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How you guys cope with anhedonia? I can't do anything because of it.

I just lay in my bed all the day.


You wouldn't be that way if you were staring death in the face every day. It's basic human psychology to be severely depressed when you're doing nothing productive.


Token anhedonia thread, yet again.

It isn't about productivity at all. It is about having desires and passions and following them and living them out as much as one has the power to do it. OP is another wizkid who lacks goals and interests, probably just a phase that will pass when he will get bored of being miserable.


It's easy. You've realized that your earnest desires can't be fulfilled so you turn to escapism. Imagine a bird locked forever in a golden cage.


I just go through the motions, I'm not really sure why anymore. I don't even have very grandiose ideas anymore. I just want to not suffer like I did in the past




I have a job. My anhedonia is amplified when I'm wageslaving away.


Anhedonia is either a product of a lack of exposure to new activities and people, which is common for people with restrictive lifestyles like shut-ins and NEETs.

Or, more subtly, a lack of ability to perceive potential rewards and/or lack of confidence in your ability to earn those rewards. For example, you can't imagine that some activity might pay off, to be able to anticipate the reward, or if you can, you aren't confident that you will manage to earn it, hence why demotivation makes sense.

Personally, I don't have general anhedonia, but I do have "social" anhedonia which makes me unable to enjoy socializing. From observing my own subjective experience, I simply lack this anticipatory feeling and imagination that I get with regular activities. I literally cannot imagine a social situation that would be enjoyable to me or any practical way to realize it, hence the complete social demotivation.


File: 1614125793501.jpg (26.13 KB, 350x230, 35:23, 350px-David_-_The_Death_of….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Treat every social situation like a socratic dialogue and pwn all of the normalfags at their own game


Just go back where you came from, underaged crab.


This is only appealing if you're into that kind of intellectual posturing. What exactly do I gain by outwitting some random normalfuck? I would only be showcasing my own ignorance at how to play the social game and would be labeled as "that guy" in any group setting. But then, trying to play the actual game also doesn't seem appealing in any way because there is no anticipation of a reward. Do I want them to laugh at my jokes? Do I want their attention as I share intricate details of my life? Do I hope to gain something from befriending them? I can imagine that this is what motivates people, but for me personally, I just cannot perceive any potential from interacting with another person, at least outside of imageboards.


Socrates was basically king of the warlocks. I personally am jealous of the man.


This is /dep/ you dumb fucks


although there is another anhedonia thread so I agree


He was nothing like a warlock, he was an ultra-normal who attended parties and enjoyed courting young noble boys. Plus his pretentious and hypocrite way of thinking managed to plague Europe for more than a thousand years.

Still no excuse for posting low-quality threads.


You gotta try and force youself to do things you used to enjoy, and don't have any expectations. You'll most likely feel like shit the first few times you do it but eventually you should start enjoying that particular activity again.


You're calling the one man who managed to piss off every aristocrat in his society an "ultra-normal"? Socrates was a fucking warlock that questioned the reputations of those in power and unveiled how unworthy they were of that power. How is that normal?


I wake up, do the menial tasks I have to do, see if any of the channels I'm subscribed to uploaded anything, sometimes gather information on how to commit suicide, then read boards and listen to music in the background until I fall asleep.


i don't, i just have no instinctual need to do anything aside from the instincts that have the strongest hold over me and everyone else, for eg. hunger, i cannot even extract pleasure from playing games, enjoying anime or other forms of art, or going out, or anything really, i spend most of my time browsing imageboards

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