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wasting time, watching the clock edition

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Don't know what this is about but probably the only real solid motivation I have in life is to stay the fuck away from customer support or the like.


He probably had another severe personal problem and this idiotic nigger just was the cherry on top, I acted in a similar way when my mom died and I got the news by phone and my stupid retard boss started talking shit about me, I just lost it and started screaming at him


Hit dah computah


What a disgusting nigger
I hate normies so fucking much


That's definitely it, sometimes you're so fed up with everything but you can still hold on somehow, until something like that falls on top of it and all the pillars that are holding your sanity fall for a moment.
I can only have sympathy for that guy


File: 1619512290595.png (Spoiler Image, 456.95 KB, 2432x2352, 152:147, 1618933356407.png) ImgOps iqdb


If you are tired of wageslaving, the best option I can give is to live in a rural housing income controlled apartment, go to college online and use the student loans to invest in crypto. It is how I escaped and if I ever had to go back I would actually use a helium exit bag to suicide.

Monero made my life worth living again


File: 1619513214996.png (29.32 KB, 1468x901, 1468:901, Screenshot_2021-04-27.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is the real chart. It's about to break to a new all time high. In crypto that almost always precipitates a huge parabolic rise


you're talking about waiting for 3+ years since that is how long it takes to wait for a new bull cycle


So what? Play the long game.


Well, I assume it's hard to keep it together when stuff piles up all at once and there's an angry dude in front of you that hates your guts for no reason.


I have, but missing the most profitable phase is going to seriously affect your life forever. It still hurts to think back to missed opportunities from 2012 and such


>40 hours into a job at a recreational cannabis dispensary
>get started, they start to train and do it all in 4-5hrs
>think everything is going good but they grow more and more flippant and uppity and then the succubi start to get flippant because I'm obviously interested and on a spectrum
>one laughs like an idiot and goes "he's a chad I'm so disgusted by his teeth tee hee"
>the other goes "he obviously likes us, and I feel so fucking scared that I'm going to get raped"
>male spits on me when I start to cry
>try to game anyway so she'll come on later
>two hours later
>"anon you're a good fit and we're an equal opportunity workplace, but the succubi are creeped out that you're not engaged and available and they feel that you'd rape them and we think you're normal and slightly psycho and things are getting too awkward with them so you have to go, we're so sorry"
>almost verbatim they said this
>"in addition, you are not performing all of your job duties, like gauging (screening) customers that need to be barred from admission, and you did a good job with scheduling, but you need to be trained in one day and you're not"
>bitch you trained me in one day
>And we're pounding ass without you every night (two of the succubi laugh)"
>"this is your replacement"
>I start to whine that she's jewish and this is bullshit
>Eventually grow fed up with their bullshit answers and they exclaim
>because you're autistic or a psycho! TEE HEE NOW LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE
>With home depot it was that the 'customers felt threatened by my appearance and I was too mentally ill'
>go in to purchase some cannabis two months later (it's the only one in town and I don't have a car)
>Hag jew lady is there and she starts helicoptering majorities and panders to these shitskins in the lobby
>the succubus that cucked me quickly runs in back after saying "he's definitely not the one"
>tfw dad keeps making me go back

Now I'm on unemployment and they won't give me disability. I hate this country. Anyone else /perpetually fired/?


Why do you think of it like that? I was there before 2012, even as early as 2010 and 2011 just mining away.

I read all the top miners comments on the bitcoin.org forums back then. Not a single one of them hoarded all those coins until today and became millionaires.
People had to pay electricity bills which were huge so they sold several bitcoins for pennies on the dollar when the price was low.
Also, even the big miners ridiculed people who hoped the price will rocket to $100 some day. Nobody realistically thought it will be $50,000 in 2021.

~100% of people sold off their hoardings once the price hit the $100 level or higher, and crashes happened as people offloaded their coins.
You didn't miss out on anything because if you lived back then like those people did, you wouldn't have had the guts to hold onto such a ridiculous and uncertain investment.

The moment your initial minings or $10 purchases became worth $100+ you'd have sold off most of it like all those other people.
I sold a lot of bitcoins at about $40 each and I don't really regret it. It was still free cash. Didn't amount to more than a few thousand, but still, I had a quad GPU setup for gaming already, I didn't lose anything. Electricity bills did eat a chunk of it though.

The only point of this post was to make you see you didn't really miss out on anything, as most of us who mined back then didn't intend to hold 10 years. Most were ecstatic when it climbed to over a hundred bucks and took the cash.
When it climbed to $1000 that finally cleared out even the last hoarders. That's why you never hear about "bitcoin billionaires", there aren't any who had like 30,000 back then and decided "I'll just keep these until the 2020s".

There are of course some who made millions, but those happened to trade or hold from any point between 2010 or 2019 taking advantage of the rise. And those with very large mining farms, so their initial investment into Asics or GPUs has been huge. It's not therefore pure profit.



Most people that made it big through bitcoin are edgelord podcasters like Andrew Angelin and Molymeme that relied on bitcoin for funding, and people that lost their bitcoin and found it a decade later.

I knew someone that bought in at 2010, he sold around 2014 and bought a nice car and a deposit on a house. He made about $100,000 all up.


Excellent post.
Too many people ignore that fact they would've sold at 10-100-500-1000, and then regret doing so maybe even more than not buying at all.


>work at a call centre ten years ago
>get fired for hanging up on customers a year in.
>work at a pharmacy, starting a year after getting fired from the call centre
>get fired from there eight years later for stealing.


No person has the self discipline to hold when their random shitcoin investment just became worth half a million or even 100k.

The ideal scenario would have been an early miner getting into an accident and 10 year long coma then waking up today.


I started volunteering last year, thinking that it would strengthen my resume when I go out and get a job. I've went there 5 days a week, consistently got the tasks done. Now I'm trying to apply for retails like walmart and I STILL haven't gotten one fucking job. I've even gotten the manager's names and contacted them personally.

what the fuck am I doing wrong.


You have to spread your gaping asshole on national television so your mom and I can finally get off!


Take whatever you're trying to say back to 4kids


I don't use 4chan.


You are fooling no one


Good I'm not trying to


>We're interviewing other candidates we'll be in touch
I didn't get the job, did I?


Why are you pretending you haven't been on 4chan then


I'm not pretending I haven't been on 4chan, which is why I'm not trying to fool anyone.


Good one kid


How much money are you saving up to escape wagiecagies?


I don't think I'll ever escape it. Well I work contracts so it's not so bad.


>what the fuck am I doing wrong.
You're not applying for neetbux


File: 1619796429116.png (290.35 KB, 754x554, 377:277, 1481288035423.png) ImgOps iqdb

1 day of waging and I'm fucked
meant to be doing this for 6 months and I know that's not happening, can't say when, can't say why, but I'm getting fired
got fucking gaslit big time, working as some chef at a local pub, did some trial shift and that's all I did, but now I'm expected to spend 80% of my time just doing anything I can so I can pretend I'm busy, because you can't get much business around here, not like it's a prime location, and apparently me standing around doing nothing when there is nothing to do is bad, and I'm supposed to ask the other people if they have anything to do , and surprisingly, the other people doing nothing have nothing they need to be done, I do something, I should be doing something else, but they won't tell me, when I do it my method is bad, and if I do nothing at all that's bad too, which is pretty fucking different on the whole to how it was after the trial shift, I suppose anything they can do to bully the FNG is fine
tuesday: the ovens are a bit loud so it's okay if you can't hear us very well, you'll get used to it
friday: why aren't you doing what I tell you to you need to work on your communication


Retirement is a meme. Even high-end earners can't hope to retire in less than 20 years and even then not particularly well.

The trick is to find work that is tolerable, low stress and low effort for you, something for which you have a predisposition. Many wizzies figured out they can watch anime and play video games while being a security guard or get paid to write business software or manage IT because they like sitting on the computer all day thinking about abstract systems and how they fit together.

Stop thinking of retirement and start thinking how to make your life tolerable, maybe even enjoyable in the present. If your only hope is being able to do nothing in 30 years then you might as well kill yourself now because you won't make it.


You know what they say: the moment you become a wageslave is the moment your freedom ends. Might as well get used to the fact of working until you die.


I already retired at age 21 or so, it's called neetbux. Though not every country has it.

I also get a couple grand a year from my parents so I either improve my nutrition with that by eating rarer foods, or I invest it.

Usually I buy stocks but 2020-2021 my shitcoin investment of $500 randomly became $5000 which is nice.

My point is, there is no point in working.


File: 1619863598616.jpg (118.63 KB, 566x642, 283:321, 1619847945756.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Every job thread online, no matter the website
>"Get an office job, anything else will destroy your body"
>All the young office workers I meet in their mid twenties are constantly complaining about their backpain and their joints click doing basic movements

Are normies just retarded or hypochondriacs?


Well in my case I applied everywhere but couldn't get a job. So it was either neetbux or end up homeless.


How much income is that per year? I'm pretty sure welfare in most countries is the bare minimum unless you're a single mom with five kids. it's livable, but I wouldn't call it retirement.


Apartment, electricity, water and about 600 euros to be spent as I wish each month.

It's not such a bad deal. On top of that I get a ~€1k cash drop on random months of the year from my parents, usually 3-5k a year.

I also have a car, not anything special but a decent 2015 Volkswagen estate car.


Office jobs aren't nearly as bad on your body as something like construction or heavy landscaping. But sitting down all day every day is pretty terrible for you. I work from home and have a standing desk.


How do I motivate myself to program? I could probably do bug bounties, make some cashgrab phone apps or pixelshit indie games if I applied myself but I always avoid programming. It sounds better than wagekeking.


File: 1620121930166.jpg (47.56 KB, 864x486, 16:9, thumbs_b_c_e186fa8d5c168e8….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I worry I'll be forced to take the New World Order jab because of my shitty line of work.


>normalslave does what his masters tell him to


I'm glad I cheered you up, friend.


construction and landscaping aren't all there is beyond office work. None of the janitors I've met have had a single health complication from their work.


We have a CD player/radio in my work station. I usually use it to listen to a radio station while working. Sometime between when I came home from work on Friday morning and when I went back to work Friday night, the radio's power chord went missing. Just the chord. The radio itself is (or was, as of the end of my shift on Saturday morning) still there.

It's rather puzzling. If you're going to steal something, why just the chord?


And it's hard to believe, but there's still 'good' legislators out there that are making it unconstitutional to get shit like vaxx ports or making it illegal for companies to require employees to vaxx themselves. And there's a good chunk of normals out there against this sorts of draconian terror.
The fact that there were protests against lockdowns with people wearing those red hats IN CANADA and the EU was a miracle that I thought I would never see in modern times. And I'm still seeing clips of restaurant owners personally telling coof health inspectors to fuck off should be a nugget of hope that you're not alone.

For now I would suggest to save your powerlevel on your opinions anything related to Covid, let those who have adequate social skills (aka normals) lead the charge, since most wizards can't jeopardize whatever income they have.
Or make a fake vaxx card if worse comes to worst.


File: 1620619854662.jpg (555.32 KB, 1000x1341, 1000:1341, 1551705507304.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was initially thinking of choosing Programming as my skill set to invest in hopes that I'll find a long-term job, but seeing how blue collar jobs are increasing in demand, I'm starting to have second thoughts. My gut is telling me that most of the programming positions are already being taken, but I don't have enough evidence to suggest so.

However there's a problem I have with physical labor- I won't bore you with my life story but in short I have permanent weak muscles due to some weird accidents. If I had the physical strength, I would love to do things like construction. I'm wondering if there are any jobs that fit my needs that can secure my income for a long time.


how do you spend surplus salary?
my job is hard for me, though wage is still below average, and there's nothing to show for the hard work. I don't want to go back to alcohol and junk food, all media etc. is free, I don't have hobbies, and being ablee to maybe get a house if I'm alive in 15 years isn't motivating at all.


File: 1620929258265.jpg (199.2 KB, 1155x851, 1155:851, 1443502919172-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I landed a job on a ship off of Alaska. 90 days at sea, 30 at home.

Wish me luck wizards.


See you on the deadliest catch revival.

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