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i daydream for hours every day and get wrapped up in outlandish fantasies that could never possibly occur in real life. like sometimes i imagine i win the lottery twice in a row and become some rich bigshot or sometimes i imagine i find a genie that grants me 3 wishes, or sometimes i imagine i get weird powers and can just fuck around and have fun like life is a video game. and i can spend hours in these fantasies. i am seriously half expecting to just wake up one day and have one of them come true and then everything can just pop off.

there is some crazy catholic dude in the commieblocks next to me who thinks the pope got arrested and the combination of that and the capitol riot means christ is going to come back and he is telling everybody to get ready. and honestly i wish he would just come back and save us all. i wish he would of saved us 2000 years ago like he said he would. like imagine how nice it would be to be saved. it would be way better than to be stuck in the rat race


I dissociate pretty much all day


I spend a lot of time getting lost in various fantasies, I have a recurring fantasy where I have a group of friends that understand me and we go on adventures like in anime


In a way I admire lunatics like that catholic dude you mentioned. They might be wrong yet they have a conviction which they truly believe in beyond the normalfag way of life. Lunatics like that that are ready to die for their cause - as long as they only hurt themselves or bad people - are extremely based imho.


i always think about that scene in O brother where art thou where the guys get the sin washed away in the mire and they come out redeemed and are stoked about it. i wish i could say in the confidence of my faith that i am saved and be truly confident about the fate of my eternal soul

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