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I was raised to be a coward. Not be evil even when others are being evil towards me
>mom these kids are bullying me at school, I gotta fight back!
>don't do that son, don't be like them
then in adulthood
>mom some dude is being very disrespectful towards me
>it's not my business anon your an adult


Let me guess, single mother?
Yep that's common on them.


Not really, though she did resent my father


you are supposed to become a sociopath after being rejected by society
not adhere to your abusers and ask your mom for help


lmao what is this post


File: 1619263363219.webm (745.64 KB, 256x256, 1:1, Based Lepine.webm) ImgOps iqdb

It's simply the reality that a lot of parents give these sorts of lame responses out of ignorance or disinterest, or maybe they don't have experience with bullies themselves so they give shitty advice. That said, 'fighting back' isn't always the right solution, it always depends on circumstance. Even as a kid, fighting back has its own problems, you could fight back and lose the fight and end up physically damaged and\or humiliated and feel worse about things. You could fight back only to cause them to gang up on you. You could fight back and get your teeth knocked out. You could fight back and the school admin could treat YOU as the bully and discipline you. There's no simple answer here, and even if you gave us the entire story in minute detail we could end up giving you bad advice for the situation.

So you can only take responsibility for yourself. If someone is being disrespectful to you, the best you can do is figure out how to be more assertive and\or deal with that disrespect. Again there's no simple answer to what will work. I've been in situations where becoming assertive has ended up hurting me in the end because a lot of shitty people never admit to themselves they were wrong and will convince themselves that YOU started things and try to punish you for it. Maintaining assertiveness can also be really draining if you have to keep it up constantly. In some instances you could stand up to the wrong person and they could literally have you killed, probably unlikely but it happens. You know, in some cases you speak back to a cop and you can get arrested. Sometimes you can be completely innocent of a crime, be polite towards a cop and get bullied by the state anyway.

The first step for you is is accept this reality that parents may not mean you harm, they might just be uninterested, and trying to point out how useless they are might not help you either. In my experience when you first realise how useless and hypocritical your parents are you can be motivated to bring this up and get them to admit they were wrong - but will that actually achieve much of value other than wasting time?

You have to make these decisions and choices for yourself. Sit down ask yourself how you can be moderately assertive of your basic dignity without putting yourself at too much risk. This will be a step towards being an 'adult' in the sense of being a responsible and mature decision-maker.


suck my dick, normalfaggot


I think every dude should get in at least one fight. I’ve been in two fights in my life and won both of them because it was justified.

The first fight was with my stepbrother for shooting rubber bands at my face. Second fight a roommate locked me out when he was drunk and having “issues” I confronted him in the hallway and he raised his hands up in a way that made me just grab his collar and punch him in the face.


The law is so ingrained in everyone's life that you can't expect to even TOUCH a person without facing criminal charges. People like you are so fucking stupid.


Not exactly, normscum can know how to game the laws and charm the authorities. That’s usually how they achieve weak sentencing for their assault charges. They try to set up their assaults so it looks like you’re the aggressor, BTW.


First of all, OP, how is standing up for yourself “evil”? Did your parents tell you it was evil?

I was raised the same way, but more… severely. Growing up I was not “allowed” to stand up for myself to other. My parents would help whoever the other person was and LIE for them in order to help them win. Example:
>anon got into a fight at school today with another student, anon claims he was being bullied and the bullying escalated into an attack.
My Parents:
>NOOO NOOO anon is HORRIBLE he attacks us all the time! We love in fear! Oh please that other poor child is the victim! Can you please expel our evil son?
>that’s not our disciplinary structure… we normally just offer detention
My parents:
>but we’re his victims too! Is there any way you can tell the police that he’s violent?
Sick fucks

It’s funny, because I would be cruelly attacked and beat by my father if he ever caught me standing up for myself to others. But I never got meek, his attacks had the opposite effect on me, they made more MORE determined to ALWAYS stand up for myself or to at least never just “let the other guy win”.

My opinion is that your parents wanted you to lose and suffer in life by giving you that shit “advice”.


>Not be evil even when others are being evil towards me

evil = wrong = untrue
good = right = true

defending yourself can never be evil. you own your body and that means you have total control over how it is used and who else can use it, this is true. if someone attacks you unprovoked, it is a statement that they think your body is not exclusively your own, this is a statement of falsehood, a wrongdoing. thus fighting back is you saying that your body is yours and yours alone, and by doing this you right their wrong.

there are two wrong ways of thinking about morality, the feminine imbalance (slave mindset) and the masculine imbalance (dominator mindset). the feminine imbalance is letting other people do whatever they want to you and acquiescing to everyone. the masculine imbalance is doing whatever you want to other people and stomping on everyone in your path. these principles of masculine and feminine need to come together to form the truth of morality, and that is, do not aggress upon others (feminine), and do not let others aggress upon you (masculine).


Raised by a single mother and sometimes and absent father so my mother absolutely tried to remove any sense of self respect and standing up for myself telling me instead to tell a teacher.

Why do mothers do this? it i fine for people to defend themselves.


>Why do mothers do this? it i fine for people to defend themselves.
I guess they're not used to such situations and this is what they would do - find someone else to help them/do it for them. succubi like to "tame" their sons and make them avoidant instead.
I'm the same, it wasn't until I started hating people and my family that I learnt to stand up for myself.


Pretty sure the ones that do this just hate the specific kid. Not all mothers do this. And the ones that do, dont do it to every one of their kids. But it does seem to be a typically-single-mother trait. Maybe because men tend to hate people (especially their own kids) less often than succubi do, whereas succubi tend to hate all non-chads, including their own children. My father did this to me though, so certainly some men are capable of “teaching-their-kids-to-be-doormats” behavior. And it was on purpose, he knew he was trying to fuck me over by teaching me that.

But yeah I think the reason we see this is from parents who hate their kids and want to destroy them, it’s just that succubi will always hate their non-chad sons.


>Why do mothers do this? it i fine for people to defend themselves.
It's not just mothers, society in general punishes and outcasts men who stand up for themselves. It's all about emasculating people, turning them into obedient slaves.


I know I will never have kids, but I think those parents you mentioned are primitive and disgusting.

Imagine hating your child just because they didn't turn out handsome-faced and tall.
Or if a succubus then with non-repulsive features.

I would care about my child even if they were born with a disability.
Why are most people literal monsters?


Succubi with kids who have bad experiences with men tend to take their frustrations out on their male children often with zero intent on helping them overcome. You can see this with the tranner phenomenon as well to an extent.

This >>239162 is also true I suspect. The differences in types of experiences between sexes is to large.


A lot of single mothers enjoy having dependent pathetic children. They have easy lives, the government pays for everything. The only way they can moan and make out they have it hard is by making out they're a poor UwU selfless mother with such dependent children.

If their kids were functional and gaining independence, the fact that the mother is a lazy leeching NEET would become more obvious to everyone.


>Why are most people literal monsters?
Humans beings in general are literal animals but with slight self-awareness.
The animals does not care about what is right or wrong, they only follow gut instinct.
Don't expect anything better from your average person or else you wil get hurt.


In my case, it was my dad who raised me to be a pussy. Mostly because he would beat the shit out of me if I came with a note from school, so I was too afraid to fight bullies or get into any trouble at school.

Now that I'm an adult, I lost all my patience and I lose my shit at the slightest provocation. Most people are more patient and have more control of their emotions when they grow up, but for me it was the other way around.
It has gotten me into a lot of trouble.


File: 1619903033017.jpg (26.23 KB, 400x400, 1:1, bush wasted.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Has anyone else noticed how boomers have started blaming the newer generation for their lack of success because they followed boomer’s directions? The argument I’ve been hearing goes something like this:
>Yup. You abstained from alcohol, just like we asked.
>You abstained from drugs, just like we asked.
>Got into trouble with the law less than we ever did.
>Less partying than we ever did.
>More studying than we ever did.
>And that’s why you’re so fucked up. We were expecting you to be normal human beings and break the rules more, but you never did, and that’s why you’re so fucked up.
>It was all a giant shit-test and you failed it, it's all your fault, not ours at all.


I saw you post this exact thought a year or two ago. Atleast I guess it was you. I was thinking about that post just the other day.

It's generally true that people will encourage you to do the wrong things in life in pursuit of their own satisfaction and then leave you to your fate once the consequences come knocking.


The "hate boomers" shit is entirely american, in the rest of the world we have deep respect from our elders, stop blaming your ancestors over shit you failed to stop or improve.


*for our elders


boomers always encouraged me to drink alcohol, do drugs, or go partying, and I still didn't do any of that, we must know different kind of boomers


I'm Eastern Euro and my parents beat the shit out of me constantly for trying to right my kleptomaniac brothers ways to the point where I developed OCD (not the reddit funny kind) which made me unable to touch anything related to that cunt or even look his way.
Father constantly told me that "friends are useless", "Don't interact with succubi in general", "Your extreme moral compass, unbreakable sense of justice and love for all things martial? You want to be in the army. Yeah forget that, you're going to be a code monkey programmer"
It is because I respected them too much that I'm shit out of luck and options.


I am all for getting rid of social security as the last, final FUCK YOU to the boomers to get revenge in the end.


That only means that your parents were shit, not that all boomers are, also you're an adult now, you should take responsibility for your life and stop blaming others for your current situation.

You already know what was wrong with your upbringing, you now have the power to try to change your life.


File: 1619920352892.jpg (485.47 KB, 585x920, 117:184, Moby_Dick_final_chase.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Some people want revenge, even if it means destroying themselves in the process.


Well, to be fair, fighting WITH FISTS is batshit retarded. Any adult when given any situation is going to say "hit them? what are you a barbarian?"

Adult life you will likely never hit or get hit at all. And if you do the right answer is just the cops. Real adult life battles are fought in a much more advanced way. You don't "defeat" a coworker by hitting them, you do it by outperforming them, gaining higher social status, playing the optics game, recruiting allies (other coworkers) etc.

So the advice of "don't be like them" makes some sense. But the world of a child punching and hitting is more "normal" because kids are retarded monkeys.

The real advice they should have given you is fight back without your fist. Befriend one of their friends, out perform them at gym time, get your own group of friends so you aren't someone anyone can mess with. That's how you really win. Punching is still better than nothing though, but if I had a kid I would tell them to figure a way to win without fists, because whatever method they find can be used in the real adult world as well while fists can't.

Still parents are fucking retarded now adays.


wizchan 2021


File: 1619947177464.jpg (166.54 KB, 602x443, 602:443, Genie comp.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How many times do I have to post this before you retards understand?


God I hate westerners.
This is why your shit nations are crumbling. Actually well adjusted folks are still fighting with their fists.


This OP, fighting with fists will only have people gang up on you and get you arrested. You need to plan your attack carefully, training with guns and explosives, and surveying your targets in order to maximize destruction.


>Outnorm the normalfags
Something tells me that's going to be mighty difficult for a wizard.


>Befriend one of their friends, out perform them at gym time, get your own group of friends so you aren't someone anyone can mess with. That's how you really win.
Oh, I assumed wizards didn't have any friends? Or is that just a thing now.


It's one of the more obvious LARPers.


Same poster, you can tell by the reddit spacing and total normie attitude.


It’s feminism and feminized men who push it, because succubi and fags excel at subterfuge and duplicitous “fighting” like that fag redditor >>239474 here described, while straight men dont excel at gaming social groups and catty biting. We’re honest and direct and to-the-point. Meanwhile that fag poster says
>um, sweaty, well, to be fair…


>be better than them and don't retaliate anon!
>these are the types of people that never succeed in life!

i wish my parents had a spine


>Well adjusted
Im not giving any excuses to modern civilization and still think >>239474 but Turkey is a shit hole with shitty people.


* still think he's retarded


An infinite amount of times if you aren't going to provide even the slightest bit of context or explanation about whatever you're trying to say


That picture is of a feral child. I think the point he's trying to make is that your upbringing defines you to an extreme degree. Even after Genie was removed from her parents and taught social and verbal skills, she was never able to fully grasp them.


Makes sense, if that's the case. I agree with that


thats an extreme case so of course there will be extreme results. a case where a child doesnt develop language or emotions is in no way comparable to someone with an average intelligence trying to deviate from what their parents want from them.


File: 1620138737100.gif (93.28 KB, 269x350, 269:350, wizard on pc.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Wizzies parents plopped them down from age 3 in front of a computer or books and left it at that.
Are you telling me that it has no effect on the mental development of a kid? The entire brain is hard wired and molded in an absolutely different way compared to properly socialized normie brains. You can't "recover" from this.


>The entire brain is hard wired
if only that were true


Proof that it is so:
Try parachute jumping for the first time without feeling a speckle of fear. You can't do it. Even if you're quite fearless your body will automatically freak out about the completely novel sensation

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