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How do you guys deal with the fact that suffering, evil, and hardship is rampant within the universe?

I've come into this crippling line of thinking where the universe is a form of hell and all living beings experience great amounts of suffering and there is nothing I can do to fix it.

I used to look at people who suffered more than me as people to compare to myself and feel better about myself, but now I just see them as beings within this universe that have been created to endure years of suffering that can never be fixed.

The scariest part of this line of thinking is that suicide will not help or fix this problem and that I may be and we all may be stuck in this long progression of suffering that we cannot ever escape, even through death.

What the fuck do I do? I'm so scared right now.


Why are you so worked up about it? Your revelation hasn't changed the world. The world is as it always was and will be. So there is suffering, and a lot of it. So what?


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Read these. Here are some articles you can read on S-risks and how to prevent them. If you have money to spare, consider donating to an organization like pic related to reduce the probability of extreme suffering being created in the far future.




>Methods which may reduce the probability of indefinite worse than death scenarios (in order of effectiveness):

>1. Suicide

>2. Working on AI safety

>3. Thinking of ways of reducing the probability

>Suicide, depending on your theory on personal identity, may make the probability 0. If you believe that there is no difference between copies of you then there may be a possibility of being resurrected in the future however. As we aren't certain about what happens to the observer after death, it is unknown whether death will make worse than death scenarios impossible. I believe there are many ways in which it could reduce the probability, but the key question is: could it increase the probability? An argument against suicide is that it is more likely that people who commit suicide will go to "hell" than those who don't. This is because an entity who creates hell has values which accept suffering, making life a positive concept which should not be discarded. On the other hand, an entity with values related to efilism/antinatalism (philosophies in which suicide is generally accepted) would not create a hell at all. Of course, this is all based on a lot of speculation.

>There is a risk that the suicide attempt will fail and leave you in a disabled state. This could make you more vulnerable when considering indefinite worse than death scenarios. However, I would argue against this disadvantage because the only potential way to evade an entity powerful enough to cause these scenarios would be suicide, which always has a risk of failing.


Hopefully this reality is all just a simulation and almost everyone else besides me are all non-sentient NPCs. The universe is evil, but it isn't as evil if it's just me suffering instead of everyone suffering.


You give yourself the power to be your own moral agent in the world. Or you defer all your troubles, your beliefs, your ambition, to the law, the courts, the masses, mobs. There's only one rule in this universe: greater forces overpower weaker ones. Whether that is money, charisma, or weapons, makes no difference in the end.


You accept it and move on. When you want to reduce suffering think of what is in your power and what exceeds your abilities and resources. You're born into the universe without consent so you may profit from it wherever you can because everything is driven by egoism despite suffering and compassion.


who is the guy in your picture?>>234683
looks familiar


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Efilism is the final solution to the suffering problem


Adam Lanza


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unironically, lots of drugs (research before use and push for scripts if you can), escapist media, and going on nature hikes or anyplace you find tranquil and quiet.


Why else do you think so many people turn to religion? Religion offers an explanation that this life is a test and a reward of eternal paradise if you do well in this life. It's a very comforting thought, whether it's true or not, and helps many cope and get through the evils of this life.


>How do you guys deal with the fact that suffering, evil, and hardship is rampant within the universe?
>I used to look at people who suffered more than me as people to compare to myself and feel better about myself


I'm 23 years old and I'm not underage. I'm seeking insight because this line of thinking is making me complete insane and making me more depressed than any other point in my life.


All these replies yet you choose to answer the troll. Good work, OP.


To be created at all is to be used as a means to an end, since no creation can be FOR the being brought into existence. Every being suffers from the act of sin of its own creation.


People often think that if we do bad deeds in this world, we'll end up in hell. But we are living in hell(at least some of us) and I tend to see this life as a repentance sort of thing for some past significant mistake I did.

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