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Will anyone cry when you die? Will you have a funeral?

No and no for me. I'm lonewolf since parents died. I have nobody, only people that would even know is coworkers.


You should watch The Hurt Locker until the very last scene.



There's a sequence about funerals and dying and being remembered.
What difference does it make?


Ultimately, that you think about these things is a sign of poor stress management.


Are you a gurl?


Welcome to the life of a drifter, wiz. We exist for only a short time then disappear without leaving a trace. Our lives are like the flame of a candle.


Who gives a shit.


Yes, that's the part of the reason why I haven't killed myself yet. My parents, my siblings, probably my closest friend who's sort of a pseudo wizard himself


yeah, i have family.
however, i don't understand why they would mourn someone as callous and reclusive as myself
it seems like it would just be the loss of a familiar existence that would be most upsetting or maybe parental attachment


Ironically, if I were to kill myself now, there will be family who will feel sad for a couple of hours before moving on tea and buns at the wake.

However, if I do what everyone expects people to do and live a long life, then it is unlikely anyone will miss me, my parents are the core of the family and everyone will likely drift away after they die.


My mom and dad most definitivly, very likely my little brother and possibily my young little cousins. I know they looked up to me for a long time and would always want me to be with them to teach them how to carve wood to make bows and stuff years ago. I doubt they've forgotten me, grown out of that stuff long ago but I might have a good version of me somewhere in their memory. It's quite funny, it's likely their last memory of me was of a happy cool teenager and here I am; an alcoholic slob posting at 2AM and they're the age I was back then.


>my parents if they're around
>my brother
>maybe my two little cousins.


I had controlling high expectation manipulative as fuck obsessing parents. I rather have no one cry for me than for them to exist.


You are lucky OP, I wish my parents were dead so I could kill myself right now without regrets.

Even then my parents are increasingly annoying, one fucking day I will kill myself just to make them suffer for a while.


>Will anyone cry when you die?
Probably my father
>Will you have a funeral?


at least you can leave this world without hurting your family, i can't kill myself just because some people care about me


Trust me, no one would miss you.


you will regret saying that one day, wizzie.
Trust me


your work will just hire a new person within 3 days. colleagues may mention you one time during lunch; that silent guy who gives off a weird vibe.
"friends" won't give a flying fuck

your parents/siblings will care. that's all really.


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op on that fateful day


op, discord clique and moddess ^

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