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File: 1609564518791.jpg (18.74 KB, 360x239, 360:239, ian-mckellen-as-gandalf.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


First off, I entirely disagree with what is considered culturally acceptable by society: clothing style, lingo, overt sexual posturing, drug-use… I can go on. But simply by the merit of preferring things that are sophisticated: information(obviously), science, orchestral music(actual music), philosophical conversation… I am ostracized by the normaltrons. Like another user said, they make ME seem like an idiot with their high-school, name-calling bullshit! 'How ridiculous,' I think. 'Me, an idiot?! But isn't it they who speak such nonsensical, animal terminology?!' These creatures… They fight with derogatory terms instead of logic.. Why must I live amongst these animals? Understand, I wasn't conditioned by the swine of society to desire this, "fitting in." My objective was less intentive on seeking the subjection of my fellows, but by simply not being bothered by them. But now, as an adult.. I am forced to participate in their 'competition.' I have been to jail, and I have been homeless… And it is not my happiness to be surrounded by opportunistic parasites! Nay, I will compete with these pretentious bullies and hopefully overcome these monsters. My fellow wizards, graduate with me on this quest in defeating the normalswine.. they deserve no peace.


See you in /b/



See you in /b/


I like to watch interview with imprisoned people from time to time. Charles Manson was a Saint:

"You put me in a dark solitary cell, and to you that's the end, to me it's the beginning, it's the universe in there, there's a world in there, and I'm free."


File: 1609600614850.png (726.68 KB, 1536x867, 512:289, e335a99bc97d3fadd598b227ed….png) ImgOps iqdb

Charles Manson applied what I believe to be the 48th law of power, "assuming formlessness" which was explicitly stated in his popular speech where he said, "I am nothing." This tool is a very useful one which I employ on occasion.


You're that Colombian who avatarfags as Squidward, aren't you?


No, I am not. As with most communities, I tend to be heavily suspicious of this one. This website is moderated, so our tongues must match the hearts of our administrators.


Whoever made that infographic had emotional intelligence of a brick.


"Actual music" this got to be some form of satire.


In other words, “How to be a psychopath.”


That's not Charles Manson. The formlessness yes but that law sticks out from the rest of those laws. That guy was in prison most of his life. He is a projection of what society thought he is but in fact he is far from that incarnated evil. It's actually sad what he was blamed for he wasn't an evil puppet master that pulled a voodoo trick to make people kill. Instead he just showed to humans what is already in themselves, as in the will and capability to kill. He was more a mirror to society that not only reflected the good parts, which media and normal people try to do, but also the bad parts. And the people that followed him knew just that he was not afraid to show the whole picture thus they admired his realness in an otherwise fake world. He did not invent evil he rather just showed people what's already all around.


Cringiest post of 2021 so far.


What exactly makes this cringy? Because you don't agree with it? Because it's unusual? Because it's truthful?


A clear lack of social awareness, unironic wizard roleplaying and pretentious intellectualism, as well as riding a moral high horse despite admitting to being an ex-con.

As for the so-called "truthfulness" of it, I can't seem to find any real substance in this post. Adding a bunch of banal social observations doesn't make it any less cringy. I'd usually call it a brainfart thread and go on my way, but it seems someone actually put effort into writing this…


Effort? Is language difficult for you? No, English is my primarily language, and I have no qualms with expressing myself truthfully. What you call "banal social observations" is simply my subjective experience.. I do not wish to be a part of your kind. You are a lot of bullies and deserve the most vicious of tyranny. You need permission to open your gaping hole of a mouth, parasite. Next time, judge our delightful conversation with more merriment… And we might delight in having you in… Unfortunately, you seem destined for the same rot that the pigs will suffer. I will lock you in a cage in a small room and feed you gas that will suffocate you. Carry on please, respond, I want to hear your obnoxious counter in this argument.


I kneel, sir. You have certainly bested me in this verbal joust and earned the grace of the high wizard court. Your bedsheets will certainly be warm tonight as many young fair maidens will gladly fall into them. If I was not the only child of a poor shoemaker, I would surely offer up my sister for marriage. Carry on, fair knight of wizardhood!


Your lack of virginity is detestable. You will be executed next morning, goodbye.


There is no way this guy isn't trolling. Had a good laugh either way.


File: 1609723591052.jpg (231.84 KB, 539x738, 539:738, Phaton_in_E-Frame.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Jojo and X-Men leitmotifs, but the scene choreography and OST are Hellsing TV.
>>'and the dead just keep walking'_


"emotional intelligence" = willingness to let other people manipulate you

The only reason the term exists is to let weak-willed wоmen feel better about themselves.


Not him, but the entire thing seems like the perspective of someone that has seen too much anime and now can't separate himself from epic power plays that exist purely for dramatic effect.

In reality, people operate mostly in a reciprocal manner, a sort of tit-for-tat strategy, which quickly filters people that act in a overtly selfish and cruel manner. The reason why this doesn't work is because being a manipulator is a one-off strategy that will pay off once, but will diminish your trustworthiness in the future and in the social world, the only real way to lose if no one wants to "play" with you anymore.

There's the popular notion that sociopaths and psychopaths often rise to positions of power because they're expert manipulators, but the only way to rise to the top of any social hierarchy is to do enough favors and provide enough benefit to the people that keep you in that position. The moment a CEO starts doing something retarded, the board can vote him off. Even a tyrant is as strong as his connections, because the moment he forgets to grease General McFucks pockets, is the moment he will get a coup.

Honest cooperation with the right players is always the best strategy in any social game. Epic switcharoo double, triple agent stabs in the back are only a thing in Death Note and the like.


File: 1609796726822.jpg (160.01 KB, 1080x1069, 1080:1069, MAKEBIGMONEYNOWPENISENLARG….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>That graphic



When are you going to stand up for yourself? That's the only way you're ever going to be respected.

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