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In sad and depressing days like this one I can't help but wonder if normalfags are happy, don't misunderstand it's not like a want a gf and sex but the few times I see normies they seem happier and more well adjusted than me, I wish I could just live a day in my life without my awful suicidal thoughts, without the pain, the fear, the sadness, without feeling like the entire world wants to destroy my psyche, I would like to laugh, to go to a coffee shop being happy and calm, I would like to say "Yeah today was a very good day" just because existence didn't hurt that day.

I sometimes envy their happiness, but it may be fake, if any of you have daily contact with normies could you tell me if they're happy? Or at least happier than the average wizard?


They exist in a state of denial. The consumerist world makes everyone depressed and trough propaganda from birth people are tought that buying and consuming will make them happy. Thats why succubi will go shopping and buy thousands of dollars worth of shoes, not because they like collecting but because they get dopamine from it. This system is failing, depression has already become the norm. All celbrities claim to have depression and anxiety nowadays, mostly bullshit though, and its become basically pop culture. Its disgusting, truely is.
Most of what this guy says is total BS but watch from 3:40. I want to vomit seeing the toys kids play with today and the tv shows they watch


They're relatively happier because they experience less negative emotion like anxiety, shame, guilt and so on, and they're able to satisfy their biological/social needs very easily.


if you compare normalfags with the wizards on this site, definitely.


It seems like most crabs compared themselves to the best chad life when they think of "normie". They think of an attractive wife and lots of sex.

Replace it with an ugly aging wife, no sex, and waging for children and the normy life is nothing to envy


there are happy or succesful wizards but they're a minority on this site, i'd guess 10 percent. So if you compare the wizard population who is mostly suicidal, depressed, miserable, severely mentally ill, suffer from physical ailments, with the normalfag population, then wizards lose against the normalfags. It's pretty obvious


File: 1614624292080.webm (1.8 MB, 640x360, 16:9, me.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Nobody is happy.


In a way, yes. They are in the same society but they have more money so they can participate in retail therapy where they live beyond their means and get more dopamine highs from all the shit they buy. Their kids really cause them a lot of stress and headache though, increasingly so as society disintegrates and kids are caught in the crossfire.


Yeah they are happy. It's not fake. Most people live OK lives. It's just a roll of the dice.


File: 1614646517147.webm (301.32 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1608967174226.webm) ImgOps iqdb

nice video :^)


All the normalfags I see when I get groceries look depressed and miserable. Many seem anxious and paranoid of others. Probably because of covid and politics turning people tribal. Before 2020 people did seem blissfully unaware of the world around them though because they lived their lives in a social media bubble.


I'm happy.


So, do you always embody a single emotion? Or are you occasionally sad as well? Do you feel a limited range of emotions compared to other?


The point of balance that I return to when I'm not doing things is one of contentment.


I think pretty much everyone experience happiness and sadness occasionally, humans have these emotions for a reason. I don't think anyone is sad forever and only feels that one emotion.


File: 1614690152316.webm (837.76 KB, 288x480, 3:5, based.webm) ImgOps iqdb


They believe that life is a gift, If you were to challenge this axiom they would avoid seriously considering otherwise and might even become angry it is self preservation.
What makes people normies isn't that they are happy because often they are not but because they are unduly optimistic


Most normies in history have been serf farmers, if they are happy with that life just because they have children, it just shows the biological will to survive and reproduce has nothing to do with what should rationally make a rational being happy


The normies that do things right and get a wife, kids and a stable career at a young age are pretty damn happy. That's maybe 10% of young normies these days. The ones that are soyboys are deep down pretty miserable, and the ones that fuck around until their 30s and fall into the divorce trap are pretty much on the level where they should be posting on here (they go to bars instead though).


Honestly no, unfortunately i'm surrounded by normalfags constantly and they usually turn to drugs etc. because of their complete and utter sadness.


Hard to tell. They generally seem more content than wizzies, and their baseline happiness seems higher than ours. However, they tend to stress about jobs/marriage and kids/mortgage/whatever


Pretty much yes, wizards always criticize normals as being optimistic and optimism/hope helps raise happiness.
Not to mention all the sex and intimacy they have, you can see wizards' desperation manifests itself as waifu, tulpa, excessive masturbation, degenerate hentai and even cutting their balls


Really depends on what kind of bar you are setting for happiness. By a wizards standards, they probably are happier almost by default.


>In sad and depressing days like this one I can't help but wonder if normalfags are happy, don't misunderstand it's not like a want a gf and sex but the few times I see normies they seem happier and more well adjusted than me, I wish I could just live a day in my life without my awful suicidal thoughts, without the pain, the fear, the sadness, without feeling like the entire world wants to destroy my psyche, I would like to laugh, to go to a coffee shop being happy and calm, I would like to say "Yeah today was a very good day" just because existence didn't hurt that day.

Normalfags live in denial. They are self fulfilled according to the definition they make. If they had a shitty day they will just make up different things in their head to cope.
The only truth is their happiness is short lived and they vicariously live through it in their bad times.

>I sometimes envy their happiness, but it may be fake, if any of you have daily contact with normies could you tell me if they're happy? Or at least happier than the average wizard?

They are miserable like us, they just tend to display their problems as minuscule. They try very hard to show what they want us to think, while stuffing all the other shitty things to cry about at home or some person who they think are their real friends because occasionally they nod their head and tell them they "understand"


why is happiness seen today as a goal. and a man who hasnt achieved this goal is weak or unsucessful or depressed (like its a bad thing). we are all depressed and we always have been as humans. it has been made to be seen as unnatural to force happiness and comfort. It doesnt always work.

Happiness is not an achievable goal for so so many. There is nothing wrong with you. We are all small men in an unforgiving environment. Often awaiting things getting worse, until it is all over.


Having happiness as a goal is impossible anyway.
Why are most people unaware of this?


Most normalfags don't ever do any kind of introspection because they are constantly around people most of the time.

I can guarantee that if they spent as much time alone as most us Wiz's the suicidal and existencial thoughts would come creeping in.


Just look at the normalfag 180 that took place when the lockdowns hit and they were forced to live like us.


They had better experience than us but still are not Chads


4chan is full of normalfags


Yeah, for ages now.


File: 1615000665588.png (2.47 MB, 1056x816, 22:17, The_looking_glass_self.png) ImgOps iqdb

lol no. you only see what the normalgroids show you and what they dont know that they show you. you dont see what you dont know that they show and what you dont know that they dont show. when you look at some succubus' instagram or some chad thundercock's snapchat story it is easy to think they are happy and successful, while in reality most people dont realize that they dont post all the unhappy pictures.

but i know something better than if normalfags are happy. i know if theyre going to be happy. it is easy to think nothing can stop you in the confidence of their youth, but how many of the normalniggers you know do you think will just end up becoming bitchy soccer moms or dad bod wageslaves? in the end it is really just a rat race, and unless you are one in a million you wont escape it


water is wet


no but they're too pacified to do anything about it.

suicide and drug abuse rates including ssri's paint a pretty grim picture.


You can have a shit life as long as you have a reason to get up in the morning. My hero was an old maori guy on a gas site who was morbidly obese with several health issues, but he had several children and a loving wife and could power through 60 hour weeks for that reason. Take away that family and his gout and obesity would depress him.


Very true, it seems like there's been a insane increase of Norman's developing depression in the news lately


Their "depression" is not real if it is from lockdown at least not in a medical sense it makes sense for a normalfaggot to feel worse after something happens true depression is feeling shit no matter what.
Hikikomori types like myself have lived under lockdown essentially for many years and maybe the first few years we hated it and wished we could go out but you get used to it.


This place is also full of normalfags



I don't give a fuck, only a dead normalnigger is a good normalnigger


Happiness doesn't really exist, even for normalfags. They only use it as an excuse to shun others who don't fit into their cult of extroversion.


File: 1615415111353.png (1.66 MB, 1280x7779, 1280:7779, arguing with zombies.png) ImgOps iqdb

To ask the question if normalfags are happy begs the question if they even have conscious experience in the first place. I'm becoming more and more convinced that most people are just NPCs/philosophical zombies with no conscious experience whatsoever.


I observe this with some family myself is there anything to read about this? Your text image linked in your post just looks like it was made by a schizo to me.


Magnus Vinding wrote an article called "My Disagreements with Brian Tomasik" in which he argues that Brian Tomasik might not be sentient, since Tomasik denies that consciousness exists.


> Is Brian simply missing the screen? I don't know what it's like to be Brian, but I suspect he might be. He might even claim that there is no screen, only “information processing”, and that consciousness is all a user created illusion. But this is a claim that is derived entirely from consciousness in the first place. Without consciousness, we could not know about "information processing", or anything else, in the first place.


What do I do with the knowledge that I'm a zombie? :/


File: 1615442732412.gif (846.02 KB, 500x265, 100:53, 1615409593313.gif) ImgOps iqdb


time does not exist


If you are aware that you are a zombie then you are not a zombie. That should be obvious. Consciousness already got hold on you.


I noticed this when i browsed crab sites, they seem like they aspire to be Chad, while admitting they can't, they don't aspire to be normie, even though they said they might get a succubus "ascending" through having a job.


Crabs have a mix of beliefs. On one hand they believe having a wife etc will make them happy but also that the average man lives a life of delusional contentment ignorant of how they aren’t actually in a loving relationship because the succubi don’t love them. Some of them believe that only the top men experience real love and as such any life under that is by nature unsatisfactory with what they know.

Their obsession with culture is that modern society and social culture has altered succubi nature to mean even fewer men achieve the delusion, and more men are now living a delusion. They believe there is an ever shrinking number of men who can be happy so it’s easy to obsess about how any unhappiness in their lives is because of this unobtainable goal and the dynamics they believe caused it.

The obsession with a “top life” isn’t easily let go of for them because it’s predicated in crab beliefs; it makes their happiness a tangled self-sustaining mess but probably isn’t the primary cause.


Most people in the world aren't happy. The only difference is that most people have higher optimism and defence mechanisms they make in their head.


everyon is different some are depressed but i know some that aren't depressed at all and possibly even happy. its because they did everything right in life and have a relationship and are all grateful for their life with a positive view.


Happiness is an ephemeral thing like a drug high that wears out. What they are is content with their lives cause of the support structures they have built around themselves (home/friends/family/job/etc) that gives them a purpose to keep going on the treadmill despite going on the grind that goes nowhere.
I believe this what make difference when treating a normalfag with depression or your typical lonely imageboard user with depression.


No, they just have higher pain tolerance


They don't. They literally killing themselves because they can't handle a bit of loneliness.


From my experience I have had a very high pain tolerance in my life. It's maybe because of a lack of nuanced sensations or autistic tendencies I'm not sure what it is.

It's probably not strictly pain tolerance though what I mean. It's rather a capacity to put up with and endure a discomforting situation or taste or sensation and so on. I'm sure if a former normalfag would live as I do for a month they'd kill themselves.


I don't think our cultural understanding of happiness is real. Peacefulness seems to me the closer one can get from a state of "happiness", but peace is almost the opposite of the hedonistic cult of happiness we see today. No one is really happy, but I envy those have peace of mind, although I think one must be self-deluded to be in such a state.


99% are happier than me. My life is objectively horrible. Absolutely petty, inane shit will have normalfags in shambles though. Very temporarily though.
Maybe they would be more empathetic if they knew suffering like me. I doubt it though.


Most of them are very happy. They seem to have no capacity for existentual questioning of any kind and adore conformity. Society is built around rewarding this mindset. Ignorance is definitely bliss. Yes, they are mindless consumers and trend followers but this brings them great pleasure as they have no desire of any kind to question reality or deal with questions of a philosophical nature. All that matters to them is s dopamine fix. They mostly lack the IQ and the character to desire anything beyond this.

Often when they complain that they have problems, they seem to solve them very quickly with superficial shit like self-help books and then exclaim gleefilly how said book was "literally life changing!". I would suggest that if all it takes is some clichéd Oprah bullshit to fix your "problems" then they were not real problems to begin with.

They deserve everything they get. Fuck them.


File: 1623202834836.jpg (57.8 KB, 582x561, 194:187, wilson-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Generally yes. Ignorance is bliss combined with the evidence that they go to work means they are internally motivated by positive beliefs and also, as any maverick knows, are ignorant, and any cynic would tell you that's good for a peasant's mental health (and most work by the hour of which is an actual definition of slavery(, but of course that keeps them busy not thinking so they stay indeed ignorant and happy)).

Did or did not the crab meme come from redditor shaming subs meant to imply 'cringe males' do their own harm to their own community? Because if so that is a shit term to use here and I'm not the only one to ever take issue with it either on here.

But yeah, crab could mean any society whether negative minded or slave. Being negative can be crab, being a go-getter workaholic that targets bums on the street or druggies is another crab.

If laymen workers I would agree generally but if it's some office worker that spends 5k a month on frivolous luxuries then you're wrong. The first world lifestyle for tons of them babies them for every hour of work they do to the point most don't save up even a year's pay I read somewhere. Not hardly more than a month's is likely saved. People with 5k a month tend to have about 2k in the bank accounts they have, unless I was misinformed on statistics years ago when I took an interest into them in regards to all of that.

To play the devil's advocate they might be killing themselves due to becoming for the first time, at too old an age, disillusioned to what society is really like due to news drama finally getting to them. Then again it could be a combination of the two, I actually was diagnosed schizoid though are not, what does that say about my tolerance making me bias to how lonely a life could be? It's funny because how much of a life can a workaholic have? Then I remember dinner parties rich people are supposed to have and golf and I do wonder…..

Feeling nothing at all is peace. Being one with everything is neither being unhappy and happy ergo not being happy. With normal life you chase the up and run from the downs, too high and you come down harder or feel nothing as you get numb to whatever makes you happy. Without ups and owns you are dead inside and not happy nor sad.


Crab was a term for a long while, but yes referring to in-cels as crabs was a Reddit thing and it’s an absolute fucking travesty that it’s not only commonplace here but a fucking word filter implemented by the mods.

Also I reject the notion that nothingness is peace. Or rather that peace is nothingness.


Iv had to spend a lot of time with normies so I can put food on the table. What I can say is that first the most part they are happy but a good 40% is just an attempt to distract themselves from their issues like child support, SM induced depression, ect.
Some times I catch myself envying normies aswell, but you have to remember that their lives are superficial and even if they weren't they wouldn't want to include you anyways.


I'm not trying to paint normies as great stoic human beings, but I think generally, they are naturally happier and maybe even more stress tolerant compared to your average wizard. Also they're weirdly extremely submissive to their higher ups, even in situations when such behaviour is not required


File: 1623472702682.png (475.86 KB, 400x560, 5:7, americanwoman.png) ImgOps iqdb

Yes I do think normalfags are happy. People who are guffawing all the time, even at complete nonsense, are happy. People with sub 90 IQs who spend their time with friends guffawing, gossiping, playing "who can talk the loudest?," doing drugs, drinking to near death, and committing petty crimes are happy.

It just says how broken and pathetic American culture is. I'm a Japanese guy in the US. Most people just don't want to be around Japanese Confucian and Buddhist values. They just do whatever the pop culture Hollywood Jews tell them to do and they are happy for it.

Japanese Confucian/Buddhist values will get you a lot of money, they will get you good health, they will get you a long lifespan. They just won't bring you much happiness in the US.


File: 1623473150846.jpg (39.87 KB, 500x500, 1:1, artworks-bHKhVPTg6Lmveqpx-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why didn't you stay in Japan, then? It seems like it'd be a much nicer place to live, no?


I was born in the US in California. I just say I'm Japanese because I refuse to call myself a Japanese-American.


Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying.


Well there's your problem. You were born in the worst state in the US. And if you really hate it here so bad and feel that no one will partake in your superior religious views then leave as soon as possible instead of staying here and whining.



Found your problem.

Move to the rural PNW, midwest, Florida, the South, or the Southeast. Stay the fuck away from the coasts


No thank you.

I'm Japanese. I want to be around other Japanese people. Those are all places full of whites and blacks. I just can't get along with whites, Mexicans, and blacks. I've tried for 34 years, I just can't do it. I give up at trying to get along with other races.


File: 1623485005463.png (459.6 KB, 821x736, 821:736, dazai.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Do you think normalfags are happy?
Here's a relevant quote I remembered from the novel No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai.


Go to Japan.


File: 1623506596869.png (1.45 MB, 1617x985, 1617:985, go back to japan.png) ImgOps iqdb


They would call him a gaijin and tell him to get lost, probably for good reason.


Maybe try moving to Hawaii. I think there a lot of Japanese there and you wouldn't have the same barriers as trying to go to Japan.


That's actually the plan. I know it is going to be expensive. But I got a good chunk saved up and I just can't stand being here in Central Valley California any longer.


I don't think most normalfags are truly happy, but enough good things happened to them in their youth to keep them fairly content with their lot in life.


happier than me, yes

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