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Making a thread for BPD discussion since the last one we had here has died.
There is a common misconception that only succubus have BPD and this is not true a lot of wizards actually have the disorder also so please do not attack the posters here for mentioning their affliction.
Misaki is the OP image as she is BPD and I am sure many of us would relate to her.
Wizards that suspect they are BPD but not diagnosed as they share some of the traits are welcome to discuss those traits also.

So you have BPD how does this manifest for yourself?
Have you any experience with therapy and how has that been for yourself?
Do you agree with the diagnosis and are you comorbid with another personality disorder meaning you have both of them at once or share significant traits?
Do you get very attached to people what have your BPD experiences been like?
Do you self harm at all?
Do you feel you will ever recover from BPD and how do you cope with it?


Psychiatric diagnoses always seem fake to me. Probably because normalscum think it's cool to be "OCD" or "psychopath." BPD just sounds like another method that normalshits can make themselves seem unique without actual talent for anything. I once knew an attractive succubus who straight-up told me she has aspergers. Maybe I am stupid and ignorant but it is really hard to believe this pseudoscience


Wizzie with BPD here glad we have this thread again. I have BPD and also schizoid disorder comorbid or so I am told but who really knows since the "science" is not empirical and I worry that I will never be "normal" as in not BPD but have found therapy helped in a very minor way.

>Do you agree with the diagnosis and are you comorbid with another personality disorder meaning you have both of them at once or share significant traits?

I agree that I do appear to be BPD as technically I have the traits but who really knows maybe it is because I am a wizard but I do not really see myself in other bpd people. I am comorbid also and have a rather rare diagnosis.

>Do you get very attached to people what have your BPD experiences been like?

>Do you self harm at all?
Yes I do it is really dumb but I do
>Do you feel you will ever recover from BPD and how do you cope with it?
Recovery is not really possible you just learn to cope better is all.

I get what you mean I do and often normalfaggots just get diagnosed somehow and make it their whole identity as if it really is something to be proud of but personality disorders and diagnosis do kind of make sense when you learn more about it you will understand why.
The label means nothing just think of it as a cluster of traits which goes under the term BPD.

What makes it hard to believe that mental disorders exist? OCD can come in many forms it is not really being a clanfreak like normies think I have OCD myself and get all sorts of compulsions and thoughts plus do rituals that cause me stress that is a real thing.


I don't know mate. The BPDfags on /b/ seem genuinely batshit to me.


I'm in my down phase right now. Feeling really dead inside and seeing no point in trying to do anything productive. I don't see a point in harming myself, but I do have a tendency toward self-destructive behavior during these times. In a few days I should start feeling amazing again though for no reason. It's not like anything changed. Only the chemicals in my brain.


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>a lot of wizards have BPD



Language is so arbitrary. When you actually think about a lot words they lose their meaning.


Not in this case. OP is just making things up.


In the last BPD thread there were many bpd wizards also BPD is underdiagnosed in men.
A lot of true wizards are schizoid but lack the diagnosis.

Why do you disagree about the amount of BPD wizards.


Sure, let me go comb through that collection of studies done on wizar–oh wait, there's none. Guess we might as well throw all speculation out the window.


>Why do you disagree about the amount of BPD wizards.
Because it's clear you have a perception bias from reading you. "Lots of wizards have BPD", "Misaki is the OP image as she is BPD and I am sure many of us would relate to her."


Psychiatric labels are just an extension of the mess of the human world. They are trying to group together behaviours and traits in to manageable categories where you can try to find relevant solutions, and in the long term specific causes be it social/biological/environmental. There is some validity to it however measured by the outcomes of different types of treatment for each category and stuff like brain scans showing similar abnormalities in a percentage of people with the same diagnosis.

In the real world it gets mixed with ego and interpersonal neurosis. Mental illness is inseparable from the discussion of free will, self control, and responsibility which means it always comes up in socially contentious situations. When someone declares "I have X" if you imagine them saying "I think I exhibit these behaviours and struggle with these specific feelings" conversation makes a bit more sense. They probably won't be thinking like that themselves because most conversation isn't actually in those terms and conversation that demands you account for your behaviour is normally emotionally charged conversation around blame and one party needing to express anger. If they're just saying they have X because they find the narrative of their behaviour interesting or to excuse their behaviour reading, responding to it as I said to imagine it earlier still makes sense.


I honestly will never get over the cringey trainwreck that is "psychology" and the sheer amount of people that take is as a major in college. In my school there are about 20+ different psychology lectures… why on god's green earth would you ever need so many psychology lecturers? What could they possibly be teaching people? I have overheard several people in society speaking about "narcissism" like it's a new fucking soda. Everyone from teenagers to old people are in love with this pseudoscience/ social programming and it's sickening


Psychology is a meme major like political science. It's all a scam but as long as people are still willing to pay for these useless degrees, the lies will continue.


What's not to get? Everyone wants to know why humans act the way they do.], especially in psychology people are lead to believe they will be able to manipulate/help people. Now whether psychology can do any of that is neither here nor there, but it promises to so it's attractive to many people.


Anyone who disagrees with formal astrology 101 is a gaslighting narcissist. I notice this form of ideology in a few places, where it employs a "vice-grip"/ironic twist in its lore, so simple disagreement would result in you being pathologized. Similar to alcoholics anonymous, the "alcoholic" is characterized as a disagreeable villain who would never admit he is an alcoholic, and in so being, inadvertently admits he is an alcoholic. It's reverse logic that a child could do.


Psychology classes are really popular, especially with roasties with mental illnesses.

Psychology at it's earliest form was a jewish scheme to extract the gossip from the local populous and to gain power over them. Freud was bat shit insane with all of his theories sounding extremely Jewish (incest, everything is incest). These days we use little to none of his writings and it's mostly people moving beyond his incest gossip.


Freud has had a massive cultural impact. The whole "mommy" and "daddy" fetish meme that went around was indirectly influenced by him. I think that freudian slips are real, though. The rest of his stuff is just an insane jewish cokehead rambling about nonsense.


>I think that freudian slips are real, though.
This is interesting. What makes you think that? Ever since I have heard about it in high school I thought it was nonsense, and so is parapraxis in general, but that shitty belief is so ingrained in people's head that they automatically interpret the most benign slip of the tongue as a freudian slip when 99.9% of the time it means nothing at all.

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