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>applies for jobs left and right
>nobody hires him because he's a sperg with no social skills, college degree or work experience, and disabled enough that he can't do anything physical like slave away inside a warehouse
>lives on autismbux but unsure if he will keep getting it due to the fact that the government tries to kick mentally ill people off it all the time
>everything he does to improve his own precarious situation fails because he's so retarded that he can't do anything right even if his life literally depended on it
>lives in constant fear of homelessness and death from either starvation or exposure to the elements
>is looked down upon and treated like trash for being introverted and autistic


Sorry bro all I can hope for you is that your able to leave this site one day and all of 4chan. City life fucking blows sometimes especially when your food security is only ensured if your boss pays you


a few ideas
> save enough money to start investing. believe it or not crazy times like this are good times to invest. this is how the robber barons of old made of their riches. during economic turmoil. this is the most risky option you probably have but has the most return if you get it right. forget bitcoin except as a side investment. your main investing should be in key industries that are likely to succeed in the post-covid economy because this shit is going nowhere
>save enough money to buy small piece of property and animals that you can sell and eat yourself
>save enough money to "retire" somewhere in the third world

if you really research these ideas they really arent too far out of reach if willing to make sacrifices and you have some income.



Start studying crypto


Also start lying on your resume


You know this isn't 4chan, right?

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