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File: 1618283796410.jpg (217.14 KB, 800x993, 800:993, 800px-Edvard_Munch,_1893,_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


how do i cope with thoughts to kill everyone in my sight when im in public? i often get no sleep or maybe a few broken hours due to the pure rage and sadistic push to knife a random normalfags guts out. nothing has worked at all.


What sorts of things have you tried to cope? For me, most of my violent thoughts come when I'm either scared or feel powerless. I notice I'm calmer if I feel that I'm doing something I think is meaningful and I feel safe.


see a doctor and get certified loony, acquire neetbux and never need to go in public again. everyone wins


second this. everyone here should get neetbux asap


Talk with someone anon

Those sound like intrusive thoughts.

Those are symptoms of anxiety and/or depression.

Do you exersize?
Do you are a creative person who is not creating?

Do you have a job?

Most people don't matter and you know that.

They are like birds in front of a computer. They can't understand shit even if they try.

Don't be angry at them. They can't help ot but being like that.


try smoking weed


Being that good influence, huh? Yes, anon, get into drugs so you can be even more miserable in life. Then you can hang with this stoner's friends and get into crime.


weed will fix any sleep/anger problems tbh, crime rates went down in every place that has legalized it so not sure what the connection to crime is


You literally sound like a drug addict. It's like me saying, "hey dude, life's rough huh? fucking drink alcohol :)" Your stoner ideology won't justify anything. You're crazy and brainwashed by stoner propaganda to think that marijuana is a gift from a divine creator.


>have a problem? smoke weed bro
wizchan 2021.


weed is non addictive, it's like calling someone who drinks beer an alcoholic

it works for the problems mentioned in OP and it helped me and many others wizards


File: 1618333641932.jpg (126.68 KB, 1000x773, 1000:773, yourgod.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>weed is non addictive
k, bro. smoke weed erryday!


>it helped me and many others wizards

what other wizards? How did you know it was weed that helped them?


it helped me. it relieves anxiety and can make someone relax. I don't know why theres so many anti-pot wiz's they should try some to mellow out.


going out for a run, exercising, taking a hot shower, etc. will also help you relax and "help" you and it doesn't cost you money.


Just let him continue to spend all his welfare checks on his drug dealer that'll use em to buy playstations and grilles for his car, in exchange for some noxious shit that grows out of the ground that makes you fat and retarded. vordw1nny4lief bruh


its impossible to stop anger when you are crab wizard


File: 1618470458606.jpg (160.57 KB, 750x743, 750:743, 1610618547703.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thinking how beautiful it would be to engineer virus with 100% mortality rate and hyper fast transmission to kill all humanity.


The best birus for mortality would be one that takes some time to kill and is rapid infectious if it is far too quick to kill people would contain it.
Imagine if covid instead of being a betaa virus took a month or more to kill you the virus would have killed so many more people.


I want to rob a bank


>Telling a doctor you have criminal urges


I've been living with these thoughts since I was a kid. Try watching some gore vids, like terrorists executions ,cartel killings, suicides,etc, see if it helps.


I feel a lot of hatred for normies i will love to stole their money or puch succubus in their face


I've posted on 4chan, 8chan, wizchan, and tons of other splinter sites bareback and never had anyone take notice.


This is normal thinking, you have been oppressed so are mad at your oppressers. of course if you are getting no sleep because of this you really should consider getting help and possibly drugs as the person most hurt by these thoughts are you and your family which probably care about you.


This only happens in you live in burgerland or in Fascist europe, I could probably say that I'm going to kill someone or plant a bomb or something (I'm NOT gonna do any of those things) and nothing would happen because no one in my 3rd world shit country would give a shit about some random post, the police probably can't even track this shit.

Living here has it's advantages.


Me too, i have so much built up anger from bullying and not experiencing teenage years because of my depression and unstableness. i hate the fact its normal to abuse and use the mentally ill for social gain.


Have you tried hurting insects or small animals like lizards, for what I know that's really helpful either to just relax, take it all out or to realize what exactly is hurting you, you can even go as far as getting a puppy


Bugs and lizards okay whatever but don't torture dogs and cats you fucker


yeah of course, sorry I wasn't specific, you can try and get a puppy and kill it, its a living thing a B I G living thing, yeah sure bugs and lizards are also alive, but our brain gives value to things in different levels and if what OP is looking for is a way out a strong feeling then a puppy is a nice start, again don't torture it, not only dogs cry very loudly but also, why? what did the puppy did to you? just tie it to a wooden plank and cut his head so it doesn't suffer, think about it if the idea of hurting a puppy doesn't make you feel bad then try looking for one, you'll realize how easy is to get one, maybe try and follow thru set an appointment to retrieve the puppy and then decide, will I go for the puppy? or should I stay here, in my house? the choice is yours, we cant decide for you.


Not only is this shit cruel, but it’ll condition OP so that he is more likely to act out on a human at some point.


I think were past that point
>i often get no sleep or maybe a few broken hours due to the pure rage and sadistic push to knife a random normalfags guts out. nothing has worked at all.
Don't you feel bad for him? plus its true what you're saying it can push OP to actually do something bad OR can help him, he will realize the weight of a simple life, then realize "what about a human life?!" and make him better or at least clean his mind, if he's not able to end a puppy's life do you think hell have the guts to hurt a regular human? of course not, and that will open his eyes, or he could like it and stick to it instead of hurting people who knows


OP here
i have killed animals but it doesnt help. i hate 80 percent of people, everything about them. they are evil disgusting sadistic sociopaths who need to be executed. animals helped me no more than violent video games or working out has.


I went thru something similar to what you describe with the rage and constant anger. The best thing you can do is seclude yourself away from the world and take your mind off it. Just do things you enjoy doing and try to ignore and not think about the urges and eventually they will go away.


How old are you?


Fuck yourself you piece of shit.

OP just get Garry's mod install blood mods and best up NPCs until they giblet everywhere you will feel better. But don't hurt animals. They're not the ones you hate and it will just make you feel worse and potentially acclimate you to beocming an actual human killer.


He said he’s already done both and it didn’t help at all.


The first step to get over this is to understand where these thoughts are coming from since they are just a symptom of something else.

In most cases these violent, impulsive thoughts and anger come from a personality disorder, often this is a form of narcissism in which the individual will compensate negative experiences, loss of control, humiliation, rejection and such by projecting these violent thoughts at others. It's not like "grandiose narcissism" since the individual suffering from it will often feel inferior which further leads to these compensation patterns in which he deludes himself into thinking that being violent is the only way to control these experiences even though it is the exact opposite. Its still however a form of narcissism and this means that the individual will most likely express a sense of unwarranted self importance which is further shown by the projection of personal problems at the general public and so forth.

Keep this in mind and try to reflect your thought patterns since there are always things that trigger them and these are most likely things that make you feel inferior, by observing these things you can set a path to getting over this problem.


Not op but I was thrice rejected in the usa, are 32 and have never worked nor have a social life


Imaegeboards are infected by normalfaggy right winger personalities is why. They are all like this.


I’m right wing and thoroughly enjoy pot. Though you are correct.


Every time I see a happy couple or a group of friends in public I imagine beating them. Since I've recently realized that I just can't have those things, I've been trying to eliminate desire from my life. If I don't want something, it won't be painful to be deprived of it.


Insofar as the desire is sexual, you'd have to castrate yourself. Not recommended incidentally


You can suppress it almost to the point of elimination.


If you have low natural testosterone levels, have little androgen sensitivity for genetic reasons such as high CAG repeats on your X Chromosome, mild klinefelters or other feminization syndromes, then sure. Otherwise, no. It's just as determined as it is in other mammals who have the same male hormones that we humans do. It's like saying you could train yourself to no longer feel the desire for food and water - some extreme outliers may achieve some degree of success, but by and large everyone else will suffer while suppressing the animal impulse. Cause and effect.

Of course, like I said, castration does actually remove the problem. Again, not recommended.


>castration does actually remove the problem
The genitals are not the only source of testosterone. Hell, most neutered dogs still hump things.


> It's like saying you could train yourself to no longer feel the desire for food and water
You die without food. No one has ever died from lack of sex/sexual desire. All you need is strong willpower, how do you think people do nofap?


He's not talking about sex, he's talking about a primal urge to fucking murder people.


File: 1623195301762.gif (1.88 MB, 195x195, 1:1, 1608940079296.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>how do i cope with thoughts to kill everyone in my sight when im in public? i often get no sleep or maybe a few broken hours due to the pure rage and sadistic push to knife a random normalfags guts out.

Having a wiz-consciousness is like that. It's only natural, society and humans are sick. Have you watched Rampage?


File: 1623201605919.jpg (48.79 KB, 479x485, 479:485, rare.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why do you think something is only worthy of mercy if it's cute to you?
Animals would kill you if they could you realize.
But that's what he wants. Why do you care? Are you honestly a humanitarian? Most people that are true mavericks are misanthropes disillusioned to the fact that society creates people that are inconsiderate, ignorant, often delusional, and dangerous in many ways; as well as stagnant due to psychological impasses keeping society in the 1950s standard of living overall. Even if you were a humanitarian one might be wise to understand that war and killing leads to evolution. If you don't kill and feel like it you're creating a society where you enabled it to make you feel bad. Attack and eventually either you no longer exist as a threat to it, thus they evolved, or they please you, thus another evolution. Anger is a natural human emotion that created everything that we are and always will be. Even without anger a creature would still kill if it thought it was a good idea, and it usually is. All of these cameras and abrahamic religion taking ahold of people and society is the only reason you feel differently no matter how much you love mankind. You feel like you're being watched by your mother and are afraid of a consequence, being judged. That's not being a man, at least not a free one.

>someone agreeing with me on this on an IB
I wish people virtue signaled as dead center of the political quadrant, as apolitical, or libertarian/anarchist, dead center bottom, personally. Sjw's, redneck types, both are going to ruin nice things with how binary sheep are with politics. Even if it were a spectrum it ought to be vertical, not horizontal, so says I.

Though yes, I am a social libertarian and a left winger myself, predictably to be bothered by the contrarian right wingers that injected into imageboards. They did this to divide and conquer something tells me, though I am not sure who 'they' really are.

But anyway, it's not like the stereotypical left vs right ethical virtue signalling should even diverge. Guns vs weed? Both are freedoms. Why did they split? That's not even politics in regard to left vs right, that's petty attempts to dominate the other half to try to start drama. I hate it. Normalfaggot right and left wingers don't even really logically hate one another, it's pure emotional hate caused by the news and government.


>that’s what he wants
If it were he’d be out murdering people instead of asking for advice on ways to rid himself of these thoughts.


File: 1623206796427.jpg (50.64 KB, 827x660, 827:660, EzGAx5pWQAIJ8O-.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That's really rude anon
I was kinda happy, while reading the response to see someone else share some of my views until all the /pol/ mumbo jumbo, but hey even with someone like you it's possible to find common ground!
Hey opu! You could 99% be lying and just want people to call you crazy and creepy, blablabla yet that 1% remains in which case I understand you, but I really don't understand why killing puppies is of no use to you but ok, the very best option that you have is medication and pain, I take 1 pill of Methylphenidate prolonged release in the morning and in the night, 36 mg, that keeps me busy and in check, without it I'm too disperse, I don't sleep, and get even more depressed, and I understand that feeling, walking down the streets at night back from work, watching a succubus walking down the bridge knowing even if there's someone near they won't be able to help her out for a minimum of 2 min in which even if she screams no one can stop you, or how numbing the idea of biting the lips of that little boy you saw in the subway until its just a piece of gum in your mouth is, but don't lose, don't lose to this word that's asking you to do it, whenever I actually have static in my head, and I cant take it, I take clonazepam 2mg it isn't that expensive and numbs you down a lot, you do need a prescription so I would recommend you to see a psychiatrist to get medicated (therapists and psychologist are completely useless, they are no better than a personal blog so don't waste time and money on them) and in the mean time self flagellation its a good option, don't cut yourself don't be a retard that leaves scars and it goes away to fast
>get a razor
>get alcohol
>get music and coffee (music is important that is not calming, NO the opposite get something that pumps you out, a personal recommendation is Goreshit - Mlsfaw or 0081 - 4166)
>scratch yourself with the razor, again DONT CUT YOURSELF be careful your no looking for blood, you're looking for white powder, that's why you need a razor a regular knife won't do
>keep going until red dots start showing up
>Get the alcohol and drop it on the affected area
You will feel like electricity rushing through your whole body, if you want it's ok to jerk off at this point, when the pain starts fading away more alcohol, while you have the music, you can feel extremely good.

After that, you can cover your arm or leg with something cause trust me ill be tender for the next couple of days, but good news, no scars, another scarless option is something you can do while at work or in "public places" of course not in front of everyone, I'm talking go to the bathroom at school or the office and stick needles thru the skin, pinch the skin until you have a fold and pierce it with the needle, needles are small and cheap so you can take a lot of em with you so feel free to stab yourself as many times as you want, and because it's so small whatever blood actually comes out can be cleaned with toilet paper or some water.

Again I genuinely don't understand what part of killing animals does not work for you, but the only thing that comes to mind is the way you do it or how fast you do it, try taking your time, do things slowly, btw a cool thing that will happen is if the dog has fleas they will start moving around so they can ruin the moment, be sure to clean it beforehand (after killing the animal don't torture it, just cut the head off) open the belly and stick your hand inside, feel the warmth, feel it, its like food, don't just simply chew and swallow, before getting the food in your mouth, smell it, move it around your mouth with your tongue and swallow to do it again, play around its YOUR moment, feel the organs (careful with stomach, intestines, and bladder) and don't think of anything, let your body do the rest.

Now in a nutshell get medical attention from a psychiatrist so she can prescribe you medicine, I take Methylphenidate prolonged-release 36 mg, and clonazepam 2mg ask about it to see if it would be good for you, and don't lose don't give this world what he needs don't lose against him, you are better, you are stronger, and even if painful you will survive.

Also take this as you will either as an edgy teen wanting some attention, a retard, or whatever, I'm posting it so I'm ready for it.


when you mention neetbux what kind of neetbux are you referring to? specifically. also how much money do you get and why?


File: 1623233171101.jpg (85.16 KB, 600x600, 1:1, toon.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Has anyone felt like they are reaching the point of no return? Do you feel like you are destined for usicide? Do you feel like you just don't care anymore?

When I say you don't care anymore I mean you are tempted to post your own face to chans, drive recklessly, more likely to scream at normies while in car, eating junk food way more, drinking more, given up.

I have absolutely /no friends/. Fuck people. I was on jewish antidepressants which seemed to grow my nose and decrease the urge to noose myself. I need to get back onto them. THE MEDS DO WORK.

Had a meeting with a clinical psychologist (fucking 150 euro to fill out a fucking questionnaire). Then he tells me based on the responses I am higher than average population and may be diagnosed with aspergers due to having nearly all the traits. Do you think I should get DIAGNOSED? It's 500 fucking euro to see a psychiatrist or you need to wait like fucking 2 year wait list. Would the aspergers diagnosis help? I think so.

Thank u for reading anon


Op again, its so fucking severe now im sweating 24/7 i see person out my window i think kill cut their throat rip their eyes out gut them and burn them, i go on any site to pass the time everyone there is better than me, crabs on crab forums are way better off than me. its so fucking bad i cant function i wnna just fucking kill everyone whos ever mocked my mental illness in front of their giant friend groups. why the fuck am i suffering so much i just wanted to be happy and makae others happy and have friendship and basic affection

i havent slept right in months and i already had bad sleep (5 hours at most) now i get half an hour if im lucky. if theres a god he is evil karma does not exist the world is fucking satanic


Top glow.


i want to kill my parents. mother out of pity and father because he's cunt.


At turning you into npc


It is a coping mechanism because you are disconnected from your environment and thus unable to control it. This is unfortunately very common because we live in an institutionalized society, where nobody really owns anything and we are dependent on the bureaucratic apparatus of the government and various overpowering corporations in every aspect of our life.
The result from this powerlessness is frustration which will turn into depression and from there into at least one of the seven deadly sins, most commonly expressing itself in crypto/stock trading (greed), drug abuse (gluttony), gaming (sloth) or as in your case wrath.
Find something to do, something that YOU want to do and what YOU like. But dont restrict yourself to your room e.g. study history at an Uni instead of at home, even if you have to take a loan. You will soon find positive reinforcement from people with similar interests and the fruits of YOUR OWN labor that will give you not just a sense of accomplishment, but control and association.
Then you can banish those demons who live rent free in your head and live a good live, one that isnt burned by sin.

And my last advice: ignore the truewizkids who will rage at this post.


Why are you so angry at random strangers? You legit sound like you're gonna end up as one of those mass murderers who just shoots up some random building.


>video games are a sin
>take a loan


>But dont restrict yourself to your room e.g. study history at an Uni instead of at home, even if you have to take a loan. You will soon find positive reinforcement from people with similar interests and the fruits of YOUR OWN labor that will give you not just a sense of accomplishment, but control and association.
rule 4

that post sounds like the ravings of a "traditionalist" larper who's got recently obsessed with the eastern orthodox or roman catholic religion


Man, are you me?
>point of no return
>destined for suicide
>self destructive because don't care
>/no friends/
>2 year wait list

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