows cells, yet its banned for goyim consumption.
therefore the origin of: normie, normalcattle, dumb zombies, wageslave android shells, vaccinated braindead robots, etc.
>inb4 "hurr durr stoner"
kys. vaccinate yourself. make me happy as you suffer and you will suffer and i will be smug about it.
>also tolerating wageslavery
>when you can easily procure pentobarbital on silkroad derivatives
oh so your solution is to kill your self-awareness so you can tolerate hell? my fuckin god hahahahah how is this website better than facebook?

you're all the same sheep cattle


Just brought a case and timed lock to control my alcoholism. The cravings are too much for me to try to ditch alcohol on my own. Hopefully me limiting the times when I can drink will slowly kill off my addiction. I am not addicted enough to try to cut the lock, but I am worried that I will just conveniently forget to set it when I am done drinking the amount of booze I want. Maybe I'll unlock it, pour out the amount of liquor I want to allow myself drink and then lock it again before I drink a single drop.

Also the time lock I brought had pictures showing it for degenerate uses, such as male penis cages and human collars. I fucking hate this world, no wonder I am an alcoholic.


I drink alcohol because it is the most accessible drug for me.


>Also the time lock I brought had pictures showing it for degenerate uses, such as male penis cages and human collars
wat? Why would you use a timelock for those purposes anyway?


I guess it adds to the kink. Like you don't have access to your penis for the entire day or some shit like that. I dunno, man, I'm not one of those degenerates so I don't really understand either.


This post is a perfect example of what weed does to your brain.
PS: Jesus was not present for the burning bush. He and moses were separated by thousands of years.


Ec 21:21
>Dude weed


I mean, you have to glue the blocks for them to push towards my pyramids. Slave fuel nowdays


Somehow my whip work better on cocaine heads. Slaves + addicted nature


Why are alcoholics mostly chill on image boards and weed fags such narcissistic elitist pretentious know-it-all fags?


Reddit. Through upboats and fake TILs they now believe weed is a mystic cure-all that the evil corporations are trying to destroy. Everyone who rejects must clearly be brainwashed by the systemz and a slave to the corporate machine, because why would the corporations want to capitalize on a psychologically addictive drug? I mean come on man.


I guess because booze has been socially accepted for centuries, weed is still kinda frowned upon by a lot of people, so they get defensive and antagonistic. I believe when it gets widely legalized and becomes a normal thing people will shut the fuck up about it and start shilling the next meme drug, I wonder what'll be.


You drink.

If you are forced to go cold turkey, you will suffer the first flames of Hell, even worse than with Opioid withdrawals.
And you can die, there is that. Alcohol is the only psychoactive substance, from which withdrawals you can die.


Huh, that actually sounds reasonable.


File: 1612595383099.jpg (77.37 KB, 800x800, 1:1, drink8.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Step up your alcoholism friend then you wont have to wage slave anymore. Just left my job of 4 years while working drunk idk why but talked to my boss and prob said some dumb things as usual. Took a couple days off again in my mind im optimistic for alittle. Now im drinking again 4 days after i said id never drink a again for the 1000th time. Been blacking out every single night since i was 18 coming up on 25 now doing unspeakable shit, not sure i see a path out of here i possibly fucked my brain up. Sober life feels like an eerie dream now peoples voices are farther away wouldnt be the best description but something isnt quite right anymore. Shit is honestly terrifying.


Actually benzos are so addictive you can die also I was alcoholic and abused benzos and was addicted to them also but personally got through bot haddictions fine.

I see no reason to quit being an alcoholic though if you are because fuck life.
>i possibly fucked my brain up.
We do actual damage to our brain but fuck it getting drunk continually is well worth it fuck life


how do you afford it? i Fucking hate the system here where they put a lw saying normal stores cant sell hnard liqour and the cheapest alcohol you can get is 700ml 40% for 25 dollars.


Affording it was never an issue for me. I can get a handle of shitty vodka here for 12$. Which is less than the hourly minimum wage where im at and i was making a bit more than that. Id only avg 12-15 drinks a day tho.
Ive had a few jobs in restaurants or bars where pretty much everyone in the back is drunk the whole time or doing drugs. Been given free drinks alot or just sneak into the coolers and have a couple and no one would care. Depends on the place tho family run stuff are less lenient.


If you guys can replace it with weed, I'd recommend it. No hangovers, no withdrawals, it's not going to kill you, and it's probably not going to tear your family relationships apart. Alcohol sucked for me. I always felt like I needed alcohol to have fun, but I'd always get so drunk that alcohol would just get in the way of fun. I wouldn't remember the anime I watched or I'd be too drunk to competently play the video games I liked. Then often the next day I'd have a headache or I'd feel nauseous. I'd feel like I was dying all the time. Years of my life feel like a total blur. While I waste it anyway, at least have memories to hold onto of me wasting it.


File: 1612723287424.jpg (44.32 KB, 507x510, 169:170, magic-bitch.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

OP here… all of the wizards talking about drug-use and alcoholism saddens me, why do we praise vice like this… Isn't there more to being a wizard than warping your animal emotions into enjoying life? INDEED, I SAY! As I have mentioned before on these very boards… the mission of our wizardly-kind is to unite! Oh, and indeed I am well aware of the irony of being a neet wizard who doesn't have friends becoming friends with his fellow wizards… But isn't that what we've been doing all along?! This companionship provided through this forum is felt in all of our hearts - it simply has to be realized. My fellow wizards, I hope you will swear an oath with me now and forever to protect wizardhood. The normalcattle will persih. Magic reigns!


I know a lot of wizards can fill the void with train watching or other hobbies and I think that is great but some of us just want to shoot heroin and hopefully die and that is fine as well.


When you come to your senses, dear wizzie… We will be here.


I am too far gone I am not your average wizard


I drink alcohol to help shorten my lifespan but it probably doesn't make a difference. Having passive suicidal tendencies is kinda my thing.


I smoking to help shorten my lifespan but it probably doesn't make a difference because to slow. Having passive suicidal tendencies is kinda my thing too


drinking wine right now, told myself just one glass, but already had several, work starts in 9 hour


I used to have a pretty stressful job, woke up 5AM every day to take a bus and then work nonstop through screams and demands until I got to get another bus and get home at 6PM. rinse and repeat. Despite being exhausted every day I wasn't able to sleep, and I'd end up drinking every night until I got knocked out and then slept for a few hours before going to work. Those were some of the worst moments of my life and I'm glad I just quit that job. I had a hard time reducing my drinking habits but these days I don't drink anywhere as much.


any tip to reduce? want to drink right now, only reason I am not is that I don't have any at home right now

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