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The last suicide general has hit the bump limit.
Previous thread >>232813
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Lovecraft is a jewish homo


He's a sterling example of the anglo saxon race, you absolute imbecile.


This thread is so cringe. Hardly any discussion of real suicide methods

It's not actually for suicidal people and just role playing?

If you're serious about suicide then of course it is rational to try things like heroin.


File: 1619043096641.jpeg (245.89 KB, 1280x1371, 1280:1371, satania.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>This thread is so cringe. Hardly any discussion of real suicide methods
If you lay down and put weights across your shoulders you will die after 9 minutes of suffocation.


File: 1619078453808.jpg (1.89 MB, 1890x1602, 105:89, F1.medium.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i wish that were me


I should somehow make money to buy a rope


I'd rather buy a gun but it's forbidden in my country


Maybe instead of planning to fail you should simply plan something with the greatest chance of succeeding


Yeah that’s what I’m getting at. I think it’s weird to be able to observe this in myself, see it clearly and still not be able to change it. Non existence is just so fascinating and so is death. A human life is so imensy complex, millions upon millions of memories, thoughts, hopes e.t.c. and all the more philosophical things like conscience yet I’m able to go on the Internet and see someone blow their head off with a shotgun and brush it off. An entire universe going from everything to absolutely nothing and a pile of smelly meat and goo. Someone who had a childhood, probably a favorite song, favorite location and just as sentient as me gone just like nothing. How many millions of hours have been spent collectively pondering about the inner workings of the mind and consciousness yet at the end of the day it’s just a lump of fragile biomass. It’s very hard to put into words these thoughts but maybe someone understands this emotion/thought


How much mm (6 or 8?) rope to buy for partial suspension hanging? Also fixed noose is okay?


Well, just buy a few meters. More than you Will need. You’re going to fucking die either way, what does it matter?


i mean thickness, not the length


I do feel you brother. For some reason when people refer to bodies as meat it really freaks me out. Like a queasy feeling when you see blood. The same can be said about pussy. It’s just a smelly cavity of goo and bacteria to deposit your payload in


I call the outside world "FleshWorld" you'd love me LOL


How difficult would it be to just wade into the ocean and drown if I took a load of valium and alcohol beforehand.


Anything that's gonna be halted by your natural instincts of self preservation is not a good suicide method. That's said, you should get drunk and just go to beach for a while and consider the strength it would take to go drown yourself right then and there. Just meditate while the waves lap at your feet for a while, I think it'll help.


Its sad that thinking in suicide i feel more happy than thinking in survive more years in this crap of life


Thing with benzo blackouts is you do not know what you would do.
You could take your valiums and be very drunk and walk into the ocean only to come out commit a crime and wake up in jail.


I miss when internet people call real life meatspace



Anyone has a full guide how to execute this method at home? I used to have link from 8ch/suicide but its already gone.


Wayback machine /sui/ 8chan was working only last year and had threads up with all the info if you want it.
You may want to consider going onto SS as well but do not say I did not warn you that the community is norm cattle


Today I went to the train spot where I'm going to kill myself. I stared at the spot for an hour. It's so easy could have done it right then. Will finish it next time.


I miss it too. Meat/flesh analogy for normie shit really drives your point home. FleshSociety full of bugmen (the schizo eat the bugs meme is a good one too)


Who from here actually want to kill himself and not larping?


It’s just you wiz, everyone else is just here for the lols.


File: 1620272403315.png (15.55 KB, 960x302, 480:151, 2-methyl AP-237.png) ImgOps iqdb

Has anyone else here heard of 2-methyl-AP-237? It's apparently a legal opioid that you can kys with. Someone on plebbit said that their friend used it to kill himself with.



I gave up on suicide after watching the videos in this thread >>233017



I don't want to die, at least not currently. If I did I would be dead, simple as. I know how to do it, I have all the neccisary equipment. It really puts your mind at ease, doesnt it; Knowing you can leave this earth at any moment of your choosing.
There is a lot more to discuss about suicide in a suicide general other than how to do it. Some of my most interesting conversations have been in connection to suicide


Why are underage people allowed to post here?


This. Suicide helps keep life in perspective. It's why I like thinking about it. But normies are all, "NOOOO, THAT'S SUICIDE IDEATION, YOU CAN'T DO THAT, WE NEED TO USE PSYCHO MEDS TO KILL YOUR BRAIN OFF BECAUSE FUCK YOU."


Strange question considering the people who really want to can't post here anymore.

Also I think that people who really do it imminently land want to share it here make up a separate thread rather than posting in the general.


File: 1620408551495.jpg (143.33 KB, 500x700, 5:7, 1620112195508.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is this a good plan?


>consider going onto SS
Never heard of this before.


it's shit now. You cant login without a VPN or TOR anymore


**you can't login with a vpn or tor


I dont care. Share some link to it pls.


File: 1620457911836.png (1.43 MB, 1340x2808, 335:702, co.png) ImgOps iqdb

this is different but i will still post it.


i doubt you can get it so easily.


File: 1620536167386.jpg (9.67 KB, 136x416, 17:52, 136-416-noose_20.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

bump the question about fixed/running noose!


RIP wizzie.


Troll image, Potassium Cyanide is painful as your stomach throws a fit and foam builds up in your airway
It's true you can't buy it, but making it is so easy that the Discovery Channel forbid any program from mentioning the process. It's quite literally just crushing apple or cherry seeds. With a hand press and a vacant apple tree you can produce enough of the toxin to kill an adult, no chemistry needed.


So which is it?


How many painkillers would you have to take in order to not feel anything but not enough to overdose? I've heard overdosing is painful and I just want to be numb so I can cut my radial artery.


What is "painkillers"? What can you get your hands on? If you can get heroin or fentanyl then it is perhaps the best suicide method. People who overdose on good opiates dont say it is painful. You dont even need to cut your artery

If youre thinking of some pleb drugs like paracetamol and ibuprofen then just dont even touch that shit, it wont help anything


They are not conflicting. While putting it under your chin increases your risk of fucking it up the guy in the video has it angled properly as to destroy the brain.


>troll image
This has to be the ultimate troll think about it.
A wizard buys the material neglects searching for an alternative as he is convinced this will allow him to peacefully die.
Finally he is ready to pass on and takes the substance only to realize that he has been bamboozled and in his painful last moments he this wizchan thread flashes through his mind and he realizes he got trolled.
Can you get trolled any harder? is it possible?


File: 1620720930530.jpg (147.29 KB, 792x1024, 99:128, 1610784474351m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Boat, sea and fentanyl.
How good is my plan?


Sounds like a recipe for a good time even if it doesn't kill you.

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