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wasting time, watching the clock edition

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Was happily neeting for over a year until I had to accept some low-skill job from my jobcenter.
So another guy also started there with me, and it only took him a few days do remind me how much ugly people can be, especially in a work society.

Making private phonecalls during training, Complaining repeatedly about how he has nothing to do to me, how much the dude who got him this position sucks, showing off succubus-porn on his phone few times a day, calling his son a nerd, then he sucks up to people constantly who he heard will help him get up the ladder, or going out of his way to tell superiors how motivated he is and that he wants to work. If it's actually about learning or doing his job he doesn't look like he has a clue, still I bet that they will get rid of me first because I don't suck up to others and keep to myself.

As long as he didn't talk to me I didn't care, but then i made the mistake of going through my music on the phone scrolling through anime-looking-album covers without noticing him creeping up from behind and him asking if I like anime porn in front of everyone and telling me that I shouldn't take such a joke so seriously.

Going back neeting will be nice for now, but it has me wondering that in my experience the older I get, the stranger people become in low-entry job-positions and I start to think about how life will only get worse being the punchbag partly because I have no drive to get anything done.


Wait, you're still working there?

I would have quit after 1 day like I have every shitty job I had until I get a decent job.


What the fuck am I supposed to do when they won't give me anything to do? I just sit in my computer browsing this and other sites, if I get fired, too bad.


File: 1613772040290.gif (1.64 MB, 540x300, 9:5, source.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>day shifts in my department start at various times, with the earliest being 5am or 6am (again, depending on what part of the dept they are in)
>i usually work 9pm to 6am
>as per the quoted post, i changed to days this week
>most of my shifts start 6am
>understandably, i am both jetlagged and im not sleeping well (due to being used to day sleeping)
>go in to work Tuesday morning like the good little drone i pretend to be
>roastie coworker comes in a little after
>she starts complaining about how shitty her work schedule is (she consistently gets early shifts, so she should be used to it, even if it sucks), problems with her boyfriend (ironic, given i'm a virgin who hasn't been in a relationship in my life), etc.
>and again every day since
>wanted to tell her to fuck off after reiterating my situation, but i don't want it to backfire somehow
It's hilariously frustrating


Kinda fucked things up at a new job, after switching as I needed some change desperately, will probably have to quit. It's kinda complex and I don't have the willpower the describe it, but really not looking forward to having to interview again. Having to basically LARP as an eager employee with passion in order to even be considered, while the company is also lying and being vague about crucial details is just a fucking circus.

I hate everything about getting and holding a job so much, but it's still preferable to being homeless. The only really good thing that comes out of it is being able to afford to live alone with no one disturbing you, but the energy and time costs of an average job just suck the joy out of everything else.

It's weird seeing colleagues who are genuinely emotionally invested in their work and then still have active hobbies, families, and are actively learning job-related things on top of that in their own free time. I feel like a completely different species honestly.


Back to nights tomorrow. Still dreading going back, but at least i can work without having to deal with people. Hope it lasts, as we're still short staffed in general, especially with two people off for medical reasons

This is what's keeping me from getting a new job. I want out of my current one, but I don't want to go through the whole song and dance surrounding job hunting.

Don't know what's worse - job hunting or "job doing"/the job itself


>It's weird seeing colleagues who are genuinely emotionally invested in their work and then still have active hobbies, families, and are actively learning job-related things on top of that in their own free time. I feel like a completely different species honestly.
I will never comprehend this. At least I know that I can relax alone when work is done, and still I have no energy. Imagine knowing that when you get home, you'll be greeted by a succubus and screaming children, but still having the energy to work productively and pursue hobbies (albeit bland ones - most of these guys in my office are into cycling or golf).


I absolutely despise these neoliberal two-faced bastard companies that center their whole identity around supposed "humanist centered workspace" yet when you actually go talk to them not only are they soulless automatons with fake smiles at everything but even when they don't hire you they try to keep you on the hook for months for some god forsaken reason, think "we may not be hiring now (despite bringing you to an interview and saying we would keep in contact) BUT MAYBE ONE DAY PERHAPS we will havbe an open position for you because we totally care about you and your lacking experience and dead end graduation!".
Maybe it's like this for an industry standard but it would make it even worse, wouldn't know since my only job was some worthless temporary cleaner/trashman bullshit and i'm currently unemployed.


I got my current job through a temp agency, so I never had to do an interview, I just put in an application and they called me a few days later and told me where to go. I worked as a temp for a few months and then got hired on permanently, and I've been there for several years now. I've also gotten some raises so it isn't all that bad, but I really hate it sometimes. When I think of leaving though I'm just filled with dread at having to actually find something else. It seems impossible to me. The few times in the past I interviewed for a job they didn't call me back, and I think if I had had to interview for this job I wouldn't have gotten it either.


(cont.) It's also ironic, I think. I have no doubt I would have failed the interview miserably, but since I was able to come in and actually demonstrate my ability, I've been able to succeed there. And I make more money than lots of other people on my shift, including people that have been there for years longer than me. The whole interview system that's set up now is a joke and probably causes companies to miss out on lots of good talent. I feel like the primary job of HR succubi is find any way they can to run companies into the ground.


Ships still most certainly rely on lighthouses and especially lighted buoys. You'd hear about collisions and especially grounding more often.
t. Merchant mariner


Interviews are such a total sham really. I just pretend that they are LARPing like I said before, so I can get through the bullshit parts. It doesn't even feel like a real social interaction, more like a scripted play, or an NPC interaction in a video game, where everyone just says the lines that are expected of each side. I've had tons of interviews and every single one is the exact same on these stages. I pretty much just recite a well-rehearsed speech sprinkled with canned answers, it's a completely brainless farce.

But when they start to pressure me with technical questions and real time problem solving I completely fall apart, the only ones I can pass is where there is a take home assignment since I crumble under pressure and can't even think when people are looking at me with expectations.

I really can't recommend leaving if your current situation is tolerable, only take the chance if you can feel it slowly destroying you from within.


>t. Merchant mariner
How's your work, wiz? Sounds kinda wizardly. Does it get cramped in those ships?


It's only wizardly since I'm stuck with only males on board or below deck. Otherwise the crew mates are huge normalfags and talk about sex and their girlfriends all the time.


Generally every ship is different, it does get wizardly at times, but my last contract was basically being stuck on the ship for 6 months with 19.. well.. normalfags and crabs at that.
When you're being left alone it's alright, when you have to interact with people it's depressing.
I suppose truck driving is the more wizardly alternative, haven't tried it though.


What are my chances of getting a remote job? I don't have any particular skills, I know basic Java programming but I don't think I know enough to get into a project.

On the other hand I'm a quick learner eager to learn, if some idiot office drone can do something I think I can learn quickly enough to do it myself but I don't know how people gets those jobs.

So what are my chances? I don't mind starting from the bottom as long as it's remote.


Considering many offices are still doing things remotely due to corona, decently high.


But what office drones do? People keeps talking about office jobs but not about what they actually do, is just spreadsheets and word documents? do I need to know about sales or accounting or something?


I've never had an office job so I can't say for certain, but it seems like mostly just keeping track of documents and sending them off to the right people. Most office job openings I've seen simply experience with excel, which is easy.


File: 1614221226193.png (302.09 KB, 344x389, 344:389, 1611992480832.png) ImgOps iqdb

Work keeps unpublished schedules on an Excel spreadsheet. I sometimes check it, to make sure my schedule doesn't deviate from my normal nightshifts. My schedule is normal for next week, thankfully. However, my name is there for the week after without any shifts.

This means one of two things. First, I'm gone. Unlikely, as I haven't done anything to get fired. Plus we're short staffed.

Thus, the more likely option is that I'm back on days for that week. We're still down two people, and we're already short staffed. I hope not. If my boss asks if I want to work days, I'll decline. I do just as much work on nights, without the aggravation of dealing with coworkers. Definitely not worth having my sleep schedule switch back and forth between nights and days


I got an office assistant position at my community college through it's work study program. Most days I get paid to study. Sometimes my senile supervisor sends me tasks to do remotely. I literally get paid to fuck around if I want. I think I won, wizards.


>but I don't know how people gets those jobs
Honestly your best bet, unless you know someone, is learning a bit more about programming, if you know Java jumping into web development shouldn't be a big problem.


One day I'll quit my job and pursue alternative careers like day trading or art. If it doesn't work out I'll just kill myself. I swear I am not larping, I'll actually do it. One day. FUCK.


just watch out for some shebitch HR representative or a diversity hire eyeing your job. bullshit administrative jobs are hard to come by and are usually the first things to go through office nepotism.


Day labourers and people in heavy manual labour jobs are the ones underappreciated and underpaid, to an absurd degree. The law of supply and demand fucks out here too, because 80% of the working age population would be physically incapable of doing their job. It's absurd that it's minimum wage work.

A truism I've noticed is that the people that whine the most about their position are the ones that are actually comfortable with lots of benefits, and they cry and whine in order to cover for this. I find it absurd that high school teachers, that make a middle class wage with all the school holidays off, that recycle the same lesson plan year after year, can get away with marking every non-graded assessment with a "good job" sticker, can flat out talk about their personal lives for 50% of the lesson, cry and whinge about how hard they have it. All the while there's some poor sod shovelling two tons of dirt where a digger won't reach, or someone moving a ton of steel over the course of a day down five flights of stairs.

The general consensus is that they're uneducated, dumb or whatever and therefore deserve to make chump change for the shittest work, but the hidden fact is that most of society can't actually do what they do day in, day out without falling apart. While poor teachers and nurses are uwu perfect and so gifted and hence deserve more money.


You forget that there are categories of human beings who are basically born to be mules: they're dumb as rocks and have the genes for being able to handle a shitload of physical labor. These traits are not distributed equally, so what happens is the people who end up doing those jobs day in and day out are largely (genetically, through the environment, whatever) selected to be able to handle backbreaking labor - the kind that world ruin us - without much agony.

The people who can't handle it turn to crime, become homeless, or kill themselves. I feel worse for them, honestly. Natural selection has already made it so that things are not quite what they seem: the guy working at 3 AM on a road crew on the highway is probably doing just fine, despite the difficulty your average white collar worker would face trying (and forever failing, due to not having generations of ancestors who were specialized cement carrying animals) to adapt.

Seriously, go try to have a conversation with some of these poor laborers sometime. The last one I met, he was living happily in a broken down house, rented to him by a nigh deaf, dumb and blind elderly succubus, and he hunted and killed rabbits with his bare hands, enjoying the gruesomeness of savaging the poor animals. These people are not like us. Hurray, third world immigration!


How do I get a job? I'd be happy to wash dishes at this point. Nobody will hire me to do anything. Currently studying for a degree in computer science while dealing with suicidal ideation every day. Being unemployed is terrible.


I made the post after seeing people on facebook gush about how teachers are underappreciated, and also the nurse worship really grates me. Normies just don't see or appreciate what the people at the bottom do.

Note how in the third world it's not like this, people there rightly perceive how horrific labour jobs are and count their stars if they don't have to do it.


>I made the post after seeing people on facebook
How wizardly


My work contracts out their overnight cleaning to another company. One of the workers is a literal retard who has other physical health problems. His duties are literally "vacuum and throw out garbage."

Every night, he tries to get me to throw out the garbage for him. I can't do it, for a number of reasons. Primarily, it's not my job and I'm too busy with my own job to help. I tell him that, and that he should get his boss to help him out. He acts sooky about it, like I'm trying to slight him by not helping or whatever

While I feel sad, there's no way I'm doing work I'm not required or obligated to do. If he is unable to do his work, he shouldn't be there


Poor wizzie is a fucking retard but does not get bux.


>literal retard
Could you describe some of the things he does that makes you think that? Is it the way he speaks or something else?


Sure. Not sure if he's a simpleton, has autism, or something else. There's something wrong with him, the poor person. Anyway, he has a bunch of symptoms:
>difficulty doing (or, rather, comprehending how to do) simple tasks. He can do some - like using the trash compactor, which is literally just "open door, throw garbage in, close door, and press "compress garbage" button. But he has difficulty understanding that he should put extra garbage bags under the empty garbage after changing it.
>makes more work for himself. Kind of related to the first point. An example is doing mats. He has to lay mats down after the other cleaners wax/clean the floors. This involves putting them on a cart and moving them to another part of the store, so he can vacuum them while the other cleaners do their thing. Every time, he leaves the cart yards away from where he has to lay down the mats, drags the mats (or carries them on his back), then complains about how hard it is to move the mats. Everyone tells him to move the shopping cart closer to make it easier (and have been trying to tell him for years), but he just says "yeah whatever" (or shrugs it off), and continues on. Or he overfills the garbage and complains about how hard it is to move. Most people would do it occasionally (out of laziness or trying to get the work done quicker), but he can't comprehend he's making the work hard for himself. The other two coworkers have to basically babysit him
>he can only talk about a handful of things - basically he's off on weekends, he's watching Dragon Ball or playing Pokemon, and some accident he was in a few years ago. That's it. Any deviation from it confuses him. He is also a little difficult to comprehend sometimes. (I mean, i'm similar - I hate talking, I am difficult to understand, I like both DB and Pokemon, and anything over "hi how are you" irritates me)
>He's easily agitated, and he's unable to maintain the proper composure. For example, he gets quite angry when someone throws garbage in a garbage can he changed. Most people would find it mildly annoying (which it is), but he acts like he's about to have a meltdown over it
>he just generally acts like a child, despite being in his late 30s. Like my last post - I keep telling him I can't help him throw out the garbage, that he shouldn't pile the garbage too heavy (he loads a cart up full of garbage) and he should get his actual boss to help him out. He thinks that I can't help him because I want him to hurt himself. Not the case - he always asks me when I'm in the middle of my own work, and can't just drop it

Jesus, sorry for the rant.. I'm not trying to slag the guy. He's actually the only person at work I like. I just feel like it would be easier for him to collect NEETbux so he can watch anime and play old RPGs. I know I'd jump at the chance.

I'm not sure why he isn't, to be honest. I feel sorry for him


>already work 7 days a week
>now we are going to work until 9 pm
>have to juggle this with university
I swear to you I am not larping. This is my current condition. I need to fuckign quit.


Why are you working 7 days a week? Don't you get two days off? Also yeah working jobs while studying and all is bs, shits fucking annoying.


>Why are you working 7 days a week?
Because they told me to.

>Don't you get two days off?


This is my first ever job. I don't know if other place can even be better than this. The place is admittedly relaxed but I really am not going to work 12 hours a day with no day off.


File: 1614526704192.gif (46.8 KB, 340x191, 340:191, 1613040399262.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Man, I had it so good before covid. Night auditor at a small hotel, decent pay and relaxing in the reception the entire shift.
After covid I've been forced to actually attend the reception at day hours, since the hotel's half empty most of the time. People quitting, pay halved, state gibs for the lockdown period nowhere to be seen, no answers to my sent applications for the past year, savings thinning out, job responsibilities multiplying due to less personnel. Jesus christ what a sudden and cruel decline it has been. I hope you all have it better.


Sorry to hear that anon. Night auditor definitely was one of the best options for a wiz job until the hotels got BTFO last year. But if the industry ever recovers maybe you can return to being comfy again. You'll have plenty of experience to get another night job at least.


Are you in America? I don't know how that is legal, making you fucking work 7 days just because they told you too. I don't know man, just make sure you're actually getting paid decently or just quit, sounds like a bs job.


Working nights at a hotel sounds like it must have been a cozy job indeed. Hope things pick up for you soon wizzie.


I'm unemployed, partially because I kinda enjoy it and partially because I'm apparently too retarded to get any of the junior programming jobs I've applied for in the past months.

Is that better?


This fat bastard is a SJW commie, but he's right, do the absolute minimum always, having a job is dogshit, unless you are your own boss don't even bother giving it your best.



Is really possible to buy a car, a minimally decent apartment/house and have semi decent life just by working? All those things are super expensive and I wonder how people can even afford all that shit with stagnating salaries and ever increasing prices, everyone says "just work bruh" but it seems like a meme to me.


To get that stuff you have to work full time at a decent job and spend as little as possible on useless shit like vidya, and anime figures. Also most people have partners that work together to help pay for stuff too. Fuck normies, I honestly don't know how they make it and how we are supposed to survive when everything is getting more expensive.


It depends where you live. If you live in an inexpensive area you'd need to make at minimum $15 an hour to do that. If you live in an expensive area you're fucked unless you have a good job.


A succubus at work told me that I am "intimidating," lol.


Why you take advice from lefties that hate wizzies??


A better question is why do you two fruitcakes think you understand commies but don't


If you lived in a small town 40km from a large city, you can literally be a wagecuck at a hardware store and be able to finance a small house and a cheap car. Small towns are very cheap and ageing here.


File: 1614685389498.jpg (55.77 KB, 960x540, 16:9, D2IwIgiWwAUzDEM.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

don't know if this really belongs here but the fucking official websites tell me nothing so it'll have to do
UK wiz on unemployment benefits, just got a call to be a janny at a local school for 2 weeks, only problem is my mum said I shouldn't have because they'll reduce my benefits and I should instead apply for something more long-term
I'm thinking that since it's right in the middle of my monthly payment, I won't actually lose anything, or at most, lose only one month's worth of payments, but I'm also willing to believe that this shit tier bureaucracy means working for two weeks means I lose half my benefits for an entire year
what do

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