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wasting time, watching the clock edition

previous >>231132


I finally quit my software dev job the last friday. I was scared as fuck thinking my boss would yell at me or something but he didn't care that much. He just made a bitchy comment saying that if I can't handle pressure I should consider retiring from software industry (my main excuse to quit was that I was totally stressed and burnout, unable to work anymore). I was utterly stressed and barely slept the night before but after that few awkward minutes I just felt completely free, as if an immense weight were released from my chest. I'm happy because I finally left that shithole (no documentation,no testing, no QA, no management, just write any shit that works to give me money even if you have to sacrifice your sleep time) but I feel bad about the others guys working at there. Things are going to get rough for them since I wrote most of the frontend and they don't know what the fuck I did.


Good job anon! do you have another job lined up or you're gonna NEET for a while?


I quit without anything else lined up. My family is thrash talking me now for that reason but that's minor problem compared to the constant state of stress and anxiety I was experiencing in that sweatshop. However, this last weekend I solved a hiring test to work in another company that looks much more decent (senior engineers, 40 hours per week, QA team). For the time being I'm NEETing, it feels great to have energy to be able to pick a book and read once again. I commited the error of asking my boss if he wants me to write documentation, he says yes but my contract was ended then and there so I'm not really obliged. I would do it out of willingness to help the other person being exploited there but I don't even know where to begin to documentate that ton of spaghetti code so I'm considering to do nothing.


File: 1611654447935.jpeg (22.99 KB, 300x334, 150:167, 300px-Bank-Security-Guard….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

What slave works for 40+ hours a week and 5 days a week? That is slavery.

I live in Wisconsin and I make $1,000 a month working 2 days out of the week and for a total of 24 hours.

$420 goes to rent
$140 goes to food
$20 goes to gas
$20 goes to miscellaneous expenses

That means I have $400 of disposable income each month, which means I can buy whatever the fuck I want. I already have a good gaming computer and everything I will ever need, so I don't really buy anything. I moved out at age 20 and I never been back to my parents house.

My job is being a security guard and all I do is browse the internet the whole time and do a patrol every hour.


This is a perfect job for a wizard.


Sounds like a great job, I work way more hours for way less money


File: 1611665759818.jpg (109.31 KB, 640x855, 128:171, 1595855926868.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


what do you do for work anon?


Web development, I have the advantage of working from home, but I get paid peanuts. People tell me I should look for another job, but it's a pain in the ass going through all the interviews again, I'd rather quit (which I'm planning to do next month or the other) and spend some time neeting first.



whats your monthly gross? sounds like a comfy job if you get to work from home.


>open jugs
Wiz, listen to the voice of experience. Keep your jugs firmly shut.


It's a bit over 200 usd in my local currency


Why are you paying rent? Get a mortgage on a cheap 1 bedroom house, that way you're actually building equity instead of flushing money down the toilet.


What kind of place can you rent with $420?


Probably a place located in ghetto town, USA. Plenty of low rent units exist but they are usually in shitty areas.


File: 1611694613142.jpeg (1.36 MB, 3724x2096, 931:524, F7F06CC6-4FD2-41BC-9725-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I just had a Burger King interview. I’ve never held a job for more than a week but I’m planning on wageslaving for a month and quitting. Im a traveler wizard so i need some money. Wish me luck guys.
Also look at the rock i found yesterday!


File: 1611697902311.jpg (3.72 MB, 4128x3096, 4:3, 20210126_153934.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I rent the attic/room in the upstairs of some guy's house.

It's only me, him, and some other guy in the basement living there.


It's not the ghetto.


Because I don't make enough to pay for a mortgage, electric, water, internet, etc. Plus I don't have to do anything other than pay rent, everything else is included


Tell me what state/city where you could possibly make a reasonable investment in a single bedroom house. Not sure if it's a wise idea to invest in a house in the states considering we probably haven't seen the worst of this economic/ political turmoil.

Sounds interesting. What is your travelling life like?


File: 1611713294127.png (1.2 MB, 1356x638, 678:319, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

See look, you can get a nice comfortable house for $246/mo at 30 yrs. That leaves you $200 a month for utilities, you should be able to make that work easily. Since you're building equity you'll either pay it off eventually and get an extra 200 or so dollars a month to use or you could cash out the equity and sell it if you want to move.
You can probably find a cheaper house than this as long as you don't live in a major urban center or something, in which case you just need to move.
Anything's better than throwing your money away on rent. Rent is an investment with 0 return. The only people who should be renting are ratards who've ruined their credit with loan sharks and can't get a mortgage.


No house $60,000 even in my vicinity. I live in the 190th largest metro area in the US.


>He just made a bitchy comment saying that if I can't handle pressure I should consider retiring from software industry
What a fucking cunt.
> I'm considering to do nothing
That's the best thing to do.


i wish, flats start at 300k where i live (before taxes and other payments)

that doesn't sound that big?


Unless you want to spend the rest of your life as a wageslave, you need to move. If you work for a big chain like Securitas or Per Mar you could most likely easily get a transfer to a cheaper, more rural area.


My car broke down yesterday, it's gonna cost me maybe more than a thousand dollars and I have no idea how to get to work after tomorrow (mechanics lend me a car but not during the week-end). I have the money to buy a car but with lockdown and all the bullshit with Covid it's a pain. It honestly feel like the breaking point, I usually don't think about suicide much but since yesterday the box of sleeping pills are more attractive than usual. I wish I could deal with things without breaking down.


Posted in the last thread about an older guy who just started in the warehouse where I have also just started. He must be at least sixty-five, based on his appearance, slow walking pace, etc. He has worked for several warehouses and told me that he "works wherever they [the agency he is signed up with] send me", but I can only imagine that these places try him out for a few weeks and then tell him he is too slow. His workrate is the lowest on the leadership board published each day, and he told me that he struggled to keep up in one warehouse and in another he felt lonely all day because his co-workers all spoke a foreign language. He has brought up his workrate a couple of times, so is obviously concerned about it.

I am tempted to take a thousand pounds out of my savings (which are decent, due to previous job and barely spending any money for the past several years) and give it to him, perhaps anonymously. But I don't know if this would be patronising and may piss him off. He told me, laughing and cheerful as always, that the money he is earning is "shit" but that it allows him to pay rent (I assume therefore that he does not own a house). Maybe I'm assuming too much about his benevolent character, but he seems like such a basically good, rather naive, rather slow, cheerful person. It hurts me to see him walking slowly around the aisles of the warehouse pushing a trolley for nine hours a day with his mask on and everything.

Any thoughts on the money thing?


Sorry to hear that wiz, are you able to get public transport to work?


No, it's in the countryside, car is the only way to get there. Hopefully it'll be fixed today or I'll try calling my boss.


I really don't understand, I'm doing an abyssmal job, and the higher ups instead of firing me offer me more "oportunities"…
I don't wanna quit, why won't they fire me.


Maybe the rest of the people working there are even worse.


No, they're all a bunch of proactive, "go-getter" kinda normalfags. Really the only way to make my work worse would be actively trying to sabotage the company, but that'd be more work than actually doing what I'm supposed to. I just don't understand.


Working 7 days a week, 8:30 to 17:00, all while paid under minimum wage. I am a living meme. Three cheers for east asian work ethic. For some reason I am not even mad now. Must be my insectoid worker ant instinct, or maybe it's the fact that my co-workers are nice and the work not involving anything social.


Sounds like a dream position to be in.


Yeah I mean it's better than working but I just don't get it, I've been doing squat for a couple of months already.


>that doesn't sound that big?
It's in the top 2 percent


It's pretty much dead/not worth the repair(garage can't do it before 2 weeks anyway)
Told my boss i wanted to quit as a "joke"


Are you actually an east asian wizzie?


>I am tempted to take a thousand pounds out of my savings (which are decent, due to previous job and barely spending any money for the past several years) and give it to him, perhaps anonymously. But I don't know if this would be patronising and may piss him off.

It does sound patronizing tbh, I mean just imagine if you were in his shoes and some younger zoomer/millenial faggot just walks up to you while you're working and offers you some cash just for the heck of it. Wouldn't you be kind of offended by that? And besides, you really don't know his personal situation, maybe he's just working at this place cause he's retired and bored from sitting all day at home? You said he's over 65, so its more then likely he's just doing this to kill free time or maybe he just lonely and wants some human interaction. A lot of retired older people get part-time jobs or volunteer in their spare time, just to avoid rotting at home all day. For all you know, the guy could have hundreds of thousands of dollars stacked in his bank account and you'd never know.

I think a better thing would be to just offer to buy him some lunch or maybe treat him to a beer after work if you want to do something nice for the guy, but you still have to approach it from a friendly gesture and not in a patronizing one, or he might assume you're taking pity on him. And probably the best thing, would be to just ask the dude why he's working at this place at his age anyways and let him tell you his side of the story if he wants.



what did he say to you when you told him you wanted to quit?


"Are you joking, don't quit over that, we'll find a solution", then he changed my schedule leaving me a few days. I'm not that surprised since I tend to worry way too much and always expect the worst possible situation. Hopefully i'm able to get a car soon enough.

I wish I could not care about this stuff, I felt like shit worrying for a few days, thinking about killing myself even asking an unemployed neighbor to drive me for money. Then my coworker called in sick again for who knows how long and it's like i'm the only one not wanting to make trouble or disturb people with my problems


File: 1612117768162.jpg (683.73 KB, 1600x1083, 1600:1083, 1595842576559.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>we'll find a solution

>you'll find a solution

remember anon. the boss only cares about himself. I'm sorry, about your car. Do you have good credit to get a new one? Have you called you're car insurance company yet? My company pays for a rental if my truck would break down.


Yeah, I know the main reason is because he doesn't have enough people trained so me quitting suddenly would fuck him up.
>Do you have good credit to get a new one?
Yeah, money isn't the problem. Time and indecisiveness however.
>My company pays for a rental if my truck would break down.
Sadly I took the cheapest insurance.


Thank you, I appreciate the comment and perspective.

I have talked to him about his past etc, without trying to insist on him telling me about his life. He worked part-time for around two-decades with a family friend, then in another place where he lost his job because a female co-worker was given his workload. On Friday he was the only person left with orders to fulfil near clocking-out time so I helped him, I guess I will just continue to do that. It just makes me sad to see him struggling to keep up, and he has worked at several other warehouses where I assume (based on what he told me) he struggled to keep up to the point where they fired him or he left. My own step-father (who looks younger than this man) has enjoyed retirement for several years and I wish this guy was in a similar position, is all. Thanks again wiz.



>Yeah, I know the main reason is because he doesn't have enough people trained so me quitting suddenly would fuck him up.

if you dont mind me asking. what do you do for work?


File: 1612133574039.jpg (31.98 KB, 600x300, 2:1, The-Cause-of-Sick-Building….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

For some reason my office workplace makes me sick.

Whenever I eat anything there, I always get disgusting digestion problems and I keep burping up disgusting after tastes.

I also occasionally get really sick from there, like I get a tension headache, a fever, and my stomach starts hurting to the point I have to throw up in the bathroom.

I don't know what it is, if there is a lack of oxygen, some kind of mold in the venting or some kind of toxin within the building, I don't know. I hate that place.


I rented a car for cheap and took several insurance yet i'm still afraid to break it.


Does it happen to other people who work there? Did you tell anyone? I could be some serious shit wiz


I manage to have free time at work. Now what?




I'm too depressed to work full time and I'm NEETmaxxing, but I applied to an advert for nude modeling. It pays $30 an hour and the succubus sounded keen as, she said she'd put me in a class for beginners.

IDK what to expect really, idk if they're expecting someone attractive or don't really give a shit. I only applied because I was really desperate, $30 an hour is a lot of money.


Holy shit, this board is full of crabs


I usually read and fuck around on Wikipedia when I have free time at work. You can do that, or maybe watch TV/movies.


nude modeling usually means porn, be careful wiz


Sorry I can't stand crabs either


lol that sounds like the perfect wizjob, it never occurred to me, just be in front of a class naked and getting paid for it.


>nude modeling
>the succubus
It is either porn or they are trying to lure perverts out to murder/rob. The most concerning part is that it was a succubus you talked to, criminals often use females to front their lures like this. Be careful.


File: 1612327570215.jpg (25.36 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1238089012880.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>I'm NEETmaxxing
Please go back


>modelling job
>succubi interviewer
>doesn't ask for a picture
>desperate for you to come in

Either it's some kind of extremely niche porno gig or you're getting your organs harvested.


I remember many years ago I was making a call to apply to some office job
and the succubus said that they only hire succubi and that job is for succcubi.
Only after a while I figured out that it was a whorehouse or some shit and they were looking for female prostitutes

Apparently in this shithole country the "office job" literately means this.


You guys are full doomer. I swung by the place last night and it was at a local government owned art gallery housed at a historical building. There were petit bourgeoise types and eccentric artists, dressed nicely and turned up before the current model was set to go and asked some questions. It's genuine, they are mostly bored middle aged housewives, I cannot fathom as to why they're so short on people that are willing to pose nude, or why they just don't do it themselves and rotate. But I guess they want to draw young people, IDK, the advert was at the local community college.

They have me booked in for early march, probably only one or two sessions, but they'll bring me back every term if all goes well.


Ah, that makes sense. They don't really care about how you look like since even ugly, fat people make for good reference for anatomy drawing.


so you accepted ca$h in exchange for giving middle-aged succubi access to your nude body….



Just sent my transcription test to a local agency. Pay is shit but it's from home. I think I did pretty well but that's what I thought about the last test as well and I failed on that one.


I hate working and on top of it I get bullied here for it, it's not like I want to work…


Is learning coding/programming worth it at 28 y/o? I'm tired of this retail shit and I would try to learn but it would be a waste of time if I become acceptable at 30 and no one hires me because I'm "old" compared to all the 21 y/o that come straight from college.


Yes. Even the shittiest, lowest paid coding job is still way better than retail. As long as you aren't a boomer with technology, no one cares about your age.


its not easy, thats what i can tell you


As someone who has programmed for the better part of about 12 years, I disagree. Programming is easy as fuck. Do yourself a favor and start with a language like C, and everything else just becomes trivial.


Playing basketball professsionally is easy as fuck, literally everyone can do it.

>t. Michael Jordan


File: 1612476678497.gif (869.47 KB, 100x100, 1:1, lobco suicide.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I'm gonna try my best to study something that keeps me away as possible from customer service.
I just cant fucking do that kind of shit no longer, I used to just dislike dealing with people but now I outright hate it.

You could go more in depth of why.


look into working at a warehouse. driving a forklift is nice.


File: 1612507787009.jpeg (104.59 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, 3614.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I want to be a lighthouse keeper. Seems like the comfiest wizardly job there is.


Tfw completed my first day as a bus driver.

Wish me well fellow wizzies. Maybe I've almost made it.


Good luck man!

How was your experience on the first day in the cage?


Does that job even exist anymore? I can't imagine ships needing lighthouses when things like satellites and advanced navigation systems exist.


I don't know if that wiz is the Michael Jordan of coding, maybe he is, but it would surprise you to see the idiots you see working at some programming jobs, particularly in stuff like web development, if you have a couple of brain cells to rub togegher I don't think it'd take you more than one or two years to become a competent webdev.
I'm 28 and started working at 27 with less than a year of experience, I know people who started working when they were over 30.
That's probably a great job but I think lighthouses today are pretty much completely automatized nowadays. Also there's GPS and shit like >>235752 said
Good luck!


Well I finally did it. I got the "comfy" job that I've dreamed of for years. I get paid $17/hr to spend most of my working hours not working. Thanks to corona-chan I only have to go into office two days per week, in which I do 90% of my "work", all other days I spend at home doing whatever I want on my PC, only occasionally answering an e-mail or phone call.

This is basically living the dream for an ex-NEET, yet somehow I still despise it and constantly wish to be doing something else. Maybe because I've already grown sick of this lifestyle, and working this dead-end job will only reinforce it as my life stagnates even further. I don't know what I want anymore.


It's the first weekend in two weeks where I don't work overtime. I am spending it watching youtube videos and masturbating. I hate it and now I have to go back to work tomorrow. I looked forward to this day all week and I have done nothing with nor have it changed anything. Tomorrow I will work as always and today's respite will not even be a memory. I want to to spend my free time on something but I just don't have the will. It must not be because I am too tired from work since I have acted this way as a NEET. I am just fucked.


File: 1612708879168.jpeg (232.73 KB, 969x1280, 969:1280, 44FE10FA-9E11-4439-AF95-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Kek, this entire thread is a joke. If you don't like your job then I'd gladly take it off your hands. Just tell your boss that you'd rather give it to someone else.


tomorrow is my first day of work ever in my life, I am 25, I hope it's not too bad


good luck!



I used it correctly, you retard


12 hour shifts are great, my day is ruined by any significant amount of work so might as well just fill up the whole thing. I've been working 3 days 36 hours for years and I have more time to myself than everyone I know who works 5 days a week.


very kek, much retard pepe. zoom zoom, cringe yikes, based pepe kek


What's this supposed to mean? I work because I need the money, doesn't mean I have to like my job.
Hope it all goes well, wiz.


File: 1612832570464.png (278.33 KB, 476x447, 476:447, 1609608170752.png) ImgOps iqdb


how did it go?


Guy who handles the repository will merge every pull request except mine. Well I guess I won't do shit, then.


I thought the 3-week break I'm in the middle of would be more fun. I do the same things I did after work, just more.


>work alone at night
>during the start of the covid outbreak, practically everyone in my store was put on nights
>this was for two or three months
>my province is getting slammed with the 'vid again this past week, despite over six months of doing ok
>worried I'll have to work with others again
Fuck covid, ruining my job.


covid isn't ruining your job, the media and the government is.


True. Doesn't matter what is to blame, I fear the result will ultimately be the same - I'll likely have to deal with normals.

I just wish the flu (and the idiocy surrounding it) will fuck off


>already working 6 hours a day
>offered more hours
>don't know what to say in the moment so just say "Yes"
Why am I so fucking stupid.


Don't make the same mistake again.And if they try to make you do something you don't like or if you want to get out of some bullshit, bring the extra hours up. Don't let it go to waste.


Yup, I'd rather be fired than spend the entire day working for these fucks




Holy fuck lmao. I can't believe these fuckers dared to call me again even after I quit. They must be fucked with their project but that's not my problem anymore, I just ignored the calls.


I am nearing the end of the testing period in my new (and first) job. I performed badly, acted like a social autist and today as I was going home I came across who seem to be a job seeker. I may be paranoid but I think he is supposed to replace me. Even if he isn't I don't think I am going to last long in my job with how retarded I am. I am sorry that I had been lazily wasting my time before. I promise to start learning programming seriously if I indeed get laid off.


>I promise to start learning programming seriously if I indeed get laid off.
Had you never programmed before? How did you get the job?
If the project is complex it can take several months for a programmer to produce something of value. If it's your first job they most likely expected you to not do much at the start. Are you picking up the pace?


It's not a programming job. I was studying programming before but was too lazy and never got anywhere. I thought programming is just not for me and gave up. I am working data entry at a tax consultant. If I am not fired I'd be expected to start dealing with clients and government officials which is hell for me, especially since I work in a corrupt third world country. The clients will ask to help them avoid taxes, tried to cheat me or blame me for their problems. The government officials will make the process as difficult as possible to try and wring me dry for bribes. I kind a hope I can get fired. Maybe this experience will give me the motivation to learn programming seriously and get a job in that field. I mean, it can't be worse right?


>work overnights
>have done so for the majority of the time I've been in this job, so a little over 3 years
>get a call from my boss a half hour ago, and about two hours before I got to go in and an hour after I got up from my sleep
>"ayy everyone in your work area is off because they're sick or in isolation, wanna work days for this week"
>agree to it because I hate myself
>kind of pissed about it, and a little anxious about getting through tomorrow on no sleep
>mom's doing her condescending "try raising a family and doing household chores and and and" routine


I'm so fucking tired of working. I'm sick of waking up to clock in. I'm sick of all of these stupid processes that I have to follow. I'm sick of setting up interviews and having to play these stupid social politic games.

My hobbies feel like chores, my thoughts are sluggish. It's becoming more and more difficult to keep my train of thought. The games that I often play are competitive in nature and attempting to play them is a recipe for disaster. It's literally asking to be in an even worse mood.

My job hasn't even changed significantly its just my mental state that has changed. I just want to day dream and sleep. Day dreaming is very enjoyable and sleeping kills time. Unfortunately I have real life responsibilities. I have to do this and do that. I want it all to stop.


Was happily neeting for over a year until I had to accept some low-skill job from my jobcenter.
So another guy also started there with me, and it only took him a few days do remind me how much ugly people can be, especially in a work society.

Making private phonecalls during training, Complaining repeatedly about how he has nothing to do to me, how much the dude who got him this position sucks, showing off succubus-porn on his phone few times a day, calling his son a nerd, then he sucks up to people constantly who he heard will help him get up the ladder, or going out of his way to tell superiors how motivated he is and that he wants to work. If it's actually about learning or doing his job he doesn't look like he has a clue, still I bet that they will get rid of me first because I don't suck up to others and keep to myself.

As long as he didn't talk to me I didn't care, but then i made the mistake of going through my music on the phone scrolling through anime-looking-album covers without noticing him creeping up from behind and him asking if I like anime porn in front of everyone and telling me that I shouldn't take such a joke so seriously.

Going back neeting will be nice for now, but it has me wondering that in my experience the older I get, the stranger people become in low-entry job-positions and I start to think about how life will only get worse being the punchbag partly because I have no drive to get anything done.


Wait, you're still working there?

I would have quit after 1 day like I have every shitty job I had until I get a decent job.


What the fuck am I supposed to do when they won't give me anything to do? I just sit in my computer browsing this and other sites, if I get fired, too bad.


File: 1613772040290.gif (1.64 MB, 540x300, 9:5, source.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>day shifts in my department start at various times, with the earliest being 5am or 6am (again, depending on what part of the dept they are in)
>i usually work 9pm to 6am
>as per the quoted post, i changed to days this week
>most of my shifts start 6am
>understandably, i am both jetlagged and im not sleeping well (due to being used to day sleeping)
>go in to work Tuesday morning like the good little drone i pretend to be
>roastie coworker comes in a little after
>she starts complaining about how shitty her work schedule is (she consistently gets early shifts, so she should be used to it, even if it sucks), problems with her boyfriend (ironic, given i'm a virgin who hasn't been in a relationship in my life), etc.
>and again every day since
>wanted to tell her to fuck off after reiterating my situation, but i don't want it to backfire somehow
It's hilariously frustrating


Kinda fucked things up at a new job, after switching as I needed some change desperately, will probably have to quit. It's kinda complex and I don't have the willpower the describe it, but really not looking forward to having to interview again. Having to basically LARP as an eager employee with passion in order to even be considered, while the company is also lying and being vague about crucial details is just a fucking circus.

I hate everything about getting and holding a job so much, but it's still preferable to being homeless. The only really good thing that comes out of it is being able to afford to live alone with no one disturbing you, but the energy and time costs of an average job just suck the joy out of everything else.

It's weird seeing colleagues who are genuinely emotionally invested in their work and then still have active hobbies, families, and are actively learning job-related things on top of that in their own free time. I feel like a completely different species honestly.


Back to nights tomorrow. Still dreading going back, but at least i can work without having to deal with people. Hope it lasts, as we're still short staffed in general, especially with two people off for medical reasons

This is what's keeping me from getting a new job. I want out of my current one, but I don't want to go through the whole song and dance surrounding job hunting.

Don't know what's worse - job hunting or "job doing"/the job itself


>It's weird seeing colleagues who are genuinely emotionally invested in their work and then still have active hobbies, families, and are actively learning job-related things on top of that in their own free time. I feel like a completely different species honestly.
I will never comprehend this. At least I know that I can relax alone when work is done, and still I have no energy. Imagine knowing that when you get home, you'll be greeted by a succubus and screaming children, but still having the energy to work productively and pursue hobbies (albeit bland ones - most of these guys in my office are into cycling or golf).


I absolutely despise these neoliberal two-faced bastard companies that center their whole identity around supposed "humanist centered workspace" yet when you actually go talk to them not only are they soulless automatons with fake smiles at everything but even when they don't hire you they try to keep you on the hook for months for some god forsaken reason, think "we may not be hiring now (despite bringing you to an interview and saying we would keep in contact) BUT MAYBE ONE DAY PERHAPS we will havbe an open position for you because we totally care about you and your lacking experience and dead end graduation!".
Maybe it's like this for an industry standard but it would make it even worse, wouldn't know since my only job was some worthless temporary cleaner/trashman bullshit and i'm currently unemployed.


I got my current job through a temp agency, so I never had to do an interview, I just put in an application and they called me a few days later and told me where to go. I worked as a temp for a few months and then got hired on permanently, and I've been there for several years now. I've also gotten some raises so it isn't all that bad, but I really hate it sometimes. When I think of leaving though I'm just filled with dread at having to actually find something else. It seems impossible to me. The few times in the past I interviewed for a job they didn't call me back, and I think if I had had to interview for this job I wouldn't have gotten it either.


(cont.) It's also ironic, I think. I have no doubt I would have failed the interview miserably, but since I was able to come in and actually demonstrate my ability, I've been able to succeed there. And I make more money than lots of other people on my shift, including people that have been there for years longer than me. The whole interview system that's set up now is a joke and probably causes companies to miss out on lots of good talent. I feel like the primary job of HR succubi is find any way they can to run companies into the ground.


Ships still most certainly rely on lighthouses and especially lighted buoys. You'd hear about collisions and especially grounding more often.
t. Merchant mariner


Interviews are such a total sham really. I just pretend that they are LARPing like I said before, so I can get through the bullshit parts. It doesn't even feel like a real social interaction, more like a scripted play, or an NPC interaction in a video game, where everyone just says the lines that are expected of each side. I've had tons of interviews and every single one is the exact same on these stages. I pretty much just recite a well-rehearsed speech sprinkled with canned answers, it's a completely brainless farce.

But when they start to pressure me with technical questions and real time problem solving I completely fall apart, the only ones I can pass is where there is a take home assignment since I crumble under pressure and can't even think when people are looking at me with expectations.

I really can't recommend leaving if your current situation is tolerable, only take the chance if you can feel it slowly destroying you from within.


>t. Merchant mariner
How's your work, wiz? Sounds kinda wizardly. Does it get cramped in those ships?


It's only wizardly since I'm stuck with only males on board or below deck. Otherwise the crew mates are huge normalfags and talk about sex and their girlfriends all the time.


Generally every ship is different, it does get wizardly at times, but my last contract was basically being stuck on the ship for 6 months with 19.. well.. normalfags and crabs at that.
When you're being left alone it's alright, when you have to interact with people it's depressing.
I suppose truck driving is the more wizardly alternative, haven't tried it though.


What are my chances of getting a remote job? I don't have any particular skills, I know basic Java programming but I don't think I know enough to get into a project.

On the other hand I'm a quick learner eager to learn, if some idiot office drone can do something I think I can learn quickly enough to do it myself but I don't know how people gets those jobs.

So what are my chances? I don't mind starting from the bottom as long as it's remote.


Considering many offices are still doing things remotely due to corona, decently high.


But what office drones do? People keeps talking about office jobs but not about what they actually do, is just spreadsheets and word documents? do I need to know about sales or accounting or something?


I've never had an office job so I can't say for certain, but it seems like mostly just keeping track of documents and sending them off to the right people. Most office job openings I've seen simply experience with excel, which is easy.


File: 1614221226193.png (302.09 KB, 344x389, 344:389, 1611992480832.png) ImgOps iqdb

Work keeps unpublished schedules on an Excel spreadsheet. I sometimes check it, to make sure my schedule doesn't deviate from my normal nightshifts. My schedule is normal for next week, thankfully. However, my name is there for the week after without any shifts.

This means one of two things. First, I'm gone. Unlikely, as I haven't done anything to get fired. Plus we're short staffed.

Thus, the more likely option is that I'm back on days for that week. We're still down two people, and we're already short staffed. I hope not. If my boss asks if I want to work days, I'll decline. I do just as much work on nights, without the aggravation of dealing with coworkers. Definitely not worth having my sleep schedule switch back and forth between nights and days


I got an office assistant position at my community college through it's work study program. Most days I get paid to study. Sometimes my senile supervisor sends me tasks to do remotely. I literally get paid to fuck around if I want. I think I won, wizards.


>but I don't know how people gets those jobs
Honestly your best bet, unless you know someone, is learning a bit more about programming, if you know Java jumping into web development shouldn't be a big problem.


One day I'll quit my job and pursue alternative careers like day trading or art. If it doesn't work out I'll just kill myself. I swear I am not larping, I'll actually do it. One day. FUCK.


just watch out for some shebitch HR representative or a diversity hire eyeing your job. bullshit administrative jobs are hard to come by and are usually the first things to go through office nepotism.


Day labourers and people in heavy manual labour jobs are the ones underappreciated and underpaid, to an absurd degree. The law of supply and demand fucks out here too, because 80% of the working age population would be physically incapable of doing their job. It's absurd that it's minimum wage work.

A truism I've noticed is that the people that whine the most about their position are the ones that are actually comfortable with lots of benefits, and they cry and whine in order to cover for this. I find it absurd that high school teachers, that make a middle class wage with all the school holidays off, that recycle the same lesson plan year after year, can get away with marking every non-graded assessment with a "good job" sticker, can flat out talk about their personal lives for 50% of the lesson, cry and whinge about how hard they have it. All the while there's some poor sod shovelling two tons of dirt where a digger won't reach, or someone moving a ton of steel over the course of a day down five flights of stairs.

The general consensus is that they're uneducated, dumb or whatever and therefore deserve to make chump change for the shittest work, but the hidden fact is that most of society can't actually do what they do day in, day out without falling apart. While poor teachers and nurses are uwu perfect and so gifted and hence deserve more money.


You forget that there are categories of human beings who are basically born to be mules: they're dumb as rocks and have the genes for being able to handle a shitload of physical labor. These traits are not distributed equally, so what happens is the people who end up doing those jobs day in and day out are largely (genetically, through the environment, whatever) selected to be able to handle backbreaking labor - the kind that world ruin us - without much agony.

The people who can't handle it turn to crime, become homeless, or kill themselves. I feel worse for them, honestly. Natural selection has already made it so that things are not quite what they seem: the guy working at 3 AM on a road crew on the highway is probably doing just fine, despite the difficulty your average white collar worker would face trying (and forever failing, due to not having generations of ancestors who were specialized cement carrying animals) to adapt.

Seriously, go try to have a conversation with some of these poor laborers sometime. The last one I met, he was living happily in a broken down house, rented to him by a nigh deaf, dumb and blind elderly succubus, and he hunted and killed rabbits with his bare hands, enjoying the gruesomeness of savaging the poor animals. These people are not like us. Hurray, third world immigration!


How do I get a job? I'd be happy to wash dishes at this point. Nobody will hire me to do anything. Currently studying for a degree in computer science while dealing with suicidal ideation every day. Being unemployed is terrible.


I made the post after seeing people on facebook gush about how teachers are underappreciated, and also the nurse worship really grates me. Normies just don't see or appreciate what the people at the bottom do.

Note how in the third world it's not like this, people there rightly perceive how horrific labour jobs are and count their stars if they don't have to do it.


>I made the post after seeing people on facebook
How wizardly


My work contracts out their overnight cleaning to another company. One of the workers is a literal retard who has other physical health problems. His duties are literally "vacuum and throw out garbage."

Every night, he tries to get me to throw out the garbage for him. I can't do it, for a number of reasons. Primarily, it's not my job and I'm too busy with my own job to help. I tell him that, and that he should get his boss to help him out. He acts sooky about it, like I'm trying to slight him by not helping or whatever

While I feel sad, there's no way I'm doing work I'm not required or obligated to do. If he is unable to do his work, he shouldn't be there


Poor wizzie is a fucking retard but does not get bux.


>literal retard
Could you describe some of the things he does that makes you think that? Is it the way he speaks or something else?


Sure. Not sure if he's a simpleton, has autism, or something else. There's something wrong with him, the poor person. Anyway, he has a bunch of symptoms:
>difficulty doing (or, rather, comprehending how to do) simple tasks. He can do some - like using the trash compactor, which is literally just "open door, throw garbage in, close door, and press "compress garbage" button. But he has difficulty understanding that he should put extra garbage bags under the empty garbage after changing it.
>makes more work for himself. Kind of related to the first point. An example is doing mats. He has to lay mats down after the other cleaners wax/clean the floors. This involves putting them on a cart and moving them to another part of the store, so he can vacuum them while the other cleaners do their thing. Every time, he leaves the cart yards away from where he has to lay down the mats, drags the mats (or carries them on his back), then complains about how hard it is to move the mats. Everyone tells him to move the shopping cart closer to make it easier (and have been trying to tell him for years), but he just says "yeah whatever" (or shrugs it off), and continues on. Or he overfills the garbage and complains about how hard it is to move. Most people would do it occasionally (out of laziness or trying to get the work done quicker), but he can't comprehend he's making the work hard for himself. The other two coworkers have to basically babysit him
>he can only talk about a handful of things - basically he's off on weekends, he's watching Dragon Ball or playing Pokemon, and some accident he was in a few years ago. That's it. Any deviation from it confuses him. He is also a little difficult to comprehend sometimes. (I mean, i'm similar - I hate talking, I am difficult to understand, I like both DB and Pokemon, and anything over "hi how are you" irritates me)
>He's easily agitated, and he's unable to maintain the proper composure. For example, he gets quite angry when someone throws garbage in a garbage can he changed. Most people would find it mildly annoying (which it is), but he acts like he's about to have a meltdown over it
>he just generally acts like a child, despite being in his late 30s. Like my last post - I keep telling him I can't help him throw out the garbage, that he shouldn't pile the garbage too heavy (he loads a cart up full of garbage) and he should get his actual boss to help him out. He thinks that I can't help him because I want him to hurt himself. Not the case - he always asks me when I'm in the middle of my own work, and can't just drop it

Jesus, sorry for the rant.. I'm not trying to slag the guy. He's actually the only person at work I like. I just feel like it would be easier for him to collect NEETbux so he can watch anime and play old RPGs. I know I'd jump at the chance.

I'm not sure why he isn't, to be honest. I feel sorry for him


>already work 7 days a week
>now we are going to work until 9 pm
>have to juggle this with university
I swear to you I am not larping. This is my current condition. I need to fuckign quit.


Why are you working 7 days a week? Don't you get two days off? Also yeah working jobs while studying and all is bs, shits fucking annoying.


>Why are you working 7 days a week?
Because they told me to.

>Don't you get two days off?


This is my first ever job. I don't know if other place can even be better than this. The place is admittedly relaxed but I really am not going to work 12 hours a day with no day off.


File: 1614526704192.gif (46.8 KB, 340x191, 340:191, 1613040399262.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Man, I had it so good before covid. Night auditor at a small hotel, decent pay and relaxing in the reception the entire shift.
After covid I've been forced to actually attend the reception at day hours, since the hotel's half empty most of the time. People quitting, pay halved, state gibs for the lockdown period nowhere to be seen, no answers to my sent applications for the past year, savings thinning out, job responsibilities multiplying due to less personnel. Jesus christ what a sudden and cruel decline it has been. I hope you all have it better.


Sorry to hear that anon. Night auditor definitely was one of the best options for a wiz job until the hotels got BTFO last year. But if the industry ever recovers maybe you can return to being comfy again. You'll have plenty of experience to get another night job at least.


Are you in America? I don't know how that is legal, making you fucking work 7 days just because they told you too. I don't know man, just make sure you're actually getting paid decently or just quit, sounds like a bs job.


Working nights at a hotel sounds like it must have been a cozy job indeed. Hope things pick up for you soon wizzie.


I'm unemployed, partially because I kinda enjoy it and partially because I'm apparently too retarded to get any of the junior programming jobs I've applied for in the past months.

Is that better?


This fat bastard is a SJW commie, but he's right, do the absolute minimum always, having a job is dogshit, unless you are your own boss don't even bother giving it your best.



Is really possible to buy a car, a minimally decent apartment/house and have semi decent life just by working? All those things are super expensive and I wonder how people can even afford all that shit with stagnating salaries and ever increasing prices, everyone says "just work bruh" but it seems like a meme to me.


To get that stuff you have to work full time at a decent job and spend as little as possible on useless shit like vidya, and anime figures. Also most people have partners that work together to help pay for stuff too. Fuck normies, I honestly don't know how they make it and how we are supposed to survive when everything is getting more expensive.


It depends where you live. If you live in an inexpensive area you'd need to make at minimum $15 an hour to do that. If you live in an expensive area you're fucked unless you have a good job.


A succubus at work told me that I am "intimidating," lol.


Why you take advice from lefties that hate wizzies??


A better question is why do you two fruitcakes think you understand commies but don't


If you lived in a small town 40km from a large city, you can literally be a wagecuck at a hardware store and be able to finance a small house and a cheap car. Small towns are very cheap and ageing here.


File: 1614685389498.jpg (55.77 KB, 960x540, 16:9, D2IwIgiWwAUzDEM.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

don't know if this really belongs here but the fucking official websites tell me nothing so it'll have to do
UK wiz on unemployment benefits, just got a call to be a janny at a local school for 2 weeks, only problem is my mum said I shouldn't have because they'll reduce my benefits and I should instead apply for something more long-term
I'm thinking that since it's right in the middle of my monthly payment, I won't actually lose anything, or at most, lose only one month's worth of payments, but I'm also willing to believe that this shit tier bureaucracy means working for two weeks means I lose half my benefits for an entire year
what do


>online meeting
>email says please have your mic turned off for the meeting
>before beginning there's a message on the chat to please have your mic turned off for the meeting
>at the beginning of the meeting manager says please turn off your mic for this meeting
>bunch of people still have their mics turned on
>some people use the mic to ask how to turn it off instead of using the chat
>10 minutes wasted helping people turning off their mics

I don't get. They make you go through hell and back competing for a job and the people who make are still complete fucking retards.


They have good "soft" skills.


Today at my minimum wage job we were warned by head office that if we are one minute late clocking in then 15 minutes of pay will be docked, and if you are 15 minutes late you will receive a warning. Even so, at the end of the day you are guaranteed to be ten minutes late leaving because there is only one clock in/out machine. Everybody I speak to hates how the place is run and people are being fired all the time. Disgusting world.


unemployment neurosis - volunteer u lazy shit



So in order to get a job isn't enough to sell your workforce, you have to sell your convictions too and pretend you enjoy being fucked. All these buzzwords about loving your job, following you dreams, growing in the company make me sick, they are a complete delusion. God, I hate human resources assholes so much.


Let me tell a story about how I learnt to unlearn my social programming and think fuck working hard.

As a lad I worked in a grocer department and had always been a hard worker pushing myself for some unknown reason to be the best little wagie I could be which up until then had been a good idea in my other jobs because time would fly and I would get respect from the managers meaning free food etc.

So I start this new job in a grocer and when I arrived during clean up there was 3 other staff that had to stay back as well as a cleaner to get the cleaning done by 5pm.
I decided being a good little wagie that I would figure out the most efficient way to clean and do my job in general.
The store removed the shifts of the other people that were paid to help clean as I was working so hard and soon within 30 minuets I had perfected the system of cleaning and doing other jobs in my department leaving me lots of time to spare before clocking out.
I had additional jobs thrusted onto myself outside of my department which I I did as I honestly mostly worked hard to make work fun and time fly.

One day I get told by my manager to go into the head managers office with him and I did I was expecting maybe they would offer me a better job or pay or congratulate me for working so hard but instead I was being pressured to sign a contract that exempted them from needing to pay me for any over time at all.
Keep in mind I did not do overtime it was just something I imagine was being pushed onto everyone.

Let me reiterate that I was working so hard that the store did not need to pay 4 other people for 2 hours to finish closing the store and I was being pressured into signing something to let them get away with paying me less.

Obviously I said I would not sign that and stoped trying to work even harder but I learnt that working harder can be good in a smaller workplace but anywhere big just forget it they will bend you over and fuck you in the ass if you let them plus all your collegues will just work even slower because they realize you are dumb enough to work harder.

Fuck waging I will never work again fuck them all and that video you posted reminded me of how FAKE HR are and boss men in general you would have to be a retard to not notie how awful these people are.


I've been applying for jobs and I'm afraid of getting one 30 minutes away that starts at 6 am. There's a second shift from 4 pm to 2 am but I don't know if I'll get that.

Recently, seeing the advertising of business has disgusted me. I don't want to think of working or someone who has to work. I hate the thought of spending almost 1/3rd of your day working or more + travel time. Hopefully getting a new job will mean money to travel, do new things, and learn more skills that I can repeat for more travel and fun. The thought of doing a hard working job like a warehouse job terrifies me. There's no way someone should live like this.


It truly is ridiculous, hope your holding up ok anon



This is EXACTLY the right attitude - if you're working for old man shiverpipes' all local woodworking supplies emporium, and he's the kind of guy who will say "go home jim, nothing left to do today that I can't get done!" Or lets you listen to whatever the fuck you like so long as you do your work, and understands when you call in to say you can't come in because you think you're cats dying, then work hard and it will be reciprocated?

Some corpoprate fucking outfit where they promote middle management on the basis of how sociopathic they are? Teasing them into cutting your hours and working you to the fucking bone by offering them half the money saved? Pushing that so hard that you see managers trying to make the "waste budget" bonus by scraping sugar back into burst packs OFF THE FLOOR, or giving people jobs that physically cripple them after a couple of years because of the weight they have to move in a day? FUCK THAT. Minimum wage, minimum effort, and the harder you try at these jobs the more pressure everyone else is going to be put under to work as fast as you - most of these people having already figured out what will happen to them from working hard. Do not. Work hard. That is all.


Working for small business owners and working hard is actually worth it from my experience for the reason you listed you can even drink beer at work and have a lot more freedom.

The thing about large corporations is that they assume everyone is actually a retard that is why they have so many stupid rules and insist something is done exactly one what when it could be done better another way and honestly it is insulting to adhere to these little rules and policies.
WHat is more is at a small business you can actually have some more dignity if you work in customer service for example at walmart you have to let the customers be rude to you and just take it bur when I worked at a small business I would tell a customer to go fuck himself if a reasonable person would react the same because they are rude and do it in front of my boss as well.
It is dehumanizing working for a corporation.

The funny thing about the management trying to fuck you to get their little bonus is that the big dogs do the same exact thing to save a few shekels themselves I have seen it happen they are not a family looking out for each other with a common interest they are like savage beasts ready to devour each other.

Most people do not realize this but the only reason big corporations do anything at all is to make more money and give 0 fucks about social issues it is all manipulation.
I hate seeing how they advertise they give money to charity or act progressive because if the collective were still into lynching niggers you can bet your ass that Mcdonalds would be supporting that or whatever the fuck else they thought would help them get peoples money.

Have you seen these corporate faggots in lower and mid management strut around pretending they are important? There was one succubus manager at the supermarket I worked at who I nearly laughed at in her face because she would powerwalk around the store for no fucking reason and say phrases like "times money no time to waste".
I cannot take normalfags seriously.

What the fuck is up with indians working multiple jobs to make more money to pay for useless electronics fuck me I do not understand normalfag logic.


>What the fuck is up with indians working multiple jobs to make more money to pay for useless electronics fuck me I do not understand normalfag logic.

They still think they're in India bruh, where signalling wealth is enough to get a hot succubus. I can understand how it takes a generation or two for that persian/arab/indian/third world mentality to get out of their system, western succubi don't really give -that- much of a fuck whether you have the newest Iphone or drive a BMW, at least relative to your looks or height.

But yeah, small businesses are better for working hard. But workplace bullying at small businesses is more intense if it exists, large businesses with wagecucks don't allow the full on horrific shit like knives being pulled on people.


> workplace bullying at small businesses is more intense if it exists
This so much the clique is also strong and it can be VERY important to get along with your co-workers because they very may well decide to get rid of you if they do not enjoy your company and who can blame them honestly when you spend more time with the people you work with than your family.
I think a bit of bullying is fine and in my experience men will tend to stand around shitposting verbally all day meming on each other just make sure to set your boundaries and if you can try to joke around with them doing the banter.

One tip I have for wizzies is do NOT work with idiots if your job has any risk of injury due to incompetence because idiots will endanger you this is a very real threat the level of stupidity is shocking.



>Working for small business owners and working hard is actually worth it from my experience for the reason you listed you can even drink beer at work and have a lot more freedom.
I've had the same experience. It is a lot more liberating.
>if you work in customer service for example at walmart you have to let the customers be rude to you and just take it bur when I worked at a small business I would tell a customer to go fuck himself if a reasonable person would react the same because they are rude and do it in front of my boss as well.
I don't work in customer service, but I've seen the same thing happen.
>The thing about large corporations is that
I legitimately believe the reason is HR. Most small businesses do not have an HR, and put hiring directly in the hands of the people who need to do the hiring.


Big corporations are bad because souless nd so much disconnect from the staff to the boss.
Everything is dictated by bean counters you can work at a giant supermarket and they will put 1ply toilet SHEETs not rolls in the bathroom because some bean counter crunched the numbers and figured out they can make a bit more money costing costs at the expense of the staff being able to take a shit and hate it more than needed.



>Hate big businesses giving money to charity because it's all for show.

Rrad my fucking mind there my man - I'll always remember how one decent groid and me were sitting listening to a corporate responsability lecture with a about fifty other people and when the corporate man left the room he just growled "this place would be killed nigger and fag annhiliators incorporated if they made an extra 50 pence an hour because of it, and then they want us all to put on gay pride badges so they can photograph us. Fuck them". He was spot on and so are you.


>Is really possible to buy a car, a minimally decent apartment/house and have semi decent life just by working?
If you go in debt/want or to wait a decade or more.


This. >>263940


usurious jew


only if you work late at night, otherwise normies would like to initiate a conversation with you


in ms teams you can mute other people yourself, is this not available in the software you are using?


It was on a software called lark and yes that's what eventually happened.


Alright, I managed to pull myself out of my depressive state and get a job. Considering the state of the economy at the moment, I did well landing a comfy job at a small company.

During the interview the owner got close to my face and said "That's why the company is called Dominator (yes, it's literally called that), because I like to dominate" and I was like internally "whatever, the guy is a boomer and probably eccentric, this sounds weirdly sexual tho". I needed the money, and even if the job was shit I was just not going to cancel my benefit right away and get a weeks pay on top of the usual bene, which would help pay some bills.

The guy was just comically evil though, to the point where he felt like a saturday morning cartoon villain. He was never happy, he'd drive down the road cutting off traffic and ranting about how everyone is a shit driver, how the road rules aren't followed anymore and how nobody knows shit. It's no exaggeration to say that everything that came out of his mouth was a complaint or an attempt at intimidation.

He started yelling at me on the job, and I Just smiled and laughed, to which he thought I was getting smart and he started threatening to leave me behind and drive off. I simply shrugged my shoulders, gave up, went through the motions until the day ended and quietly quit.

What really depressed me was seeing his staff. The two workers he had were aged guys that never smiled and barely talked, they both clearly hated him. He would pick on one and the old guy would be apologizing every step through loading the truck, the other one just never said a word and pushed back enough to be able to work by himself. Ending up like that old guy is a fate worse than NEETdom, and normies don't really talk about that. I'd rather live in a shitty apartment on welfare with no money than to be in my late 40s working a bullshit labor job being picked on by a psycho.

When he kicked a dog on site I knew it was time to get out, I couldn't be assed with anything involving police and knew he was psycho enough to push things to the limit.


nice pasta


File: 1615411301297.jpg (44.87 KB, 1046x265, 1046:265, oskar.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

>i want to dominate
Is this your boss?



Absolute buffoon. If you were commited to slipping your head open you should have at least done it at work. Big corps would rather pay injuries off in lump sums and you'd probably get bonus "sorry" time off.

Do you at least get some weeks free because of possible wuflu exposure?


Even the fully remote wizzie dream job doesn't make me happy, what's even the point of money if you're too preoccupied with this shit to do anything else


This was such a good game, extremely wizardly. It felt good to play as a psionic cave wizzie, zapping normgroids with my magic powers. The recent highlight of my life has been the latest update.


Yep I spent 400+ hours in this game, right now I'm playing as stealth arbarist trapper


What do u guys think about working at McDonald's? It seems like the only viable option in my country (except NEETing, and manual labor).


Go for the ones that stay open 24h (most of them) and get a graveyard shift.


In my experience, how bearable a food preparation job is is highly dependent on how well you can cope with you clothing, hair and body inevitably smelling like whatever is the most dominant smell in that kitchen, especially when tired and potentially stuck in public transportation for an hour. In the case of McDonald's that would be the grease from the deep fryers which absolutely penetrates everything and is hard to get rid of, but at least there you won't have to switch between handling foodstuffs and money throughout your shift, since they rotate their employees through stations they call them I believe.

Agree with the 24/7 ones. Ideally you'd probably get a large one that's near a highway or something but that's entirely dependent on where you live.


McDonalds graveyard shift here runs a drug dealing operation through the drive through. All the night workers are stoner normies, but it does sound comfy.


>McDonalds graveyard shift here runs a drug dealing operation
Where the hell do you live wizzie?


New Zealand, you go through a drive through and order something weird and they give you a tinny for $20. It's probably closed off to a certain group of people that they personally know, but it's well known that the workers often sell drugs from there.


I love "working" from home. I am living the neet life while getting paid a wageslave's salary. I literally slept all day today, spent maybe 10 min logged onto my work computer total.

I wanted Trump to get reelected because I knew that meant they would stretch out this COVID bullshit for at least another year. I am pretty sure I will be forced to go back to work within a few months and act like I am doing something all day.


cuck happy he turned his bed into the wagecage lol


what's wrong with that? he's lucky, at least he doesn't have to drive a shitty car fucking miles into a warehouse wasting half of his fucking gas to get yelled at by some fat faggot rednecks all day with shit pay, fuck my life.



I really am not living a life any different than a neet. Literally the only thing I have to do is check my e-mail every so often during the day. The rest of my day is eitehr spent sleeping, masturbating, browsing wizchan, whatever. I would be doing the same exact thing if I was unemployed.


so why do they need you at the job if you don't do any work? expect to get fired soon


I dunno, man. I've been doing this for like a year now and been expecting to get fired for the past six months. I actually got a pay raise last novemember.

I think it is because I am in a unique situation where I am not really accountable to anyone yet I am still on the payroll.


I do the same thing, I'm a help desk drone working from home. I rarely have anything to do because I automated every single routine task I get. Sometimes I'll even leave the house and take my work phone and laptop with me just in case I get a special request. I think as soon as they make me go back to the office I'll quit.


Holy fuck the fact that codegarchs in IT can get paid so much for doing fuck all gets me so sour grapes, it's the one thing in the world I'm crabs in the bucket over. As soon as I can I'm retraining in that field.


Iktf bro. Hell, we all do. I wanna be a SysAdmin


It's super common, and people in my sour grapes position almost always cope by saying "w-well w-wages will readjust once the field gets oversaturated or indians flood it". Which is said as a massive cope, but perhaps may turn out to be true. I know there are hordes of pajeets right now programming from the age of 10, and unlike during the 90s, they don't exactly have subpar english or computer skills.

It did happen with Law though, in the 80s Law was the safest bet to be upper class. Now it's fast becoming a total meme degree due to oversaturation, most make a mediocre wage (below minimum wage in some crazy instances) doing 60 hours a week with little room for advancement. I doubt IT will ever get that bad because of how integrated it is into everything, but I can definitely see it becoming harder to climb up the lower rungs.


It's funny because most wizzies already spend 10+ hours on the computer, yet they never felt curious enough to learn to tinker with advanced features or learn how to program.


That's like saying old people who watch TV all day knows much about TV or learn a lot about the world. We don't spend time in front of computers or tv because we're interested in computers. We do because we lack the drive to do more.


>wages will readjust once the field gets oversaturated

I think as soon as they can automate a lot of this, they will. Then the guys that know their stuff get minwage for doing the same job.

>below minimum wage in some crazy instance

Thats crazy! Do all that law school for that.

>becoming harder to climb up the lower rungs.



Today is the first day of my job. I need to arrive there in an hour. I'll be making about $11/hour. Maybe if I work hard enough I'll be put on permanently.

Oh boy.

job in a warehouse, either packing or machine operating assistant. If I do go this route, I have no idea how I'm going to make above 15 dollars an hour. I don't know where to go if I go up.


You speak english everyday, why not get a degree in that, especially if it's not your first language?


Not him but I tried teaching English to children for a short while and it was hell. Having a bunch people have their eyes fixed on you for a whole hour, having to think up things on the spot, forgetting about grammatical rules that you're supposed to be an expert on, the paranoid thoughts and anxiety from believing that children half your age are looking down on you, the general exhaustion, I could go on. Outside of jobs that require socialization, the only other jobs that capitalize on good English is textual translations but those are very rare and require more skill.


Terrible counter-example.

Consider a better analogy: sitting 10+ hours in your car, listening to the radio, but never bothering to turn on the ignition and try to drive it or open up to see what's under the hood.

Or if it's more your style, looking at books for 10+ hours a day, looking at pictures, but never bothering to actually learn how to read.


I think he has a point. Unlike technical skills, simple exposure helps a lot for language learning. My English has improved much when I started browsing imageboards all day despite other facets of my life declining. After I quit this job, if I am too lazy to learn the skills I am planning to learn, I am going to try learning another foreign language and browsing their internet.


The trick is to stop thinking of the children as humans.


>I think as soon as they can automate a lot of this, they will. Then the guys that know their stuff get minwage for doing the same job.

It's hard actually trying to talk to people in the field about this, especially on imageboards, because a lot of them have a haughty attitude and do believe that they're all 150 IQ super geniuses. So many are even dismissive of pajeet coders, believing them to be subhumans incapable of what they do.

>Thats crazy! Do all that law school for that.

Yeah, it hit the news here two years ago. Graduate law students are often earning $50,000 NZ (Median wage) for 60 hours of work a week (salary cucks), that works out to be less than minimum wage. It should be topped up legally, but often it's not. Of course, a lot are there believing that they'll be the lawyer in Wellington earning $130,000 in a few years, and some certainly might be, but more than likely they'll be doing the same thing in 10 years time for maybe $60,000. It's trade wages for a university degree and 10 to 20 more hours a week.

But yeah, if it follows the same path as law, which it probably will, the ones that are currently trained in the field and maintain systems will hold their comfy position for life. The next crop coming up will have to eat shit, make shit wages and be perpetually blaming themselves for not making it. But once you do make it you have your ass wiped for life.


How did it go Wiz?


I really miss working night shift, no customers and all the co-workers that do nights are extremely nice people or at the very least just mind their business. Dayshift is full of horrible customers, and every co worker is terrible. Higherschoolers, bitchy succubi, judging managers and rude people. so awful awful awful


I wish I could get off the night shift again but it's been almost three years no and no end in sight. They keep telling me they can't find anyone to take over the nights for me and the day shifts are all given to actual highschoolers that work there for only a few months at most. All the customers I get at night are absolute gutter trash drugtards one crumb of brown away from the golden shot, prosocial normalcool alcoholics that missed the train 15 years ago and welfare-abusing perma-partying foreigners that communicate in a sort of dog bark/halfhuman pidgin. And then I don't even get to relax at home because there's family members scurrying around loudly and not giving a hoot that I might need to sleep in the day and when I run across them in the kitchen or on the way to the bathroom they bully me half of the time. It wouldn't be half as bad probably if I could just give myself over to the abyss and commit to grinding through life on the minimum wage rail across destitution chasm and rent a room somewhere but forcing myself to go to school on weekdays ultimately only means i get turbo jetlagged on what amounts to less that minimal wage twice a week and I can't even afford to take a vacation because that goes out of my own pocket too.



Very bad. I hadn't slept the day prior so I was kind of tired but not too tired because I had drank 2 litres of tea the same night. Also I wasn't hungry at breakfast so I never ate. I shattered the container in my lunchbox before I even started my shift. When I started my shift, everything was going well. After a few hours, probably three or four, I started having a splitting headache that I told no one about and started thinking suicidal thoughts. The work was easy but my feet were in constant, horrible pain from my toes. I was okay with the other pain in my feet and calves and could live with that. You had to shout to talk as well. I told the person training me I wouldn't be back and I am planning to ghost the company which might screw me over in jobs. I hadn't called out this day to come back and I had texted the person who I was in contact with. I had breached a rule about calling a number to call out but I couldn't find the number because I think my parents threw away the paper.

So anyways, I'm avoiding my parents and the company to tell them I won't be coming in. I'm pretty sure my dad thinks I am still willing to go to that place (I was for money) but everything in my being is saying "NO" about this. He might think otherwise but I'll have to wait until tomorrow or tell him tonight to find out. He and my mother oppose quitting in one day.

I crave death. My brother's friend suicided because of low wage job and a marriage and housing commitment. I don't understand the latter things but I would understand his dissatisfaction with life from working minimum and low wage jobs. About 10 dollars an hour, not much less than what I would have been making.


I work nights. It's great, at least compared to day shift

>Don't have to deal with coworkers, outside of pleasantries

>Can do my work in peace
>Can listen to whatever I want while I'm wageslaving. Now I'm listening to audiobooks
>I'm up half the night anyway, so I may as well be paid for it

It is second only to NEETdom


File: 1616196812578.png (192.42 KB, 389x372, 389:372, 1601738690772.png) ImgOps iqdb

how am I supposed to deal with most of my co-workers being either legit mentally unstable or just plain retarded


Hopefully they will be replaced by AI.


IT here. You just get used to it. My role is largely support, so I learn a great deal about the extent of human stupidity. It's kind of funny when one of them realized they done goofed and say
>sorry for wasting your time
You're not wasting my time. I get paid hourly, and you're really just wasting my next client's time. Doesn't bother me a bit.


At least you tried. Warehouse work isn't great, I have that job currently.

Keep trying though. If you are a young wiz, have you considered college or some kind of apprenticeship scheme?


Got like a 50 cent raise.
Too bad I checked inflation and noticed that if I factor inflation I am effectively making the exact same amount as last year.


ask to get paid in bitcoin


File: 1616467891806.jpg (69.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, archie-bunker-all-in-the-f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>manager stopped me as I was signing in tonight
>oh shit, hope I'm going to be a NEET soon
>"You were selected for being employee of the month for November 2020, here's a gift card for the store and a generic 'good going lil wagie' letter"
>still wondering why I'm finding out about it almost six months later


Wiz you should consider writing some sort of bleak urban wasteland related shrot story. Cause I enjoyed reading your psot.


Good job, Wiz.


>had enough
>decided I'll stop giving fuck
>I'll say what i want who cares if i get fired
>actually meet my boss
>acts all polite and flustered
I am a wimp.


>still wondering why I'm finding out about it almost six months later
Your boss didn't want to give it to you because you're not a normie. There was probably a lot of, "Anon doesn't deserve this, he was shrugging off his duties the whole time"/"There's no way a creep like him ever did this" lies going on for awhile until some automated system or some personnel with no knowledge that you're not a normie forced the boss and other cohorts in HR to not expend so much effort over a single letter and gift card. That was probably a couple months in. The other four months was probably your boss thinking, "It's not like this thing has a deadline to hand over–fuck that creep weirdo."


The manager said it was because covid delayed it for some reason that she never really explained fully. Could be part of it. Up until the virus meme came about, the store was pretty diligent about putting the employee of the month on a plaque as soon as the month ended. Last year, they never. I am just curious about the other 11 months, as no other wagie is on that employee of the month plaque for 2020

Still, similar thoughts to what you described ran through my mind. My direct manager (a separate one from the first) has thanked me multiple times for my work since starting here a few years ago, even before I received the award. Despite this, I don't really feel like my work is exemplary. Just average - I feel like I'm just doing what is required of me, nothing more. Plus I'm a socially awkward/shy wizzy who keeps to himself.

Either way, I don't really care what it is. I'm up a gift card, and I'm still picking up an easy cheque.

Thanks wizbro!



Thank you. I have tried college and had almost finished it. I might finish it this year. I got another job and I'm about to be there in an hour. I'm delivering pizzas so it should be good enough money. I want to stop working these low wage jobs and get a better job. I don't know if I could though. College would be at minimum two more years since my current path won't get me a job. It's hell and I live with my parents. Good luck to me then.


I'm starting my own business at the first of the year. (2022) I'm tired of working for the Jews and being a wageslave. If everything worked out as I plan (been working on a business plan for 6 months) I should be able to start buying new vehicles and hiring employees. My question for you, is do wiz make good employees if the boss understand the wiz/neet life?


Actual wizards yes. Don't hire depcrabs though, they think that they're entitled to steal from anyone who has more than they do.

What sort of business are you starting?


TruWiz™ don't work. They collect neetbux and stay unemployed.

Imagine selling your body and trading your free time for shekels. Pathetic.


File: 1616708842741.jpg (148.24 KB, 500x368, 125:92, Dees-Pilot-Cars.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


pilot/escort car business. Pretty much you just drive behind the load and make sure you tell the truck of any danger.


Same here.
>thinking about quitting and just go full neet until I die
>boss calls "Anon you wanna work more hours"


I don't know if anyone asked this around in these threads but, what are your wages wagewizies? How much do you get paid for your jobs? I don't know if I can survive on min wage jobs.


Equivalent of 166,66 US dollars per month.


I earn £235 each week, so £940 a month after tax. My rent is £570 a month (I rent from my sister) so I have £370 for things like food, petrol etc each month. It is quite depressing. Looking at job advertisements online and there is just nothing except other minimum wage jobs.


Yet you can survive on that? If you were in the US, you would have been homeless and possibly killed by thugs. My income is only $800 per month here and still dependent on other people for shelter.


I get paid quite a bit, about $124k/yr. When Iw as in my 20s I had jobs that got me about $20k-$30k/yr. The lower paid job s felt like true wageslave jobs, but because of the pay but because of how your boss treated you. The difference between low wage and high wage jobs is like night and day. It is the difference between feeling disposable and valued.


File: 1616865106368.png (887.86 KB, 800x533, 800:533, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

poor soul wageslaves really have it hard


I know I have it easy now but what I was getting at is that life sucks the worst when you are a wageslave who doesn't get paid much. Low income work is true wageslavery in every sense of the word.


Currently I'm making $30,000/year with an extra ~$9,600 from my rental house, I hope to add on to my rentals slowly.


How do you get jobs that pay so much? There are people with PhDs who work as janitors and make barely above minimum wage. It doesn't make any sense to me. Just seems like a game of luck.


>Just seems like a game of luck.

Yep, I got lucky. Applied to the right job at the right time.


>janitors are always taking my garbage bags
>whatever, as long as I have enough I don't care
>one of them always leaves a mess when he takes them
>tonight was no exception
>ask him to clean the couple boxes he dropped on the floor up, and put them back where he found them
>he spent more time bitching and moaning about it (and putting it in a different spot, only for it to fall again) than it did for him to do it right
Normalniggers never cease to amaze me


Janitor is a cozy wizardly job you sound like a fag


Ok 4kids user


Took a week off from work and I'm back tomorrow. Drank bourbon and sat at my computer all week and don't feel ready to go back. I think I'll just be an alcoholic. I've been toeing the line for years but I give up.

130k AUD/year, whatever that is in burgercoins.


>130k AUD/year

One year of saving and you can buy your own house upfront. Another year of saving and you can cover bills for 20 years while you can laze around doing whatever hobbies you enjoy. Ooh so depressing.


For over a month now I've been barely doing anything and it seems like the boss hasn't noticed


our housing market is more fucked than yours. chinks literally own this country.
also money didn't fix anything in my life, not a single thing. except I can buy alcohol other than cask wine.


The main reason to work is so you don't have to sleep outside. Other than that, money is kinda useless, at least for an introverted virgin.


pretty much. at the end of the day I'm still a shut-in loser especially since I work from home. I considered asking for a demotion because I hate the added responsibility but I don't think that will be possible.


I'm pretty much set on working at any job that will pay me enough to live. Don't even care if it's only $20-30k per year, as long as I'm not homeless and can rent an apartment. Been a NEET for over 7 years living with my parents, now in my late twenties and sick of being unemployed and helpless. So now I'm in school to get a degree in something that sounds marketable. Not sure if employers even care about what I study, as long as it's not a gender studies, English or history degree.
My ultimate goal is to land a comfy remote job or work in a back office not interacting with retards all day. I just want to do my time here on Earth with as little pain as possible, then hopefully die at an early age like 40 and escape this purgatory.
It's a shame how 99% of males* around the world are condemned to a life of mediocrity, whose sole purpose is to attract (or try to attract) lazy succubi who will then leech off them for however long they're useful and produce demon spawn, thus continuing the meaningless cycle of human existence.
*Wizards being part of the 1% who doesn't give a shit about starting a family or being with a succubus.




Scrum, daily meetings, meetings all the fucking day, jesus christ.


My immediate boss is apparently looking for another job. She's a bit of a cunt, but I've gotten on ok with her. Can't say I'd miss her, outside of the novelty of having a lesbo Jehovah's Witness as a boss


agile was a fucking mistake


I wish I could buy some land with a small house, fuck off from urban living and buy food from local stores. The inflation in my shithole crazy high though. 2 years ago I estimated I'd be able to do it by the time I'm 34 but now it's closer to 40.


File: 1619241424365.jpg (428.66 KB, 1600x1058, 800:529, download (46).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm gonna start working at a chewy warehouse, how fucked am I? This place literally looks like cage slave and i'm having a pit in my stomach and feeling paranoid how everything gonna go, fuck man i'm such a waste.


File: 1619250026154.png (596.46 KB, 671x966, 671:966, 1619106251116.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Parents fucked with the coffee machine again since apparently 1 coffee = 1 coffee and 2 coffees = 2 coffees is too simple.
It's the little things that set the mood for the day, I know it won't get any better than this.


Sorry wizzie, I guess those with little to no skills are forced to toil away in warehouses. I'm trying to avoid that altogether by getting a degree in accounting. I hope to find a comfy office job one of these days.


Good luck finding a warehousing job. This is the peak job of the no skill market. Everyone wants to have it.


offices are filled with normies who do 0 work and just socialize, it's a hell environment for a wizard
expect to stay after hours to fix normies mistakes then get blamed for it next day


I never said I wanted a job like that. Plus it's far easier to get hired at a warehouse than retail/fast food/other slave jobs. It's back breaking work and people quit all the time.
Dealing with normalfag coworkers sounds way better than the alternative: a lifetime of manual labor.


File: 1619400076178.mp4 (4.68 MB, 636x636, 1:1, Gn3D4Stsdmc5pPd-.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


>starts hitting himself
Im dying right now.


He could have just tuned that shit out or taken a break. I wish there were more context but it's still painful to see.


The sad reality is that if your behavior is even slightly deviant, your are seen as a carnival freakshow in the eyes of the normans. This is how regular people see us.


File: 1619403029403.jpg (47.21 KB, 461x385, 461:385, 1619194525387.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



You can pretty easily infer that the worker hit the computer out of frustration and the disgruntled nigger wanted to pick a fight, hence why he's being recorded.


I thought there would be more to it than simple observation. Yes he was mad, why wouldn't he be? Customer service is hell, especially now when normgroids are easily ticked off because they aren't socializing 24/7.


why hes acting like his whole life is over

he could just find another job if he gets fired.


Don't know what this is about but probably the only real solid motivation I have in life is to stay the fuck away from customer support or the like.


He probably had another severe personal problem and this idiotic nigger just was the cherry on top, I acted in a similar way when my mom died and I got the news by phone and my stupid retard boss started talking shit about me, I just lost it and started screaming at him


Hit dah computah


What a disgusting nigger
I hate normies so fucking much


That's definitely it, sometimes you're so fed up with everything but you can still hold on somehow, until something like that falls on top of it and all the pillars that are holding your sanity fall for a moment.
I can only have sympathy for that guy


File: 1619512290595.png (Spoiler Image, 456.95 KB, 2432x2352, 152:147, 1618933356407.png) ImgOps iqdb


If you are tired of wageslaving, the best option I can give is to live in a rural housing income controlled apartment, go to college online and use the student loans to invest in crypto. It is how I escaped and if I ever had to go back I would actually use a helium exit bag to suicide.

Monero made my life worth living again


File: 1619513214996.png (29.32 KB, 1468x901, 1468:901, Screenshot_2021-04-27.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is the real chart. It's about to break to a new all time high. In crypto that almost always precipitates a huge parabolic rise


you're talking about waiting for 3+ years since that is how long it takes to wait for a new bull cycle


So what? Play the long game.


Well, I assume it's hard to keep it together when stuff piles up all at once and there's an angry dude in front of you that hates your guts for no reason.


I have, but missing the most profitable phase is going to seriously affect your life forever. It still hurts to think back to missed opportunities from 2012 and such


>40 hours into a job at a recreational cannabis dispensary
>get started, they start to train and do it all in 4-5hrs
>think everything is going good but they grow more and more flippant and uppity and then the succubi start to get flippant because I'm obviously interested and on a spectrum
>one laughs like an idiot and goes "he's a chad I'm so disgusted by his teeth tee hee"
>the other goes "he obviously likes us, and I feel so fucking scared that I'm going to get raped"
>male spits on me when I start to cry
>try to game anyway so she'll come on later
>two hours later
>"anon you're a good fit and we're an equal opportunity workplace, but the succubi are creeped out that you're not engaged and available and they feel that you'd rape them and we think you're normal and slightly psycho and things are getting too awkward with them so you have to go, we're so sorry"
>almost verbatim they said this
>"in addition, you are not performing all of your job duties, like gauging (screening) customers that need to be barred from admission, and you did a good job with scheduling, but you need to be trained in one day and you're not"
>bitch you trained me in one day
>And we're pounding ass without you every night (two of the succubi laugh)"
>"this is your replacement"
>I start to whine that she's jewish and this is bullshit
>Eventually grow fed up with their bullshit answers and they exclaim
>because you're autistic or a psycho! TEE HEE NOW LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE
>With home depot it was that the 'customers felt threatened by my appearance and I was too mentally ill'
>go in to purchase some cannabis two months later (it's the only one in town and I don't have a car)
>Hag jew lady is there and she starts helicoptering majorities and panders to these shitskins in the lobby
>the succubus that cucked me quickly runs in back after saying "he's definitely not the one"
>tfw dad keeps making me go back

Now I'm on unemployment and they won't give me disability. I hate this country. Anyone else /perpetually fired/?


Why do you think of it like that? I was there before 2012, even as early as 2010 and 2011 just mining away.

I read all the top miners comments on the bitcoin.org forums back then. Not a single one of them hoarded all those coins until today and became millionaires.
People had to pay electricity bills which were huge so they sold several bitcoins for pennies on the dollar when the price was low.
Also, even the big miners ridiculed people who hoped the price will rocket to $100 some day. Nobody realistically thought it will be $50,000 in 2021.

~100% of people sold off their hoardings once the price hit the $100 level or higher, and crashes happened as people offloaded their coins.
You didn't miss out on anything because if you lived back then like those people did, you wouldn't have had the guts to hold onto such a ridiculous and uncertain investment.

The moment your initial minings or $10 purchases became worth $100+ you'd have sold off most of it like all those other people.
I sold a lot of bitcoins at about $40 each and I don't really regret it. It was still free cash. Didn't amount to more than a few thousand, but still, I had a quad GPU setup for gaming already, I didn't lose anything. Electricity bills did eat a chunk of it though.

The only point of this post was to make you see you didn't really miss out on anything, as most of us who mined back then didn't intend to hold 10 years. Most were ecstatic when it climbed to over a hundred bucks and took the cash.
When it climbed to $1000 that finally cleared out even the last hoarders. That's why you never hear about "bitcoin billionaires", there aren't any who had like 30,000 back then and decided "I'll just keep these until the 2020s".

There are of course some who made millions, but those happened to trade or hold from any point between 2010 or 2019 taking advantage of the rise. And those with very large mining farms, so their initial investment into Asics or GPUs has been huge. It's not therefore pure profit.



Most people that made it big through bitcoin are edgelord podcasters like Andrew Angelin and Molymeme that relied on bitcoin for funding, and people that lost their bitcoin and found it a decade later.

I knew someone that bought in at 2010, he sold around 2014 and bought a nice car and a deposit on a house. He made about $100,000 all up.


Excellent post.
Too many people ignore that fact they would've sold at 10-100-500-1000, and then regret doing so maybe even more than not buying at all.


>work at a call centre ten years ago
>get fired for hanging up on customers a year in.
>work at a pharmacy, starting a year after getting fired from the call centre
>get fired from there eight years later for stealing.


No person has the self discipline to hold when their random shitcoin investment just became worth half a million or even 100k.

The ideal scenario would have been an early miner getting into an accident and 10 year long coma then waking up today.


I started volunteering last year, thinking that it would strengthen my resume when I go out and get a job. I've went there 5 days a week, consistently got the tasks done. Now I'm trying to apply for retails like walmart and I STILL haven't gotten one fucking job. I've even gotten the manager's names and contacted them personally.

what the fuck am I doing wrong.


You have to spread your gaping asshole on national television so your mom and I can finally get off!


Take whatever you're trying to say back to 4kids


I don't use 4chan.


You are fooling no one


Good I'm not trying to


>We're interviewing other candidates we'll be in touch
I didn't get the job, did I?


Why are you pretending you haven't been on 4chan then


I'm not pretending I haven't been on 4chan, which is why I'm not trying to fool anyone.


Good one kid


How much money are you saving up to escape wagiecagies?


I don't think I'll ever escape it. Well I work contracts so it's not so bad.


>what the fuck am I doing wrong.
You're not applying for neetbux


File: 1619796429116.png (290.35 KB, 754x554, 377:277, 1481288035423.png) ImgOps iqdb

1 day of waging and I'm fucked
meant to be doing this for 6 months and I know that's not happening, can't say when, can't say why, but I'm getting fired
got fucking gaslit big time, working as some chef at a local pub, did some trial shift and that's all I did, but now I'm expected to spend 80% of my time just doing anything I can so I can pretend I'm busy, because you can't get much business around here, not like it's a prime location, and apparently me standing around doing nothing when there is nothing to do is bad, and I'm supposed to ask the other people if they have anything to do , and surprisingly, the other people doing nothing have nothing they need to be done, I do something, I should be doing something else, but they won't tell me, when I do it my method is bad, and if I do nothing at all that's bad too, which is pretty fucking different on the whole to how it was after the trial shift, I suppose anything they can do to bully the FNG is fine
tuesday: the ovens are a bit loud so it's okay if you can't hear us very well, you'll get used to it
friday: why aren't you doing what I tell you to you need to work on your communication


Retirement is a meme. Even high-end earners can't hope to retire in less than 20 years and even then not particularly well.

The trick is to find work that is tolerable, low stress and low effort for you, something for which you have a predisposition. Many wizzies figured out they can watch anime and play video games while being a security guard or get paid to write business software or manage IT because they like sitting on the computer all day thinking about abstract systems and how they fit together.

Stop thinking of retirement and start thinking how to make your life tolerable, maybe even enjoyable in the present. If your only hope is being able to do nothing in 30 years then you might as well kill yourself now because you won't make it.


You know what they say: the moment you become a wageslave is the moment your freedom ends. Might as well get used to the fact of working until you die.


I already retired at age 21 or so, it's called neetbux. Though not every country has it.

I also get a couple grand a year from my parents so I either improve my nutrition with that by eating rarer foods, or I invest it.

Usually I buy stocks but 2020-2021 my shitcoin investment of $500 randomly became $5000 which is nice.

My point is, there is no point in working.


File: 1619863598616.jpg (118.63 KB, 566x642, 283:321, 1619847945756.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Every job thread online, no matter the website
>"Get an office job, anything else will destroy your body"
>All the young office workers I meet in their mid twenties are constantly complaining about their backpain and their joints click doing basic movements

Are normies just retarded or hypochondriacs?


Well in my case I applied everywhere but couldn't get a job. So it was either neetbux or end up homeless.


How much income is that per year? I'm pretty sure welfare in most countries is the bare minimum unless you're a single mom with five kids. it's livable, but I wouldn't call it retirement.


Apartment, electricity, water and about 600 euros to be spent as I wish each month.

It's not such a bad deal. On top of that I get a ~€1k cash drop on random months of the year from my parents, usually 3-5k a year.

I also have a car, not anything special but a decent 2015 Volkswagen estate car.


Office jobs aren't nearly as bad on your body as something like construction or heavy landscaping. But sitting down all day every day is pretty terrible for you. I work from home and have a standing desk.


How do I motivate myself to program? I could probably do bug bounties, make some cashgrab phone apps or pixelshit indie games if I applied myself but I always avoid programming. It sounds better than wagekeking.


File: 1620121930166.jpg (47.56 KB, 864x486, 16:9, thumbs_b_c_e186fa8d5c168e8….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I worry I'll be forced to take the New World Order jab because of my shitty line of work.


>normalslave does what his masters tell him to


I'm glad I cheered you up, friend.


construction and landscaping aren't all there is beyond office work. None of the janitors I've met have had a single health complication from their work.


We have a CD player/radio in my work station. I usually use it to listen to a radio station while working. Sometime between when I came home from work on Friday morning and when I went back to work Friday night, the radio's power chord went missing. Just the chord. The radio itself is (or was, as of the end of my shift on Saturday morning) still there.

It's rather puzzling. If you're going to steal something, why just the chord?


And it's hard to believe, but there's still 'good' legislators out there that are making it unconstitutional to get shit like vaxx ports or making it illegal for companies to require employees to vaxx themselves. And there's a good chunk of normals out there against this sorts of draconian terror.
The fact that there were protests against lockdowns with people wearing those red hats IN CANADA and the EU was a miracle that I thought I would never see in modern times. And I'm still seeing clips of restaurant owners personally telling coof health inspectors to fuck off should be a nugget of hope that you're not alone.

For now I would suggest to save your powerlevel on your opinions anything related to Covid, let those who have adequate social skills (aka normals) lead the charge, since most wizards can't jeopardize whatever income they have.
Or make a fake vaxx card if worse comes to worst.


File: 1620619854662.jpg (555.32 KB, 1000x1341, 1000:1341, 1551705507304.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was initially thinking of choosing Programming as my skill set to invest in hopes that I'll find a long-term job, but seeing how blue collar jobs are increasing in demand, I'm starting to have second thoughts. My gut is telling me that most of the programming positions are already being taken, but I don't have enough evidence to suggest so.

However there's a problem I have with physical labor- I won't bore you with my life story but in short I have permanent weak muscles due to some weird accidents. If I had the physical strength, I would love to do things like construction. I'm wondering if there are any jobs that fit my needs that can secure my income for a long time.


how do you spend surplus salary?
my job is hard for me, though wage is still below average, and there's nothing to show for the hard work. I don't want to go back to alcohol and junk food, all media etc. is free, I don't have hobbies, and being ablee to maybe get a house if I'm alive in 15 years isn't motivating at all.

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