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File: 1609734222596.jpg (42.38 KB, 362x600, 181:300, 20071207__SuicideNotep1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


If you lost a loved one to suicide, would you want to know why they did it?

What if the reason that he did that was that he was secretly a horrible rotten person? Would it give you comfort or would you rather keep your memory of them as pure as possible?

For example, if your kid fucked people up economically, and he couldn't live with what he's done, would you want them to tell you that in a suicide letter? Would it give you some comfort in knowing a piece of shit has lost his life? Would you get some sense of closure from knowing his reasoning?
Thanks in advance to anyone who answers, this is important to me.


Nothing you write is going to "make up" for your mom and dad losing a child, or your siblings losing a brother, or your friends losing a friend.

Sorry dude. Suicide isn't the easy way out - for anyone. If you really love these people, I'd focus less on what to say in a note and more on finding a way to keep living. Economic disaster is survivable. If you really need to, just panhandle for a while; I hear you can make great cash doing that, and it would give you time to find a better path forward. Certainly you're not alone right now - people are hard-up and desperate.

If you have to, declare bankruptcy and start with a clean slate. If you still have your health, you're wealthier than a lot of people.

Good luck, rooting for you.


They would probably not care


I appreciate your answer but I'm not sure you understood the scenario, my economic situation is fine, but in my example I meant what is that I myself destroyed another person's livelihood and drove them and their family into debilitating debt (just a hypothetical, what I truly did might be way worse depends on perspective).
I have sinned gravely, so I have a good reason to die. It's not easy at all, my life otherwise is actually pretty comfortable.(can't share my reasons so please don't ask,thanks).


File: 1609806142493.jpg (72.69 KB, 800x445, 160:89, HighScore.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Only suicide note that matters to people is your manifesto explaining why you had to get a highscore.


If you really harmed these people to such an extent, I'd say you have a far greater duty to help them in any way you can. Killing yourself would only harm more people, and you'd be neglecting your duty to the people you victimized.

If you actually feel guilt and remorse, you'll start taking positive steps to help them. If all you feel is shame and an indulgent desire for self-flagellation, then you'll continue obsessing over the need to "punish" yourself, which is ultimately a form of narcissism too many people share.

The righteous seek to repair or limit the problems they have created. The morally decrepit use those problems as an excuse to create more. Suicide is just creating more, doubling-down on your original mistake.


Feds pls


I agree with this wizard.


why is this reddit normie piece of shit still not banned? fuckin mods are trash!


no matter what lies and propaganda bullshit you say i am immune to it.
fuck you. at least what comforts me is knowing you're gonna suffer long in this hell for your slave masters.


This thread is trash. OP just tell us what you did already for fucks sake and maybe we can work something out.


There is no way in hell I believe you'll kill yourself out of remorse. That only happens in movies. Stop pretending.


am i schizophrenic or did we have this exact same thread a year ago? the first reply is also the same.


Useless boomer tier advice, the economy isnt booming anymore like 1979 when you graduated and met your wife, moreover we are about to enter a recession.
Killing yourself over economic failure is completely legitemate.


I don't really have any loved ones, but if someone I knew committed suicide I would be interested to know why, simply because suicide is something interesting and out of the norm. If something interesting happens, people naturally want to know details.

With that said, I think guilt over some scam or something doesn't seem like a very good reason for suicide. I wouldn't judge you for doing something unethical, but I would judge you for killing yourself for such a reason.


No, it would not give any comfort.

There is nothing they can say in a letter that could avoid the pain and chaos they would leave for me.


I havent come to wizchan for like a year. My first impression is 'wtf all the same threads are still repeating'


Suicide is definitely the answer to certain circumstances. Why do you normgroids never comment on the videos of the twin towers about how the people who jumped were cowards or losers who should have stayed alive because "suicide isn't the easy way out - for anyone".


This. Also, people don't have suicidal thoughts out of the blue, there are reasons for it. But to even consider that people who have suicidal thoughts have reasons to actually do the thing is too much to normalfags. It disrupts their teletubbieland fantasy world of beauty and optimism, where everyone can and should get better.


Wizchan is depth-first as opposed to breadth-first.


The suicide note is their choice. I will not lose sleep if they want me to know or not. It's not my life. I am generally against strong sad or pitiful emotions anyways. I assume men do not want to be pitied but can still express sadness. That picture disgusts me. It reeks of self pity and feels emotional manipulation. It's the opposite of a goodbye. It's like a young succubus made the note. This note was made by a man who killed 8 people. I do now think it's emotional manipulation.


"I dont blame one of you for disowning me, I just cant be a burden to you and my friends any longer"
The rest you cant even read, and they say my handwriting is bad. You are right, obvious emotional terror by some low functioning antisocial moron who his family and "friends" are better of without.
A mans suicide note should be short and on point, giving a clear explaination of why he did it if there is no obvious reason like illness or debts, so his close ones get some closure and arent left in the dark to ask themselves why over and over again. However, you could also argue that a man doesnt kill himself over abstruse emotions.


First worlders thinking them getting 10% poorer is the end of the world and they might as well off themselves. Oh i can't tolerate this existence anymore, i have food and shelter but i can't buy the new whateverthefuckconsumerismmademethinkisimportantname thing, better to die than to live in this hell!



i'd like them to at least make it readable retard


Get lost turd worlder, you scum are as insufferable as normalfags.


He was some edgy 4channer that shot up a mall, what a piece of shit.


> separating from his girlfriend two weeks prior to the incident because he cheated on her.[19][28]


volcel breaks up with witchie

very wizzy wizzard wzardo wizardly

witchy witchies BTFO


>the virgin suicide with explanation note for closure
>the chad surprise suicide out of the blue with no apparent cause or reason


Loving someone would imply respecting him, for himself, as opposed to what value he has to others. If my child dies, the first thing I should know is that he or she owed me nothing. Neither does the universe owe me anything.
It's beyond my grasp how people manage to be surprised when someone dies. Don't they know that all people have a certain chance of dying every given day and night? If you decide to have a child, you take the risk of the child dying before birth, as a baby, as a one-year-old, and so on. My understanding of normie emotion is too poor to make much sense of this.
>If you lost a loved one to suicide, would you want to know why they did it?
Yes, i would because loving someone should imply an interest in the emotions of the other.
A suicide note shouldn't apologize to the same society that wants to lock you up for claiming ownership of your own life and - if given the chance - would interrupt your suicide attempt in order to force you to live with severe mental disability for the next 50 years. I wouldn't want to express feelings of superiority toward my grievers either. A suicide note is an unfair means of communication, because it prohibits response; people will find a way to get hurt no matter what you say. Probably best to tread with caution and keep it unemotional.
You might feel the urge to make a final act of subordination in an attempt to gain approval ("You are so right; I shouldn't be this selfish; I'm sorry I've always failed your expectations; etc."), or in the opposite the urge to rub it in for your family. I'd imagine both of these approaches won't make for a very satisfying note in the long run, and if you don't make the note for others but for your own pleasure instead, it would be an abusive form of communication.
Would it give you some comfort in knowing a piece of shit has lost his life?
Your parents will continue to feel love for you (regardless of what deficits as parents they may have) and will experience great sorrow over your death (99% of parents at least will). If you could make them hate you, I'm not sure that would be the better scenario for their mental health either.


You either do it or you don't.
Writing a note seems like not being fully committed to oblivion - if I'm in a state of mind for making teary notes, I'm not fully dead inside yet.


This. To me suicide notes represent one desperate attempt at relevancy through hysterophemy. It's the narcissists way out mostly. They represent one's deep desire to leave a mark on the world, to make a sound, anything to keep them in peoples minds for a little longer. Because they dread oblivion, and the thought of slipping away silently as if they never even existed fills them with horror. They might have been driven to death, but death is not what they want, and the suicide note is a means to trick their brains into believing that it's not all over.


Well put and an interesting take on it. While I beleive you very well may have a good point I think this also stems from the human inability to emotionally comprehend non-existance. I brought this up in the suicide general but the jist of it is I realized I would not want to die without logging out of my computer. I wouldnt wish to die naked.
I can completely logically realize that in the end it truly does not matter. From my perspective the world will end never to reappear again the moment I pull the trigger. An eternity of nothingness; 2 things humans tend to have a hard time understanding combined. I can observe this logical fallacy in myself yet still I can not help but feel that way. It's fashinating and I can not think of anything else that can compare in it's logical absurdity in my mind. It's something that really reminds me of my humanity, I guess.
The same way I don't wish to die with embarasing things playing on my computer they probably don't wish to die without adressing something in the letter. Though I would guess they havent pondered as much about it as I have so your theory may be more influencial. The absolute finality and the total indifference to everything around it faschinates and always has.


I'm probably going to KMS after both my parents die, I don't give a shit about the rest of the family so I won't hurt anyone so I don't have to make a suicide note.

That's the top tier option.


No. The top tier solution is living a good life away from mental illness and prospering without ever resorting to ending your own life.


File: 1620362539824.jpg (941.89 KB, 999x3158, 999:3158, suicide note condensed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Mitchell Heisman's suicide note is loaded with red pills


looks more like schizophrenia/information overload


That's 98% of muh reppils


The few people who would care already know why

What could I even say to them? The fact that I killed myself says enough on its own


"To my parents and sisters. You guys are alright. Thanks for putting up with me until now. Some people are just fucked. Goodbye."
I dunno what else to write. Theres nothing else to say.


Says someone who posts here. What a retarded statement.



Panhistoricism is cool, this is more interesting than I expected


>Too many words I give up


Look at all these fucking freaks who are unable to look beyond their stillborn ideologies and give that guy's work a chance. This shit bums me out so bad. Too enlightened for his contemporaries. I'm absolutely going to check out the full version now, thank you for pointing me out to this.



No, too many disparate connections between subjects which schizophrenics are typically obsessed with.

Schopenhauer managed to write a beautifully coherent, systematic philosophy which explains why life is suffering without jumping around incoherently - and he died peacefully on his couch of old age.



The stuff worth reading here has nothing to do with an individual's world view or the meaning of life, though. Are you sure you aren't making assumptions based on context? Even if he might go off the deep end from time to time, the continuity he traces between the foundational cultures of the western world is still solid enough for me to take his perspective seriously. Faggot!


Redditors are unironically subhumans. They go ad hominem at first sight. Calling out the author's insecurity which is just disgusting talking like this over a dead man. They don't know about that and it really is no matter of discussion. They're the equivalent of an underage 4channer spouting single word accusations like 'schizo' and 'cope' to everything they don't comprehend or are too lazy to research except they hide behind empty long winded rhetorics.


The average IQ of a redditard is in the double digits, so that's not too surprising.


The wizard suicide with psychic runes drawn into his body with sharpie


how deep does it go?

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