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Anybody else feels like this? I am alive but I'm dead. Life has no sense for me and every thing I dreamed of is completely impossible. No mattee what I do nothing will ever change, even if I manage to do better there are outside things that make everything impossible and worthless, even worse now with this coronameme thing. So I just have no hopes nor anything, life in the past was shit and there will be no justice ever. I live in automatic mode, my past 4 years just passed by, I even get confused about when did stuff from past years happened, for example a mail that I was sure I received it in 2019 turned out to be from 2018. I can't kill myself, I've tried but I simply can't. A part within me gets hyped when small sparks of hope appear but they get crushed instantly by reality. I'm almost resigned that this is the kind of life I'll have until I die. I used to escape from this with lame entertaining (anime, porn, exercise, learning stuff, etc) but that doesn't works anymore. I don't get why the fuck I had to be born


Iktf. Days pass me by as I linger on with no direction or sense of purpose. I am currently going through my mid 20s and yet it feels like not a year has passed from when I was 17. All these years are lost in a haze and I can't make out any details even if i try to remember. Time loses it's meaning when you have nothing meaningful to look forward too. It's all a miserable blur.


Seems like a comfortable passivity. I'm sure you enjoy your life more often than you realize. Honestly, being in your own room with some food and an internet connection is more than a lot of people have.


>someone has it worse than you
>that means your situation is enjoyable even if you don't realize it (as if this is even possible)

I'm so sick of this false consciousness bullcrap. There is no end to the amount of suffering in the world. Someone is always going to be worse-off. As we speak, a child sex slave is getting gangraped in a 3rd world rape dungeon. Well then I guess people without a room and internet connection shouldn't feel so bad about their circumstances. At least they are not getting their wizhole gangraped on a daily basis, right?. Hell, I'm willing to bet they enjoy life more than they realize, those priviledged fucks.

Seriously stop it with this shit.


You just countered my positive comparison in OP's situation with a negative one. So what if I want OP to feel better about himself? Hell, he doesn't have cancer (hopefully) and he's not in fucking prison for the next 40 years. Damn, being a "Walking cadaver" isn't as bad as I thought!


This. Who gives a shit about the myriad of niglets and chinklets dying every day?


If I said I cared about that I wouldn't be much different than a normalfaggot with their false sympathy.


This sounds like something a normalfag would say. eat shit and die faggot nigger


He is in prison though thats the thing his prison is his existence with a life sentence.


This to the nth degree. If someone feels like dogshit, it is the dogshittedness that they feel like that matters, not the condition of their shoes or what's in the fridge.


You should look up the definition of catharsis sometime.

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