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today I turned 30 and became officially a wizard.
I'm proud of this achievement.


congratulations wiz

Should there be a thread for 30th birthdays? I know these post bother people.


Congratulations, wiz.




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Thank you wizfriends.
I didnt know in what other thread to post this but a 30th Birthday wizzie thread seems like a good idea. maybe this thread could be this. so anyone who had or has his 30th bday coming up is free to post here and share their experiences how it went etc.

besides my wizzie achievment its not a happy birthday for me tho, I aged horribly compared to when I turned 20 and I'm very tired, developed some health problems I didnt have before but at least I can NEET now.
my grandpa also died 3 days ago overshadowing my birthday. he was a good guy that never annoyed me with normalfag shit so I feel bad hes gone in such a shitty way (croaked in the hospital at 92).


What's your long-term plan? Are you on bux? I'm in my mid thirties and plan to NEET until the bitter end, at any cost.


happy first wiz day, from now on, this will be your wiz day for you became a wizard on this day. Wish you good health and low neuroticism.


>What's your long-term plan?
I dont have one, I just live into the day and go the way of least resistance. just keep myself busy reading stuff, watching shows and movies and playing videogames.
>Are you on bux?
no I currently leech from my parents
>until the bitter end, at any cost.
wagecucked shitty jobs when I was younger, like warehouse work and hauling furniture.
never again.
I figure I might manage to live another 10 years relatively comfy as a NEET but after that its going to be much harder and the suicide question will come up again.

thanks friend
good health and some luck is what I need, I just hope I can live another couple years in peace like I did the last 4.


Being a wizard isn't as cool as it was in the 00s. Somehow they ruined it.


the cut-off point for wizardry was 2020, you barely made it…now it's up to you to inform the next generation they are not wizards


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Only a few months for me. It's funny how spending time here makes you value becoming a true wizzie with no real reason for it. I'm looking forward to it. Good job wizzy.


Congrats, you've made it.


Hooray for you pal. I’m 4 months away just about


What is the purpose of that webm? Is it to inspire me to bash in the succubus' head? Or to genocide cicadas? Maybe both.


Congrats, wiz

One year away from wizdom myself.

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