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The last suicide general has hit the bump limit.
Previous thread >>232813


What is going on with sanctioned suicide is the website still up? also any tips on how to push past the SI?


>sanctioned suicide
Isn't that website a known honeypot?


The website is actually garbage from when I had used ti over the years it is made by the same person who runs all of the crab website forums and it is filled with normalfags.
You would think that it would have open minded people because it has suicidal people yet in reality it is basically reddit and the users there are stupid it is full of crabs that just try to date you if you are a succubus and post there looking for a suiicde partner.

I talk with someone who uses it currently and from what she told me the people she met are just normalfags.

What have you heard about it being a honeypot? wizzies would get banned there also I have been banned for not talking enough about my problems and sticking to philosophy etc as I dislike blog posting on a forum about my problems which arem y own business.


What can I use as an anchor point to hang myself? Is electrocution a good suicide method? It seems pretty easy and accessible to me, but I never hear people talk about it


What type of hanging are you aiming for? suspension is less daunting but can be hard to find a place to actually hang from harder than one thinks unless you want to use a door knob.


How would you do this most things have breakers in them now so a toaster in the bath wont exactly work why risk it when you can get some SN?


Any type as long as it gets the job done. How would you hang yourself from a door knob?
>most things have breakers in them now
As long as the current passing through your heart is low enough it should be fine. You just need 50 mA to cause cardiac arrest.
>why risk it when you can get some SN?
I live with my mom and depend on her income, so I can't order it online without her noticing, and I don't know where i would buy it in real life


The how is out there you have ample access to the how I do not feel it is needed for something like a hanging if you were to ask how to use SN I would try help more but spoon feeding tips on hanging from a doorknob is not something I will do and it is not because I am anti suicide.

You need to do some research you may just make your life worse by failing with half baked ideas.



Why does it bother you so much that they have had a GF or made a family? is it because you are a crab because if the reason you want to kill yourself is because you wish you had a GF or your own family you are really just ignorant as dissatisfaction in life extends beyond these childish woes.

I just hate how they are normalfags in the sense they do not actually think for themselves mostly and will try to silence you for thinking outside the norm whilst they are on a website that values some sense of freedom of speech and sharing of ideas.

If you want a GF you should probably fuck off back to your crab site and stop using wizchan.


I plan to slit radial artery in my right hand and die from a blood loss. With enough painkillers and alcohol I won't feel a thing and it'll give me some time to think about life and the world we live in before my appointment with non existence. I'll become weaker and weaker and then eventually pass out, like an abandoned, blood-spattered warrior on the battlefield. Fuck hanging and other quick ways to go, the ideal death is slow but painless.


I have SN but fantasize about slitting my radial and using the blood to paint some last words on a wall while live streaming my death for some hijinks online.


File: 1615098478846.jpg (941.89 KB, 999x3158, 999:3158, suicide note condensed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Has anyone here read Mitchell Heisman's suicide note?


File: 1615099225511.jpg (294.46 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, let those who wish to die ….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Godspeed wiz. I hope to die this year as well. I will die a virgin, and having never had a gf.


File: 1615099361415.png (101.15 KB, 502x771, 502:771, suicide statistics methods.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Is electrocution a good suicide method?


65.5% is not too bad


This percentage is also made a lot lower by retards who don't know how electricity works. A lot of people think throwing a toaster in a bathtub will kill you.


Everyone talks about snows forty foot deep, and how
the ice wind comes howling out of the north, but the real enemy is the cold. It steals up
on you quieter than Will, and at first you shiver and your teeth chatter and you stamp
your feet and dream of mulled wine and nice hot fires. It burns, it does. Nothing burns
like the cold. But only for a while. Then it gets inside you and starts to fill you up, and
after a while you don’t have the strength to fight it. It’s easier just to sit down or go to
sleep. They say you don’t feel any pain toward the end. First you go weak and drowsy,
and everything starts to fade, and then it’s like sinking into a sea of warm milk. Peaceful,


I do not think the statistics for cutting wrists is actually a statistic that has any value same goes with prescription pills being used.
usually retards and succubi "attempt" by cutting or "pills" and fail constantly because they are retarded also keep in mind that you just claiming you made an attempt is enough for it to be recorded regardless of how retarded it is.

Shit is just straight fucked wizzies hope I see you guys in anime land when I go.


It's also excruciatingly painful. Why would you electrocute yourself when there are so many other methods that are A) less painful, and B) more likely to work? Don't you want your last moments to be as painless as possible?


Don't care
You do have a point. The only real advantage electrocution has is that it's very easily accessible


from which anime is that quote?


>I talk with someone who uses it currently and from what she told me the people she met are just normalfags.


Vinland Saga


you have no real reason to kill yourself if you don't have a psychotic disorder, fuck you if you think you have problems. t. schizo


>Don't care
Isn't avoiding suffering the whole point of committing suicide?


File: 1615186203095.jpeg (3.03 MB, 1857x925, 1857:925, DMT entities.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Is it true that your brain releases massive amounts of DMT when you die? If this is the case, would it be a bad idea to kys by blowing your brains out, since you would miss out on the DMT if your brain is destroyed instantly?


i will enjoy all my copes left nothing wrong with rope stop listen to the normalfags that say life will be better life only get worse


There is no proof at all for this view that your brain releases DMT when you die via being released from the pineal gland.

If you do trip when you die you may end up with a bad trip.


It's worth it to suffer for a couple of hours if it means avoiding decades of suffering


if i shot myself in the head i will 100% die right? also what are your opinions whan happen after death


>if i shot myself in the head i will 100% die right?
Not necessarily. It's like 99.9%, but there are extremely rare cases of people surviving gunshots to the head. though if you use something like a shotgun then yeah, your head will basically no longer exist.


Only if you have no other options. I would much rather use a less painful method, even if it means extending my lifespan for several months.


File: 1615251878607.webm (1.42 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, soyboy suicide.webm) ImgOps iqdb

The people that survive getting shot in the head with a shotgun are usually retards that either use birdshot or shoot themselves in the chin instead of putting the barrel in their mouth. If you put the barrel under your chin, there's a chance you'll blow your face off instead of blow your brains out. Vid related killed himself successfully, but he shot himself in the chin like a retard.


File: 1615252053608.png (181.04 KB, 1108x1009, 1108:1009, no_death.png) ImgOps iqdb

>what are your opinions whan happen after death
It's not that unlikely that reincarnation/eternal recurrence are real. If my consciousness could come into existence once, there's no reason why it couldn't happen again given enough chances. I want my consciousness to stop existing forever, but the idea that death is eternal nothingness sounds too damn good to be true. Still, my next life might be better than this one. This could be one of the worst timelines ever.


I love all the retards who feel worse for the "doggo" than the human being who blew their brains out in a perverse live streamed fashion.

Fucking brain dead normies feel worse for an animal whose conscious experience consists of constantly forgetting where and what it is and who can't even recognize itself in a mirror. I'm sure the heckin pupper will be overwhelmed with the bitterest of grief!


. My primary concern was how to die in such a way as to minimize
suffering. Hanging is, of course, the most appropriate method for this purpose. But when I lingered on
the image of my own dangling form, I was overcome by a lavish feeling of aesthetic disgust (I
remember a time when I loved a certain succubus, but lost my feelings towards her when I found her to
be a poor writer). Drowning, too, could in no way achieve my goal, as I am an able swimmer. Even in
the unlikely even that I succeeded, it would prove more painful than hanging. The thought of throwing
myself beneath a train evoked in me more than anything that sense of aesthetic revulsion. Death by a
pistol or a knife held the potential for failure due to the trembling of my hands. Leaping from a building
would no doubt be unsightly. Based on these considerations, I settled upon death brought on by a drug.
It is possible that death by a drug may be more painful than hanging. However, aside from the fact that
I find it less abhorrent than hanging, it also holds the benefit that there is no danger of resuscitation.
There only remained the issue that procuring such a drug would be, needless to say, no simple task for
me. I set myself upon suicide, and resolved to use every means at my disposal to acquire the drug. At
the same time, I tried to gain what knowledge I could of toxicology



File: 1615317654388.jpeg (81.07 KB, 1010x606, 5:3, f4e30dd3-4df8-44a7-b6cd-e….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I am attracted to emo wrist cutting too, but don't see it in lists of legit suicide methods, I guess it's not very realistic way to go.
At least some blood thinner is required.
Sometimes it seems humankind didn't invent anything better than harakiri by bamboo sword.


One problem I have with hanging is the possibility that you will survive and become a quadriplegic. This is probably a much greater issue with long drop hanging. If quantum immortality is true, the is an even bigger problem.


i hope its nothingness but something tell me we just reincarnate


File: 1615372442728.jpg (13.48 KB, 174x289, 174:289, exit bag.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is there a good exit bag tutorial available somewhere? I'd like to build one using helium, since that seems to be the most readily available inert gas. I understand the principle but I want to know specifics, e.g. how much gas I need to buy and how fast to flow it.


The peaceful pill handbook. You can look for a pdf on library genesis. But be careful, helium is not as reliable as it used to be because the norms have started mixing it with oxygen to suicideblock you. Don't give yourself brain damage.


>the norms have started mixing it with oxygen to suicideblock you
Fuck, I suspected this when I looked at the reviews on Amazon and saw normals complaining that it doesn't make their balloons float. Do you know if they're doing the same with nitrogen and argon? They seem more difficult to procure but it would be worth the wait to avoid becoming a vegetable.


They are seriously making helium THAT bad just to stop people choosing to die?


I don't understand their unquestioning opposition to suicide. I can believe that some suicides are perhaps worth preventing (e.g. when attempted impulsively in reaction to temporary circumstances), but wanting to die is no more irrational as a reaction to this absurd, torturous existence than attempting to live a "meaningful" or "good" life, whatever that would entail.


You post this a lot but I still don't understand why you believe that the passage of time is influenced by the existence of sentient beings. We know that there were no sentient creatures on Earth for a billion or so years after its creation, and there's no evidence that this state persisted for "the shortest amount of time possible" or that the emergence of sentience is in any way interrelated with the structure of time.


The passage of time can only be experienced by sentient beings. With no sentient experience, time loses it's meaning so there is no meaningful distinction between millennia or a nanosecond passing.


>Do you know if they're doing the same with nitrogen and argon?

I'm not sure, but if you want a peaceful exit you can try the SN method. Sodium Nitrite is easy to obtain and the chances of fucking up are minimal compared to exit bags. You simply down it and go to sleep forever.


Time does not exist the entire concept of time is an abstraction used to explain the changes within the only moment that has ever existed.

It is hardly as easy now sadly I suggest you get it already if you do not have it.


File: 1615414954823.png (156.39 KB, 1920x1037, 1920:1037, air composition.png) ImgOps iqdb

>helium is not as reliable as it used to be because the norms have started mixing it with oxygen to suicideblock you
It's more than just that. Earth is literally running out of helium. Most of the helium that exists on Earth is trapped deep underground, and has to be mined along with natural gas, and is then purified with cryogenic separation. There's a big helium shortage worldwide. The balloon companies are probably also afraid of being sued by Karens because of some kid accidentally asphyxiating himself.



File: 1615415721451.jpeg (6.91 KB, 328x154, 164:77, cyberweld.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>Do you know if they're doing the same with nitrogen and argon?
Don't think so. In the US, there's a company called Cyberweld that sells argon cylinders that I think are 100% pure. They're considered hazardous materials though, and will require a signature if you get one shipped to you.



what is even the pont of helium that does not make a balloon float.
That is just a disappointment.


is it possible to hang myself by suspension using a guitar cable? also, are doorknobs really reliable? my doorknob is very "shaky" and loose.


Why not just walk to a hardware store and buy a rope? Don't really know how the doorknob method works but I personally wouldn't trust it. The anchor point is too low, I'd be afraid of becoming a vegetable. Once you're suspended your survival instincts will also kick in, if you can stand up and save yourself you will.


I wish I had some fentanyl. Normalfags seem to OD on it all the time yet I can't get any.


File: 1615612236297.jpg (135.83 KB, 500x733, 500:733, 1612518770250.jpeg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What is the proper way to lethally overdose on street drugs? So far i've got a fentanyl patch and as many benzos as required, i can also get my hands on lyrica and of course some killer whiskey. You can recommend some other shit to add to the cocktail, but i can't guarantee i'll find any.
I've no tolerance for fentanyl nor benzos, and as i understand it, the combo is fatal. I don't wanna fuck this up, and i'm not sure of the actual doses required. Apparently 2mg of fent is a "lethal" dose, but then there's always the chance of having your airway open during the overdose, leading to brain damage as opposed to death. Obviously i'd rather prevent that.
So my question is this. Is it enough to take about 4-8mg of fent, 20mg of xanax/alprazolam and a few grams of lyrica/pregabalin, and wash this down with the aforementioned whiskey?
I'm planning on using ethanol to separate the fent from the depot patch, then i'll scrape up the residue and stick it up my nose.
Don't have any antiemetics since those require scripts and aren't sold anywhere less than legally, and apparently the best way to take benzos is to swallow them. How big of a problem do you figure it'd be if i start throwing up the benzos and lyrica before the fent kicks in? How likely would you say that is? For reference, i threw up cough syrup within a few minutes of finishing the 200ml bottle.


>Don't have any antiemetics since those require scripts and aren't sold anywhere less than legally
Even stuff like Dimenhydrinate? They sell those for like 2€ per 20 tablets as travel medicine here.
Maybe take the pic you posted as a hint and add a physical component. Painkillers and some sliced arteries should make that entire cocktail you plan to ingest a lot more surefire.


File: 1615615093146.jpg (82.64 KB, 480x720, 2:3, 1614109241470.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, no dice. Everything requires a script where i live. Though if you list some antiemetics and their doses that should keep all the drugs inside of me, i can fish around on tor. Perhaps someone just so happens to have a bottle of perscription antiemetics laying around, you know? Apparently metoclopramide is good, but i don't know what dose should be taken for it to be effective.
Several more substances came to mind. DXM is apparently extremely toxic with fentanyl and i can separare it from cough syrup, so i won't vomit because of that. I can also get GBL as an additional "fuck you" to my body's GABA, on top of the benzos, alcohol and pregabalin.
And no, no physical component. The only viable physical component would be sitting on some building so that when i pass out from the fent i might hopefully fall, but that's too finnicky. Another decent one would be setting up a noose for partial suspension hanging and taking the drugs with that around my neck, so that when i pass out i'll be suffocated, but frankly i just want to drift away in my bed, in peace. Though i'll get my hands on *some* kind of antiemetic before i attempt this because you're right, doing this without one is a recipe for failure.


>benzo combo is fatal
You would be surprised it can be even in low dosages but you can take suicide dosages and not die and remain alive also.

If you want to avoid brain damage do not take the combo you may not even die and just end up worse off.

Take the benzos sublingually or at least chew it up and have it in your mouth for a good 5-10 min until you down the alcohol to make sure you do not puke and then take the fet.

Why would you add lyrica to the mix?
Yo ucan get antiemetics at the drug story without a prescription just walk in and mirror symptoms needed also anti psychotics can act as anti emetic why not just get SN because your method may likely fail.

If you can use tor why not just get a good amount of heroin and bang it all at once when drunk that will kill you.
You want to mix DXM and all this shit but will just feel awful before you die.

You will likely fuck up with your idea and if you can just use DNM get some smack and bang that shit when drunk and also add benzos the the mix.


if you REALLY WANT TO DIE and are CERTAIN about it then just fentanyl is enough. Please reconsider though. Sage for not being a /dep/crab


>Take the benzos sublingually or at least chew it up and have it in your mouth for a good 5-10 min
don’t do this, benzos have over 90% bioavailability when taken normally, this is just retarded


File: 1615667817355.jpg (918.27 KB, 1440x2880, 1:2, 1613946221687.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>If you want to avoid brain damage do not take the combo you may not even die and just end up worse off.
Well yes, i *may* not die, but i probably will, right? As long as i take some relatively strong antiemetics i should be out cold within minutes from the fentanyl, and GABA-raped by everything else within 30 minutes.
Opiate overdoses are notoriously deadly, especially when mixed with other depressants, so why do you say that a fatal OD is unlikely?


File: 1615669007550.jpg (30.54 KB, 454x439, 454:439, 8aros.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Also there's no way i'm finding heroin on tor in my country, it's extremely rare and unavailible on the streets from what i understand. Oxys are the the closest to heroin, apart from fentanyl, that i can get my hands on. Why do you say banging h while drunk is more lethal than fucking fentanyl with benzos and other GABAergic substances, some of which have been described as extremely toxic and lethal when combined with eachother? (Such as fent and DXM)
I'd take the DXM right before the fent, so that i'll pass out from fentanyl and then will be under it's effects when the DXM hits.
My plan for dosing is grapefruit juice a few hours before the drugs. Then swallow the antiemetics and wait for them to have taken effect for at least an hour. Then i'll take 20-something milligrams of alprazolam and a heavy dose of midazolam. I'll wait to feel the benzos setting in ever so slightly, then i'll take the lyrica, DXM and GBL and wash that down with at least 0.5L of 40% whiskey or vodka. Then slather what i was able to extract from the fentanyl depot patch onto the inside of my nose and swallow the supposedly empty patch. A full patch is 8.5mg of fent, so i figure that even if i won't be able to separate all of it from the patch, the 25% oral bioavailibility should recoup some of the losses. I might also get a second patch to get the potential dose of fent up to more than 15mg intranasally.


Wizards I need your help. I want to buy some SN from a chemical supply store in person but I'm not sure what to say if they decide to test me. I suppose I could say I'm a uni student and need it for some project or something but I'm lost when it comes to the specifics. Any chemwizards willing to help me out? What would be a believable justification for buying SN?


There's nothing wrong with killing yourself. I mean that sincerely. It's your life. If you want to die it's fine.


Does vodoo death/phsycho-somatic death exist?


Im terrified of the transition into oblivion.one second i AM,the next microsecond im gone forever. How do I cope with this?how can i exist now but will cease to exist,if all moments in time exist simultaneously?


I ride a motorcycle. Been thinking of riding it opposite to the flow on the highways at top speed, and ramming into a truck.

The other day, when I was riding drunk, I nearly killled myself when I missed an exit. Been thinking about it a lot lately.

Also, with a motorcycle crash, it wouldnt appear like suicide if done right.


What you need to realize is that to the masses suicide is seen as a horrific last resort people take out of desperation and they beleive that simply going to therapy will solve all your problems. To them the idea that someone would want to die based on years of careful consideration instead of the emotional chock of, say being dumped by your partner, is completely insane.


tell him youre making D5 rocket engines with sugar. Watch one or two youtube videos on the topic to be able to answer questions. Ive bought SN for that purpose when I were developing rocket guidance systems many years ago and never had anyone ask but it might be different nowadays.
Such existential thoughts have always interested me, life and death is so complex yet incredibly simple. Take gore for example, within 1 minute of googling one can find a video of a man blowing his head off with a shotgun. That is an entire universe, years of thoughts and emotions e.t.c. going from sentience to absolutely nothing more than wet lumps. Hard to put into words but do you understand? To overcome this I'd recommend getting incredibly drunk and try just not to think about it.


Modern succubi are garbage. Do not give them an advantage and make them suffer.


It takes nearly 2 minutes to blow your head off with a shotgun? What? Why does it take longer with other guns (2.5 minutes)? Don't you die instantly, why would there be any agony at all?


I imagine those numbers are time until full stop of all metabolic processes. So I could see how your heart would probably keep trying to beat for a minute after your brain is powderized.


I think a more helpful metric of time is how long it takes you to actually die. And I still don't understand how deleting your head would cause you pain if you just immediately die. How could you even process the pain if the contents of your skull are spattered all over the wall behind you?


>I think a more helpful metric of time is how long it takes you to actually die
see that's thing, dead is as poorly defined as alive. also that list looks like some wikipedia list, so I have no idea what the actual methods are I'm just guessing.


Define "actual death" then if that's such a simple thing.


Perhaps there is a significant gray area, but I'm pretty sure that a person can reasonably be considered dead if their brains have been shotgunned all over the place, even if their heart is still beating.


Like I said, it looks like some wikipedia chart so it really doesn't matter nitpicking this.


you don't know how badly I wanna get isekaied, getting isekaied and then brought up in a stable loving family is probably the only hope I have of being a stable and functioning human being at this stage


I thought the whole point of isekai was that you get transported as you are, so you don't need to grow up again. At least aside from the ones where they turn into monsters, but even those skip over being born and stuff.


If I get isekai'd and God asks me what cool power I want I'm probably just gonna ask for a stable life doing something cool and comfy like research into maths/astronomy/magic or internal logistics for supplies/food or something. Fuck being an OP immortal retard, I just want my parents to love me and be recognized for the work I do to learn cool stuff.

Maybe I would just ask to be put in a comfy fantasy universe where there are no normalcattle and everywhere is beautiful and clean and all of lifes worries are eliminated by magic. My special power is that I live in a wonderful world full of wonderful people and nothing bad ever happens to anybody.


>research into maths/astronomy/magic or internal logistics for supplies/food or something
you can do that in real life


My parents will be absolutely devastated from my eventual suicide both emotionally but also because they no longer have any source of income. There is my sister but she's a stacy and already emotionally unstable so I don't know if she can take care of ny parents. They have a sum of savings but I don't know if it's enough. Nevertheless, I am a selfish scummy person so I'll go through with it anyway. I thought about leaving them a sum of money before I die but I am too lazy to wageslave for too long. I fantasized about selling my organs but I don't even know how to do that without getting cheated. I know the usual replies here, I won't care when I am dead and my parents could be blamed for creating me but I wish I can ease their pain upon my death.


I think I had heart attack yesterday, I couldn't get up for good ten minutes and today there is slight pain in left arm. Soon I will be free.


I don't really want to die, my life at this moment is somewhat comfy and the void of non existance scares me but if one day my mother doesn't wake up, I think that could be enough to drive me to commit suicide, I wouldn't have any reason to continuing existing and my life would immediately turn bleak and horrible. For that reason alone I think I should have a suicide method available like an emergency exit to use once things get unlivable.


suicide is for real man i dont want to live 50 years more of hell being miserable


To me it's fine to commit suicide once you reach your life goals or once you reach an age where health problems become common. Killing yourself at 65 is perfectly normal to me. There's no reason to drag life on to its longest end


That happened to me a couple of times, shit was scary as fuck.


Extreme pain and failing suicide attempts are deterrents for suicide. How do wizards overcome this?


I feel constant unbearable anxiety please someone help me


Try phenibut, benzos, or arylcyclohexylamines. Or just get drunk like a normal person.


File: 1616199143125.jpg (154.81 KB, 640x853, 640:853, ATI Nomad.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you're American, use a shotgun. If you blow your brains out with a 12 gauge/20 gauge slug, you won't feel a thing. The only way you'll fail is if you're retarded and use birdshot, or put the barrel under your chin instead of towards the roof of your mouth.


I legitimately believe that the real reason for gun control is simply to make it harder for people to escape this shitty life by committing suicide. Can't have the slaves escaping the farm!


>once you reach your life goals
Life goals such as? What's even the point of doing anything if you're just going to die immediately afterwards?


File: 1616199769163.png (587.19 KB, 1193x661, 1193:661, head gunshot deaths.png) ImgOps iqdb

What are the odds you'll feel anything if you shoot yourself with a low caliber handgun and don't die instantly? Will you just be knocked out and in a coma before you bleed out, or will you spend your last minutes/hours in agony?


Some of the racetam nootropics can be good for anxiety suppression, particularly pramiracetam.


Have you tried kratom?


Well one of my life goals is to achieve immortality.


>wants to become immortal
>posts on a suicide thread


>I plan to slit radial artery in my right hand
Why not slit your throat instead?


I'm not suicidal, I just come here to watch people who are.


Hang Up Jumping or gun what should i choose i dont have money for a gun yet


You see, doggos are easier to relate to for normgroids than a man with a soul.


Why should anyone feel bad for the man? He chose to do that, plus he didn't seem to be a very good person anyway.


So you're sadistic.



i feel truly alone in this journey of life, and this is the only plattform left to share my feelings to. Everything i feel and think is only know to my inner mind, noone else sees me in the deapth of what i am. My true excistense is within myself, so why do we exist in a world which is seperated from reality as i precieve it? Is this only the dualistic view of the ego, and itself just brings me more sadness? Is the ego simple the key element to my drive to depression? Why think, why bother, when thinking itself gives no meaning in it. All deep thinking are useless? Why do even bother when it all will fall back to what once was?


I don't believe that "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger", and I am more tempted to believe that "whatever doesn't kill you strips away the pretence that 'you' are anything but a biological will determined beyond reason on continuing to exist". Interpreted in this way, there is a sense of a growing divide between the psychological "you" which has been developed since childhood (e.g., your name, preferences, physical manifestation, ambitions, etc) and the more mysterious "you" which relentless urges you to perform action after action, minute after minute, in such a way as to seem as though it is a part of your character or psychological inclination. Ultimately, I feel like a corpse animated by a foreign presence which I am increasingly reluctant to submit myself to.


>Everything i feel and think is only know to my inner mind

This is what Carl Jung argues as I understand it. His book Man and His Symbols is quite interesting if you are looking to find out more about his theory about the unknown (but essential) "Self" and the layers of consciousness between it and how you behave.


i see your view of animated corpse, and yes, the driver is our awareness, our self concious of life. But why does humans have to have this "speciality" which seperates us from animals? We as a speciess are more doomed to suffering than any other animal just cause of our own self awareness. We can see our thoughts, we can think of the past and the future. But at what cost - suffering? But why? We can see the pleasue things too, yes, but on the scale between good and bad, life exist mostly of painfull expereince all throught life. An animal doesnt remember its pain, cause they only exist in the awareness of the present moment.

I read half of it, and its mostly about dreams and the unconcious mind versus concious mind. And how we interupt signs in our dream based on our day to day life expereince.


if I buy rope on amazon, would there be any consequences? Is a belt good enough


Please reflect on your paranoia-issues.


oh yes the police are vigorously monitoring online rope transactions for people such as you


Trust me, its even worse than this. Just looking at rope on amazon puts ur IP on a watchlist for suicidal people. You better lock you door and put on your tinfoil hat.


should i shoot myself in the brain? i watched that many people survived when they shoot themselves in the mouth


You should think about your question some more.


got formic acid and need to get muriatic acid for doing the combination that some wiz used sometime.
Only one i find is 30% motorcycle battery fluid, will that work??? i want to have a painless suicide method for when im without a home, dont want to be homeless in 3rd world


shoot to the head while sitting in a bridge with some weight in the fall side, once you shoot you will naturally fall.
if the shot dosnt kill you the fall will.


I wondered if this might be the case after I looked at helium on Amazon. The search results completely changed and I don't seem to have the option to buy most of them


this is actually genius


I believe you have the wrong thread sir. /pol/ and /lounge are back the way you came from


Helium contains 20% oxygen, it's useless to use. Only nitrogen and Argon are useful (can only obtain from welder stores)


>Helium contains 20% oxygen
Not by default, but they added it because people kept having painless deaths with it and god forbid they're allowed a peaceful exit (getting locked up in a madhouse, pumped full of drugs is so much more humane) rather than failing and becoming a drugged up cripple.
I really do beleive the reason they don't want people killing themselves is not because they feel bad for the person, but that they on some level might realize they are somewhat responsible. If the bullied kid in school killed himself and you didnt ever intervene you are somewhat to blame. So they would rather it just be out of sight and thusly out of mind (thats what wards are REALLY for) so that they never have to think about it. Disgusting


File: 1616810686992.jpg (83.69 KB, 624x478, 312:239, Suicide_Helmet__by_Karsche….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>I really do beleive the reason they don't want people killing themselves is not because they feel bad for the person, but that they on some level might realize they are somewhat responsible. If the bullied kid in school killed himself and you didnt ever intervene you are somewhat to blame.
I think it's bigger than that anon. Why do totalitarian regimes that have a vote want their Dear Leader to get 99% of the vote? Why do they make sure there's NO counteropinion? Why do they want NOBODY to leave? Because anytime anyone dissents against the government, it undermines their power.

It's the same reason why suicide can not, under any circumstances, be tolerated. The slaves MUST NOT LEAVE THE FARM. There is to be NO DISSENT. EVERYONE will fall in line.

But the helium+oxygen thing really is much more rationally and easily explained because there's a shortage in helium. And there's a shortage in helium because the government instituted a price ceiling on it.


File: 1616817843095.png (156.99 KB, 500x617, 500:617, suicide helmet.png) ImgOps iqdb

There was a kid who actually did this. Although the shotgun shells were detonated with electricity instead of like in your pic related.


File: 1616817929031.jpeg (65.13 KB, 850x400, 17:8, mao suicide.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Mao Zedong disagrees with you


*age your population*
Nothing personnel central planner


why productive people are killing themselves? i can't build or figure out anything, i have a constant brain fog, i'm the one who needs to die, but it's too hard for me. i'm being punished in the hell while normals can kill themselfes at ease at any whim.


File: 1616834756159.png (381.95 KB, 528x290, 264:145, Gluten_Sources.png) ImgOps iqdb

>i have a constant brain fog
You probably have food allergies that you aren't aware of. MY brain fog went away almost entirely when I went on a gluten-free diet. I still want to kill myself though.


More like:
>You probably have food allergies that you haven't persuaded yourself you are suffering from.


So? If it clears up psychosomatic symptoms, then what's the problem?


What's the problem in thinking you suffer from imaginary ailments you have read about in the lifestyle section of some popular rag, or from youtube wellness gurus? Gee I wonder.


Nah what he says makes sense. If you trick yourself into feeling better, then what does it matter?


He has not even tricked himself into feeling better. He has tricked himself into attempting to fix something that might not even be broken in the first place. This is the sort of behaviour that leads many gullible (mostly female) people to being neurotic hyponcondriacs.


You must REALLY hate William James' philosophy.


dont know what is worse forever darkness or live many years being miserable i hope after death we reincarnate i hope i reincarnate years in the future so i cant deal with this soy world anymore


Reincarnation is a terrifying idea for me. Life is inherently terrible. I wouldn't want even more of it.

Reminds me of that story "The Egg." I've known so many people who love that short story and find it "comforting." At the end of the story, the guy is going to be reincarnated as a medieval Chinese peasant succubus! How the fuck is that comforting?! It's a horror story!


>The Egg
>The story is about the main character, who is "you" (in the second person), and God, who is "me" (in the first person). You, a 48-year-old man who dies in a car crash, meet the narrator, who says that you have been reincarnated many times before, and that you are next to be reincarnated as a Chinese peasant succubus in 540 AD. God then explains that you are, in fact, constantly reincarnated across time, and that all human beings who have ever lived and will ever live are incarnations of you. You remark about being Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler and Jesus, and God adds that you were also once John Wilkes Booth, every Holocaust victim and every person who followed Jesus. God explains that in fact there are other Godlike beings elsewhere, and that you too will one day become a God. The entire universe was created as an egg for the main character (all of humanity), and once you have lived every human life ever, you will be born as a God. The reason God created the universe was for the main character, you, to understand this point: "Every time you victimized someone…you were victimizing yourself. Every act of kindness you’ve done, you’ve done to yourself. Every happy and sad moment ever experienced by any human was, or will be, experienced by you."

Wow, this is some 2deep4u bullshit.


File: 1617769092562.jpg (150.88 KB, 728x1053, 56:81, 16.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's coming soon. I don't know when. I feel like what had been brooding for years has now become an eventual certainty. What was just mirage hidden behind a haze in the back of my mind has now become clear and material. The haze has lifted and I know what I must do.


File: 1617771284288.png (25.45 KB, 600x338, 300:169, open individualism.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is basically Open Individualism


I couldn't have said it better myself


there is no Rope without ER


there is not rope without ER


Are bathrobes belts good for hanging? Not the robe itself but the belt that you tie around yourself.


I saw that, but im not sure if that's even a true story, the holes dont look too big. It could just be a random helmet some engineer student made and a fake story was written about it


>ramming my motorcycle into a truck
Other people don't have to die because of your idiocy. Leave them out of this.


Even if it's fake, it might still work if someone actually attempted it.


That's why you should lock yourself in a bathroom or something when you die. That way, the ER people will have to bust down a door before they can "save" you. Either that, or kys in the wilderness or some other remote location.


Another failed suicide attempt.
Benzos don't do shit.


>What have you heard about it being a honeypot?
Would also like an answer to this. I was thinking of using it.


Ask yourself why you would like to use the website and if it is to get information about suicide you have other sources because the "social" side is very lacking surprisingly due to how low quality the userbase is and intolerant they are of wrong think.
I o not mean they do not tolerate racism from immature people but that they tolerate no thoughts that go against the norm.


Does a bathrobe belt work as a substitute for rope or should I just try and get rope


File: 1618244372333.jpg (234.54 KB, 1062x1218, 177:203, 1618164703597.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can feel that my time is running out, so i've started looking into methods more deeply.

The thing is, i'm living with my family, and they have no regard for privacy, so ordering SN or anything like that is not viable, since they'd definitely question me about it when the package showed up.

There are other methods, like jumping from a great height, decapitation by train, etc, but i'm too much of a coward to go through with those, i really need it to be some sort of OD.

Illegal drugs came to mind, mostly Heroin, but my friends won't give me the phone numbers of their drug dealers, they say that i'll likely get addicted easily.

So i'm left with few options, the only one i can think of that would be easily accessible and that i could sneak into my home without issue is Paracetamol and Vodka, so i'm making my plans.

24g of Paracetamol + 1L of Vodka

The lethal dose of Paracetamol is 4g, most guides say that you need about 4x or 5x the lethal dose to ensure death, so this should do the trick.

What do you guys think? Is this method likely to work or fail?


>the "social" side is very lacking surprisingly due to how low quality the userbase is and intolerant they are of wrong think.
Would you mind elaborating and sharing your experience there?
I'm still surveying it but I haven't seen many contentious threads or ones bringing up potentially controversial issues.

I did see a memorial thread for a user who turned out to be a neonazi and everyone seemed to be singing her praises. Maybe some of them were just unaware but quite a few of them must have known as they reference stuff that happened on twitter (she was doxxed and this pushed her to commit suicide) and she was very outspoken about her beliefs there.
I think many communities would not have any sort of memorial for her. Some might out of pity and obligation, but would take pains to say how deeply sick and wrong she was for believing and saying what she did.
The most people are saying about her beliefs is just that they disagreed with them.


>24g of Paracetamol + 1L of Vodka

It won't do anything. Try to convince your friend to give you his dealer's phone number.


paracetamol is unlikely to kill you, however it could burn a hole in your stomach and leave you in excruciating pain for a long time, making you wish you were dead


If you seriously want to die just google some basic knots, buy a rope, constrict your carotid artery and hang yourself at home or the nearest forest. Though you'll probably regret it either way.


I ate 3g of paracetamol (had to take a lot of pills with it at once) and it did literally nothing
Also, I hope you understand that the whole thing about paracetamol + alcohol is decaying liver. I mean even if big amount of it works (which I personally doubt) before you go you will feel the worst pain in your life. It is, in fact, even worse than burning alive because it will take hours and hours before you die


File: 1618270651843.jpg (49.13 KB, 750x408, 125:68, 1618032254594.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Oh. Fuck.
Well, i appreciate the insight, looks like i'll have to find some other way.


Seriously I will never understand why a wizard would want to kill himself. You're giving in to the normals. They want you to die, ffs. It's like waving the white flag to your sworn enemy. Why give them what they want?


Now is the ideal time to swallow the honkpill. Let the chaos fuel you. Each day brings new circus attractions. The fun never stops.


because fighting hurts a fuckton, also fight for what? what do we get in return if we keep on living? more suffering?


FBI-chan, come on.


because when you're depressed and in pain for an illness you're not thinking about le evil normies, who realistically speaking do not give a fuck about your life, you're thinking about ending with your pain, normalfags don't enter in the equation when it's your own body that's causing you pain.


>Seriously I will never understand why a wizard would want to kill himself.
Because life sucks. I don't see why you need anymore justification than that.

>You're giving in to the normals. They want you to die, ffs.

If that were true, assisted suicide would be legal on request. There are plenty of moralfags who will try to stop people from killing themselves so they can virtue signal about what a "good person" they are, and you can be involuntarily committed to a mental hospital if you admit you're suicidal. And the government and corporations hate it, since it means one less wageslave they can tax and work to death.


File: 1618293233807.mp4 (7.16 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 6008-362c4648a594ba82dc0a8….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

this guy looks like he is in a lot of pain before he died, does anyone know what he did wrong? videos like this are very scary to me.


suspension hanging looks very similar to suffocation. actually premeditate on your suicide plans before chugging a beer and rigging a shitty rope over your doorway like this guy.


what is this sound?


If you have good health, rich parents and neetbux then there is no reason to die but most of us are poor hikkis/wageslaves with deteriorating health.



File: 1618320109184.jpg (30.07 KB, 567x496, 567:496, 1612165847342.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't think i'll be able to convince them, but to be honest i'm not sure if i want them to.

If my cause of death is drugs, the friend that gave me their number will know that it was because he gave me that number and will feel very guilty, i don't want that.

I love my friends, not enough to live, but enough to not want to make them feel a guilt like this.

I do know the dealer's name however, and by searching it on WhatsApp i found a message from 2019 in my friend's group where someone put his number up.

There's the chance that the dude changed his number since them, but this is my chance, especially because no one will recall giving me the number, because no one did directly, so no one will feel guilty in that regard.


I think that's just the seizure you get when you're unconscious. You shouldn't be able to feel pain then.


>he doesn't get neetbux and leech off the system that oppresses him


File: 1618357641524.mp4 (892.55 KB, 960x540, 16:9, ak.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Would just burn your face a lot and give you tinnitus. Nothing to contain the shell/preassure. Of course its a joke picture but if someone were getting inspired by it now you know not to make that mistake
I've been described as fairly handy person. I've had an autistic obsession with the mechanics of firearms ever since I was a small child. Making mechanical copies out of paper/scrap metal I bend and cut with heavy scissors and stuff from memory while watching stuff on the computer. I were teased and made fun of it whenever I tried to show it to anyone (yes, stupid when I look back on it) and it's been my guilty pleasure since. Whenever I try to make anything I get reminded of the feeling of being ridiculed. The one creative thing I had going tainted forever.
I wish I could have become like this but with something like programming or music.


Can anyone just tell me if a bathrobe is suitable for hanging or not


Will valerian root counteract with SN? I'm thinking of using it for anxiety since I cant get benzos or phenibut


Dude how the fuck should we know, there’s a million different brands of bathrobe made out of different materials thicknesses that can hold up to different weights. Just get a fucking rope or a belt retard. 99 percent chance that shit rips once you’ve put your weight on it, and if you’re gonna make an excuse like you don’t have access to a belt or rope to hang yourself, then you’re not even serious you’re just LARPing


I truly feel dead i am neet i never go outside dont have friends and i only in the computer doing nothing all the day i dont feel scared about death i believe life is hell but i have the feeling that i will back to this shithole again


normals don't kill themselves. There are productive neuroatypicals.


You are your brain. While the brain develops the echoes of neurons firing create the illusion of conscience. With the end of the brain comes an end to the illusion. You only have this one life and it has no purpose.


Yep. I realized this as a child. I think most people are very afraid of this reality and create all kinds of mental trickery to escape this harsh truth.

There's just your brain, the neurons, the synapses. They stop firing, you stop existing just like a dead dog, flamingo, fish or a lion.

There's no meaning. The death just *is*. You just cease to exist. That's it.

I don't understand how people manage to function knowing this. It takes constant ignoring of this fact.

Though most people I've met, don't seem to think about it. Or think about _anything_ at all. I live in Brazil, for what it's worth (from a French-German family).


nah i believe the budas are right and you back to this earth once more forever i will be good if you stop existing forever


where to find suicide partners?


is cutting veins a good method?


The robe belt I have is pretty strong, although its short, it can support my weight (since I attempted partial suspension with it). My only worry is if it somehow doesnt work like a rope (dont tie as well, doesnt block blood, etc) and not kill me. I can't just get rope because I live with room-mates who might receive the rope and I cant just walk into a store and buy long rope, I might get questioned


>I might get questioned
You'll be DEAD

Clerks don't get payed enough to armchair psychologize every customer's take on life. If they talk it'll be the same old robotic
>"Hi how are you?"
<Good, yourself?
>"Not too bad. Did you need a bag today?"
<Sure, thanks. On debit
>"Alright that'll be $14.88. When you're ready."
>"Would you like your receipt?"
<Nah that's fine thanks.
>"Alright have a nice day."
<Y-You too..

And then you die. You now also have a bag to throw over your head to ensue that even if air can travel through your throat, it will be blocked from entering your mouth. If you're going to kys yourself for certain, throw some lightbulbs and a Snickers in to your cart as well. How much of a Jew do you have to be to shy away from adding twenty dollars worth of inconspicuous housewares to your total before strangling yourself to death? Don't settle for what's on hand and risk vegetating, get the real hardware and do it right. No human will question a solo rope purchase, and if some lizardmen crawl from the sewers to interrogate you about a length of twisted string just tell them you're hanging a clothes drying line between two trees.


If consciousness is an illusion then what is experiencing the illusion?


only jews can be wizards


>I might get questioned

No you fucking won’t dude. Not a single cashier on the planet is gonna interrogate you for buying a rope or a belt dude. Even gun store people don’t ask what you want the gun for, outside of maybe asking to try and make a sale, so they can figure out if it’s more for hunting or target shooting or home defense, nobody is gonna assume you’re going to hang yourself. You’re a LARPer. You’re depressed and you think you want to die, but you’re doing these insane mental gymnastics to come up with excuses like this. Seek help


how do I buy weapons in the darknet to kms?


the brain experiences itself


Better to just make yourself. Google DIY Dingle shot .22


Or If its legal a black powder pistol or rifle. Generally unregulated


File: 1618614338022.png (1.66 MB, 1280x7779, 1280:7779, arguing with zombies.png) ImgOps iqdb

>consciousness is an illusion
NPC detected


What country are you from? In the US, you don't need a background check to rent a firearm. You can just go to your local shooting range, rent a handgun, sign a waiver, and shoot yourself with it.


>only 6% chance of working
>agony of 71
No. See >>237310


File: 1618615233076.gif (583.02 KB, 335x360, 67:72, relativity_of_simultaneity….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>You just cease to exist. That's it.
This isn't true if you take physics to its logical conclusion. The majority of physicists believe in a block universe interpretation of time, i.e. time is just an illusion. Therefore, the "past" is just as real as the present, and will never stop existing. Even if you die, your past timeline consisting if your entire life will still exist within the context of the block universe.




Nah, I was thinking of crashing into the rear end of like, an 18 wheeler truck. Theres literally no way someone else is getting harmed. I'm not a complete asshole.

Motorcycle suicides have a way of looking like accidents, that's what I'm after. And yes, I'm very concerned about not wmding someone else's like.


I don't even have money to buy a rope


Anyone else been thinking about suicide more philosophically and critically rather than an action. Of course it has always been something everyone ponders over but I'm still faschinated by my humanity. The concept of non existance and how human I truly am not to understand it. For example, I would not want to kill myself with porn playing on my computer or without logging out of it for example. Realistically it makes TRULY no difference whatsoever. I will not exist, I never will again for an eternity and from my perspective the world could just as well end at the moment I exit yet I can not bring myself to not think about such things like how my mother would react upon finding my body. I'm able to look at it from a completely neutral standpoint yet I can not trancend that barrier. It is one of the only such illogical things I can think of


I suppose in that case it's the emotional response (shame of being discovered) coupled with the inability to emotionally comprehend the lack of existence.


File: 1618715906000.mp4 (174.27 KB, 834x480, 139:80, dddd.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone from Massachusetts? If so, do you know if the class to get the license also includes range time?


in my mind deep down jews hide the truth about death so people cant do it in great scale


Say someone failed what methods would lead to no long term effects?


I've been a NEET from the age of 16 to 23.
I now got a job and I thought that would make me happy but it's fucking awful to communicate with people and have absolutely no time for myself anymore.

I finally got the balls and money to order stuff from the darknet and tried Xanax to somehow make me feel better.
But it makes not much of a difference, life is still shit.

So please, help me find a drug I can get that makes me feel comfy and never wake up again.


you're looking for heroin. Could go good to start with weaker opiates that you can eat in tablet form - might actually keep you going for a few years. e.g. oxycodone, tramadol.

If they arent good enough then heroin will be, and it is a great suicide method


druggie pos.


sure. tell him to use drugs to at first escape this living hell. After a while life will revolve around this drug and life will be much, much worse than he thinks it is.


Looks like mark zuckerberg lol


There's an article on Wikihow on how to tie a noose. Lmao.



Train because you'd probably be dead.


>implying you can't survive with amputated limbs


You really can't. Not if a fucking train hits you.


Lovecraft is a jewish homo


He's a sterling example of the anglo saxon race, you absolute imbecile.


This thread is so cringe. Hardly any discussion of real suicide methods

It's not actually for suicidal people and just role playing?

If you're serious about suicide then of course it is rational to try things like heroin.


File: 1619043096641.jpeg (245.89 KB, 1280x1371, 1280:1371, satania.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>This thread is so cringe. Hardly any discussion of real suicide methods
If you lay down and put weights across your shoulders you will die after 9 minutes of suffocation.


File: 1619078453808.jpg (1.89 MB, 1890x1602, 105:89, F1.medium.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i wish that were me


I should somehow make money to buy a rope


I'd rather buy a gun but it's forbidden in my country


Maybe instead of planning to fail you should simply plan something with the greatest chance of succeeding


Yeah that’s what I’m getting at. I think it’s weird to be able to observe this in myself, see it clearly and still not be able to change it. Non existence is just so fascinating and so is death. A human life is so imensy complex, millions upon millions of memories, thoughts, hopes e.t.c. and all the more philosophical things like conscience yet I’m able to go on the Internet and see someone blow their head off with a shotgun and brush it off. An entire universe going from everything to absolutely nothing and a pile of smelly meat and goo. Someone who had a childhood, probably a favorite song, favorite location and just as sentient as me gone just like nothing. How many millions of hours have been spent collectively pondering about the inner workings of the mind and consciousness yet at the end of the day it’s just a lump of fragile biomass. It’s very hard to put into words these thoughts but maybe someone understands this emotion/thought


How much mm (6 or 8?) rope to buy for partial suspension hanging? Also fixed noose is okay?


Well, just buy a few meters. More than you Will need. You’re going to fucking die either way, what does it matter?


i mean thickness, not the length


I do feel you brother. For some reason when people refer to bodies as meat it really freaks me out. Like a queasy feeling when you see blood. The same can be said about pussy. It’s just a smelly cavity of goo and bacteria to deposit your payload in


I call the outside world "FleshWorld" you'd love me LOL


How difficult would it be to just wade into the ocean and drown if I took a load of valium and alcohol beforehand.


Anything that's gonna be halted by your natural instincts of self preservation is not a good suicide method. That's said, you should get drunk and just go to beach for a while and consider the strength it would take to go drown yourself right then and there. Just meditate while the waves lap at your feet for a while, I think it'll help.


Its sad that thinking in suicide i feel more happy than thinking in survive more years in this crap of life


Thing with benzo blackouts is you do not know what you would do.
You could take your valiums and be very drunk and walk into the ocean only to come out commit a crime and wake up in jail.


I miss when internet people call real life meatspace



Anyone has a full guide how to execute this method at home? I used to have link from 8ch/suicide but its already gone.


Wayback machine /sui/ 8chan was working only last year and had threads up with all the info if you want it.
You may want to consider going onto SS as well but do not say I did not warn you that the community is norm cattle


Today I went to the train spot where I'm going to kill myself. I stared at the spot for an hour. It's so easy could have done it right then. Will finish it next time.


I miss it too. Meat/flesh analogy for normie shit really drives your point home. FleshSociety full of bugmen (the schizo eat the bugs meme is a good one too)


Who from here actually want to kill himself and not larping?


It’s just you wiz, everyone else is just here for the lols.


File: 1620272403315.png (15.55 KB, 960x302, 480:151, 2-methyl AP-237.png) ImgOps iqdb

Has anyone else here heard of 2-methyl-AP-237? It's apparently a legal opioid that you can kys with. Someone on plebbit said that their friend used it to kill himself with.



I gave up on suicide after watching the videos in this thread >>233017



I don't want to die, at least not currently. If I did I would be dead, simple as. I know how to do it, I have all the neccisary equipment. It really puts your mind at ease, doesnt it; Knowing you can leave this earth at any moment of your choosing.
There is a lot more to discuss about suicide in a suicide general other than how to do it. Some of my most interesting conversations have been in connection to suicide


Why are underage people allowed to post here?


This. Suicide helps keep life in perspective. It's why I like thinking about it. But normies are all, "NOOOO, THAT'S SUICIDE IDEATION, YOU CAN'T DO THAT, WE NEED TO USE PSYCHO MEDS TO KILL YOUR BRAIN OFF BECAUSE FUCK YOU."


Strange question considering the people who really want to can't post here anymore.

Also I think that people who really do it imminently land want to share it here make up a separate thread rather than posting in the general.


File: 1620408551495.jpg (143.33 KB, 500x700, 5:7, 1620112195508.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is this a good plan?


>consider going onto SS
Never heard of this before.


it's shit now. You cant login without a VPN or TOR anymore


**you can't login with a vpn or tor


I dont care. Share some link to it pls.


File: 1620457911836.png (1.43 MB, 1340x2808, 335:702, co.png) ImgOps iqdb

this is different but i will still post it.


i doubt you can get it so easily.


File: 1620536167386.jpg (9.67 KB, 136x416, 17:52, 136-416-noose_20.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

bump the question about fixed/running noose!


RIP wizzie.


Troll image, Potassium Cyanide is painful as your stomach throws a fit and foam builds up in your airway
It's true you can't buy it, but making it is so easy that the Discovery Channel forbid any program from mentioning the process. It's quite literally just crushing apple or cherry seeds. With a hand press and a vacant apple tree you can produce enough of the toxin to kill an adult, no chemistry needed.


So which is it?


How many painkillers would you have to take in order to not feel anything but not enough to overdose? I've heard overdosing is painful and I just want to be numb so I can cut my radial artery.


What is "painkillers"? What can you get your hands on? If you can get heroin or fentanyl then it is perhaps the best suicide method. People who overdose on good opiates dont say it is painful. You dont even need to cut your artery

If youre thinking of some pleb drugs like paracetamol and ibuprofen then just dont even touch that shit, it wont help anything


They are not conflicting. While putting it under your chin increases your risk of fucking it up the guy in the video has it angled properly as to destroy the brain.


>troll image
This has to be the ultimate troll think about it.
A wizard buys the material neglects searching for an alternative as he is convinced this will allow him to peacefully die.
Finally he is ready to pass on and takes the substance only to realize that he has been bamboozled and in his painful last moments he this wizchan thread flashes through his mind and he realizes he got trolled.
Can you get trolled any harder? is it possible?


File: 1620720930530.jpg (147.29 KB, 792x1024, 99:128, 1610784474351m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Boat, sea and fentanyl.
How good is my plan?


Sounds like a recipe for a good time even if it doesn't kill you.


File: 1620928351197.jpg (176.02 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Born On A Day The Sun Didn….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm loaded with Clonazepam (Klonopin) how many pills should i take to kill me? One pill is generally enough to put me to sleep until the next day it literally knocks me out. But even if one pill is enough to do that still i'd rather do it the right way so there's no chance of me ever coming back.And as i said i might have around 100 pills of Clonazepam plus a fuckton of Fluoxetin,Sertraline and Lithium. So i don't mind going all out and mixing and making whatever it needs as long as it's certain death. Something tells me this much Clonazepam should be more than enough to put me to sleep for good but still i'd like to hear you guys thoughts on this just to be completely sure i won't come back. Also what should i drink along with it? Vodka? would Champagne do? What about the possible "Throwing Up" scenario that could happen? How to avoid it? I really don't wanna fuck this up.


No need to worry about the antidepressants but the benzo and alcohol would work if you have that many.
Probably best to get drunk first really drunk and then take the pills but all ground up in a liquid so you absorb it.

Why do you want to die though have you tried everything first wiz friend?


I lost my Home.
Very slowly lost my Mom to mental illness.
Almost went homeless twice and now i'm living in the least place i ever wanted to be with an insane amount of pressure for me to leave said place. So i can already see what's coming. And if by "Tried Everything First" you mean suicide methods then yes i've tried quite a few. Now if you mean if i tried everything in life the answer would also be yes. I went as far as i could go. I almost posted a long greentext of the nightmare that my life always been but to keep it simple: "Some Things Just Aren't Meant To Be". Also thanks for the answer my fellow Wiz i wish you good luck and peace.


Have access to diazepam but it only works on muscle pains from what I can see.


your codeine is not going to do shit unless you have a huge amount and mix with alcohol.


Elaborate. Why wouldn't the painkiller kill the pain? I don't want to overdose, just something so I can get past the pain barrier and fuck my carotid and radial arteries up.


It's for low-grade pain. To mute cutting through your flesh you'd need an anaesthetic


But if I take a high enough dosage then it could work as an anaesthetic? Don't have access to alcohol because I don't own ID. Or do you have any recommendations for something to remove the pain?


If you have no ID ask someone to buy alcohol for uou but I assume you are unable to do that and may be able to order alcohol online. You would want to do research into how much is needed to achieve your goals but personally SN is always good to have.


Looks like higher doses don't improve pain relief. Will have to find an alternative.


What? I do.


Just take enough to overdose retard what is your weird obsession with cutting yourself instead of just taking a bunch of opioids and falling asleep in a state of bliss, never to wake up again?? It sounds to me like you just want to stage “attempt” and don’t want to have it hurt


is birdshot gonna be good enough for shooting myself? it's the only ammo i currently have and i wonder if it'd be better to wait until i can get my hands on slugs.


It would be well worth waiting.
If it does not work you are stuck in your bodyuntil you die in a far worse condition.


Even with birdshot I think that aught to be enough. It's more the pressure that is created from the powder burning and less so from the projectile(s) used.


I don't want to sound like a faggot, but what's the point of killing yourself if you don't know what awaits you on the "other side"? it could be nothing… or it could be way worse.


you'll die anyway. you're already dead in a way.


We're already in hell, it can only get better.


Or, or it could be like those isekai anime where you can be with cute gurls


People who think death is just a void are lucky. I wish death was a void.


You know you can choose to believe death is anything you want.


You'll die anyways, just because you take your own life doesn't mean something worse will come. You and I are just meaningless animals, when we die, nothing happens and thats that. No faggot heaven or hell, no reincarnation, we are just living creatures that live and die.


And who are you to say that? No one here holds knowledge of the afterlife, it doesn't really matter if you choose to only believe in what is material but it's really petty to act as if you hold the absolute truth, you, a meaningless animal


I really do feel like blowing my brains out with a shotgun- but I'm anxious of what may come next


It's the most logical reason, think of animals who literally get slaughtered like paper for us to eat, not a vegan faggot anything but did their lives truly mean something? Is there a cow heaven or hell? Seriously we aren't fucking special jesus christ, the only thing special about us is that we can comprehend and think better then any species but it doesn't mean we go to a specific plane or get "reincarnated".


34th birthday today. Thinking more and more clearly about suicide as years go by.


Happy birthday wiz


File: 1621713065365.jpg (311.77 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Tom Waits - The Heart Of S….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hey Lads same poster as: >>239923
Managed To get even more Clonazepam (Klonopin) and i'm still loaded with Risperidone,Lithium,Sertaline,Fluoxetin and Dipyrone. But i'm still holding up because i never drank Alcohol before and i'm kinda scared of throwing up.
So anyone got any tips on how not to throw up?
And is >>239928 really right about how only the Benzos should be enough? I'm ready to do it but i need it to be certain death.
So any tips?


Ginger extract helps for nausea but you may not throw up anyway at least benzo and alcohol never made myself vomit it was more extreme excess of alcohol that did.
I am the one who said not to bother with the other pills also benzo alcohol are not sure death but with huge amount mixed likely. I have had 500mg Valium and fatal level of ABC and survived for example.


File: 1621714548119.jpg (182.17 KB, 1211x962, 1211:962, Time To Go By Al Columbia.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So my best options are still the Benzos but not with too much Alcohol right? Also how many pills exactly you think should be enough? I got 178 of Clonazepam.


I would drink half a bottle of vodka at least and then take the pills powdered in a solution. You could just end up brain damaged if it does not stop ur breathing etc fully


File: 1621717379804.jpg (400.3 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Songs Ohia - Magnolia Elec….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Around 20 pills should do it?


File: 1621718972848.png (523.77 KB, 608x608, 1:1, Together Pangea - Badilla….png) ImgOps iqdb

Guess i'll go for 50 or more.
I have a pretty low tolerance to it that's why i always think of not taking too many but i guess it's better to make sure.


Good taste in music.


nigga do you not understand what eternal reccurence even is? You die, you end up right back when you started because quadrillions upon quadrillions of years can pass in only a second to you.

It's especially horrifing considering how likely it is. Holy hell just fml!


You're likely just going to vomit. You need at least anti-emetics


What do you think death is?


I'm already anti-semetic


File: 1621949532087.jpeg (2.96 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, E0983D2A-FA01-4CBF-B32F-C….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Made me chuckle
Yes, I think that’s a good way. Fentanyl seems pretty peaceful and I like the boat part could make it look like an accident. I’m going for the boat way. My family knows I love fishing and I frequently go out during evening to fish in the sunset. I know it’s irrational to care about what happens after you’re gone and I’ve podted about that before but I suppose as long as it makes the act feel better I don’t see why it’s a bad thing.


File: 1622101028243.jpg (90.13 KB, 700x700, 1:1, Ellliott Smith - 1995.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wow epic troll dude now stop pretending to be me and go back to /pol/ or some shit we're trying to die here. >>240510
Thanks for the warning:>>240397 gonna keep that in mind.


Is train suicide a good option even if it's a slow train? The thing that always bothered me was the bumper in front of a train. It is also rated as the most painful way to go, I wonder how long you can feel the pain? I really hope it's a good idea to put your neck on the line, I am in a difficult situation and I don't want to theoretize another way of dying again.


Bump limit already?

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