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Every morning I feel terrible because my head feels like it lacks oxygen, tinnitus is very loud, head feels heavy, empty, bare of emotions, slow and disoriented. I always have to breathe consciously and very deep to feel somewhat better again though it takes time till it adapts to a normal level every day.
Anyone have experience with this reaction? What can I do against it? Should I meet a doctor?


Yeah, you should go to a doctor. I think they do a sleeping test and then give you some mask that makes breathe better.

I believe the condition is called sleep apnea, where breathing often gets obstructed partially or entirely during sleep, leading to snoring and then fatigue and headaches when you wake up.


>sleep apnea
>read Wikipedia
I'm doomed. Well at least it looks like I'll die young so that's good.


try sleeping lying on your stomach, also maybe keep the windows open during the night to get more oxygen


i envy you


if you're fat try to lose weight, that's how I cured my snoring and sleep apnea.


Like >>235566 said, this helped me. If it doesn't work try sleeping sitting down, I know it sounds weird, but just get a bunch of pillows and arrange them so that you won't fall to the side.And also this >>235606


Ok I'll try that this night.


It's similar to what I experienced while fasting hard. While we sleep the body usually tries to pour out some waste…


Nothing that was suggested in the thread really helped and I'm rather skinny so that's also not it. I don't think I'm depressed at this point. I just think sleep is not having a regenerating function and every morning I wake up my body is struggling for hours to recover from the night. I'm so tired all the time because of this. Going to a doctor then it's the only chance. It looks like I'll have to wear a mask in my sleep for the rest of my life.


asthma? allergies?


you have sleep apnea. you need to see a doctor or just get an old machine off ebay if youre poor.


File: 1619442619931.jpg (65.21 KB, 600x600, 1:1, external-content.duckduckg….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

OP probably wont see this, but for anyone in the same situation consider looking into dental malocclusion.

CPAP is the machine that helps you breath by essentially maintaining air pressure so that you have a a constant air flow it "forces" more air in.

However if you have dental malocclusion (a misaligned or imperfect bite) your tongue may obstruct you airways as you sleep, because while sleeping breathing is much weaker than normal, and lying down face up also may make more difficult to get in sufficient air.

For anyone interested just google "dental malocclusion and sleep" and read around.

Also look into pic related, its a guard to protect teeth from nocturnal teeth grinding (bruxism).

There are also other things that can cause sleep apnea in non obese people such as macroglossia (an enlarged tongue that blocks the airway, which is what I seem to suffer from). Read around, and talk with a doctor and a dentist. The teeth part may seem unrelated, but with health issues you have to look at all possibilities; remember, doctors are consultants, they don't know everything, and asking for different opinions is really important.


Do some heavy cardio to exercise your lungs. You'll know it's working when you have sharp pains in your rib cage as those atrophied muscles start working after decades of little use.

You can waste money on some gimmicks to help improve the airflow and make your lungs even weaker in the long run causing more problems down the road or you can deal with the problem itself at the cost of effort on your part.


>Every morning I feel terrible because my head feels like it lacks oxygen

What do you mean? What does that feel like? Do you have a headache?


No it feels like death.


>Also look into pic related, its a guard to protect teeth from nocturnal teeth grinding
That looks like it would greatly hinder airflow through the mouth, which could be suffocating for someone with a deviated septum or even just a stuffy nose


So I have this now what?


OP how foes uour nose feel? Ecen if you wake up and you think your nose is clear, it might not actually be while you sleep. I suffered from swollen turbinates and it turned out that is what was causing me issues.

Try to stay super hydrated during the day and see if it helps for the time being. Also change your bed sheets and everything at least twice a week. If you have fucked up turbinates, even the skightest hint of dust or slightest lack of water will cause then to swell uo while you sleep. Also thoroughly clean your room at least once a week to make sure there isnt ANY dust. Order special dust sucker wipes online if you can.


I have had bruxism (teeth grinding) and those are completely impossible for me to sleep with.
The only way is get a specially made mouth guard for like $1000 that is more comfortable but still annoying

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