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I am a guy from a country with a stupid education system. I am currently doing an undergrad degree in a major I hate(don't ask why, the system here is fscked) and have tons of academic failures. I am somehow trying to pass slowly and clear my stuff. However my mental health problems and the fact that society treats us here worse than criminals makes it worse. Not to mention my seriously bad luck which has given me great pain in past and present. It's not that I hate studying. I love some stuff but not what I am being forced too. And especially with my mental issues, it is a torture. I almost feel like a sub human on most days.

Sorry for the rant guys, but an anonymous forum is one of the few places left for failures like me.


Does your school offer any mental help programs? Many do and it may help alleviate some of your stress.


From Eastern Europe too?


at least I am not the only one to walk this path


You cant simply say all of that and expect not to give an answer as to what major you're studying and why are you studying something you hate.
Do explain yourself so we can reach an understanding.


no they don't


I went to a really shitty college that is only one level above forging your degree. I don't listen in class and my assignments is just copy pasted from google's first results yet they still give me decent grades. If you aren't driven you'll just end up in some office or blue collar jobs where you won't use what you've studied so why bother? I've actually been in a competitive uni before this and I dropped out because of stress. Best decision I've made. Fuck that place.


A 'counseling center', yes. It was of limited help though but still it is a step in the right direction.


South Asia. How is it in East Europe?


I am doing engineering in a branch which I hate. Reason, while choosing our branches we have to choose our majors without having any idea what they entail. For eg. Right after school, people choose Electrical engineering with specialization in Power simply because that is the system here.

Everyone wants to do computer science but since seats are limited, people 'compromise' and choose bad branches in good colleges in hopes of pivoting later and securing a job. Nearly TEN THOUSAND STUDENTS commit suicide here per year.


Irony is my college is one of the best here. Which means that passing in subjects require extra work and copy pasting doesn't work. I know jack shit about my degree and it is worthless to me but i still have to complete it. Looking back, I find it uniquely funny that once I dreamed being in this place (college) and now it's a hell I can't get out of.

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