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I've been a polydrug addict for 4 years, the amount of physical/mental/financial damage they've caused me has been immense. How do I quit? I've spent nearly every waking moment for the last 4 years high. I'd say, more then half of these highs weren't pleasurable, yet I still reach for any drug nearby. I'm reading into cognitive behavioral therapy, I never was one for therapy but I like the idea that I can read and apply the concepts by myself. Any advice would be appreciated, the other day while high and feeling miserable, I bought 10 grams of a barbiturate. If I keep abusing drugs, I think I'll have another mood swing and kill myself in an impulsive moment. I want to try maximizing the neurotransmitters I have to feel fine without drugs.


Meditate. Learn to control your impulses. Pray.


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I don't want to beat a dead horse but this looks more like how to become a normalfag, though I guess that's what self improvement is anyway.


I would recommend literally fleeing from temptation. Go some where you don't know where to buy. Camp somewhere. Right now its winter in the northern hemisphere, but just go south enough and it will be fine.


Fleeing is underrated. Brain ties sensations to the environment as well so changing space will cut down urges. The brain builds lots of relationships between things. Even Buddhist monks start by removing all temptation from their environment.


well is wiz2021 there's even succ here


From normalfags for normalfags, now fuck off normgroid.


The board lately seems to be crawling with teenager reddit crap, some of them even appear to be succubi.


Wow meditations, exercise, and "travelling'. What a fucking brilliant "guide"


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What do you think of my version? :^)


Skip tier 2 and it is all right.





Te faltan los Menguadores de Distorsión. El ayuno y esas vainas.


Suicide is >>234073


good job


based nihilist wiz


Is weed really that good at blunting my mind?
I tried other substances and they're not sustainable due to tolerance.


Nah you build a tolerance pretty quick


kek. solid.


Fuck you


I like self-help and discipline but that graph makes me so fucking mad

Only real normalfag thing on there is the talk/wagecucking everything else is good for the self


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Hey wiz! I'm a drug addict too, I used to use meth. It's tricky overcoming drug addiction but what finally worked for me (after trying again and again with therapists and self will) I finally was able to get sober by regularly going to AA meetings. They're very helpful. Maybe give it a try? I've seen the twelve steps help plenty of people in their worst, including me.

And depending on your drug of choice you might want to go to a detox center. Don't take Suboxone, it only makes the withdrawals last longer.

Good lucky, addiction is tricky.


what did drugs do to you physically? my childhood friend is a complete degenerate but he is completely healthy after years of serious drug abuse. it makes me angry because i have real problems and i am almost straight edge.


Why AA and not NA? Also do you feel like it gets a bit religious? Not in the higher power sense, in the procedure sense. I started to go to NA meetings but repeating the same mantras for the first 15 minutes every single meeting is kind of killing my vibe. And the last minutes are spent talking about finances. I don't want it to be like church with all the mantras. To be clear- I feel like it helped for a time, but now that I'm sober I feel like I can stop. And I have to listen to all these boomers who haven't used drugs in 40 years talking about their personal problems about filing and shit. Honestly it did help to vent about my problems at an NA meeting, but now after 6 meetings and I'm sober with an apparent low risk of relapse, I might just not go back. Maybe a once a month thing as opposed to a once a week thing.


I got clean without going to any of that AA NA cult shit. Just pick up hobbies to do and replace drugs with moderate alcohol use


OP here, I've been clean for a week and haven't felt a desire at all. I've been spending all my money on high dense foods rich in tryptophan and tyrosine (serotonin and dopamine precursors) alongside ensuring I have at least the RDA for every nutrient and exercising intensely every other day, besides that I've read a few books on cognitive behavioral therapy and implemented the practices myself and have artificially manipulated my environment to trigger subconscious thoughts based off various things I've read from Carl Jung and Freud. It's worked very well, it's made me realize just how simple the brain is and just how much the environment and the symbols around us effect us subconsciously which direct almost all of our conscious behavior.

For example, I made a conscious decision that whenever I flipped on the light in my room, for at least 5 minutes, I'll study something. Sounds silly but I've reinforced it a lot over this last week, I turned on my light earlier and immediately my brain thought "it's time to study" without me meaning for that to happen at all. Normally I'd never exercise (haven't exercised before in half a year) but I moved weights right next to my bed, whenever I see it, I have to make a conscious decision to do or not do the activity all day. It works, my attention span has been drastically boosted, it only takes me like 2 hours to do all of these IMPROOOOVER type things and the rest of the day I binge watch anime or play games, I enjoy both anime and games more now, probably from all the extra dopamine/serotonin/etc from my diet and heightened testosterone levels from sleeping well and exercising. I've been a NEET for nearly 10 years but holy fuck, you really can "improve" (your mood and focus) in general.

It could've been a lot worse, physically my bladder has shrunk a significant amount from ketamine abuse but that should reverse itself in due time - besides that, even after trying hundreds of drugs and being in a literal daze every other day, surprisingly my body isn't as wrecked as I thought. My skin's cleared up a lot, my body isn't broken. Financially I probably spent $10-15k on drugs last year, mentally I was having a mental breakdown almost every other day when I had to sober up. Fuck that shit, the highs aren't worth the low.


Saying this is "normalfag" is like saying breathing air is normal fag.

You are human. Every human needs to move around, and find spiritual/mental relief (like from journaling).


You know people who are more prone to addiction also tend to be better workers and stuff in general. They are good at being active for the things they want basically. Whether its drugs or something positive. You seem like you're finally taking advantage of your disposition for positive change.

A related saying I've been using a lot lately is "Nothing feels as good as knowing you finished all your tasks for the day". Like I literally feel high after I do whatever thing I was supposed to do that day. Its how I stop procrastinating.

Also the "2 minute rule" works well. Even if you feel like absolute shit that day, try the task your supposed to do for 2 min. Basically just start it. If after starting you still feel so shitty you can't do it, then stop guilt free. But if you feel good you'll likely want to do it more than 2 minutes and get some real stuff done.



Glad to hear it OP. I think a lot of wizard's issues with depression stem from the leading unhealthy lifestyles. When I look at other threads about how wizards feel dumb, lonely, or boring I wonder what they've actually tried. Diet and exercise on a surface level seem like they have nothing to do with depression, but they relate more than we may realize. Our gut microbiome has a real affect on how we think and feel, and the science is pretty conclusive that exercise generally helps people cope with depression. Of course if wizards feel dumb, lonely, or boring that's not going to change with diet or exercise. However, in the journey towards self-acceptance I think it goes a long way.


Hahahahahahahah holy shit. And those lines represent what? Wishing it came true? You gotta be fucking kidding.


drugs are norman. need to be social to get.


This. How come nobody calls out those groids?


I can't give any advice here, this is just a comment to say I am in the same boat or at least a similair one, and to make a comment on addiction itsself.

It's not like we haven't tried this self-improvement.

I'm fairly educated, very well-read, living a life I know some would envy. Yet, I don't want to live sober. I think this has always been a fundamental problem of life. I don't think there is a solution now nor do I think there ever has been or there is one around the corner.

The only solution to a drug addiction is a shift in desires. If you want to change what you want then some serious self reflection is due. I am simply procrastinating.

Religions and societies will preach happiness - teach to replace the drugs with lies and false hope. Falsehoods for us to waste away our lives believing - or at least pretending to believe.

And for most, their drug of choice is alchohol. This is fitting becuase it is suited to the lifestyle of a man who spends all of his time in denial. Wether he is simply telling himself he is on a path and he will be gifted with happiness when the time comes. Or he is looking down on those in that system, claiming he is better at coping with the lack of understanding of the world - while entirely coping on the bottle that he sips throughout the day.

The drug addict employs a different school of thought. The drug addict will knowingly reduce thought istelf - often subconciously - with help from whatever drug he uses. Thus not even giving a person the chance to be in denial.

Acceptance is easier when intoxicated.

That being said, this is only the case while high - and I am more talking about downers (benzos, opioids, ketamine, and of the like) than anything else. This observation about drug users effectively attempting to achieve surpressed thought in using substance doesn't apply to their concious desires.

Seeing as it's very individual, I'm going to start speaking like Ben Shapiro im mystic maybes and ifs. So let's say, hypothetically, a man's subconcious desire is to be happy - then their concious desire would be more of a method to achieve that goal. A seperate goal, employed to serve the real, deeper needs of said man. For example, he may attempt to pick up a hobby, or to educate himself, or get out more, excercise more, eat more well. He may even pick up a chosen path, focus on it, have the funcional life, all before discovering drug of choice or drugs as a category. Which shall, in hand, become the most effective path to achieving the unconcious desire of happiness, whether the man likes it or not.

This is at the root of all addiction. It is the conflict between what someone wants and what someone wants that causes the problems.

And this will mean, in hand, that in sober hours, an addict could try their hardest to find an alternative escape but nevertheless fall victim to the part of themselves that is okay with it.

In my own opinion, the person addicted to uppers or psychadelic substances tends to be more on the side of being comfortable and accepting of that need as a part of their own life. They will effectively think "yeah, I'm okay with it". Whereas the person hooked on downers lives in ignorance and insecurity during their high, where they will have no doubt achieved nothing, and done nothing, and then forgotten about it. I have even referred to binges that could last for months on benzos and opioids as a long sleep, and that is to be found favourable to a user.

"And the fact that life is depressing. The fact that I am just a small man in a cruel and unforgiving territory", the user may be saying to themselves. As infact this is what I would say to myself. I would like to reitterate that I too struggle with addiction. I say that the world is bleak as a truth, and I believe humans are fundamentally put into that boat. If this is a lie to enable an addiction, I couldnt't even know myself.

I find that the more I have found out, over my life, and learnings I still make in my life, lead me only to a more rigid belief in a depressing truth. Thought in itself becomes uncomfortable. And the truly sad part is that the drugs fuel this discomfort in sober life. The lack of general awareness when intoxicated will make obvious the brain activities of noticing and thinking found when sober. Making a user's need to use even greater - and after using substance, the inner conflict thrives, unnoticed by the user who is more focused on his back itch he can't get to because he is struggling to move at all.

I also have come to find a narcissistic twinge in the uppers addicts. The uppers being their drug of choice down probably to the fact that they love themselves to begin with. They have to love themselves to the point where they pride not being ok or accepted to the point where it is maybe one of their favourite features of themselves.

This is coupled with an insecure and uncomfortable consistent of a downer addict.

All in all, this shit not that simple man. not everyone can be happy being depressed. addiction has always existed and will always exist for a reason. theres no fixing it!


Because this entire board is infested with them.


I think there is a subtle and important mistake in your logic.

People arent addicts because they want happiness. Its because they want to stop the pain. As you said the goal is to stop thinking. Why? Because their thoughts themselves are painful. Could be painful memories. Could even just be the pain of boredom, isolation, lack of purpose, etc.

Focus on stopping the pain in your life so you dont need drugs to escape from it.

Easier said then done ofc. I just think the preoccupation with "happiness" is a fools errand. It just leads to more misery because HAPPINESSES DOESNT EXIST, happiness is just the absense of pain. If you run around looking for something that exists your gonna be sad when you can find it. But let me assure you just getting rid of the pain feels nice. If you get rid of the pain your left with just the natural beauty of existing.


Alcohol, tobacco, and in some places weed are all legal and require zero connections. Other drugs like shrooms can be acquired with no connections as well.

Fuck yourselves


this is a good perspective that i hadnt explored so clearly i need to work on my critical thinking thank you


This post hit the nail right on the head. I just want to stop thinking, and drugs (more or less) help me do that.


This is factually wrong. You are uninformed. But better stay off drugs anyway.


>first world educated rich druggies

The worst kind of narcissists around.


Depends. Weed is legal in Canada. I can get weed at a supermarket here. Or there's a legal website for them. I started smoking weed a little while after it was legal, because I don't know how to get it in the black market as I have no friends to find dealers

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