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File: 1611169290995.jpg (21.73 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 7bfd85055e141887a4bbeaf860….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


So an incident in my life has lead me to become deeply introspective of myself and one thing that I've realized is that I'm dumb as hell. Like, my intelligence is so minuscule that I won't ever master any kind of skill, whether that is mastering a game like Age of Empires 2 or learning and mastering coding languages. My memory and critical thinking skills are just too below the normal to even become decent at these things and there is nothing I can do to fix this, so the only thing left to do is to cope.

How do you learn to accept this very grim reality? Best copes for low intelligence? I've lost all hope and I'm ready to ball my eyes out.


thinking you are low iq when you can form coherent sentences is a cope

go to a low class neighborhood in your area or take public transport and you'll feel like a genius


Writing a couple sentences doesn't qualify me for genius status, nor does it mean my memory isn't dog shit.


it's a self-defeatist cope
>im low iq so it makes sense why im a failure
you aren't, you just need a wake-up call
i've worked with people who can't even spell their own name, read, or write more than two letters and they had jobs, families, and lived a "happy" life where they thought they are succesfull
THATS actual low iq not some bored midwit whining he isn't rich or smart


Intelligence itself as a concept is a big cope. The reality is that we're all "dumb" and there's no human on earth that doesn't stumble and fail terribly at any number of tasks. Skills across fields rarely generalize and you have so-called experts in their respective fields having very little "critical thinking" skills when it comes to anything outside of it, or even outside of the accepted status quo.

To believe that there is this magical quantity like intelligence that makes it easy to deal with life is just one big fantasy. In reality, what makes you good at AoE or programming is a combination of favorable environmental and psychological factors that isn't easily quantified (no, IQ doesn't even come close). Believing something abstract like intelligence is holding you back is in itself a factor since it determines if you will expend energy into getting better at a skill. A guy like OP breaks down after some amount of failed attempts because the key question in his mind is "Am I smart enough?" and failure at a given task triggers negative emotions. Instead of breaking down a skill into subskills, each of which has any number of possible trainings and ways of improvement, he reduces the entire thing to something abstract like intelligence which has no clear or obvious way to be improved except memes like placebo performance enhancing drugs (that often work through subtle psychological factors rather than anything actually biological).

Consider the so-called "growth mindset" which has been shown to increase performance compared to a group with a "fixed mindset". It doesn't matter if someone's judgment of their own performance is false, simply believing that you can improve your performance at a skill like math is one psychological factor that results in higher performance. The more you look into people like OP, the more you realize that what holds them back is often emotional problems rather than any actual intellectual disability. They will often deny it but it's fairly clear from their behavior that they are compelled towards these limiting beliefs because they serve as convenient excuses to avoid the things they fear and find emotionally difficult - like failing, uncertainty over one's status and capabilities compared to other people, being outed as a "fraud", being put into a situation they can't handle and so on.


File: 1611178355663.gif (380.95 KB, 150x150, 1:1, giphy.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Armchair psychologists are hilarious.

They think the know a guy better than himself over a couple sentences on an obscure imageboard.

Absolutely stunning


If someone is intelligent enough to be self aware and post here, they probably aren't as dumb as op thinks he is. And shit like learning languages and skills hardly even have to do with intellect.


low iq are dumb and happy doing daily tasks
they have no time for self-awareness, depression, or introspection
you're most likely cursed with being average and boring which makes you think you're low iq


There's more evidence in OP's post that he's an emotional mess than actually intellectually disabled. I doubt he's making his assertions based on actual evidence instead of emotional reasoning and not being successful at some task for which it is naïve to believe intelligence is enough.

There's another thread with these dumdums and it's full of people making eloquent, well-reasoned essays on how stupid they are which is quite amusing. It's like they believe they need to be rainman to be above average which just speaks to their naivety and low social awareness, rather than any actual intellectual disability.


A bit harsh, but correct

The person OP or anyone relating to OP should be listening to. Honestly 5 star post. Anyone should be so thankful with a response to their problems this considerate and thought out. Thanks for the knowledge, wiz.




There isn't really a cope for having low IQ. Your best bet is to suck it up and come to terms with the reality of your ineptitude and try to get them gibs if you can.
This is coming from someone who is also really dumb and unable to drive a car, cook food, find a job, learn a new skill, or even hold a conversation with other people for more than five seconds.


Sounded like a good post, written by a professional in the field of self-improvement and psychology, but OP, don't hear what he says, we are both incredibly dumb, and the only intelligent thing we did is realizing how dumb we are VS many people we might know in our environments and we both feel jealous because they are far superior than both of us in terms of intelligence. I know what it feels, I tried mathematics, physics, computer science, cryptography, competitive programming, I tried music, singing, painting, problem solving, I even tried taekwondo as a sport, when I was having my taekwondo lessons, all my mates finally got ranked high and most of them reached the red belt (which comes just before the black) while I was still with the green one(white,yellow 1,yellow 2,yellow 3,green 1,…..,green 4,blue1,blue 2,….blue 4,red1…..red6 ans so on) so as you can see there was a large gap, I was always the weak one who can't kick the bag strong enough, I tried singing, I had many Trainings, I trained for hours and yet my voice was still so bad, I tried playing piano but my mind was again, dumber than being able to synchronize my hands, and I couldn't learn it at all, I even got into chess, in fact I was since the age of 6,but I got into professional playing since 4 years, and during these 4 years, I never surpassed the 1500 elo rating. I got a friend who has reached 2500 elo in codeforces (a site for competitive programming) but my elo is just 1400, even though we started in the same time, this feeling of being incredibly stupid is real, it is not just an illusion, I won't even talk with my experience with mathematics which is incredibly depressing, same with problem solving. I realized that I was dumber than all the recorded cases ever, and at some point I got to stop. If you feel you should stop, just do it, at least you will feel less pressure, even though it is just temporal and you will start blaming yourself for doing nothing, whenever I think about such a thing, I always say to myself, you are even dumb to be able to improve yourself, it is all screwed and the only thing left to do, is to literally ignore everything and count your days…


For singing I trained for years , literally from 2018-2019/2020, I meant to say for years, but I am so dumb and I wrote hours, because again I am dumb


File: 1611251647606.png (140.09 KB, 354x378, 59:63, 1608577796373.png) ImgOps iqdb

Here's the thing: I'm not denying that you have failed or that you will continue to fail. All I'm saying is, it's not about something abstract and undefinable like /intelligence/ but a myriad of complex factors both environmental and psychological, that aren't easily quantifiable or even obvious.

You are not intellectually disabled, even if you're relatively unsuccessful at many things. The world is simply more complicated than a single abstract quantity being a complete life determinant. What does it take to get good at singing, programming, taekwondo etc. ? Training and learning in general is just a heuristic, some kind of probability that certain kinds of repetitions, reflections and examinations lead to insight and improve your performance. Whether someone experiences an a-ha moment and takes their skill to the next level is dependent on their previous learning history, whether the right connections get made, and you simply cannot compare two people's progress easily, even if you can quantify something like the amount of kicks performed because each kick was a different, unique experience. Instead of thinking that each kick somehow brings you to a higher level, try to think of each kick as a failed attempt by the person to figure out a solution to a particular problem through which a higher understanding is born. Skill progression is almost never linear, it's rather a continual staircase of plateaus and people can often get stuck on a certain level, even if initially they are talented and ahead of others.

The reason why I say "intelligence" is a cope, is because you're reducing all that complexity to a single variable, that you cannot even quantify or define. The world then seems much simpler: you failed because you lacked this magic thing and most importantly, there is nothing to be done. Why spend time trying to figure things out and gain a deeper understanding of a certain skill, when you can whine about being stuck or falling behind your peers because you were born with a lack of magical brain power thingy?

"Hey, if I'm not stupid, how come I failed at all these things, eh?" Figure it out, there's no easy answers like "intelligence". The difference between you and someone that succeeds is not talent or effort, but rather an actual understanding of why they were failing when they were. You are satisfied with "stupidity" as the answer for your failings. They ask themselves, why couldn't I block that move? Was I out of position? Was my stance wrong? Was I not paying enough attention? Was I watching my opponents arms instead of their feet? Figure out why you fail and fix it.

"Intelligence" is such a vague and useless concept, and I can guarantee that your estimation of your current capabilities is in no way objective, but rather just an emotionally biased perception of your own intellectual confidence - whether you can reasonably get away with calling yourself smart and whether others would describe you as such. Pseudo-scientific measurements like IQ are severely flawed from a statistical perspective and offer almost no predictive value except for extreme unintelligence, correlation being strongest for low IQ while anything above a 100 is fuzzier than random noise.

Long story short, the reasons why you fail are more complicated than lack of intelligence. Getting better at anything is rarely a linear journey from point A to B, but often a series of plateaus that last as long as they need to and always require gaining a deeper understanding of a problem. Training is a heuristic for finding a solution, not THE solution itself. If you fail to make progress after training for a long time, you don't put more effort into bashing your head against the wall, you change what you do.


>iq is pseudoscience

Low iq or optimistic normalfag.


What exactly was optimistic about that post? I pretty much said that you will fail no matter what because the world is more complicated than "intelligence". There's nothing more "optimistic" than believing a single measurement can determine your entire life.

IQ has very little predictive value and having a score above 85 just means you aren't intellectually disabled. You can take a look at the previous "low IQ" thread and see how many people got above average despite being unsuccessful at most things (their cognitive dissonance at that point was hilarious). It really doesn't mean shit and this is coming from someone that can consistently score in 99th percentile on most of these tests. You could probably get similar predictive value from something like Candy Crush, since an extremely low score means you're probably mentally disabled, but anything above a certain point is just how good you are at the game which naturally varies from person to person and you can quickly deduce has nothing to do with real world performance across various skills.

IQ has some correlation with certain kinds of "success" i.e. academic and job salary, but those can be explained very easily by the nature of the test itself. IQ tests usually contain abstract type problems that are mostly familiar to people that are more academically minded and white collar jobs pay more on average, so the correlation is simply the result of the kind of people IQ tests actually selects for - braindead NPCs that are good at following orders. The kind of people that would boast about their "high IQ" are the kind of people with no real world accomplishments. I can't imagine anything more cringy than being a MENSA member, since it basically shows you were vain enough to go get tested to get a feel good certificate to prove to yourself or other people that you are "intelligent" despite your lack of achievements.


how did you learn to become to introperspective?
I wish I could do that.
Currently I just feel like the shell of a person and don't know what is wrong with me


look into schizo copes.
to put it mildly i genuinely believe im the only sentient human form on the planet (my soul isn't human.)
i only interact with you satan golems because it helps to pass the time. i view people as furniture that walks around and annoys me.


you don't need to be much of a smarty pants to do that, the fuck is your point


you expect me to read all that shit by you asshole?
Who the fuck do you think you are, you better get to the point lightning fast and stop masturbating your neurons


TL;DR - Intelligence is vague and meaningless concept.

You failed to read my post and understand it because of a myriad of factors that could be known and amended by you if only you didn't reduce your failure to an abstract meaningless concept. In this case, your moronic attitude is a learned behavior that currently affords you more emotional satisfaction than delving into seemingly intellectually difficult material. Stupidity is not merely a lack of intellectual tools like "critical thinking" or "memory". Rather, it is a lack of attunement with the world, a fundamental misuse of tools. With such a definition, one can imagine even the most gifted of people acting in any manner of stupid ways, for even the best hammer doesn't stop you from smashing your fingers.

Now consider your post, is it a lack of intelligence that caused you to fail? No, you are perfectly capable of reading it and understanding it, yet you misuse your intellectual tools and settle on an alternative end, LARPing as a braindead moron because it's amusing to you. One could gift you Einstein's brain and you would still act in the same way, only perhaps doing arithmetic a bit faster and being able to remember that porn video's name you fapped to months ago.



>Mud is dirty, my pool is so muddy.

Don't stop swimming. Not that you had to go anywhere, but merely erosioning shame and fear meanwhile.

"Have it like you mean it while you don't really much".


File: 1611500505359.png (1.44 MB, 1410x2000, 141:200, byak_tiger.png) ImgOps iqdb

>The kind of people that would boast about their "high IQ" are the kind of people with no real world accomplishments. I can't imagine anything more cringy than being a MENSA member, since it basically shows you were vain enough to go get tested to get a feel good certificate to prove to yourself or other people that you are "intelligent" despite your lack of achievements.
Another form of vanity is to boast about achievement. Particularly when those achievements, like you say, are already circumscribed within and institutionalized towards that end, e.g. tests, education, or employment.



This is what a real cope post reads like.

>You didn't work hard to write that novel you just had privilege

>You didn't run that marathon, you just had a sports coach
>You didn't work hard to provide for your sick mother, you just follow what the guy before you did
Achievement is achievement. Being a failure and trying to drag others down to your level when they're clearly above you is abhorrent. Crabs in a bucket who will call everyone else crabs because they have a job or a hobby.

You write too well to be as dumb as you think you are. You might not be the smartest guy but you're not useless either. Use what you have and accept that's where you are in the world. It's like having a small dick, you're going to fap either way so get used to it and make the most of it.


I can relate to your self-reflective thinking, even though I don't agree that either of us are "dumb".

I think its not really a question of intelligence but rather other factors such as attention-span and mental health.

I think most people who would describe their situation similar to yours are not actually dumb but not able to pay attention to things in order to learn them, they would have the intelligence to grasp the concepts but they are not able to focus for the required amount of time to actually learn a skill, mental health issues can also further decrease your ability to learn skills.

Apparently you are able to self-reflect and write down a definition of it, that for example is a skill you learned because you were able to focus on it for some time and there are a big amount of people who can't grasp the concept of self-reflection or writing down more than two sentences about a topic like that.

The sad truth however is that even though we're not necessarily dumb the result is basically the same because something prevents us from learning skills as we should to proceed in life.


You are not getting abstract enough. Those achievements are all dependent on chance and various physical contingencies. It seems as if the free will debate will never be solved, however we can still acknowledge some facts:

The high heritability of intelligence (.80, you can quibble but this means we only have ~20% power over the outcome of a person's IQ via environmental intervention) means a critical factor which determines your future income is out of your hands to a very large extent. The best professions are IQ gated, so many people are consigned to low status - which usually means less happiness - by birthright.

The same for attractiveness, another massively important biological trait. Not just for sex, but being treated better in general - easier to get promoted, people are more pleasant in daily life, etc. This is also largely out of one's control.

Thinking about the fact that gifts which cannot be said to be freely chosen are required for positive outcomes, while also keeping in mind that all benefits are subject to decay like all other bits of organized phenomena in space/time, is what inspires calling the celebration of humanity's "achievements" vain.
Sure, they were earned through grit, determination, sacrifice, inurement to pain, cleverness, intelligence and stamina, but this is viewing the whole process through only one vector. Most people do this because it is painful to realize how "un-self caused" we all are, and also because society runs "better" with hierarchy. But it's dishonest/ignorant to not acknowledge the inherent absurdity of the process through which human accomplishment and high rank are brought about, in the context of how we half mindedly celebrate it, and in light of the constraints and prerequisites for various outcomes to occur in our universe.


Great post.


More bullshit and cope.

If there's a next life be born on a lifeless rock in space. It's more abstract


wizchan 2021


I'm not specifically dumb, I have an academic degree for what it's worth (nothing). But I'm an alien to normal daily life. I forget everything whenever I leave the house, I'm clumsy as hell, I don't know how to behave when people are around, anything practical is like magic to me. People need to tell me stuff 3 times before I get it. It's awful.


You should take care of yourself and avoid reading such posts - big chance your head will fucking explode.

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