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I started off with delusionally high self-worth, but over the years getting smacked down by reality eventually gave me self-awareness at all the things I suck at.

But one of the last things for me to admit is I'm boring, dull, a drag. I guess I don't feel boring, since all the stuff I'm interested in, is interesting to me. So subjectively I'm interested in the most interesting things in the world. But I have to step back and try to be objective. And think what it would be like to listen to someone talk about their fascination with snails or their stamp collection.

I have so many flaws, but one of the simplest yet most important is I'm boring. I drone on and on about shit no one cares about. If its not aspie esoterica then its self-pitying moping like I'm doing right now. I'm not interesting, fun or funny although I used to think I was.


Why do you give a shit at all what anyone else thinks about you? I have a delusional sense of self worth and I’m completely impervious to criticism because gaining the approval of other people is something I almost deliberately sabotage for kicks


OP is experiencing one of the early thoughts when one disconnects from society. He desires to be interesting and unique, to validate his existence because he receives no validation elsewhere. What he is realizing is he is not getting said validation from himself and so is disappointed in himself. He must realize that no one is actually interesting, he only needs to interest himself, which he already does.


I guess when you put it that way its all subjective, and based on demand.

If you aspie monologue about a topic a certain % of normies is interested in, that's slightly less boring than droning on about a topic no one else cares about.

Of course personality certainly plays its role. A more popular topic like sports, entertainment, current events can still be made boring by a stiff

So I guess its a combination of personality and topics


everybody is equally boring, the same as you. they just hide it better. being "interesting" is just one big charade where you pretend you arent boring and make other people feel good about themselves and forget how boring everything is. thats why people have to "get real" when they need to communicate seriously, to show they are getting out of character to convey something serious. if you are serious all the time then you are boring.


I think boring and interesting aren't qualities people are. I think most people are interesting if you talk to them for a little bit. Whether they're boring or not is a matter of perspective of the observer. Most people walk differently, have little different mannerisms that when observed over time are curious. I've always found an attitude of boringness to be defeatist. I think people worthy of disgust are those who call others disgusting. I think people worthy of the label boring are those who call others boring. You can be genuine more of the time without being necessarily serious. We're all computers - in that sense maybe we're all boring. But we all have slightly different operating systems and inputs. If you go into it treating everyone like they're a stereotype, that's all they ever will be in your head. I'm kind of interested in the person they're trying to make you think they are, and what they are trying to hide about their personality by making you think that.

I have autistic hobbies but I communicate them in a way that's passionate and can make normalfags interested in them at times. Obviously I'm not just talking about anime tiddies, but I have a few other passions.

I don't interact with a lot of people though so maybe that's why I don't find them as boring. Maybe if I interacted with tons of people and talked to them all the time I would find them more boring.


>no one is actually interesting

I object. I like to intensely study the people around me whenever I get the chance to. Sometimes I visit someone at their work place and I take it all in and contemplate it a great deal. Other times I study the people on the streets, on the buses, etc. from all walks of life. When I get to visit a home with a family, everything about the family is interesting to me. When people talk to me I think it's god talking to me and giving me a message. I feel like every moment of every day is an opportunity for growth and I'm constantly analyzing and connecting everything as I try to understand the human condition and the secrets of the mind and the cosmos all at once.


Boringness is not a quality inherent in any thing. Is a rock innately boring? No. For the geologist it is a subject of great interest, for the artist it can be too, for all kinds of people it can be. But for the person whose values and concerns are entirely focused elsewhere, it doesn't even register in their consciousness, and they walk by the rock without even noticing it. It's like when you walk out of a room do you remember what color the walls were, or what materials they were built out of, or how the floor was laid, or the electrical done? You do remember if these are your hobby or job but other people will just remember the people in the room and what was said or another person will only remember what he was thinking at the time and nothing about the room and the people in it. So anyone can be interesting to someone, it all just depends on who they come into contact with. A police officer might be interested in you because he suspects you're in distress, or that you're a criminal up to no good, or any number of reasons. So some interest you get from others is positive and some interest is negative; but it's very improbable that anyone is completely invisible to everyone around them and if they are that way it's not likely their fault but they just live in a place where people are self-absorbed and so do not take an interest in other people around them.


It's all in your mind though. None of those persons, stories or things are interesting by themselves. They are just interesting to you. Which is fine everyone should have some interests but everyone has different interests.


It's all in your mind though. None of those persons, stories or things are interesting by themselves. They are just interesting to you. Which is fine everyone should have some interests but everyone has different interests.


Everything is all in your mind baby. From beginning to end.


What you write is BS. You try to outwit yourself of something you cannot outwit yourself out of, yet another nerd who lost its home.

Have confidence in your interests and find the right environment to express it in…


You are like so many others, looking for his own self-realization where they'd like it to be instead of where it is.

Get "being fun" off your head. Try different.


Nothing wrong with being boring, I'd rather be boring than obnoxious.

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